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  1. After quite a few months of research on credit repair I've decided to begin my quest to clean-up/correct my own credit reports. Below is a history of what I've completed, as well as a list of the steps that I have ahead of me. If anyone has any additional information for me along my path I'd certainly appreciate it! Steps Completed: 1) Request copy of my Credit Report directly form the CRA with corresponding report number 2) Opt Out 3) Clean up old/outdated/incorrect address data Next Step: 4) Send Initial Dispute Letter to all 3 CRAs (hand written and addressed, certified mail only) Accounts Being Disputed: Equifax :: 2 accounts (IC Systems - $208, and Collection Srvc of Athens - $245) Experian :: 2 accounts (IC Systems - $208, and Collection Svc of Athens - $245) TransUnion :: 1 account (IC Systems - $208) As a resident of Texas I admit I've been a bit confused as to which methods best apply to me, but even as as a TX resident WhyChats HIPAA process seems to be "the way." I am set to send out my 3 initial dispute letters tomorrow, but I wanted to check in with the group to make sure Im am on the best path for ME. to everyone who reads this, and especially WhyChat. thank you for your help! -aj
  2. Hello, I am just starting out. I have opted out and requested paper reports. I am waiting for them now. I will dispute all old addresses when they arrive. I've read the whychat hippa method many times. I'm just wondering if it would be OK to dispute all 14 all at once or if I should break hem up? Thank you!!
  3. I wanted to post my two medical collections for organization sake, and to easily reference any questions and answers that may come up during the process. I have two medical collections: Collector A- $330.00 Collector B- $70.00 Opted out Deleted as many old addresses that I could, EX is being a pain with one EOMB- Jives with the amount due I sent the Pre HIPPA dispute letter (hand written on the sheet from whychat credit confusion site) to all three CRA's on 8/20/14 via certified mail only, no return receipt, they were received 8/21, 8/23, and 8/24. I figured a date of 9/28/14 for responses from the CRA's to be due- Latest CRA received date plus 30 days with an additional 5 for mail time. I want to prepare the Letter to CA DV's soon so that I have them ready to go if the CRA's come back as verified. I have a question about this line from the dv letter "This letter is being sent to you in response to your recent fraudulent verification of an unknown medical account on my (name of CRA) report" I don't have any communication I can locate, so I'm relying on the credit report entry. These two collections are only reporting on EX and EQ, not TU. Do I indicate EX and EQ in the (name of CRA) portion together? Do I do a separate letter to the CA about each CRA? Should I include TU just to cover my bases? I will update again when I receive responses from the CRA's Right track so far?
  4. So here is our timeline... OC: Cap One 3/6/2008 opened 5/2008 DOFD 11/2008 C/O <Account opened, used, charged off in FL. SOL went past while a resident of FL (4y)> <Moved to in AFTER all the above and SOL is still past in IN (6y)> 10/08/14 Sent the first letter to CRAs mentioning the OC and the CA account ( http://whychat.5u.com/initdispltrsol.html ) 10/16/14 TU deleted everything (yay) 10/17/14 EX removed only the OC 10/27/14 EQ removed only the OC 10/27/14 Sent the letter to the CA ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html ) 10/30/14 It was received 11/01/14 <------ LVNV updated the EQ file and also added about 8$ to the total 11/03/14 The second round of letters went to the two CRAs ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html#FOLLOW ) 11/07/14 They were delivered 11/20/14 <------ LVNV updated the EX file and also added about 8$ to the total Should I send another letter to LVNV?
