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Found 242 results

  1. I have 2 medical collections for 2 different providers being reported to Experian and TransUnion by the same CA and a 3rd collection with Equifax with a different CA. I started the HIPAA dispute programs for all them with these results: TransUnion: both items were deleted Experian: both items were verified with a note to contact the CA for more info Equifax: No Response at all and no deletion I started the HIPAA dispute program for the Experian collections but skipped the 2nd step of Medical DV to the CA by mistake. Instead, I sent money order payments to both the OC's using the HIPAA letter and have copies of the deposited and canceled money orders from my bank. The collections have not been deleted and I haven't receive a response from the OC's at all. Knowing the I missed the DV step with the CA, what should I do now to continue the process for getting the Experian entries deleted? For the Equifax entry with no response, do I just start over again? Thank you!
  2. Monday I'll call TU to order a hard copy to have mailed to me of my credit report. Once I receive the paper copy I will ask for help on how to proceed. I have a statement proving this collection is years passed the time allowed to report.
  3. I received a collection letter from a law firm called "Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLC". It says they are attempting to collect a debt for the PA Office of Inspector General, and it says "Welfare Overpayment". I'm unsure of what this is about, nor do I know any details other than the amount due which is over $2k. The letter also mentions "this is not a threat to file a lawsuit. At this time, no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account," and it asks for me to call a certain person at the company and gives a phone number. 1. Since this doesn't mention a 30 day notice, should I still send a DV letter? If not, what is my next step? 2. Does anyone know what the SOL (if any) would be in PA for a collections concerning "welfare overpayments"? Thank you much!
  4. I had a bad streak and my Capital One account was charged off and placed with Midland. 1k balance went to 7k and the terms they propose are laughable. I can dispute, but my biggest priorities are avoiding suit/garnishment and short term credit score improvement. Is it best to try to make a payment plan, dispute, or ignore? Is there another option I'm missing?
  5. I finally decided to attack my credit issue rather than pretend they don't exist. Here is the situation Here is my CreditKarma information... TransUnion and Equifax (both show the same items Credit Cards $0 I have a $500 secured Discover IT card that I used for YouTube TV payment and that is it. Between 10% and 30% utilization opened May 2020. My mother added me as an authorized user to her Costco Capital One card that has perfect payment history, 8 years open and a $15,000 limit. Collections $5,317 Armada Corp Total Accounts 6 (medical) Oldest age of account 2019 $3,193 Puget Sound Collections Total Accounts 2 (medical) Oldest age of account 2019 $1,814 Solverity Total Accounts 1 (medical) Oldest age of account 2019 $310 Student Loans $0 Accounts Were Garnished from my paycheck and paid Closed Accounts 4 Dept of Education/NELNET (Closed 4/2016) Dept of Education/NELNET (Closed 4/2016) US Department of Education (Closed) Opened 09/2012 US Department of Education (Closed) Opened 09/2012 I have sent debt validation letters to all three credit bureaus and this is what was verified. Where do I go from here. I was added as an authorized user to my mothers credit card (Capital One Costco) about a month ago. I hope this helps my score improve but it hasn't reported yet. I saw a 25+ point boost from my secured discover card but it hasn't helped since then. Can anyone offer some guidance as to a path for a better credit score? Thanks, BFee
  6. Hello, new to the forum (glad I found it) , I have a collection agency called Simon's agency which is trying to collect on an already paid debt , I have reported this to the CFPB but I need your advice on how to proceed further. Any help highly appreciated .
