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Found 4 results

  1. I just learned from the Partners FCU that their maximum exposure on unsecured lines of credit is $30K, so if you have more than one credit card or a credit card and an overdraft LOC, then all your lines together cannot exceed $30K as of December 2014, but perhaps they will increase this in the future. I also learned that they will rate match your auto loan shopping and beat competitors by 0.25% for the same term and that a 2014/2015 with less than 10,000 miles qualifies for their new car interest rate. I'm applying for them to match my NFCU rate of 2.0% new and 2.3% used for 60 months.
  2. I havent taken out an auto loan in a long time. Last night I won a car on ebay and intend to pay for it through a loan. Any thoughts on who might offer the best used car rates? I was going to jump in and go nfcu but wanted to get other's thoughts first. Side note; my eq/ex scores are around 735 while my tu score is closer to 777 (no baddies).
  3. Advice needed ASAP. I currently have an open auto loan for a 04 Dodge Intrepid through Credit Acceptance. The car no longer runs; the head gasket is blown and it isn't worth it to spend the large amount of money to fix it. I am upside down on the loan and behind 3 payments. I spoke with the finance company and they stated that I could do a "voluntary surrender". They would have someone come pick up the car, sell it at an auction and apply the proceeds to the balance. I would then be responsible for paying off the remainder of the loan. My concern is that this is going to show up as a reposession on my credit report. I have been driving a rental car since the car gave out and will need to get a reliable car soon to go to work. My credit is poor right now but I have once secured credit card and a store credit card in good standing. I also have high income. My question is, how badly would this reposession hurt my credit? Would I be able to get an auto loan with this repo on my report? Should I just file for chapter 7 bankruptcy instead letting the car get repo'd? Help!!
  4. Hi all. Newbie here, and in need of sound advice. My 2009n auto loan with GM Finance is at ridiculously high interest rate, 18%, due to poor credit. I have noticed a very disturbing (perhaps illegal) pattern with this company: On the occasions when I’ve been over 40 (or so) days late - and calling either to set up payment to cover at least one month (or if approaching 60 days, two payments) on a specified date via checking acct (auto withdrawal/e-check), they try to bully me into accepting their "help" and going with a deferment (thereby increasing principal + interest and term!). They try to suggest, that,- unless I accept the deferment or bring the account current - a repo MAY occur. The determination to sell the deferment is just so transparent - it 's like watching a scene straight out of a seedy film or a SNL comedy skit. Too bad its not funny. The pitch is really despicable: "…And how are you doing with your other bills, Mary?" "Mary, I'm just tryin to help you out ....and you're hesitating....making this difficult….You know, you had a repo.last year....just want to keep that from happening again...Now, you told me you were going to pay $850.00 on the 28th, but I'm offering you the chance to catch up ...and you only have to pay $570 .00 and then you don't have to pay again until April lst...." and so on. I don't know how others here deal with this, but these low-life (being kind) tactics infuriate me - beyond description. I know that I should not react -- but must admit – it seems all but impossible! In any case, here's the most pressing issue: I now realize that I can only afford one month's payment, $425.00 (will cover Jan)- on the 28th, but I can pay the balance and bring the acct current on March 12th. So...this would mean that I would be around 42 days late for Feb, and 12 days for March. I also need to pay via debit card rather than checking, which I could do on the 27th. During the telephone conversation, which was this past Thursday the 21st, I said okay to the deferment, but have not yet signed the agreement which was promptly e-mailed to me. I will need to call asap and let them know. I accepted the offer of deferment around two years ago. I really would rather NOT defer this time, and really do not want to use checking acct this week. I’m not sure I’ll have options, now that I’ve gone down the path with them. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what I might say when I call back? I would be most grateful for your insights and any recommendations. BTW, Re Disturbing Pattern… . Don’t want to detract from my immediate, more pressing issue here, but want to be clear that this situation with the deferment push described above is just skimming the surface, as they say. There is much more going on - sabotaging and manipulating account; for example, when I attempt to make a payment, insisting that my Paypal debit card is being “declined,” even though the account is MORE than well funded, and even with my having the Paypal rep – on the line with us (me and GM) advising the GM rep that the account is well funded but that its not going through because she is processing it as “ATM withdrawal” and need to put it through as debit or credit or credit! (Somehow she just couldn’t “get it work!” ) Subsequently (days later) accidentally” crediting my account for $800.00 then, when I call , “woops” apparently someone made an error , etc. …apologizing and once again pushing deferment (in case I don’t have funds at the point when acct is debited). I’ve omitted many details here…but hopefully you’ve got the picture. I’ve even been wondering if this isn’t worth a letter to DA’s office. Has anyone out there had these or similar experiences with GM or other finance companies? Many thanks to all for the opportunity to vent , share, and learn.

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