  5. Hello - I would really appreciate some guidance with this. I have looked at all of Whychat's guides and prepared DV letters for the CA's, however looking closer, I read if DV's are sent within the SOL, then I could be sued. How do I go about getting this taken care of while within SOL? Does SOL start with the date of delinquency or with date of when it went into collections? We are in Florida, so I think SOL is 5 years for written contracts. I have one medical bill for $260, I honestly don't know what it was for exactly. I never got bills for it that I know of, though I did move around a bit in the past few years from getting married, moving to a different state and back, etc. so they may have gotten lost in the shuffle. I had the same health insurance for about 8 years, but I no longer have it with the same company and am not able to retrieve information from previous claims or denials of claims. I have contacted my previous insurance company to see what I can do to get this information, but have not heard back. It is reported with all three agencies - with Transunion it was placed for collection in August of 2010, but updated July 2014, with estimated month and year that this item will be removed as 2015. With Experian it has date opened Aug 2010, last reported July 2014 and it says the account is scheduled to continue on record until 2015. With Equifax it has the date of first delinquency as 2008, date reported 07/2014 and date assigned as 08/2010, with no mention of when it should be deleted. Should I just wait out the year until it is removed from the reports or should I do something about it now? My husband and I are trying to get a loan and I would like to fix this dirty spot on my credit report so we can first of all get the loan at all and if we do so we can get a better interest rate. I'm afraid if I stir up "trouble" that it will come back and bite me somehow. Any advice?
  6. Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me, Im in desperate need. I have a collection/charge off on my credit report that I have disputed a few times over the years but it seems to always update with the incorrect information. I brought a car with Drive Financial in January of 2005, I guess it transfered over to Santander. The car was reposessed in 2007 (not sure of the month) and charged off in March of 2008. This is a lender credit report so maybe the dates will actually show correct on a standard credit report. The Reported date is incorrect and has been incorrect for many years. Are they in violation? Should I DV Santander?? Also, ACCL FIN SOL brought the Santander account (Im assuming) and those dates are also incorrect. Should I DV ACCL FIN SOL?? This is the 2nd collection agency that brought this account, the other agency is no longer showing on my report. What is my best plan of action? I am trying to buy a house, but with this on my credit my FICO is not high enough. I hope someone can chime in on my situation. THANKS!! Creditor RPTD Last Acct Opnd Limit Balance Owning Amount Past Due ACCL FIN SOL 14-May 10/13 9384 9384 9384 Collection 12 Santander Auto Loan Santander Consumer 09/12 09/12 01/05 16225 0 0
  7. I hope someone can help me. I'm just not sure what to do now. I am fairly new to all if this and have cleared almost all of my collections. I have 2 with transunion that o just can't seem to get rid of... I gave disputed several times this year and they come back as updated. Finally I sent a letter (taken from Whychat) sent certified mail last week asking for documentation of my signature. I don't know if I'm doing it right by asking for return reciept, but I did and it has been confirmed as delivered. (They Were JUST Delivered This week) (for my return address I used purple ink and all caps) I got a letter from transunion stating that one has been "verified" again (did the dispute the same day I sent out the letters) so I called them and asked what "new information" was added. They told me nothing has been added. I'm very confused. Do I wait? Do I keep disputing? Please give me some direction!? Tia
  8. I have a medical collection account on my credit reports to the tune of $330. It is out of the statute of limitations. PFD letters go unanswered. So I began emailing the owner of the collection company back in February. Flash forward to three weeks ago. I get an invitation to connect with the owner of the collection company of LinkedIn. I have not accepted the invitation yet. Its not quite 5 years old. My ultimate goal is get a mortgage in a year. This is one of two collection accounts that I have not been able to get rid of. I'm wondering if I should start over with him on the PFD. Would it be much of a score boost to get this off my report now? Or should I just let it ride and pay it if it comes up during the underwriting process when I finally go for a mortgage? I have some high utilizations that will be paid all the way down next week, and I would still have money to PFD this in full. My current scores if it matters: EQ- My Fico- 633 TU- My Fico- 620 EX- FAKO- 610 Now I did follow the whychat HIPPA method up through getting validation (copy of medical bill) through the collection agency. Then I moved. And now I cant find that bill. Which obviously makes it tough to proceed with paying the bill and sending a copy of it as well as the insert for paying the OC.
