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Found 6 results

  1. Convergent Collection Help I've been diligently working on repairing my credit for the last year and have been having a lot of success. A little more than a year ago I was at mid-low 500s and now i'm at around 620. I printed out copies of each of the 3 credit bureau reports back in April of this year and looked over everything to make sure it was correct. All seems OK. Yesterday I received a letter from convergent outsourcing regarding an outstanding balance of just under $400 from JP Morgan Chase which I don't recall. I called Chase this morning and told them I knew nothing about this. They looked up the account and said that it was a charge off from 3/2010. I said I don't recall this account and they referred me back to convergent outsourcing which I've yet to speak to. I also asked if they report this to the credit bureaus to which they said no. When I asked if the collection agency would report, they said that I would have to ask them. My question is this; If the debt is mine and has not been reported on my credit report, can the collection agency add this to it? I've been working so hard and it would really be a setback if Convergent were to report this. I'm not sure why Chase wouldn't have reported it in the first place. I just don't know whether to freak out about this or let it be and ignore it. I have no problem paying the debt, but if it won't get reported then I would opt to try to settle. I live in Colorado, if that helps. Thank you
  2. Hi, n00b here. A few years ago I had a Sprint phone and wanted to cancel my account, so I talked to a customer service rep and asked if he could set it up to close my account at the end of the billing period, when my account balance would be zero. He said yes, I'll set that up for you... Well I didn't stay on top of it (my fault), junked the old phone, and proceeded to use my new phone. A few months later I get a bill for $170 for three more months of service I never used. My credit was already shot at that point, so I said screw that. Bill went in the trash. Now of course it's in collections, with Convergent Outsourcing; and it won't be falling off until 2016. I only have one other baddie, and that will fall off in 6 months. So I'm wanting to establish excellent credit by next year, and have a few credit cards I've gotten this year. Total credit limit is now north of $17k with very low balances. Scores are in the 640-690 range. So here's my question: Do I pay Convergent or not? What effect will it have if I took their offer to pay 50%? From my research, it seems they won't do a pay-for-delete. I'm hesitant to call them without a gameplan, since that will only embolden them. Thanks so much!
  3. I looked at my CR a few weeks ago and noticed that a company called Convergent, a CA, has been sniffing around for about a year and a half. About every 3 months or so? How can I find out why? I don't have anything owing (that I know of but I really doubt it) from the past 10 years? Any insight, anyone? *edited to add, don't they have to have a reason to go looking at my report?
  4. Well, this is karma, since I just post the other day on someone's topic that I would never hear from these jokers again. Haha on me. I think they troll the forums. Anyway here is the deal. I just got ANOTHER letter from Convergent, after I thought this was taken care of. A brief backstory: I got a letter from Convergent in Feb for a debt that is not mine, and is way (9 years) out of SOL. I DV, and got a response from Convergent stating: We no longer hold the above referenced debt, we are submitting to the reporting agencies to have anything deleted. (there has never been anything on my reports). I went back and forth with Resurgent about this, they could not validate, aside from a printout that was exactly what the original Convergent letter said. I told them again it's not mine, you didn't validate and it is time barred. Never heard from them again. Oh, and every letter after the first had the "Due to the age of this debt we cannot sue and we cannot report it.." clause. Yesterday, I get another letter from Convergent!! Same account, same crap. Although, this time my Convergent letter has the "Due to the age we cannot sue and cannot report" clause. So, what should I do here? Another DV to Convergent and Resurgent along with a copy of their first letter saying they don't have the debt? A FOAD letter to both? Just ignore it at this point? I cannot believe they would send a response saying they don't have it and will delete everything from reports (of which there is nothing) and then turn around and try this crap again! Well, actually I can believe it, since I realize they can try to collect forever on this, they just can't do anything about it, and their own clause even states that. Advice?
  5. I received a letter from Convergent from a possible old Dish Network bill. I haven't had Dish since I have been in Tennesse and I have been here for 8 years. I previously lived in Indiana. I can't even recall how long it has been. Anyway, the letter is a settlement letter for 50% off the debt. It says to pay online to pay Dish Network or make check payable to Dish Network. I assume since it is asking me to pay Dish it is legit Should I send a dispute, a FOAD letter, or just pay the bill? It is $111.66 but are offereing a settlement of $55.83. This is not on my credit report and the letter has the "This is an attempt......" clause on it.
  6. A week or so ago, I received a "settlement" offer from Convergent, for an account that is well over 8 years old. Convergent is NOT reporting on any of my bureaus. I'm wondering which course of action is most appropriate. Should I ask for them to validate the debt? Should I point out that the debt is well past my state's SOL, and that the debt is well over 8 years old? Should I just ignore the letter?

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