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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all - just curious to see when your Navcheck (I guess it's called CLOC these days) reports. Mine seems to have a statement date that matches my regular checking and savings statement date, but MPM shows the last reported date 8 days prior to that. Thanks.
  2. Today, NFCU just started reporting my NavCheck LOC (opened 2011) on my DW's Equifax and TransUnion reports (no sign yet on Experian) in addition to her own NavCheck LOC (also opened 2011). Each NavCheck is a personal LOC, although she is added on my checking account (back in 2010), and thus she does have AU like access to my LOC, and it has always shown in her online access, but I've never seen it report before, until today. On TransUnion it is annotated as an AU account, don't know about Equifax annotations since I've only got it on a CCT like report that omits those details, but I expect it is showing as AU there too.
  3. Soooooooo...a few weeks ago I had posted regarding the 3-5 day message from NFCU regarding a limit increase to my card that is already pretty high util due to some unexpected circumstances that required flights home for my family. I had only asked for $500 in hopes of not seeming too greedy and the next morning after receiving the message I noticed that my limit was in fact increased from $4500 to $5000 The card has since been paid off in full finally and for the heck of it I figured I'd ask for a larger increase. Lo and behold I received immediate approval for an increase to $7000!!! This is pretty high for me considering most of my cards are retail store accounts with small under $1k limits. Working on paying the rest of them off and letting them age and using them for small purchases just to keep the accounts active. Because I'm in the process of moving all of my accounts and financial business over to NFCU I also decided to app for the Overdraft Protection (I think it's what everyone calls NavCheck?) and was immediately approved for the $3k I asked for. My scores are still waaaaaaaaaaaaay below where I want them but hopefully as I pay more and more things off over the next year they'll keep getting higher and higher and I'll be able to app for a home loan with NFCU in Spring of 2015. To anyone struggling with rebuilding credit: I'm right there with you. I haven't had any BK or anything like that but I've made some stupid financial decisions and stretched my limits and had a couple late payments and temporary unemployment so I'm currently sitting in the 590's across the board. But I'm starting to see the light at the end of the financial destruction tunnel thanks to NFCU lol don't give up!!!
  4. Greetings All, Well... I just don't know what to say.. Navy Federal has brought a tear to my eye tonight. This all started about 13 months ago where as part of my credit repair I opened a Secured nRewards Visa for 2k. Six months into this I raised the deposit and thus the credit limit to 5k, and then 8 months in up to 10k. In each case there was no credit pull for an increase, just the additional deposit. At 12 months on the mark, they automaticly released the 10k on hold in my share account and unsecured the card. I did not request this, heck, I did not even know until I logged in and noticed I had a much higher available balance in my share account. After that, I called and inquired if I could have my card switched to the Flagship Visa Signature card. They did it without hesitation and without a credit pull. Given my international travels, this card serves me very well even with the annual fee. The additional rewards, lack of foreign fees, and extra perks more than make up for the annual fee. And that brings us to today, month 13. I decided to roll the dice and try for a NavCheck just to see what would happen. I hate to eat in inquiry, but thought it was worth the risk. I decided to go for broke and requested the maximum a 15k limit. Instant Approval on the website. I then asked to be transfered to the credit card department, and asked if it was possible to use the same inquiry to check for a credit increase. I mean, if that one went so well, lets see what else I can do. I was informed they are a seperate department and if the request had to go to manual review, it would require an additional credit pull. I asked if we could check for an instant approval and retract the request if it required a manual before a credit pull was performed. He said yes, that can be done. Well, I asked for an increase from 10k to 15k. I was informed the system would auto approve me for up to 22k, I was then asked if I wanted the 15k I requested or the 22k that was offered. Heck yes, I took the 22k. There was no credit pull required for this increase. I feel like I am still dreaming. This is far and away the largest limit card I have, with the next best one being an old Orchard card, now Capital One for $1600... I am 100% sold on Navy Federal. By far they have taken care of me more than I could ever have asked for. Even during those calls they kept thanking me for being such a good customer. Telling me that is why they are willing to do what they have done. They seem far more concerned with my relationship with them than past issues and problems. For any of you that are lucky enough to be Navy Federal members, take care of your comittments to them, they will do the same for you in turn. Thanks for listening, and joining in my joy!

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