  9. Hi Everyone, Thanks to everyone's help here at CB, I'm down to the last few neg items on my CR. I have the following medical collections on my EQ report, and would love the get them taken care of. They are only on EQ, not TU or EFX. I'd love to hear some advice from Whychat on getting these removed. MERCHANTS CREDIT Agency Address: 2245 152nd Ave NE Redmond, WA 980525519 (425) 643-2613 Date Reported: 01/2014 Date Assigned: 11/2008 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MULTICARE MEDICAL GROUP Account Number: 167XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $86 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 04/2008 Balance Date: 01/2014 Balance Owned: $143 Last Payment Date: N/A Status Date: 01/2014 Status: D - Unpaid Comments: Medical PUGET SOUND COLLECTIONS IN Agency Address: 1019 Regents Blvd Fircrest, WA 984666037 (253) 566-1800 Date Reported: 01/2014 Date Assigned: 05/2009 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MULTICARE HEALTH SYSTEM Account Number: 257XXXX Account Owner: Joint Account Original Amount Owned: $1,731 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 04/2008 Balance Date: 01/2014 Balance Owned: $390 Last Payment Date: 08/04/2010 Status Date: 01/2014 Status: D - Unpaid Comments: Collection account PUGET SOUND COLLECTIONS IN Agency Address: 1019 Regents Blvd Fircrest, WA 984666037 (253) 566-1800 Date Reported: 01/2014 Date Assigned: 11/2008 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MULTICARE HEALTH SYSTEM Account Number: 247XXXX Account Owner: Joint Account Original Amount Owned: $140 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 06/2008 Balance Date: 01/2014 Balance Owned: $233 Last Payment Date: N/A Status Date: 01/2014 Status: D - Unpaid Comments: Collection account PUGET SOUND COLLECTIONS IN Agency Address: 1019 Regents Blvd Fircrest, WA 984666037 (253) 566-1800 Date Reported: 01/2014 Date Assigned: 09/2008 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MULTICARE HEALTH SYSTEM Account Number: 245XXXX Account Owner: Joint Account Original Amount Owned: $196 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 07/2007 Balance Date: 01/2014 Balance Owned: $349 Last Payment Date: N/A Status Date: 01/2014 Status: D - Unpaid Comments: Collection account I think the balances are from when I tore my ACL in 2007, & went to the ER, MRI, & Orthopedic consult. My insurance never paid the bills because they assumed it was part of an auto accident (which it wasn't). I'm pretty sure the dates of delinquency are wrong, since the injury didn't happen over a year's span (not sure if that's a sticking point, or not). I moved out of state a few months after the injury, and didn't know these weren't paid until months later. When I found out, my wife called the insurance company and hospital & went through the process of getting the bills paid. I'm pretty sure the reporting balances are fees & interest charged by the CAs. As a kicker, as soon as my wife helped the hospitals get paid, they gave the CAs her info and reported the collections to her credit report, as well (stinkers). I have started Whychat's Hippa Process, (opted out, deleted old addresses, & sent initial dispute letters to CRA). EQ verified the accounts, but I received no response from the CAs. So, I sent the Medical Dispute Validation Letters to each of the CAs via certified mail. The CAs received the DV letters on 3/18/14. Now my questions: -Do I go ahead and send the follow up dispute letter to the CRAs now, or wait for a response from the CAs? -How long should I wait? -What if I don't receive a response from the CAs? -Does my wife follow the same dispute process to have them deleted from her file, as well? Thanks in advance for all your advice.
