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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Marv, Quick question, I went to lease my first car at Accura. Everything was going great, UNTIL I got into the finance office. I just want to make note that I wanted to talk withthe finance lady prior to running my credit, as I had some questions. That was not an option. Ok I get in the office and her deamnor was nasty, ok anyway. She looked at my application, asked basic questions and entered it in the computer, next thing I know she said your denyed, sorry and closed my file. I was shocked, U asked the following: reason: not enough credit history Score: 697 ( she said I qualified for their preferred Tier which is Tier 1) (she didn't know if it was auto enhanced scoring, she asked what is that) who did they pull: Experian ONLY what can be done: co-signer who can show payment history She said she couldn't print anything out but moved the screen to show me what America Honda Finance gave her. I saw my one credit card that I opened back in Oct 2013 CL 2000 ( i have 2 other cc I was approved for but are not reporting yet) I have no baddies never been late. my questions MarvBear is: when trying to get a lease approval from the bank, the negotiated price is the amount they are requesting right? In my case it was $34,155 Am I entitled to something in writing stating that I was denied and based off what factors? I never actually seen the denial Should I request to speak to an under writer @ American Honda Finance on Monday and explain anything? (the finance lady didn't know what or who it was) Could I have chosen a different model less than the amount she entered requesting an approval? or is it just denied regardless? Should I try again when these two cards start to report? How long should I wait to retry again? Are there any car financing companies that are first time leasing friendly that you can recommend? would I face the same issue with other car financing companies? Should I just take out a loan from my local credit union and just pay it as per terms just to show that I am responsible? and for how long do you recommend that I have the term for? The income is there and was given proof via 6 months of pay-stubs. I was putting 0 down as I knew I qualified for at least preferred tier 1 I went on a mini app spree, well I only applied for one (and I truly believe that is an app spree) cc and was approved instantly. They pulled Experian despite the fact that 5 minutes prior I refroze it! Even though I didn't drive off with my car, I appreciate the experience!! It has taught me that I can face these car dealers and have the confidence and wisdom to show that I know what the bleeeeepppp I am talking about!! Except when it comes to financing All help is appreciated!! I look forward to your feedback!
  2. Hi, So my husband and I have no credit history. It's not that we have bad credit, it's that we have none. Since I stay at home with our son, only his history matters. We just got him a secured Capital One card today. We really want to be in a house in the next 5 months if at all possible, and if not definitley in the next year. Is it possible to raise his credit to at least 650(to qualify for FHA) in the next 3-5 months to get pre-approved for a mortgage? How fast can we build his credit? We are never late on payments, but don't have enough alternative sources of credit to be approved for a FHA loan now(we checked), so we are trying to build fast. Should we get him more than 1 secured card? Our FHA officer told us we should, but does it really help to raise his credit faster? Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Well, I just consolidated. My previous 6 loans are from 2001 with defaulted status from 2008. For how long will they stay on in my history? Will they stay all 7 years because their status was updated and counter resets to 7 years? Or, will they be removed after 7 years counting with the first default in 2008, thus, about this or next year?
  4. Hi, guys, I'm rebuilding my credit after getting some really bad baddies off and now I'm basically starting over almost from scratch. As for credit, I've had a car loan for the last two and a half years, and one Cap 1 secured credit card for just over a month. I'm trying to figure out the best way to rebuild and others have suggested adding other lines of revolving credit. I doubt any of the majors (Chase, Citi, Discover) etc. would approve me for a credit card with such a thin file, but my credit union might offer me an unsecured card (they don't do secured). They only report to Experian, though, so that won't help build a solid history across the board. Do you think it's worth it to apply for my credit union's CC -- or just wait for five months or so and try for one of the biggies? Thanks for your advice.
  5. I migrated to USA in 2012. I only have a debit card because I did not want to get into credit until I had got a job in USA. Now I have a job in retailers and other personal sources of income. Now I will be able to pay off a car loan, or a phone contract of 2 years because I have no other liabilities. The problem I am facing now is that each time a company searches my credit history, I have nothing on it. And I am refused credit cards or phone contracts. I am writing to ask you how to build my credit history if I have no credit card and I will not get one if my application is rejected. What can I do to get more information about my credit history with companies that look me up. That I am a safe applicant and will not default on any contract or loan.
  6. I have an old First Premier Card that was charged off 6 years and 8 months ago and sold to collections (I've since paid the collection and it was removed.) That account is the oldest reporting account on my credit history now at 7 years 9 months. I was cash and carry for 5 years until about 2 years ago when I decided to get my act together and really work on my credit. With a lot of help from these boards, I've been able to do so. I now have no bads other than the old First Premier Card. I have 5 new CCs (the oldest is 31 months) along with a car loan and a personal loan to boot, all of which I've kept immaculate. My question is this. If the old First Premier drops off, is that going to kill my score based on credit history (going from 8 years to 3)? Am I better off trying to negotiate with First Premier to keep it open and reestablish that account? I should mention, one of my new ccs is with First Premier. Anyone know of any success stories doing something like that? Or, am I better off allowing the bad to simply fall off and go with the merits of my new credit of 3 years? My next conquest is a mortgage around the same time this is set to happen. I'd really like it if my new 700 score didn't get whacked. Any assistance would be welcome and appreciated.

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