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Found 4 results

  1. MJPEREZ77


    Fellow CBers: I am in need of advice. I was just going through our Macy's account and noticed that I have a revolving balance greater than what I expected. I just charged $250 for the DW's Bday present and was preparing to PIF when I saw that they are reporting we have a balance of $800+. Now I do have a Special Event Purchase that doesn't report to Bureaus and will be PIF by due date 1/15/15 to avoid interest and every month Macy's takes the minimum pmt and disperses it between the Revolving (if there is a balance) and Special Event. I in turn make an additional second payment (as we had problems in the past making one large lump sum payment and not having it applied as we were told it would be) to pay down the Revolving. DW carried a balance for 3 months, which is 1 month longer than it should have been based on the payment I made. Is there any recourse I can take with Macy's as I have been told repeatedly that ANY extra payment will be applied towards the balance being charged interest and NOT the interest free purchase account. I.E. is there any part of the Consumer Protection Act or FCRA that may apply to this situation? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Some of you may have read my other post about this: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=522542&hl= http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=521029 I will post my complaint sent to the CFPB and then the first response I just received today from Cap 1. Let me know your thoughs. I have several but I want to hear what you have to say.
  3. I've been tackling an account on my wife's credit for years now. It was an old joint 2nd mortgage. Long story short: I filed BK, she didn't, it wasn't reaffirmed, we stayed and paid for a few years. Originally it was reported as IIB on her credit. I disputed with all three an it fell off TU and EX. EQ updated it to the current balance/payment and as open, which was correct at the time. Fast forward a year and I ended up settling the account with the mortgage company in exchange for releasing the lien and marking the account paid/closed. We sold the property 8 months later and moved on with our lives. So I noticed that the account was no longer being updated. It was still showing the balance/payment from the original dispute. I disputed with EQ and it came back as a charge-off. While this may be technically correct it was not in line with our agreement and would be a disaster for our new mortgage aspirations. I disputed again with EQ and it came back again verified as charge-off. I decided to take it to the next level and complain to the CFPB. I've not had much luck with their assistance on other issues in the past but it was worth a shot. I sent them a summary of the issue and disputes. I didn't clearly spell out the settlement part (didn't want to drag that company into this in case it made things worse for us) but did insist that per the OC the account was paid/closed and I sent them a copy of the supporting docs filed with the county. Finally last week we received a response from CFPB that EQ had completed their investigation. I checked the details and they said they researched it and would update it to IIB again. I immediately updated the dispute again. Meanwhile, I pulled MPM and noticed the tradeline was gone. I backdoored EQ and confirmed it was gone. It's been about a week now and still gone. We didn't get a letter yet from them and I know they usually come pretty fast. So I checked EQ's dispute status online and it was waiting for online viewing. I checked and the letter confirmed that this item has been deleted! I think I might frame it. Thanks CFPB. I guess I won't talk too bad about you anymore.
  4. I have been discharged from my Ch.7 BK for 7 months now. I have been back and forth with FedLoan Servicing since July. I have sent letter after letter, call after call, dispute after dispute about my 12 FLS lines being reported as included in bankruptcy. I have filed complaints with the ombudsman (which still has not been answered). I had the same problem with AES/Pheaa which it shares the same building and corporate staff as FLS. I BBB'd AES, and the same problem with them got fixed. No such luck with FLS. I have sent packets of CRA entries even by CMRR to their in-house counsel. The VP of Counsel himself even called me personally and said it would be taken care of. I have gotten several letters showing all my loans are in deferment and sent them to each CRA - still no change. I have letters from FLS saying the dates they have reported the changes (I have four of these type letters with different dates) still no updates, the first being in September of 2012 - so I have given them their 60 days that they request for the changes to reflect. As of today, my accounts with FLS still say Included in Bankruptcy with the last updates to the accounts being 8/31/2012. My question is, who is lying here? If they are sending updates to EQ, TU and EX - why are they not processing them? I have even CMRR'd the letters to all three - no changes. What do I have to do to have this changed? No response from the ombudsman - well over 90 days ago, should I just file with the CFPB? I am so tired of dealing with this issue.

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