  10. Hi WhyChat – I’m still “on break” with my own TLs, as you suggested. But I am working on my Significant Other’s medicals while I wait. And I’m at a sticky point and need guidance. I’ll try to make this as clear as possible. He had NO INSURANCE at the time of care for any of them. (He has been covered for a year now, though.) We’ve done all the initial steps: · opted out · obtained hardcopy reports directly from the CRAs · deleted all old addresses and incorrect name spellings and one SSN variation · sent the Pre-HIPAA Dispute (handwritten, using your form) to all 3 CRAs · waited for and received responses back from all three CRAs My challenge stems from having disputed online and then sending “standard” DVs to all but two of the CAs on his reports last June (2013) – before I found you – so please keep that in mind as I describe the specific TLs and their current status. The two I didn't DV last year were fresh collections from late 2012, so they haven’t been mucked-up by my aimless Pre-WhyChat efforts. I started with a total of 12 accounts from 6 CAs, spread across the 3 CRAs: EX – 9 total TLs from 5 total CAs (one CA holds 5 accounts totaling $1,920) EQ – 9 TLs from a total of 3 CAs (same CA as above reporting 5 TLs; another one reporting 3 TLs) TU – 6 TLs from a total of 3 CAs (same CA as above but reporting only 4/5 TLs they own) NONE are paid; all but one are within SOL, but half of those will be out of SOL (4 yrs.) in October. EX refused to reinvestigate 7 of 9 on that report, because of my prior disputes. Of the 7 TLs EX refused to investigate, 2 of them are ONLY on EX, as one was never on the other 2 CRAs, and one was deleted by EQ using your Pre-HIPAA dispute this time. There are 11 remaining TLs from 5 CAs, spread across all CRAs after the Pre-HIPAA disputes. EX – 8 total TLs from 4 total CAs (one CA holds 5 accounts totaling $1,920) EQ – 8 TLs from a total of 2 CAs (same CA as above reporting 5 TLs; another one reporting 3 TLs) TU – 2 TLs; 2 separate CAs To make matters worse, the CA who holds 5 accounts (all from the same OC) sent what would have been proper validation last year in July – billing info printed from the OC’s accounting system dated the week they sent it to me, HIPAA release forms signed by the patient, etc. But that was almost a year ago, so I’m not sure how to handle that now. The CA actually sent it to us via CMRR, so they were legit at that time. They've also continued to update their reporting almost monthly in the past year. The OC is a partnership of physician-owned, emergency/urgent-care facilities in TX. Obviously this CA is my sticking point – here are the dates of service and amounts on those TLs: 1. 10/10/2010…….$360 2. 10/24/2010…….$600 3. 10/29/2010…….$360 4. 11/6/2010……...$360 5. 4/10/2011……...$240 All 5 are on EX & EQ – EX refused to investigate again; the CA verified them all to EQ. TU only had 4 out of the 5 on it, and 3 were deleted in this Pre-HIPAA dispute. (Yaaay!) The only one remaining on TU is the one for $600. (Go figure.) I’ve sent the HIPAA DVs to 4 out of 5 CAs, but I don’t know what to do with this CA and their 5 accounts. Again, they sent confirmation of a then-current business relationship with the OC last summer. And they are updating their reporting most months. I’m grateful TU deleted all but one TL, but they're killing us on EX & EQ, and we don’t have the money to pay these in full at this time. The total is $1,920. Should I send them the HIPAA DV…? Should I leave them alone until they’re out of SOL…? Should I press EX to investigate them again, since TU deleted 3/4 of them on this round…? As always, thanks for your tireless help -- to us and others (like the kitties!)
  11. I followed whychats program. oped out, deleted addresses. Sent first letter to OC. Waited. Sent letters to CRAs. CRA just informed me that the debt is valid. Now I have a voice mail from OC (auto loan company) for them to call back. I called and the service states it's OC's recovery department. I'm in Illinois, the debt is still with OC and the loan is about 5 years old.
  12. I'm sorry to be such a PAIN IN THE A**. Quick question: I deleted old addresses and received my Experian report and it states "We have completed the processing of your Dispute. Here are the Results: Residence- Deleted"- but after reviewing the credit report that I received in the main- it looks the same- no addresses are deleted off this one. How do I know if they were truly deleted??
  13. Hi, My auto was repo'd back in Jan 2010 due to no job during the financial crisis. Fast forward I would like to get that removed from my report, so I disputed with all 3 agencies and they all came back verified. My next step is to fire-up the why chat's letters, please critique my letter below and let me know if this is the right method. I'm in California LA county and the auto loan was with a local Credit Union. By the way, the CU never attempted to collect on the deficiency. To whom it may concern; I am writing in regard to the above referenced accounts and transactions. This account is being disputed. This vehicle was repossessed by (name of OC) in the State of California on or about, xx/xx/xxxx, and resold on or about xx/xx/xxxx. Under the laws of the State of California UCC § 9.506 and State RISA and MVISA statutes a deficiency can not be claimed unless all of the required notices were properly and timely given, and all of the allowable redemption and cure time limits were adhered to. Please provide copies of the legal notices and proof of the commercially reasonable manner of the resale of the subject vehicle. If no such proof is provided within 14 days from receipt of this notice, the alleged claim of a deficiency will be considered null and void, any continued reporting of this invalid claim on my credit reports will be considered a violation of the FDCPA and FCRA. In addition, if you singularly or severally fail to comply with the above requests, I reserve the right to seek damages against all parties, under all available State and Federal statutes and UCC § 9 remedies. Sincerely, XXXX Please advise, and also let me know what my next step would be. Thanks for reading.
