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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, I have 3 credit cards with Navy Fed. Sig. Cash Rewards Platinum goRewards All three had a total Limit of about $70,000 Today I tried to used my Sig. Cash card for a purchase and it was denied!! I called Navy who said that ALL my credit card accounts have been CLOSED effective Immediately! I asked why?? They said that my accounts were flagged and went under a "AR" review process.... The result, they found that I have requested too many Credit Lines Increases within the last 12 months... Are you freaking kidding me!! I told them this is Ridiculous! IF you have granted me too much credit then why not do a CLD rather than just Close all my accounts. They said, that this is there new policy and same would happen to anyone who abuses their credit card products. I check to see if I have an increase available once every 2 months or 90 days. I guess that was way too much for them. So, I was completely livid and asked for my accounts to be reopened and escalated my call to the NFCU Security dept. I was on hold for 20min for them only tell me that they Refuse to reopen my accounts. They would only say, that I would receive a letter in the mail which would contain instructions to formally appeal in writing. Appeals over the phone would not be accepted!!! What a Joke! Are they freaking out because of the Gov. shutdown or something. OMG! Has this every happened to anyone else... What can I do?? Help!! Rod
  2. Hello all, I was approved in January for Navy's Cash Rewards card. At that time, their website advertised a rebate. The rebate involved spending a certain amount within 90 days, and receiving a rebate of $200. I called Navy this afternoon to be sure I qualify to receive this rebate. The representative says that my card does not have on record a five digit code that I would have had to give them when I opened the card, to take advantage of the rebate. I know there are a lot of NFCUers out there -- anyone taking advantage of this rebate and if so, can anyone lend a hand with the five digit code? Thank you!
  3. Trying to build DW's credit file, she able to join this weekend based on my membership. I've been a member for about 5 years. Currently, her credit report is thin. The pulled Equifax and TU for membership, then TU the next business day for CC approval. (all entered in the credit pulls database) She was given a $10K Flagship Rewards card. Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 I know it's not a "great" limit for Navy, but once her Amex $28K limit posts to the CRA's, you can bet we'll be getting out the "prybar".
  4. So, I am totally irate that the payment debited to my Navy acount PIF does not register before they report... until the $624 balance ups my Experian score by 36 points... and my Equifax went up by 2 points for a two dollar balance on AmEx. more craziness at MyFico...
  5. Activate your RBoost account to earn up to 4X the rewards Did you know that you can earn even more rewards with your B credit card? Your Barclaycard features the RewardsBoost Online Mall, where hundreds of your favorite merchants now offer even more rewards. When you shop the mall with your B Rewards card, you can receive up to 4X the rewards, plus, you'll get access to exclusive discounts and deals. Want to get started? Log in at the B------card RBoost Mall to activate your account!
  6. Had two new events that decreased my Ex score- a significant drop in utility due to a total payoff of a large AmEx bill and a new $10K secured Navy visa... These two events have nicked my score by nearly 45 points. Is there something odd going on? nothing else is going on at all..
  7. I opened my Navy checking in January, on April 15th applied and got a Navy cash rewards for a low limit 500, but happy just the same. A few weeks later my credit score had gone up another 15 points, so I app'ed for a cli on 5/2, but denied. Haven't received the letter yet, but rep thought it was because the card was too new, and i should wait six months. Today, May 8th I got an invitation to apply for the go rewards in the mail, saying "members like you deserve to be rewarded" and giving me an acceptance code. Should I apply for this? It would be my third inquiry this year from NAVY. I wonder if this offer just crossed in the mail with my first app, and if I apply again they will deny because I already have a card. Am I expressing my question clearly? Advice welcome. Would love another NAVY card but willing to wait. Edited for salamanderic spelling error
  8. I am getting very close to applying for a Navy CC. Just waiting for my utilization to drop a bit more. I have a lot of old CO's, all too old to collect on-Arizona when the SOL was 3 years. BUT, I know some CA's will try to collect claiming 6 year SOL, and they will all be 6 years in 3-6 months. No employment history has been listed on my reports for years, so...I am wondering if I pull the trigger with NAVY, will they list the employer I put down? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for your help. Prosper
  9. Now that I am finally able to join, and since they have a new promotion, I signed up online this past weekend. By Monday, I had an account set up. They must have easily been able to verify my contractor status with DOD. I had some problem signing in, and a few calls into Navy and it was fixed. Today I called and spoke with their credit department. They had offered me a secureed card. I explained my situation to gentleman, stating I knew my score would be a bit better in a couple months as I pay down my utilization, and wanted to wait until then and apply for an unsecured card instead. He didn't try to get me to make an app now, he seemed to understand about inquiries and how they affect your credit. He did thoroughly explain the secured card program. He seemed more interested in my credit goals than in him making a cc sale. Then later I checked my accounts, and the opening bonus has already been put in. Everything about this CU seems right, and I intend to make it my lifetime banking relationship. So glad I got in. I can see already by my service experiences why you guys are all so gung ho about Navy. And I think my days of credit ***!x) ups are truly behind me, the last big chunk of mistakes will all start falling off in the next 6-18 months, and then I will be perfect again. Thanks Credit Boards!
  10. I'll add a bigger thread later on my pending Bankruptcy, but I got home with pizzas for dinner (sister & her kids were over) and 5 minutes later the doorbell rings. A 30 something asks my name and says he has 3 papers for me. so I took them of course (no need not to) My navy visa 1 navy visa 2 and Navcheck all three account were served upon me. I haven't heard a peep from them in 18 months, and been almost 3 years since I last paid them. (45K debt) . I''ll file a plain response on day 15 or something just for kicks. But most likely I will filea around the same time (depends on what the attorney states). Baker Sanders is handling it. I laughed when I saw the $200 filing fee for each summons; Thats $600 they had just wasted, if only they called me I could have saved them $$ but then again, suck every penny that can be had by these scumm sucking bottom feeders who had "D" grades in college.
  11. Finally, my first unsecure NFCU product. cashRewards Visa @ $2500. Do they recon the CL, or should I just wait until the summer? Happy either way!

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