  7. Basically, below are the baddies on my reports. I know I can't do much for the lates, but I'm hoping I can work on the other ones. I’ve been lurking and researching, but not sure what to start with. Any help is appreciated. Equifax Lates: Auto loan – 10x in past 2 yrs. 8 Navient Accounts – 7x in past 2yrs. (although was in forbearance) 2 Utah Higher Edu Accounts – 6x in past 2 yrs. (must verify if was in forbearance or deferment) 1 ACS Group Account – Sold in 2016, shows as closed and current status of 120 days past due. Charge Offs: Cap One #1 = $1850 from Apr 2020, but shows as open and 120+ past due UM Old Balance from 2012 – $8k Experian Lates: Auto loan – 14x in past 2 yrs. Status says: Now paying/was a charge-off 8 Navient Accounts – 7x in past 2yrs. (although was in forbearance) 2 Utah Higher Edu Accounts – 6x in past 2 yrs. (must verify if was in forbearance or deferment) 1 ACS Group Account – Sold in 2016, shows as closed and current status of 120 days past due. Charge Offs: Cap One #1 = $1850 from Apr 2020 Cap One #2 = $613 from Oct 2019 Trans Union Lates: Auto loan – 14x in past 2 yrs. (says C/O for Oct 2018) 8 Navient Accounts – 7x in past 2yrs. (although was in forbearance) 2 Utah Higher Edu Accounts – 6x in past 2 yrs. (must verify if was in forbearance or deferment) 1 ACS Group Account – Sold in 2016, shows as closed and current status of 120 days past due. Charge Offs: Cap One #1 = $1850 from Apr 2020 Cap One #2 = $636 from Oct 2019 Collections: IC Systems (Charter Communications) = $167 Auto loan: It was almost a repo. I paid past due the same day they set it out to be towed. I was 3 months behind. Why are they saying it was a charge off? What can I do? Student loans: I was in forbearance, but Navient says they no longer change credit reports. They sent me letter confirming forbearance for those months. Charge Offs: Since they are within past year, should I try to settle, pay in full, or wait a while?
  8. I have an AMEX charge off from 2017 its paid but I want it off my reports I've called them but the guy on the phone just kept saying nope can't take it off even if paid. I've even tried disputing them because they were reporting the wrong info but they just update with the right info. I was able to get approved for a different AMEx card two months ago so I know I'm not blacklisted I was wondering has anyone had any luck with something like this.
  9. I am working on cleaning up a few items on my credit reports and not sure which way to start. There are two Paid Collection medical bills showing on my reports, which is hurting my ability to rebuild my credit after divorce. They both are being reported by the same medical collection agency that is a local company where I live. They are both old, but still have a couple years to fall off my reports. One for $73 has a delinquency date of 3/2015, assigned to collections 1/2016, paid in full 7/2016. Last reported to credit bureaus on 6/2017, The other one for $164 has a delinquency date of 5/27/15, assigned to collections 10/2016, paid in full 12/2016 and was last reported on May 18, 2020. Should I call them and request a goodwill adjustment to have them remove the reporting, write a goodwill letter, or move to the HIPAA letter? I also have one account in collection status that I disagree with. I had disputed it via the credit bureaus, but only got a notation in the credit reports that the debt was conforming, which I am sure means they contacted the collector and they said I owed the debt. This is a credit card debt that appears to be sold to a collection agency. The debt amount is $370, delinquency date 12/2018, turned to collection 6/2019. I am not even sure what this is, but may just be continual late fee charges on account I though was closed. Where should I start with this one? Pay for delete or validation letter? I made the mistake of ignoring my credit report after divorce in 2016 and have a thin file, but these three things are seriously hurting my ability to get a credit card acceptance. I don't want to keep having hard credit pulls for applications when I know these items are a big reason why I am being turned down. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Lola2020
  10. Living in Texas and law firm has Texas address. Was contacted by Rausch Sturm law firm who say they are representing portfolio recovery associates. They list the original owner of debt as Barclays credit card so I know it’s real. I want to pay the debt. It isn’t past the 4 year statute in Texas because original debt is from 2016. However, They do not indicate an offer. They just indicate I can contact them via phone or mail to discuss options. Should I wait till they make an offer? Should I call them or write a letter? I’ve seen websites discussing advantages of both calling and mailing so I’m not sure. I can afford to pay as much as 2000 of the listed 10k. Or can I do some kind of hardship payment plan? The law firm haven’t offered either option. Portfolio Recovery did, but I guess these guys have the debt now, so should I make a first offer or wait?
