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Found 8 results

  1. I was reading PsychDoc transcript and I came across some interesting info. You can DV a SL? Really? I called the CA handling my account and verbally verified that the debt was mine and that I received their dunning letter but I haven't paid. I can still DV via letter, right? If I just wait a month or two then DV? If they validate then I pay. If they can't then they go away. DId I read that right or am I just crazy? How valid is a verbal verification? It's probably too late now huh? Any advice would be appreciated. Also I filed a complaint with the ombudsman because they wouldn't start my rehab program without a "good faith" payment. I'm probably in too deep now huh?
  2. I received a response to my DV from IC System Inc stating that they are unable to locate my account. They are asking for account and reference numbers, my full name, the oc, etc. I have no correspondence or anything from them. The only info I have was from my CR which I provided. I know that the collection is from Kindercare but I do not believe I owe them anything. Either way if anything was owed, I would not be responsible for payment but my husband would. I originally disputed this bill with Kindercare when they informed me months after I had already taken my kids out of their daycare. How do I respond to this letter?
  3. Hi, A junk debt buyer bought an old account of mine from 2008. They bought it from a pile of old uncollectable credit cards. I sent a letter to the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion) asking them to validate the debts, as all I got from the JDB was a one page printout with my name, address account number and amount. In my letter to the credit bureaus I mention specifically that validating this was a good debt. I received a form letter from them today saying that "The FCRA does not require that the consumer credit reporting company obtain documentation such as actual signed sales slips, signature cards, contracts, etc., nor does it require that consumer credit reporting agencies act as mediators or negotiators in account disputes." This means that all someone has to have a 'proof' of a debt is a printout sheet from a junk debt buyer? Does anyone know if this is true? Or are they cherry picking one thing from the FCRA and ignoring something else from the FDCRA? The whole idea of companies finding out personal information from me and my bills and selling it to other companies is repugnant to me and I don't see how this even became so acceptable. Does this mean I can collect other personal private information on people and sell it to anyone that wants to see it- on anyone? What I'm asking is if anyone knows if this info is correct, and can perhaps site chapter and verse from what law says they don't have to research this other than asking the company involved, 'Is this a good debt?' and them answering, 'Yes.' 'Well, OK then, we'll report it as such.' It seems my request for validation was them calling and asking the company involved.
  4. Okay, after sending a nutcase letter to Equifax, I got them to delete a collection account and drop all previous addresses and names. I had asked for deletions of several accounts, including 8 student loan (Dept of Ed/Sallie Mae) accounts if they could not be validated. I knew there was no info available on those loans because I called Sallie Mae ahead of time and, besides my name, account number, and loan amounts, they said they had no more information. So, Equifax leaves it on there and says, among other things: - We have verified that this item has been reported correctly. - There is no historical account information currently on this account. (I asked for this because the payment history chart was showing no data) - This creditor has verified to OUR company that the terms are reporting correctly. - Prior payment history and status are reporting correctly. - Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. My question is, how can it be reporting correctly if there is no historical account information? Aren't they required to provide me with this info if I ask for it? I did ask for it "as required by the FCRA" in a written dispute sent CMRRR. I specifically asked for payment history. Does their failure to do so violate Sec 611 of FCRA? Thanks in advance!
  5. Seeking to apply for a home in the next 3-4 months, decided to get my latest credit report and I find 1 account that I had no idea was there. Filed BK in May of 2010 and discharged in October of 2010. I find it hard to believe that I let this account go to collections, because (1) I never even rec'd so much as a notice from the OC or one from the CA and (2) I've had perfect credit since then. I know I had an account with this company but because it was 3 years ago, I'm sketchy on the details. I did go through an old email and found that in December of 2010 I registered for an online account with the OC and that I did a password reminder session in January of 2011. Allegedly, this went to collections in September of 2010, so at the very least, there dates and/or information is wrong. I tried to see if it was paid or not by going through my bank account, but I had to contact my bank directly and request transaction histories for that time, so that is going to take a while. My objective is to get this off of my report as soon as possible. Because I discovered this and did not receive notice from the CA, I'm unsure as to what to do. Should I send them a DV letter and wait for a response and go from there (I read it works differently because I discovered this on my credit report and they never contacted me) or do I mail them a letter that doesn't acknowledge that specific debt, but admit to having an account but with different information, and basically say "look, this info isn't accurate, I have emails confirming I had an account AFTER what's being reported but I just want this off so I can apply for a home. Admit that there is an error, remove the info, and I will pay in full but not acknowledge that this is my account." Help, please? SEQUOIA FINANCIAL SV Equifax TransUnion Experian Not Reported Not Reported Reported Collector: SEQUOIA FINANCIAL SV Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Date Opened: 09/2010 Balance Date: 10/2010 Balance Amount: Date of Status: 10/2010 Status: Open Open Accounts SEQ FIN SVCS Equifax TransUnion Experian Account Type: Open Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Payment Responsibility: Individual Date Opened: 09/2010 Balance Date: 08/2013 Balance Amount: $111 Monthly Payment: High/Limit: $83 Account Status: Collection Past Due Amount: $0 Comments: ORIGINAL CREDITOR: 10 CITY OF INDIO COLLECTION ACCOUNT
  6. Hey! I have a couple of questions. My journey to credit repair is almost done and I've started repairing DH's. He has several accounts for Capital One, all have been charged off. I'm DV'ing them. Should I send one letter listing ALL the accounts, or one letter for each account? I want to send out the letters today so if anyone can offer some guidance quick, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. So, I have been really reading, researching, following all adivice on what to read, where to start, even printing all records, triaging, and everything just like psychdoc suggested through the seminars. I am stuck now. I am so afraid to start sending out my validations to CA because I am terrified of waking a sleepy tiger. Several of the accounts that I will have to deal with are past the SOL in Nevada, so I know that they cannot come after me by way of lawsuit, but I am just afraid that I will somehow get the laws mixed up, or coe out as looking like an salamander and end up screwing myself into ending up having to pay the CAs and still seeing them on my credit report. I am just afraid of carrying all of this out. Any advice? motivation? words of inspiration that can get me past this? It would be muc appreciated. I got to get this done!!! Thanks in advance.
  8. Does the 30 day requirement for a CA to validate a debt mean they have 30 calendar or 30 business days. I sent a DV letter to Calvary over 30 days ago and have yet to receive a reply. Also would I have to actually receive a response within 30 days or would Calvary just have to postmark it by 30 days.
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