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Found 7 results

  1. I have been trying to clear up DH report. I received a letter from LVNV attempting to collect. These are our facts: Date opened: 3/6/2008 DOFD: 5/2008 C/O: 11/2008 Account was opened, used, closed and past SOL in FL (SOL is 4 years) We moved to IN after it went past the SOL in FL but it is also past the SOL in IN (6 years) The OC account is scheduled to fall off 03/2015 LVNV funding started reporting on 11/17/2008 (TU) and 11/01/2008 (EX, EQ) Should I just ignore their letter and let them fall off in a year, or could I send them a letter back for trying to collect on an ac
  2. Just received this today (my SO, not mine). Input appreciated before we move forward. Will try to answer any and all questions regarding his credit background as much as possible... Creditor: LVNV Funding LLC Original Creditor: Washington Mutual Bank, NA/Washington Mutual Bank Original Account #: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Ref#: XXXXXXXXX Total Due: $X,XXX.XX This is to advice you that your account has been assigned to our office for collection by the above mentioned client. Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute t
  3. My husband has recently received a letter from Financial Recovery Services Inc. Which states that a debt from Chase Bank back in 2009 has not been paid. The current creditor is LVNV Funding which now shows on his credit report. He does not remember this debt or has never been notified since 2009 in any way that he has had this debt. I have done some research and found that we have the right to ask for debt validation, however, should I do anything? I ask this as the first bold paragraph on the letter states the following: "WE ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO GIVE YOU THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION ABOUT
  4. http://www.businessw...ot-y-dot-accord Quote this all Ties back to PRA v King , a state appeals court ruling citing the NY Borrowing Statute. Even though NY has a 6 year SOL, they apply the lenders home state Statute of Limitations to the account, because that is where the economic injury occured, http://www.ag.ny.gov...s-unlawful-debt Quote Sherman Financial group is AKA; LVNV Funding, PYOD, Resurgent Capital Services. $16 Million in Judgments, $475K fine.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am in the midst of my credit repair journey (lots of derogs resulting from a job loss in 2007). All of my remaining negatives fall off my credit reports between March-September of this year, but I'd love to see if I can get them removed sooner. I'll post my other negatives in other threads, but I'd like to keep this thread dedicated to LVNV Funding & Capital One. I have a collection account with LVNV stemming from an old Capital One charge-off credit card. The card was charged off in 2008 (according to the CRA, I have no documentation from the OC about this) and
  6. I did it! I finally did it!!! LVNV Funding is gone from all of my credit reports! I never have to hear from Credit One Bank nor LVNV Funding again. Taken from a previous post of mine: I received a letter from Credit One Bank saying they have requested all three bureaus to delete the entire trade line. They said I may also use the letter as follow-up with the CRAs if necessary. Now that Credit One Bank is gone from my files, would it be easier to get LVNV off? LVNV is scheduled to live on until the fall of 2014" I used this letter and filed a complaint with the CFPB against LVNV and
  7. Has anyone had success with getting LVNV and credit one bank off the credit reports using Why Chat's special SOL letter? They are set to drop off my reports in Sept 2014 and since I'm in California, I'm clear of lawsuit worry so I want to try everything possible to get them off earlier.
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