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Found 14 results

  1. So, I logged into my Walmart account today to check my balance as my statement cuts soon. I saw a late payment fee. I'd let $2 report and was completely sure that I'd paid it the day after, but I apparently did not. I just got done setting alerts in my calendar for all payment due dates (should have done that already.) Lesson learned. I just received an auto cli from $400->$1000, so I was going to click the luv button in March. How bad have I shot myself in the foot here? Might I be better calling the UW when the time comes, and explaining myself? Feel kind of ill about it. But on the other hand, of all my cards, that would be the one I'd pick to have learned that lesson on, so there's a silver lining at least. Please feel free to berate me, I need the negative reinforcement
  2. I shop on Amazon and at Walmart all the time. I was wondering whether these store cards are worth getting at all for any perks, coupons, etc., or should I just continue to use my regular MC/VISA cards at these fine establishments? Don't really need the FICO, since I have Discover and Barclays...but I would like to get back in with Synchrony/GE since I did burn Walmart for about 1500 in my BK 4+ years ago.
  3. Does anyone have a good contact email or mailing address for Walmart credit card/GE/Synchrony, to send a goodwill request? I've searched the boards but haven't found anything. Thank you!
  4. Haven't seen any threads mention this post on the Mint.com Community Forum, but maybe I missed it. Those of us who have a Walmart card and use Mint.com know those two don't play nicely together in the sandbox. I saw this on Mint, and I may try their suggestion. But I don't use Twitter, so I'll try Facebook or a "strongly worded letter" to a few execs. Can't hurt...
  5. So I currently have Barclays and receive my updated FICO every so often. Today I went to enroll in e statements for my Walmart card and sign up for their free FICO as well and received a message that they are unable to provide my FICO due to my security freeze. No big deal I'll stick with Barclays as I am not removing the freeze. But does anyone know why Barclays would be able to provide the FICO through the freeze and not Walmart? As I understand they both pull TU. Thanks
  6. Pulled the trigger, unlocked TU and applied for Walmart. I had IIB so wasn't sure if I would get approved. Instant approval for $1,100 store card not Discover. Congratulations,! You have been approved for a Walmart Credit Card. Please review your Account Opening Disclosures and Credit Card Agreement and Privacy Policy before you make your first purchase. Please retain these documents together in a safe place. Your credit line is ready to use on today's order and the card will now appear as one of your payment options. You will receive your Walmart Credit Card in 710 days. If you do not receive the card within 10 days, please contact us at 1-877-969-3668. Offer Details Credit Line: $1,100.00 Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases: 22.9% Cardholder Benefits Discounts at Participating Walmart Gas Stations No Annual Fee
  7. Hey guys, about a week ago I apped in-store for the Walmart Card, and the cashier said I had to call in. Called in, verified my identity, and the rep said instant approval for 1.5K, expect the card within 10 days. OK......... But I still do not have an INQ on none of the 3 bureaus, but it is already reporting to all 3. Past two apps have either hit TU or EX and were declined. Any explanation as to why no INQ has shown up yet?
  8. I have multiple GECRB delinquent accts including Walmart. Decided to try the online checkout thing and by golly I got the Walmart store card for $600. They say I'll get it in a few days. I hope one day I can upgrade to the Walmart Discover. Thanks CB for all your knowledge :-)
  9. I just opened and was approved for Walmart @ 600.00 and Amazon.com @900.00, but am thinking of closing them. They are less than a month old and have not been used. I took a hit on my scores by having them show up as new accounts. Especially my EQ. I have a new card with DCU and want do a CLI within 6 months. Can I close these two lines and will it raise my scores and my AAA? Thanks in advance.
  10. Speaking with a friend today, she received a CLD from Walmart. Her initial limit was $300, and after making her last payment they CLD'd her to $100. Apparently her score fell below a threshold that was acceptable to them. She says lower than 600. Her initial score was about 610 when she received the card. I didn't see the actual notification so I don't have any more details as to the bureau in question, I assume TU. Has anyone else experienced this with Walmart? Did they reinstate your initial line after some period of time? Are any future CLI's out of the question? Should she just pay to zero and sock drawer now? Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I got a Walmart card with a $300.00 limit 2 months ago. Today I logged on to pay my bill and I had a automatic $400.00 cli to $700.00!! My question is should I go ahead and hit the luv button or leave it alone?
  12. Presently, I am getting monthly FICO from my Wal-Mart card due to electronic billing. I tried to add electronic billing at NFCU since Wal-Mart is in the dark ages and does not allow setting up auto-pay of statement balance so I'm concerned about missing a payment and getting electronic billing at NFCU could fix this. However, the electronic billing was rejected due to being already electronic at Wal-Mart website and I was told to cancel it there before adding it at NFCU. So my question is if I cancel it there and set it up at NFCU instead, will I lose the monthly FICO score? Anyone done this? How do others deal with no auto pay feature? I would never put up with no auto pay were it not for the TU FICO each month.
  13. Hi Everyone... Was looking for a quick answer... I just got approved for a Walmart store card for $700. Called UW to see if they would upgrade me to Discover and was transferred to Customer Service. Was told that I would have to reapply for Discover...will this result in another hard inq or can they use the same inq they already pulled? After researching the boards it looks like the regular store card will eventually upgrade to Discover. Should I go for it now or just wait it out? On my report, I have 3 CO, 2 paid, 1 unpaid. Thanks!
  14. I just recieved notice in the mail that my Sams Club credit card through GE Capital Retail Bank has been closed due to "dishonored payments." This made no sense so I checked my account and found that when I added a new funding source -- new Ally Bank account -- I mistyped the account number by one digit. I made a payment for $18 using that new source and apparently it came back (duh!). Then they show me making another payment later that month for the same amount which I didn't make. I'm guessing they tried again? Either way, it shows up as two returned payments. Then there is another payment after for the balance due which by chance I made through my old bank so it went through, yet the balance still shows the same amount due. It's all very odd, but in there somewhere I made a data entry error and that's about it. Now, I haven't received a notice yet but my Walmart credit card, which goes through the same bank, is showing zero credit available even though my balance is below the limit. I'm thinking they are shutting that one down as well! So I'm worried as my credit doesn't need two accounts closed by grantor and I want the accounts to use anyway. I started to call them but the automated system wasn't very helpful. Would anyone like to give me some advice on this so I can possibly salvate the situation? I would at the very least like to keep Walmart. Should I push through and try to get a human being on the phone, look for a reconsideration contact, or write up a letter and mail it to the address on the cancelation notice? I would appreciate any help. PS: I got nothing in the mail concerning the payment that didn't go through, though I found a notice in my Gmail box. It was labeled "promotions" by Gmail's filter and I never saw it. Only one though, still don't know about the second attempt. Thanks!
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