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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone know much about Suntrust credit cards? I have an old student loan backed by them but that's my only experience with Suntrust. Doesn't look like anything too exciting but not too bad either. Not much of anything in credit pulls. https://www.suntrust.com/PersonalBanking/EverydayBanking/CreditCards/CashRewards Anyone want to be a GP for one? The cash back card is 2% up to $6k on gas and grocery then goes to 1%.
  2. Been putting in work and just got approved for NCFU CashRewards with an unsecured 5k limit! Highest limit since working on my credit.
  3. I'm super excited. I received my secured card graduation letter in the mail today! I received a big drop in the APR and the fee elimination. The letter didn't mention if I would receive a credit line increase so I'll wait for the new card and account information. Now I'm going to open up a secured personal loan with them to create another positive trade line. So, by the time all my baddies fall off by next year if I can't get them off earlier, I should have a very nice credit score.
  4. Hi folks, 360 days ago, I opened a secured credit card with capital one to rebuild/repair my poor credit with a $1000 deposit. I've always paid it on time and today I just received a pre-approved offer from them. I only currently have their secured mastercard and an american express charge card so I figured it'd be good for my score if I got another credit card. I called them to see if I could convert my secured credit card (credit limit was $1000 a year ago, $1450 now) into an unsecured credit card but they said they don't do that. How should I go about getting my Grand back without hurting my credit? Should I sacrifice a goat? If so, what words should I chant as I'm doing it? I would appreciate the advice. Thank you!
  5. So last month I had my secured card through Bank of America unsecured early.. at the 10 month mark and they increase my credit from $1,000 to $2,000... This resulted in a hard pull.... I was bored and decided to hit that luv button again 1 month later and ask for a credit limit increase again to $5,000 just to see if they would raise it... resulted in a hard pull and the dreaded 7-10 day message. I log in today and I now have a $5,000 limit! woohoo! guess I should have asked for more! This is still with several student loan late payments from a couple of years ago... and don't worry I will update the credit pulls database when I get the official letter in the mail next week
  6. Greetings All, Well, I had a nice suprise from NFCU the other day. They automaticly unsecured my nReweards Secured Visa after exactly 1 year. I opened this account with a $2000 deposit, at 6 months, I upped it to $5000, and at 9 months, I upped it to $10,000. When they unsecured it they left the full $10,000 credit line in tact. To add to it I called and asked if there was any way I could convert it to the Flagship Rewards Visa Signature card as I travel internationally a great deal and it was done right on the spot with nothing but a soft pull (verified) to determine the interest rate, in my case it stayed at the 17.9% I had on my nRewards card, but that really does not matter to me as I pay it in full every month. I did inquire if a limit increase was possible but was told that would require a hard pull so I declined. The represenative seemed very aware of the difference between soft and hard pulls and did an excellent job of describing each one correctly. This is now officially my hightest limit card by a long shot, and has made me a true beliver in NFCU.
  7. I have had a LLC for two years. Just signed up and was approved - no PG, no giving social security #'s - with Grainger and Strategic Network Solutions (both awesome companies that really want to help build your business credit). I did get a call from Dun and Bradstreet today that seemed more like an extortion call to me trying to get us to pay all this money to "background check" our company. Without that, they said we can never have good credit reported. They are also trying to get us to pay for the credit builder. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I was getting the hard sell max from them.
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