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  1. I have a experian 578. I have a equifax 588. I have a transunion 586. Are there any credit cards I can get approved for?
  2. Just called to get paid copies mailed. The other two went fine, asked for payment and gave confirmation number. Trans Union just said it was "processed" and I'll get it in bla bla business days. I got free reports on 12/25, are they just sending me that? I tried to call to talk to a rep, but not open again till 8:30 monday.
  3. Can one of my in house experts please explain how 3 inquiry removals added up to a 48 point increase?? Believe me I'm not complaining but Nanna always said "if it's too good to be true then it probably is!" Any input would be appreciated.
  4. I have been getting a CreditKarma update weekly for a while now, just by logging in, and a week after my last update it would automatically just repopulate with a new report. Today, I should have gotten an update, my last one was Oct 15, but the website is different and there is not the usual wording on the landing page like this (still showing for my DW): Any ideas what might be going on here? Anyone else seeing this issue? I also notice that my DW's login landing page is: https://www.creditkarma.com/dashboard whereas mine is now: https://www.creditkarma.com/myfinances/score and manually going to dashboard URL just brings me back to score URL again.
  5. I have several baddies that are due to come off of my Transunion December of this year. I was going to write them a letter to take them off, but I thought I read that they will take them off 6 months early. Should I write to them, call them, or dispute online to try and do this? Thanks in advance, Hijomi
  6. Today, NFCU just started reporting my NavCheck LOC (opened 2011) on my DW's Equifax and TransUnion reports (no sign yet on Experian) in addition to her own NavCheck LOC (also opened 2011). Each NavCheck is a personal LOC, although she is added on my checking account (back in 2010), and thus she does have AU like access to my LOC, and it has always shown in her online access, but I've never seen it report before, until today. On TransUnion it is annotated as an AU account, don't know about Equifax annotations since I've only got it on a CCT like report that omits those details, but I expect it is showing as AU there too.
  7. I have a paper copy of my credit report from transunion. It shows two paid public records from a California County Court. I compared the credit report listing to the lien release document recognizing payment had been made from the court. The liens were paid in the spring of 2012. The credit report list the case serial number erroniously as the docket number. the docket number is different than the serial number on the release document. Is this a sufficient discrepency to remove these items from my report? (in all other respects, the document is correct). - Thanks for any and all help!
  8. I received a letter from Transunion stating that my dispute was frivolous. I'm disputing a Chapter 7 on my report and this is the second letter stating frivolous. What should I do next and any letters or comments would be helpful. Oh and yes the Chapter 7 was discharged last year.
  9. Hello, Need help on a possible 611 FCRA violation. 1. Sent a letter to TransUnion on April 15 requesting an investigation and disputing items to correct or delete, got response saying they verified the alleged debt on May 7. 2. Sent a second letter on May 24 requesting a re-investigation and disputing items to correct or delete, also to provide method of investigation, got a response saying they verified the alleged debt on June 10. 3. Sent a third letter CMRR on June 25 requesting under 611 of FCRA to provide detailed information of method of re-investigation including name, address and telephone of any furnisher used to verify the alleged debt, got a response July 2 with some "procedure" explanation. As to date, none of the information requested to verify said account was provided, which comes to my attention since the CA has also failed to validate under TFC. What are my options: Send ITS? File lawsuit for damages? File a complaint to CFPB? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. What is the best way to get a copy of one's TU (or EQ/EX for that matter) credit report including soft pulls? I just bought a car and Geico informed me that my TU credit report may have affected my rates. However the only TU inquiry listed on that date was a finance company that appeared to be related to the auto financing. I wonder, though, if the credit report I have listed shows only hard pulls and Geico did a soft pull. How did I find out all credit inquiries including soft pulls for TU?