  14. 2 weeks ago I sent initial HIPPA letter to CRA's and yesterday I received a letter from a CA offering a PFD for several small collections(<$200.00). I'm not sure if I should wait to hear from the CRA's to see what the investigation results are, DV letter or agree to the PFD. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Today I received a call from my daughters pediatric office (it was NOT a CA) about past due bills and setting up payment arrangements before they go into collections. The amount is $180 and it was for times when we had lapses in insurance so I know that I owe them. The dates of services are 6/30/09 and 6/14/12. I know for a fact that the 2009 DOS had already gone to collections but was removed with my 1st set of Disputes and DV. The 2012 DOS is not yet reporting. Is this appropriate to pay both of these? I feel lied to and not sure if I can trust what she tells me because she made it sound like they hadn't gone to collections yet but after looking into it further I know that 2009 was sent to collections...I have proof. What do I do?
  16. I'm fairly new to these boards and have been working on cleaning up my credit for about 4 months now. I just learned about the HIPPA process a week ago, on another board where it is very taboo/almost forbidden to discuss the HIPPA process. So going on previous advice I had received elsewhere, I began disputing with CRA's, sending DV letters to CA's and hoping they didnt respond, so I would get a deletion. I got nowhere. I tried the Pay for Delete method. One worked, just mailed that out yesterday. In the course of this process, one the medical collection agencies responded to my validation request, by sending me a copy of my full itemized hospital bill with procedure codes and descriptions, etc. This had me freaked out yesterday and I was certain that had to be a HIPPA violation in itself. Didnt really get clarification either way on that, but it doesnt change the fact that I want to remove this collection. So with that being said, can I: Start the HIPPA process even though they already verified by mailing me a copy of the bill? Would I proceed as if I had done nothing previously or should I start further in the process since I already have verification? I opted out. Pulled two fresh reports (EQ and EX, locked out of TU because of a dispute that hasnt been finished yet) I also faxed and mailed address deletion letters. This was just at the beginning of the week, so I imagine i will have to wait a while for verification they have or have not been deleted before proceeding to the initial dispute with CRA's.
  17. Question on a repo, Gm financial repo 11/2011 so beyond the 2 year, but all bureaus state only c/o - no repo notes. Definitely not timely or organized with notices. No CA involved yet. How shall I proceed. 26000 loan they auctioned for 9,000 2010 Lincoln MKZ? Commercially reasonable? I think not.
  18. I sent a dispute letter to TransUnion certified mail only and today when I checked the status online it states"Notice Left- Business Closed" this just means that it was not able to be delivered because the office was closed today? Will they try to re-deliver the letter? Just trying to figure out where I stand....
