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Found 3 results

  1. I am finally getting some settlement payments that have been due in for ages... Used the last $10K I got to open a secured CC at SDFCU. Have a $2500 credit builder from college CU, small savings account at DCU (denied me for secured credit card 2 + mos ago due to a NOW removed C/O of $25K ( not aged off, disputed by an attorney for violations and removed) and a fully discharged and vacated NYS tax lien of $25K. I also opened a savings account at PenFed for $100 (no credit pull). At the time I applied for DCU, I was also denied Secured Cap One for same reasons, the $25K chargeoff and tax lien that are now gone. I have two large bits of money to be moved...one is in a dormant savings account, one in the form of a check.,$10K and $30K. Last baddie on TU and EQ and EX will be removed shortly due to police dept. fraud report ($428 from 2008) excepting my 6 yr. old sold mortgage -0- balance and an active mortgage in foreclosure. That is in settlement proceedings but they have no deed or mortgage note! Scores are in moderate 600's (638, etc). I would like to add a secured credit card or an interest bearing savings account that would reflect well on being offered future credit lines...unsecured when possible to boost my scores up. I don't have any need for this money as only obligation yet to be resolved is the mortgage (have the money, they don't have the note or the deed... small problem!) I guess I could increase my State Dept. Fed CU credit card but unless that will lead to a release on the funds at some point to convert to an unsecured line, I am not sure that that is constructive. I still have three old charge offs on EXP, one paid (CAP One) and two others -0- balance, both JDB CA's fell off due to no validation. There is a possibility that these might fall off due to NYS 380J but this is still in limbo. There is a chance that I can 623 these but that is also in limbo although I have already had a "reinvestigation" and have a hard copy of EXP showing little information. Two of these, CAP One and Chase claim to have no records available to discuss correction of information... Bank of A has full monthly records for 7 years... but they bought the account from Bank of NY in 2002 and I doubt that they have the old credit agreement. Where should I put this $40K to do me the most good so far as a credit profile? Is there a secured credit card that would accept me with a mortgage issue if that is all that is on there or should I wait and just stick it into SDFCU (which should be reporting next week, possibly boosting my scores a bit). After the last five years, I never expected to have money that I needed to put somewhere so this is a high class set of problems but are there any interest bearing CD's that have credit lines attached? I can come up with more money to meet a minimum amount but I want it to do some good for my credit. I can't pay off anything on my credit reports except for the mortgage and they can't accept payment until they locate the deed and won't stop reporting until it is paid- this is in front of a judge and is being handled by a competent attorney and my hands are tied. High class set of problems given that I became homeless last August due to low credit score (low 400's) and had about $3... but I hung tough and I won a big lawsuit immediately thereafter and money is still coming in from that. I don't need credit now but I have never forgotten having no money for food and will never have no credit standing again if I can prevent it. I have marginal income ($25K/ Yr) and lots of cash in the escrow account with attorney. I have a totally clean history with AmEx, Wells Fargo, and Barclays but I have history with chase/citi/ bank of a/ Cap one/ Discover. Discover and Citi are off my reports but I may be on their chocolate list nonetheless. I am totally confused at this point and want to use the funds judiciously to help me in my credit profile.and scores. Please advise me if possible. There are more funds that will be coming in and I also have money in an attorney escrow account if a total of $100K for a CD would make a big difference. I also may have an inheritance coming in soon. This is crazy time and I want to prepare for my good fortune given 7 years of destitution. Thanks so much.
  2. easy to deal with, will take applications over phone, then contact you via email, unlimited secured credit card, no credit pull, does not report as secured. plus it does not sound cheesy...
  3. jdmc1973


    I was rummaging through Amazon credit card marketplace and saw an offer for a $50 Amazon gift card for applying/getting approved for the SDFCU EMV Visa card. So, after thinking about it for a minute or a day I can't remember which, I applied. I was already a member of the American Consumer Council so that was my way in. This is how it played out...so far. Applied yesterday morning Yesterday afternoon received 3 emails from SDFCU/Docusign that I needed to sign. Opened those up, they included the CC app, membership app, rate disclosure (11.99%), risk disclosure (stating I received this because although I was approved I didn't get the best rate), EXP score, letter stating they looked forward to serving me, yada yada yada, request for POI and whether I'd like card security on the card. So I called member services and they said in order to complete the process I needed to fill out a member app, and I said ok, well there was one included in all the stuff I signed and he said well that could take a few days, he could do it over the phone and then notify the loan officer that was completed. So I said sure, filled out one over the phone, he sent me another membership app to sign and now that shows pending. Has anyone had a similar experience with SDFCU? I'm assuming I was approved since they gave me my rate, gave me the letter stating although I was approved it wasn't for the best rate and said I just had to join in order to finish up the process, but I'm leery. All this for a $50 Amazon gift card LOL!

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