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Found 5 results

  1. I am the newest girl in navy blue! Totally giddy. I read so many great things about NFCU here. Just got off the phone with the recruiter's office which is open 24/7. My mom is a DoD civilian at Vandenburg. How long to wait until I should apply for a CC or CLOC? And which one(s)? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  2. jdmc1973


    I was rummaging through Amazon credit card marketplace and saw an offer for a $50 Amazon gift card for applying/getting approved for the SDFCU EMV Visa card. So, after thinking about it for a minute or a day I can't remember which, I applied. I was already a member of the American Consumer Council so that was my way in. This is how it played out...so far. Applied yesterday morning Yesterday afternoon received 3 emails from SDFCU/Docusign that I needed to sign. Opened those up, they included the CC app, membership app, rate disclosure (11.99%), risk disclosure (stating I received this because although I was approved I didn't get the best rate), EXP score, letter stating they looked forward to serving me, yada yada yada, request for POI and whether I'd like card security on the card. So I called member services and they said in order to complete the process I needed to fill out a member app, and I said ok, well there was one included in all the stuff I signed and he said well that could take a few days, he could do it over the phone and then notify the loan officer that was completed. So I said sure, filled out one over the phone, he sent me another membership app to sign and now that shows pending. Has anyone had a similar experience with SDFCU? I'm assuming I was approved since they gave me my rate, gave me the letter stating although I was approved it wasn't for the best rate and said I just had to join in order to finish up the process, but I'm leery. All this for a $50 Amazon gift card LOL!
  3. Hi All - Apparently I ended up getting the cart before the horse...I applied for an auto refinance with JFCU a few days ago (they have a promotion underway) and clearly selected on the online application I was not a member - I went through the application and got an automated response that provided the requested amount, and they also provided an interest rate specific to my credit score with a status of "PENDING". I call today to check the status since I haven't heard a thing - the lady I spoke with seemed surprised I was able to submit an application without a membership and had to check with a few folks. They couldn't provide me any details including status since I was not a member...it was suggested that I establish membership first. I signed up with the NSA to become eligible and received an e-mail immediately after providing a donation and a NSA member number. I then completed the online JFCU membership application and selected a savings share and checking account - I was presented with some automated identify check questions (I assume I answered them correctly) and then was asked to fund the new accounts which I did. I received an automated e-mail "Welcome to Justice Federal Credit Union" that states they are reviewing my application for membership and to allow 5-7 days. Is this normal? Normally from dealing with other CUs, once you fund you are in the clear and passed Chex, etc. Also, not sure what becomes of my pending auto refinance loan - will they automatically know I'm trying to establish membership now? I've applied at probably half a dozen places for rate shopping purposes in the last week so I'm sure i have several inquires. Is it normal for a loan app to go into "Pending" or if it was going to be denied would it just come back denied and not provide an APR? Thanks!
  4. Hey All, So we have decided (wife and I) to go back to DCU after being with Alliant - we plan to keep Alliant as an ACH hub. I would have thought since we were prior members at DCU and who closed accounts on good terms it would be fairly straightforward to open accounts and re-gain membership. Boy was I wrong. It's been nearly 2 weeks (tomorrow will be two weeks) - applied online but instead of being given a membership number I got a notification that I would be contacted in 24-48 hours - strange but ok. Was contacted by a Vanessa via e-mail - need a copy of my drivers license. Fine - scanned and sent within 30 mins of getting her e-mail. 48 hours later (Friday at near their closing time - need a copy of your SS card). Sent - and the wait game continues. The following Wednesday (over 48 hours but ok) requested to send in a copy of a paystub (why - not requesting a loan, but ok - done). Friday - again near close of business - "we now require a copy of a recent utility bill) Submitted. Today I call them - and they had no idea what the status was other than they needed a copy of my lease?!? I don't rent, I'm a homeowner - even stated such on their membership application; naturally their membership department was closed so it was a waste of time. I asked for Vanessa's extension but apparently they can't give it out. She doesn't provide her last name in any of her correspondence to me so I can't find her using their automated system. On my e-mail from last Friday, I requested her to contact me and gave my number..but no call. Is this their normal song and dance? I wish I knew what triggered all this paper work - first time around was immediately approved and my credit profile is nearly the same ~720 fico. I'm not sure it's worth it for a free FICO, quicker direct deposits, etc. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they come back and said they couldn't identify me or some other nonsense - if though I even provided my old Member ID.
  5. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/05/14/california-dfi-warns-against-everyone-can-join-ads?eNL=51520a1b140ba0ed7800006c&utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=eNL&utm_campaign=CUT_eNLs&_LID=137763512

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