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Found 9 results

  1. So after 26 months of war, I awoke today and ran my reports to find US Bank decided they did not want to be sued, did not want to deal with me anymore, and removed the account. I beat them through persistence. I beat them by knowing the rules of the game better than their CSR's did. Hell, I beat them by knowing the rules better than the people in their credit reporting department did. I beat them by catching them in lies and in violations I never would have caught if not for this board and all the people here who take so much time to help others. As an added bonus, an old paid judgment was also removed today from TU using the WhyChat letter after removing old addresses. TU just got the dispute on the 6th. I have EQ primed and ready with addresses removed, but wanted to make sure it worked with TU with no unintended consequences before moving on to EQ. I still have some addresses to removed from EX, but thanks to the great advice here, I know how to beat that as well. With a little luck, and some goodwill on a few 5-year old late payments, reports could be 100% clean by year-end.
  2. A while back, I waged quite a battle with US Bank over how my account history was being reported. This progressed all the way to the executive office. In the end, they basically told me NO. Despite my providing documentation to prove they were reporting incorrectly. By then, I had been approved for a mortgage on the new house I was purchasing, and I was weary from the fight. I should not have let it go, but I moved on. Fast forward 16 months, and I am again relocating and shopping for mortgages. One of the things the loan office had questions about, of course, was the US Bank mortgage. Annoyed that I would even still have to answer for these late payments, I disputed with credit bureaus. I thought maybe since more time had passed, and the mortgage was paid off, the results might be different. Boy, were they. The disputed late payments from 2011 were changed from being between 30-60-90 days late to 120-150-180 days late. After battling them for over a year the first time, I am through playing nice with them. So where do I turn? Do I contact CFPB? Do I notify them of FCRA violations and demand correction AND compensation? Do I get an attorney? Thanks!
  3. Now issued by US Bank. How difficult is it to get? How BK friendly are they? Whom do they pull?
  4. They pulled Experian I have 675 FICO and a 4 year relationship with Checking and Savings. 19 months past BK Discharge. They denied me 8 months ago because of BK. I will call credit analyst Monday. What should I say????
  5. US Bank has added Gym/Fitness Centers as a category to their (not as awesome now) Cash+ card. Of course, this doesn't make up for the loss of the bill pay category for many people (or Hotels or Travel, for people who enjoyed those categories), but it's nice, especially if your gym's billing method lets you get cash back on pricier options like personal training or cross-fit and the like. Combined with the cell phone category, this makes a good sock drawer card loaded up with those auto-paid bills (though some still prefer the fast food/restaurants combo for 5% dining), as I don't imagine most people would shoot above the $2000/quarter reward cap unless they have some very pricey personal training at a high-end gym. Be wary of leased concessions (chiropractor, massage, spa, restaurant, juice bar, etc.) that might code their own transactions. I'm still mourning the loss of multiple $25 bonuses per year (one "$25 bonus for $100 cash back redeemed" Visa gift card per year is way too low), extra % back with package checking accounts, and uncapped rewards (though I can deal with the caps), but life moves on. Disclaimer: Purchases at recreational facilities that do not require membership, such as golf driving ranges, baseball batting cages and ski slopes, do not qualify. In addition, purchases made at fitness centers outside of your membership fee, like personal training or fitness classes, may not be included.² Posted Examples: 24 Hour Fitness® Club Fitness Gold's Gym® Snap Fitness Anderson HealthPlex Club Sport® Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club TITLE Boxing Club Anytime Fitness® CorePower® Yoga LA Fitness® Vetta Sports Club Arena District Athletic Club CrossFit Las Vegas Athletic Clubs Vision Quest Sport and Fitness Aspen Athletic Club Crunch Fitness Life Time Fitness Wellbridge Axiom Fitness Dynamic Fitness Orangetheory® Fitness Xperience Fitness Bally Total Fitness Eagle Fitness Club OZ Fitness XSport® Fitness The Bar Method® Elite Sports Clubs Planet Fitness YMCA Club Beachbody® Equinox Prairie Life Fitness YWCA Club Bikram Yoga Fitness Fitness 19 Princeton Club ZUMBA® Fitness Blast Fitness Fitness Evolution PRO Sports Club California Fitness® Fitness Formula Clubs Pure Barre® Cincinnati Sports Club Five Seasons Family Sports Club Silverlake "The Family Place"
  6. A few days ago I applied for Club Carlson after being denied 3 months ago (I never put ARS/IDA on ice until recently). So it instantly goes to 7-10 day review. I waited 24 hours and saw they didn't even bother to HP. Since it was after hours I foolishly assumed it was auto-rejected due to the prior app. So, I applied for the Flexperks Travel card, which said I was approved for $7k, 16.99% APR and was asked to either accept those terms or cancel. I accepted. Fast forward another 24 hours and the automated system can't find any record of any apps and it connects me to a rather surly CSR. They told me both apps were pending and a decision should be made by the end of this week. He said it had to just go through the process, but didn't elaborate. I have no prior or current relationship with US Bank, but are they always so quirky with their decision process?
  7. Are there any recent US Bank secured credit card graduates? Am looking for some insight on length of time before receiving conversion or if I need to instigate the request. I've had this card for a year and 3 or 4 months. Just completed a 0% balance transfer offer with NFCU and wondered if now would be a good time to try to get the card unsecured. I still have some baddies on my reports and not sure if I should hold for my NFCU cards to report or try to get USB to graduate before they hit my credit reports? Any insight, experience or opinions? As always, much appreciation!
  8. Searched for a backdoor, or underwriter, no luck. Anyone have success with this? Thanks!
  9. As previously noted, a friend was having issues with US Bank, specifically errors in the reporting of the monthly statuses from 2012. Prior to 2012, there were numerous lates and even the start of the foreclosure process, which were not in dispute. Along with the diligent efforts to get the 2012 errors corrected, a separate goodwill letter was sent asking if anything could be done about the earlier lates? OK, no progress on the 2012 issue, and friend has been assured by US Bank that will be resolved by COB on Tuesday the 11th. However, yesterday ALL lates prior to May 2011 were removed. So now from the opening of the mortgage in 2007 to today, the only thing that shows late are the errors from 2012. My question is: The removed everything (even going way beyond the scope of what was requested) but were quite careful to NOT remove any lates in the last 24 months. Is this normal? As basically what matters most is the last 24 months, was it that as long as THAT was reported accurately they did not care to remove everything outside that range? I will let you know how the errors are resolved (or IF) tomorrow, but just wanted to know if anyone else has this sort of experience?
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