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Found 31 results

  1. Do any one have the CEO email address?
  2. Anyone else getting an error trying to pull a report on USAA today?
  3. I have been searching and calling usaa I have been a member since 1998 with usaa and my history hasn't been the best with them like not paying my insurance or overdrawing my checking account. I has auto insurance paid in full add some other options and didn't send my payment in time and the next thing I knew I was receiving a letter in the mail with a refund check call the number and asked why did I get a refund and my insurance was cancelled and they said because you didn't pay the extra money for the additional add-ons onto your insurance and I that she didn't think I could reopen my account I have called several time and the c/s has said we can do anything for you right now. back then I had a low paying job and was going to school and I paid what needed to be paid now that I have a better job and credit is in a better place can I get any opions on what I should do or can do to reopen my checking account with usaa sorry the post is long HELP!!!
  4. Firt time posting, hopefully it's in the correct forum. I successfully settled a HELOC loan with USAA in Oct 2012. We were never late on payments, but we were underwater in terms of the value of the home. So we reached out to USAA with a letter to settle the debt. Thinking that we could pay them less than what we owed and settle the debt and no longer owe the remaining amount. As well as releasing the lien so we could someday possibly sell the house without the 2nd mortgage hanging over us. Home Value = 175k 1st mortgage = 205k USAA 2nd Mortgage = 60k We paid 27k Unbaid balance was 33k We started out by offering them 10k and eventually agreed on 27k. Thinking that were doing the right thing as well as eliminating some debt. The letter we signed stated the following: "USAA Federal Savings Bank reviewed the request for a settlement in full on the above referenced property. USAA believes it is in its best interest to accept the offer of $27,210.69 as settlement in full and agrees to release its lien once $27,210.69 in certified funds have been received and apphed to USAA Home Equity loan number xxxxxxxxxxxx" When we checked our credit report on the 3 credit bureaus. The loan shows up as a charge-off/never late (See below) Status: Account charged off/Never late. $33,202 written off. $33,202 past due as of Oct 2012. But we also have 33k showing up as a balance we still owe. This was not what intended. And of course smack me now, we did not consult an attorney before proceeding. The signed agreement above did not raise any red flags for us. Is there anything we can do to fix / correct / dispute the way this shows up on our credit report? If you need more details to help answer, just let me know. I'm glad I finally found a forum to talk with others in similar situations. EDITED: (This was also the last counter-offer we received from USAA, before we accepted, again the verbiage gave us a different impression of the outcome) USAA Federal Savings Bank has completed the review of the Short Sale package submitted to our office. We wish to thank you for the opportunity to have served you. However, at this time, USAA FSB will not be able to accept the offer of $21,130.71 to settle this account in full and release the lien on the above-referenced property. However, we will accept 45% of the loan balance at closing to settle in full and release the lien. The current balance of the loan as of today is $60,207.63 with a per diem of $3.94. There are other terms we need to discuss so if this counter is acceptable, contact our office for further instruction as this document is not a final approval letter. This offer expires on November 7, 2012
  5. laghetto21


    does anyone know how I can get back in with usaa I had some tough times with usaa I have called and talked with csr about establishing a relationship because I'm in.a new spot now then I was back then.......HELP PLEASE
  6. USAA was my original creditor, giving me a 25k CC at 19 (CLI increase from $1k, while I was working part time at an auto parts store), and then another $2500 card shortly after. I was immature, and irresponsible. Ended up BK7 after digging myself into a hole, then losing my job. I couldn't even make the minimums, and USAA wasn't willing to offer any type of assistance. I am now 25, and like to think that I learned from my mistakes. It sucks having a BK on your file so early on in life, but by the time it falls off, I'll hopefully be entering another phase of my adult life (home, kids, etc). I still have auto insurance and savings through USAA, as they allow you to maintain existing accounts, but I cannot access their full website. They said once the 7 years is up, that they will review the account. My question is this: Does USAA hold a grudge? Will they ever extend credit to me again?

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