  19. I apologize ahead of time for the long post.... (Gulp) finally getting the courage to deal with a few medical collections. I have read Whychat's method over and over and over again over the last few months and it's just not getting through my thick skull. I am going to try my luck at addressing my DH's medical collections first he has two medical collections showing up. Paramount Recovery systems (shows on all 3 credit reports) Quantum Financial Bus (shows on Experian only) ( For this PARAMOUNT RECOVERY SYSTM collection I don't think they submitted it to our insurance, my husband said he recalls getting some sort of mail that described something about the hospital purchasing insurance on his behalf and they covered X about of dollars from a $1500 medical bill a trip to ER - he didn't have his insurance card with him at the time and so he didn't give any insurance information so I am guessing this is the remaining balance? If this makes sense at all.. ) PARAMOUNT RECOVERY SYSTM Placed for collection: 01/27/2012 Responsibility: IndividualAccount Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Balance: $360 Date Updated: 04/23/2013 Original Amount: $360 Original Creditor: MEDICAL-QUESTCAREERARLINGTON(Medical/Health Care) Past Due: >$360< Pay Status: >InCollection< Remarks: ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMR; >PLACED FOR COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that thisitem will be removed: 10/2018 QUANTUM FINANCIAL BUS Original Creditor:MEDICAL CLINIC OF NORTH TEXAS Address IdentificationNumber:0145434714 Status: Collection account. $27 past due as of Apr 2013. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jul 2017. Date Opened:07/2012 Reported Since:04/2013 Date of Status:04/2013 Last Reported:04/2013 Type:Collection Terms:1 Months Monthly Payment:$0 Responsibility:Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount:$27 High Balance:NA Recent Balance:$27 as of 04/2013 Recent Payment:$0 Payment History: Account History: Collection as of Apr 2013 So far I have tried my best to follow steps on http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDEBOOK.html DH has Opted out for 5 years online obtained a free from annualcreditreport.com for Equifax and Experian. TransUnion went to their website and paid for report. All old addresses have been deleted Experian they won’t delete 1 old address, but this wasn’t the address when service was provided if that matters. Note: Transunion shows ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMR I did online dispute before I got around to reading whychat’s method. (oops) Now am I am preparing the letters to send to CRAs this one is to TU would that font/background work ok? Wanting a green light before i send these out. Thanks! I did look through my claims for my insurance since i can view them all online and I don't see claims on these dates for these providers or anything close.. even within a few months. Seems like they didn't submit this to my insurance the best I can tell. Update: I did call my insurance company and they could not find any claims for these two items said I would need to get in touch with OC and have them re-file the claim or contest them with CRAs.
  20. I received a letter dated 1/28/14 from CMRE Financial stating confirmation that the request for deletion has been submitted to the credit bureaus. I checked Experian online and it is still there. I'm planning on sending out a letter tomorrow with a copy of the CMRE letter via certified mail to see if I can speed up the deletion. This was my only collection account, so I am pretty excited! I followed WhyChat's HIPAA Letter Program and it took just under 60 days to get this deleted. The trade line was from 2009, with an open date of 2008. It was opened in California while i was in NY. I also filed a complaint with the NY Dept of Consumer Affairs and the California Better Business Bureau. SOL for both states had tolled so I felt pretty comfortable making a nuisance of myself. I had contacted an attorney to help me resolve this and she wanted to charge me $2,000. The collection amount was less than that, so I figured a PFD would be better. But luckily it didn't come to that. Thanks, WhyChat!
  21. I'm starting to research they Whychat method of repo deletion. I've opted out. I've disputed addresses (not much luck) and now researching state laws etc. Purchased my Carfax report today and I do not see an auction for my car. Background: Car was repo'd 4 years ago in Illinois in Febuary or March of 2010. My credit reports show CO in April. I am 99.9% confident I did not recieve any notices of auction. I did not know where they took it. I did not have the ability to get my articles out of the car. I was so upset/embarrased that I ignored it (SMH) and just figured I had no chance of getting the car back. I was not given an auction date etc. OC (Chase) is the only one reporting this on my CRs. Shows my high credit was $11,124 and actual payment amount $10,033. Comments is "charged off account, fixed rate". Chase has also never contacted me about the balance due. Now: On my carfax report it says this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I purchased -03/19/2008 9 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Chicago Heights, IL Title #X8079691495 Title issued or updated First owner reported Titled or registered as personal vehicle I moved- Loan or lien reported 02/17/2009 Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dept. Tinley Park, IL Registration updated when owner moved the vehicle to a new location 05/06/2009 Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dept. Rockwood, TN Title #85818017 I moved again- Title or registration issued Loan or lien reported 05/06/2009 Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dept. Tinley Park, IL Title #85818017 Registration issued or renewed Loan or lien reported 03/30/2010 46,373 Center Garage Cedar Lake, IN 219-374-7171 centercars.com Vehicle offered for sale 04/14/2010 46,412 Center Garage Cedar Lake, IN 219-374-7171 Electrical system checked 04/27/2010 46,432 Center Garage Cedar Lake, IN 219-374-7171 centercars.com Vehicle sold ------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, from what I see- there was no auction. The car was repo'd sometime in late feb or early march '10. It appears that the car was SOLD to a dealer on 3/30/10 then sold again to a private party on 4/27/10. Is this what you guys see? So....what now?!
