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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, been reading this forum for a few years and I have gained some very valuable information from you. Can someone point me in the direction on the next accounts to tackle? The ultimate goal is to be able to get a Auto lease by the end of the year. Extended Credit: Nebs-$300, ordered and paid Grainger- $1000 Oredred paying this week Strategic Network Solutions $1000 ordered and paid Cap One Spark- $1000 Quill-? Ordered and paid Seton-? Ordered and paid Ups- Open but not used yet HD Supply- $2500-Open but not used yet Offered Secured lines with:( Is it worth taking one of these?) Wright Express $500 secured line BP Solutions 1/3 $300 down $1000 limit Waiting on: Global Industrial Interstate Battery Denials: Uline-wanted prepay Reliable- wanted prepay Gemplers-Wanted Prepay Chase Ink Amex Cash
  2. Hello everyone, New on this forum, but I have been researching this topic awhile. I just started a new company and I'm going through the process of getting the initial tradelines, so I thought I would put together a list of the easy to get tradelines for my own purposes and hopefully this may help others in my situation. Please comment if any of these companies no longer report. - Uline These guys are my 1st tradeline. - Quill - Grainger - Bags and Bows - Gemplers - Rapid Forms - Seton - Bitwave Design - A Printer 4 you - Laughlin Associates - Reliable - Venturelogix - itc123.biz have a $30 DIY website package - US Post Office (report to D& - Paramount Payment Systems - Monopolize your marketplace - 4 Imprint - Boss Bookkeeping and Business Service - Deluxe - Medical arts Press - Strategic Network Solutions - BizMarketing.com - National Pen - Global Computer - HD Supply - Astec.com - US Plastics - Market Click Internet Marketing - Sycom - Big Apple Outlet ______________________________________ Maybes - NEBS (Have heard they no longer report) - Cabellas - Amsoil - Interstate Battery - Graybar - Bach - Old Northern Tool Would love to hear everyone else chime on more easy to get trades or if thi list should be amended. Cheers!
  3. Logistics LLC is 18 months old. Approved vendor accounts. All accounts applied and approved this month. Grainger Strategic Network Solutions Quill Gemplers Fed Ex Office Inter-Tech Communications Received a call from DNB yesterday the guy left a voice mail saying he noticed our business made 5 purchases in the last month from the durable industry and our file is incomplete and the company is wasting money purchasing items,and to give him a call to resolve this issue. The only thing I can think of thats incomplete on the file is our financials, our CPA is suppose to help us with this. Anyone know any info on adding financials to DNB using iupdate? I know they probably want me to purchase something. How can I resolve this without purchasing? My goal is to get some fuel cards along with home depot,samsclub,sears and lowes accounts in a couple of months. looking for some positive advice on this journey!
  4. So I went on Amazon and decided I would do an application to determine where I stood as far as creditworthiness was in their terms. In the meantime, I figured I would at least get the Equifax denial and have the right to request my Equifax report (which i will still do). Anyhow, I decided to fill out the Net 30 and Revolving application and then call in and play "the confused role" So I get a rep on the phone asking him if there was any primary difference in the two accounts outside of pay terms, and that to be safe I filled out both apps to let him fully process whichever I determined to go with. He states "Credit Review requirements are the same for both" So I told him to go ahead and see what we come up with. He puts me on hold for some time and then comes back giving me a reference code and telling me that he is transferring me to Verification department. When i got to her, she put me on hold for some time and also came and called the landline. After this about 10 minute process with her alone, she tells me Congratulations approved for $5000 (amount requested) At that point, I asked her which type of account she completed.. she stated that she did not know because once it hits her department, it is merely verification. *sigh* So I call back and talk to Net 30 customer service to see if thats the account I have (assuming this would be most logical) about whether it would be simple to convert over to Revolving account type.. another long hold session of course... then she gets me on the line with Credit Department Credit Department asks me if i want him to close the Net 30 Account .. WHOA BUDDY ... i told him that if he was able to simply approve the Revolving account in lieu of the net then we can close it.. (didnt want them to think i was going to overextend myself) however.. if we cannot simply open the Revolving account, then we will continue with the net account. 10 minutes holding COngratulations we were able to approve you for the Amazon.com revolving line of credit... $2500 limit.. SOOOO.... both lines opened simultaneously... net $5000 and Revolving $2500... Guess ill go ahead and try and get me a copy of my Equifax report since they should see the inquiry and ill just say i was DENIED...
  5. Sitting here looking at Reliable INVOICE dated and Invoice Date states 6/4 ... i havent done this Net 30 thing in so long so just wondering.. has anything come into the picture making it negative to pay trades too soon. Thinking about sending off the cash for Reliable on tomorrow but recall reading some articles where some were stating instances of not believing it makes it look realistic for business to make payments "too on time" ... nonetheless.... any opinions and feedback appreciated..

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