  11. Hi My journey to repairing my credit. I have noticed that 4 negative TL that have blank 'Address identification number' on my TU. I'm wondering is there anyway I can dispute these negatives base on the fact that the TL isn't tied to any of the several addresses variation reporting on TU? e.g, CHASE BANK USA, Address Identification number: BLANK Stauts: Closed. $1,289 past due as of Dec 2010 Date Opend: 10/2001 Last Reported: 12/2010 Original Amount: $4,422 Comment: Purchased by another lender. I've don't recall having a Chase account. I think the account is an account Providian alleged I owned at some point (Providian--->WAMU--->Chase). The account was sold to Equable Finance. INC. And I was taking to court over the debt maybe two years ago. I won the case because they were not able to furnish any agreement with my signature to actually prove the account was owned by me. After several letters to Equable Finance. INC. I was able to have them remove their negative TL off all three CRA. The problem is Chase is still report the alleged debt the three CPA which is greatly impacting my credit score. Any advice on how I should go about having Chase delete the negative TL. Citi Card/CitiBank Address Identification number: Blank Status: Piad in Settlement. $20,339 written off. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until June 2015. Date Opened: 06/2004 Credit Limit/Original Amount: $18,210 High Balance: $20,339 Last Reported: 03/2010 Status Details: This account to continue or record until June 2015 Comment: Account paid in full or less than full balance I paid this debt off in a settlement before I knew about the wonderful creditboards. I was bullied by Rubin & Rothman LLC associate that they will sue blah bah blah, that kept calling my phone, and eventually I agreed to pay $10,000 on a $20.000/50% debt over a 6 months term. I paid the debt off as agreed. but Citi Card still reporting negative on CRA accounta... To add insult to injury I was hit with a Forgive Fed. Debt by the IRS ($7,600) for both NYC Federal ($1,212.58 paid) & NYC State ($1,000.3 still pending just received it last week). Collectively I paid more than half. If I knew what I knew now I would have just negotiated a deal with Citi Bank and paid for deletion... Any input will be greatly appreciated.... Macys Address Identification Number: Blank Status: Account charged off. $445 written off. pass due as of Jan 2012 Status details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Aug 2017. This item w as updated from our processing of your dispute in Jul 2006. Date Opened: 10/1998 Last reported: 1/2012 (This information is incorrect) Comment: account closed at credit grantor's request I have made several attempts to resolve this debt with Macys the original debt amount was $245.00 cant remember the year.. but the debt have been sold the a CA that does not report to the CRA. I sent a letter request a paid for deletion and they never responding, and sent a DV and they never responded. I am frustrated because I don't know what my next option is in order to exonerate negative TL from all three CRA. Visa/Dept Stores National Bank (Bloomingdales visa I think) Status: Account charged off. $4,143 written off. $4,143 past due as of Mar 2012. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2016. Date Opened: 05/2003 Reporting since: 03/2010 Credit Limit/ Original Amount $4,600 Recent Balance: $4,143 as of 03/2012 Comment: Account closed at credit grantor's request. I have yet to be contacted by a CA or JDB over this debt. I have reached out to Bloomingdales and they say they don't have any record on file for me... Which throw me into a loop, because they are reporting negative TL on all three CRA.... HELP! PS:My goal ultimately is to repair my credit so I can purchase a home in the near future... for the pass several years I have been a cash on carry type of gentleman.... but I want to change that aspect of my life. Thanks in advance, -RealMcKoy
  12. I have been a lurker on here since 05/06. I learned about the *B* method and used True Credit back in 2007. I was banned along with many others, however, it's been 7 years and Transunion is blocking access to my credit information. I didn't sweat it much because I used other products and was able to login on Transunion.com. Well after all these years, this month, they blocked my access to that too and changed the secret question and my password so I couldn't get a new password. I called in and they of course brought up the TrueCredit account which is totally separate from the Transunion login. I mostly did my disputing on Transunion and to view my file. They told me that I can order my report once a year from annualcreditreport.com. I am livid! How dare they think that it is okay to allow creditors to report whatever they want some of which is not mine and inaccurate and Transunion be allowed to report whatever they want but I'm only supposed to check this once a year. They have blocked my access a few times in the past but it always eventually releases. One time they did it because they said I filed a BBB dispute against them which is my right. I am sick of them being able to get away with blocking people access to their files online. I have seen the topic tossed around about filing a class action lawsuit but I really want to do it. Can we get a group started to proceed please!!