  11. Anyone have experience pulling medical collections back from the credit agency and start a payment plan with your HC provider? Or negotiating with a HC provider for items already in collections and paying the HC a negotiated monthly amount or a one time negotiated payment then doing WhyChats system if the items are not removed from collections? The reason I ask is I have over 9 open accounts with Armada Corp (CA) totally over $15,000 and I am looking for the most efficient way to get this removed from my credit report. Thanks, BFee
  12. I have 6 trade lines reporting from Ascendium collections with notation of student loan and various amounts. After reviewing my credit report it shows US Bank as the original creditor. I called the student loan servicing phone number and asked where these tradelines are coming from & the rep states my student loans were consolidated. So of course I asked how because I don’t recall and never signed any docs. I requested her to send me the consolidation signature docs and any reference documentation. She only sent the original loan dating back 24yrs. Can someone offer advice how to handle this and get this Ascendium off my credit reports. I have disputed with the CRA and they came back verified multiple times. I requested validation from Ascendium but no response. the listing shows On my credit report as removal date: 11/2021. if it does fall off next year I don’t want some new servicer picking it up and starting the game over. im equally concerned that a consolidation happened without my knowledge.
  13. Lovely Navient is posting 4, yes 4 charge-offs on my credit report. I'm starting with Equifax. Round 1: Disputed because there was still a past due balance showing on the charged off accounts (all of them). One Navient Account deleted, the rest were "verified." Equifax "updated" the "date of last payment" to literally June 2020 ... on charged off accounts. They still show a past due balance, even though the debts were sold to a collection agency. Round 2: Sent a method of verification letter to Equifax. Equifax responded with a "We don't have a credit file for you" letter. Stall tactic? Round 3: Sent a second method of verification request with copies of the "we don't have a credit file for you" letter, proof of identity, copies of their previously "verified" accounts/"investigation results" pointing out they reported payments on charged off accounts. Interestingly, the "little boxes" that appear under the accounts which tell you if it's a timely payment, late, or a charge off still show a "late/charge off" for the months Equifax says they verified I made payments. Result: Investigation is PENDING. I signed up for MyFico and apparently, Navient is reporting these charge offs/lates, FRESH, on a monthly basis - even after they sold the debt. Is this legal? How can I be late on a debt that doesn't exist anymore since they sold it off? I had a charge off before for a credit card a long time ago and once it was charged off and sold (Navient sold the debt as well) it wasn't reported every.dang.month. Is this legal or some sort of reporting violation? Am I doing this correctly? Should I do a 609 and demand that they show me a copy of my MPN? TIA!!!
  14. I am in really bad need of some advice on what to do with two accounts showing up on all 3 credit reports. I realize I made a mistake and somehow I need to fix it but I don’t think I deserve what this place is doing. The two accounts are duplicate accounts and are the same credit card account, but it is not showing that way according to all 3 credit report agencies. In 2019, I was going to be away for 3 months for some important medical treatments and I knew that I would not be able to take care of my payments during this time, so I set up automatic payments from inside my checking account and paid them their payments that way. I had always made my payments on time so I was surprised when they closed my account. My bank said that the payments should have been delivered by the due date, but Merrick Bank said that they were late by two days all three months. So they charged me a late charge of $39, three months in a row and then closed my account by the time I could get a hold of them. Once the account closed, they turned it into a collection agency right away. But now on all three credit reports, it is listed from the credit card company as well as the collection agency and makes it look like I owe $2444 between the two. The card was not maxed out and they inflated the balance big time. What’s worse, is the collection agency somehow updates it as a late payment every month and I get an alert from my credit monitoring website saying that I have a new late payment. The collection agency is also listed as 12 charge-offs. I realize that what is done is done and there’s not much I can do about it. I am planning on paying this off in the next 6-12 months, but in the meantime, I do not think it’s fair that it is listed in duplicate and that the collection agency continues to update it as late every month. It is hurting my credit score considerably because it is renewed as a new late payment every month, as well as two separate accounts. Are they allowed to do this or should it just be listed as one account instead of having it on there in duplication? Can anyone please tell me how I can possibly go about fixing it so that only one account is listed on my report correctly? It seems like something like this should be illegal or be against FCRA rules. I am also surprised that they are