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Found 10 results

  1. I'm looking for some info on VA second tier eligibility requirements. I have a current home in Kentucky I used my basic eligibility on, that home is a rental now. Work has moved me to Georgia and I'd like to purchase here. Reading I have done says I may be eligible for another VA backed loan using second tier eligibility. I'd like to discuss with an experienced VA Loan broker if possible. I have good credit (over 730) and good income. Thanks, Robert
  2. Beginning to home shop and going to go VA Loan. Non-Married Partner is Eligible Vet. Some unique circumstances though and hoping for some insight: We are not married nor are our banking accounts tied He's the eligible Vet, I am not His income is under $75K/year My Income is well over $75K/year His credit is good, my credit is better Based on income, credit, downpayment etc....Can we apply jointly and get approved to be on the same VA Home Loan? My income and credit will boost the numbers while his eligible VA Status gets us the VA Loan deal.
  3. We are post BK 2009. All of our payments in the last 2 yrs or longer are on time, paid as agreed. We had 1 private student loan reporting as a CO. It was due to fall off in less then a year. Mortgage broker says we need to handle it. I called and got them to settle. It will read "paid settlement". I know it's still derogatory....but will this satisfy the VA? My understanding is that they don't want an outstanding balance that is still owed.
  4. I have a question about VA loans for any underwriters or lenders familiar with the process. I see that VA guidelines require 12 months history on where you live. My husband has been in the military for a little over a year, so we have been on base housing and they simply take our BAH. If they need 24 months of history he lived in a house that is mortgaged by me before that. I have a house in my name, and my name only. It's where we lived before he enlisted and it's currently a rental property. About 3 years ago we had an unexpected child. I had to stop working and I got behind o
  5. Long story short Jan 2012 Short Sale Repo and Divorce dropped my Credit Score to 495. After reading everything on this site about 20 times and following all your great advice I decided to pull the trigger yesterday and applied for a VA mortgage with Veterans United. Got instant pre approval for 300k!! The only condition is I can't close untill Jan 27 at the earliest due to Short Sale needs to be 2 y/o which is not a issue since I haven't found a house yet lol. Basic info since I,m sure someone will ask. Exp 688 EQ 682 Tu 680 Income 75k same job 12 years The good No lates 26 months Sa
  6. Here is my scenario. I currently make 90k from my fulltime employer and for the past few years i was also running a consulting business that was losing money each year. I included my business losses about 25k on my schedule C of my 1040. I am no longer running the business and am trying to get a mortgage approval to use my VA backed loan. With the past two 1040's my income takes a pretty good hit even though the business was financed from my past savings. Is there a way to do get my approval up. I am only being approved for around 300k and I really need 450k for the house i have found.
  7. I just closed on my house last week using NFCU VA loan! Before starting my search, I submitted a pre-approval app. My FICO was 659 at the time (climbed to 699 by closing). I have a couple of charge offs and a late payment, all of which are at least 5 years old. They asked me to provide statements for each of the baddies on the report. After submitting that, I was pre-approved for the amount I requested ($300k) @ 3.125%. They sent me a letter with my preapproval amount for my Realtor to use. I believe this letter is good for 30 days. A few weeks later I found a house that was 10K over my pre-a
  8. Good morning everyone. About eight ( october 2012) months ago I started the journey of getting a new home. My wife and I started to build from the ground up. When we first started this journy and pulled our first mortgage app my three scores were all in the low 500's. I knew this would not cut it, I also had a foreclosure in 2009 and knew that would only add to the burdon. Well after the first pull every voulture in the world attack what seemed to be all at once and I though I would never be able to fight them off and figured the mortgage would never happen. Well after a ton of hard wo
  9. I'm a newbie and have been reading a lot and I think I'm more confused that when I first started this process! I am trying to clean up my credit after realizing how bad it was. We are trying as hard as we can to be able to qualify for a VA home loan and need to clean up our credit as soon as possible. I know that I need 12 months of no late payments and a score around 640. Here's a run down of my current credit status: TU: 662 - April (590 - March) EX: 593 - April (585 - March) EQ: 610 - April (578 - March) I've been really trying to pay my payments on time and have not had a l
  10. The buyer of my house had a VA pre-approval from an out of state lender (MO). We did not know he had a previous VA loan that was surrendered. His elgibility for caivers clearance was 2-23-13 but none of us were aware of the 45 day waiting period. We were suppose to close on 3-6-13 but are now on hold until the lender has a written caivers clearance. Does anyone know how or who can help him get a clearance without waiting the full 45 days?
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