  22. I'm hoping Whychat can help me. I sent the delete judgment letter to all 3 CRAs and got Eq's letter back first saying they verified the data. I'm surprised given that I was successful in removing the address attached to the judgment. They did NOT indicate who furnished them with the data but listed the court address and to contact the court with any questions. What is my next step? FYI...I have a printout from the court online recorded judgment search that shows that my docket # and even name to turn up any results for a recorded judgment. (Although when I called the court at one point in time, they seemed to think the judgment in need of paying. The clerk acted like he didn't know what I was talking about when I said it wasn't recorded.)
  23. I'm in the process of fixing my wife's credit. Two separate medical accounts remain, let's call them A & B A: Medical business bureau. The starting date per NJ law is May 2007. The account was placed for collections in Sep 2007. B: Commonwealth Financial. the starting date per NJ law is June 2010. The account was placed for collections in June 2013. C: Northeast Credit & Collections. Same as B, but showed up with a different (invalid) address and different CA name. Prior to about 2 weeks ago the CRA showed the following: TU: B EX: B & A (listed twice, one with account number 010387xxxx, the other with 10387xxxx, same amounts, same account) EQ: A & C I made the mistake of disputing both in August, prior to finding whychat's medical process. Naturally both verified, none dropped. In November, I started whychat's process: Yes, I opted out Yes, I deleted old addresses (one old one remained due to A using that as the address. I've tried removing the address online and via snailmail unsuccessfully. It's a PO box if it matters.) Yes, I sent an initial dispute letter to each CRA. Per CRA they were verified, but there was no correspondance from the CA showing proof of validation Yes, I sent medical DV to each respective CA. Yes, I sent follow up dispute to each CRA on or about Nov 26. The letter to C bounced back as undeliverable. I scanned that envelope showing undeliverable, wrote up whychat's letter, and sent to EQ. I sent the statute of limitations letter to A, and upon delivery sent a similar letter to EX & EQ. Results: TU: 100% clear. EQ: per back door report, only A remains. No response from them yet regarding the SOL letter. EX: received response dated Dec 11 stating "we have already investigated this information and the credit grantor has verified its accuracy. " This comment doesn't distinguish between which account, A or B, that they are referring to. I had never disputed B. A was disputed in August. Per their mailed copy of the report, A & B remain. HOWEVER, per a report pulled from creditsesame.com on 12/17, only A remains. I know third party reports are generally useless for disputes, but if B was still on record at experian, would it not be on the credit sesame report? Regardless, I'm unsure how to proceed. As the newer medical collection appears to have been deleted across the board, the old account that is well outside the SOL remains. Assuming EQ validates or says something similar to EX like we've already investigated, should I send a method of verification letter? Should I just move to the HIPPA complaint with FTC and state authorities? thanks for any help
  24. So I have my old addresses deleted. I received a reply from the last bureau yesterday (took them long enough). I opted out also. Now I know I'm supposed to send Debt Verification letters to the bureau. I'm scared to send them. What happens if I send them, they verify....are they going to put the old addresses back onto my credit report? If I send these letters, will the collection agencies start calling me again (for the ones that aren't paid) or will the ones that are paid be renewed? I'm terribly nervous. My goal is the move my score up about 50 pts by the time all this is completed. Enough to get a mortgage at a decent rate. Its my last chance to do anything. Medical debt is the ONLY negative thing on my credit report....its driving me crazy how lack of insurance for 6 months and getting seriously ill, led to all this drama and ruined my life.
  25. Whychat, I've taken some time off from credit repair but still need to delete a false judgment. All but EX have deleted the address that correlates to the judgment. Should I send to all three including EX? Also, am I correct to send it with handwritten addie, teal/purple stationary and ink, and NOT RR? Just want to make sure.
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