able to list it as 12 charge-offs! Unbelievable. Merrick Bank listed me for a bunch of late payments in 2019, but stopped then. CWS/CW NEXUS has continued to list me as late every month and just listed a new late payment for August 2020. The info from the accounts is copied below. The first one is the credit card company, Merrick Bank. The second one is the collection agency, CWS/CW NEXUS. Merrick Bank will not talk to me whatsoever on the phone and will transfer me to the CWS/CW NEXUS if I get through to a live person. The collection agency called me once in the beginning, and the representative was as surprised as I was and I have never received any more calls from them since. My credit is otherwise very good and I have around 20 accounts all reporting good payment history except for this company reporting every month as late with 12 charge-offs. I apologize in advance for the long read, but I wanted to make sure I had the correct information in the post. Thanks for any help! Credit Card Company: MERRICK BANK CORP $1,262 Closed 1 charge-off Account Info Account status Closed Date opened Jun 02, 2015 Account type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance on Jul 31, 2019 $1,262 Credit Limit $950 Payment Info Status Charge-off Status date Jul 2019 Past due amount $427 Highest balance - Monthly payment - Collection Agency: CWS/CW NEXUS $1,182 Closed 12 charge-offs Account Info Account status Closed Date opened Jun 02, 2015 Account type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance on Aug 01, 2020 $1,182 Credit Limit $950 Payment Info Status Charge-off Status date Aug 2019 Past due amount $1,182 Balance on Aug 01, 2020 $1,182 Credit Limit $950
  15. Trying to help a friend and not sure what to do. They were just served with paperwork from the Courts in Osceola County, Fl. It was filed by Raush Sturm on behalf of Sears for some appliances purchased almost 5 years ago. The account was interest free and when it came time to make the final payment it was offered to Sears to split the final payment within 7 days of each other to clear the account. They refused and final payment was not made. In the documents they included only 1 statement which shows a balance now due of $9027.70 as of 1/9/2019. Currently she has 10 days to answer the court complaint and I have no idea what we need to document or request. The amount is beyond ridiculous and she is currently a full time student with an unemployed spouse. Is there a way to request validation of the debt with all statement copies and proof it was purchased individually and not a bundle purchase (meaning they have no documents to prove they rightfully own?) Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I have been reading on your boards about them being in the Hall of Fame for bad collectors. Thanks !
  16. Does accepting a settlement offer on a closed credit card account help or hurt you in the long run. Account closed with Best Buy in December and now receiving settlement offers from CRA. Should you go for it? What about requesting a pay for delete along with it?
  17. Hello, everyone. For the past week or so, I've been reading up on ways to deal with a CA that recently showed up on my credit report. I stumbled upon Why Chat's HIPAA program, read through it, and while it's quite clear, I just want to make sure it is the right thing for me. I'd also like to use it to ask potential follow up questions along the process. It showed up on my credit report June 28th, with a Date of First Delinquency of February 20th, 2017. At the moment, it only shows up on Equifax and Experian. It's from a hospital visit in California, and I am from and currently live in Arizona, and while I did have medicaid at the time, I was told that it would probably not cover it, but they'd let me go through with it anyway. I started to get bills from the Riverside County Medical department, but I initially ignored them, as I was an unemployed college student, and my mom advised me it wouldn't matter anyway; The bill was for $991. I'm now 23, and have been working hard on my credit score, this is the only blemish on my record, and I would love to get rid of it completely. I have a few old addresses on my credit report, but they're all from years before this account, and I've lived at my current address for around 11 years now. Do I still have to go through the deletion process for those other addresses? Other than that, I'm thinking my first step would be to fill out and send the "Initial HIPAA Dispute Letter" to the two CRAs that show the collection, is this correct? Thanks in advance for any help!
  18. Hello Credit Board I am newbie to this forum, but have been lurking for a while. I had recently pulled my credit report and I am having major issues with my student loans. Apparently I have loans that have been transferred \ sold and now are with a new company. The original loan was open back in the 2000's but they are still showing on my credit report. I am not sure how I can have these removed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  19. I have a Sprint collection with a hefty amount that is reporting with Source RM, the only collection on my file. Dofd is 12/2018. It was originally passed to Convergance, and most recently Source RM. I DV'd Source RM and received bills and a contract for a financed phone. Is this sufficient validation? Also, should I just leave this alone until the sol passes and then work to get it removed? Also how will the merger with T-Mobile affect my ability to get this removed?
  20. so I went to the emergency room out of state. my insurance was due to cover this as it was an emergency visit. I got a letter in the mail that I owed an outrageous bill. Well, I got on the phone and "got it straightened out" Since then, it has been about 4 years give or take since this large bill was owed, and it is still showing in collections now as $600 owed. Issue is. I have spoken with both the hospital crediting people and my insurance people for the first 2/3 years straight when all calls ending with "we will get this taken care of" each time, I get a bill in the mail 4-6 months later for this same service. Looking these past months at my history on Credit Karma of course this bill is showing as derogatory, and I can seem to get it removed. I tried to go through the process on the CK website and it came back as being a verified bill which it shouldn't be. It shows this bill as being in collections for 7 months; opened October 2019 when I haven't even been to the hospital in a few years! Is there anything that I can do about this? The issue is, they constantly tell me on 3-way calls that it will be taken care of and never is. It seems the system for my insurance the hospital has to signup for something in order to get the payment. Well, they never do, and every time I call in, the notes with this information is never in the hospital's information notes. This should not have been on my credit report at all as I was 100% not responsible for this bill. What course of action can I take to get this removed? Mind you, the original date of service was at least a few years ago and the collections account was just opened in October of 2019. It seems like fraud to me as this refreshes the 7-year date to which it falls off. Even if I were to wait for it to fall off, it should be halfway or more than halfway there. the remarks left on credit karma was "account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements" This is the only derogatory remark on my credit reports and I would like to get this removed asap. To add, if it makes any difference, this is a third party collections agency 'Americollect'
  21. Situation: Capital Management Services collecting for Citibank. Opened 2013 or earlier in Louisiana. DOFD : August 2016. Balance showing: just under $6,000. Showing as CO and reporting monthly. Original credit limit $5,000, was never maxed out. Moved to Florida June 2017. CMS offering to settle for under $1200. Questions: Does the Louisiana SOL of 3 years still apply? Does CMS pay for delete? Should I settle? Looking to purchase. home in about a year. Thanks for any and all advice.
  22. 1. EX & EQ deleted a collection acct from my report in 2016 after one initial dispute 2. In 2019, a JDB reports on EX & EQ for the same acct. I requested a DV and the JDB sent the initial application. 3. OC sent the wrong item in 2014 and after 6 months of disputing they stopping collection attempts. (technically this should be #1). 4. I disputed the JDB (2nd ÇA) with the CRA’s and it came back verified. What letter can I send to the JDB after they responded with the initial application from 2014 and what is another dispute tactic to the CRA that only responds with previously verified. i searched but searching here is not the same anymore. thanks in a d’avance for input
  23. Several years ago I ran into financial difficulties due to medical issues. I got behind on several credit card which caused some of them to be charged off. Once I was back to work and receiving full pay I began to make payments on the past accounts because I did want to pay off what was owed. I was able to get balances paid off, some fully, some charged off. This was in 2015 and the last balance was paid in full in early 2018. ALthough the accounts report no balance due they still show " charged off" or a serious delinquencies. I am wondering if there is a way to have those tradelines removed all together without having to wait another 2-3 years for them to fall off? I have since reestablished a very good payment and credit history but my past credit history keeps my score from rising as high as it should. it also shows that at one time my payment history was trashed. I need help. soon.
  24. After lurking in the shadows for a little while now, I decided I wanted to try why chat's guidebook on medical collections but felt really noobish once I didnt understand how to appropriately send priority mail. It says send a letter to the CRA with the proof of delivery number. Whats the delivery number? Is it on the forms Im getting from the post office? Also, on the priority mail instructions, It says to affix the copy to the top of the hard copy of the letter. Does that mean staple it on the top so I dont lose it? I promise you I am not as noobish as I seem. I guess I am kind of nervous? Thanks
  25. Need advice on what I should do. Account opened 2/16 delinquent 5/16 I ordered my hard copies of all reports and I just noticed they have been recently doing soft pulls 😒 Those pulls were probably triggered by my disputes. I live in GA so I'm still within the SOL. What my concern is that they will sell it off to a collection agency and then I'll have that ding on my credit as well. I only have one collection and its on TU from a company that's trying to collect on a 2018 ATT bill that I'm in the process of doing the 1-2 punch on. So I definitely don't want a new collection added. The limit was small, only $300 but of course it's showing like $604. So, should I just contact them and try to settle for pennies with a PFD at best or settle for a little more with one less stress about new collection at worst? Or is there something else that I may want to consider? I have already disputed this account once and EQ is redisputing (I won't make a move until they finish their dispute) while TU updated it to show "charged off as bad debt purchased by another lender" Thanks for any guidance you can give with this, its greatly appreciated!

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