  13. I submitted a "jack attack" letter via snail mail to TU. I did log in online and asked them to send me my results via email. There were 5 items that needed to be fixed. 3 collections that I asked to be remvoved as they are obsolete (should fall off by July) and 2 late payments that I am fighting. TU replied yesterday with "investigation complete" email. 2 collections deleted and 2 late payments updated (not in my favor). BUT they totally ignored the third collection that was due to fall off in July. Not updated, not deleted, nothing. Since it's 31 days today and the investigation is complete- what do I do? I'm assuming they will have to delete it now, but what letter do I write? (Can I just call?) Yes, I have my proof as to when I sent it.
  14. I applied at RBFCU over the past few days and was declined - supposedly my TransUnion score was a 119! (told verbally - asked them to repeat it twice) No idea how that is possible or how that is being calculated - not all that familiar with TU. I didn't even think a score could even be that low - apparently I need to pull it myself and see what is going on..my Experian and Equifax were in the low 700's 30 days ago. I never bothered to pull TU since it seems to be so rarely used. Apparently RBFCU uses it tho. Any ideas - this a new low?
  15. I am starting my TU B* journey. I've read many, many threads and feel like I'm ready to get started. There is only 1 inquiry on here, but I figure I'd start with TU get the skills down and then move on to EQ, which has a whopping 7 inquiries. Here is what I have. Last hard was on 2/14/14 Pulling softs since 2/20 using * MPM (daily) * SCP (daily) Random Softs * Credit Karma (2/12, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14) * Walmart Fico (3/5) I *believe* I’ll hit 65 on 3/31/14 (Based on a spreadsheet and some hope) Does that sound right? Any other daily pullers I could use. Wasn’t sure if it made sense to add TrueCredit.com (or myscore.com) for that matter. Although since you can see softs on TC...I'm not sure that is a good idea. I have read conflicting posts about C* on TU. If there really is no C* on TU, I'll cadd TC. If there is ...another puller seems prudent. Planning to start B* on EQ once the March C* is confirmed. It is believed to be the 16-21. Although BobWangs chart SEEMS to indicate it happens on Saturday for NYC, so that would either be the 22nd, I think. Any insight greatly appreciated!!
  16. Had a conversation with a TU phone rep (sounded Indian and 10,000 miles away) a while back to fix a DOB error so that TU would match the correct DOB that the other 2 CBs already had on file. A week or so later, I get a free hard-copy of my TU file in the mail. I checked it out and saw they fixed the DOB issue as I had requested. I ALSO saw that somehow, my long-deceased father's(same very rare first/last name combo) credit history had kinda merged into my own, giving me an additional 15 years of credit history - going back to when I was 3 years old
  17. I have a public record on my Transunion report which I'd like to have removed. I have tried disputing it in the past as being erroneous, but it always has come back as "verified" or "updated". The Transunion report lists the following information: TUC - ARIZONA - Docket #: [redacted] 415 TIJERAS ST NW ALBUGUERGUE, NM 87102 (505) 841-7437 Date Filed: 08/23/2011 Date Updated: 07/24/2013 Type: CIVIL JUDGMENT IN BANKRUPTCY Responsibility: Individual Debt Plaintiff: CAPITAL ONE BANK Amount: $7,103 Court Type: Circuit Court Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2018 Although I do have a legitimate judgment against me (default judgment that was discharged in a later Chapter 7), the information being reported is full of errors. Here is the information as listed on a certified copy of the Default Judgment: Court: State of New Mexico, County of Bernalillo, Second Judicial District Court Court Address: 400 Lomas Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87103 Date Filed: 08/24/2011 Plaintiff: CAPITAL ONE AUTO FINANCE, INC. Amount: $8,226.04 So, Transunion is reporting the wrong name of the court, as this took place in New Mexico not Arizona, the address for the court is wrong, the spelling of the city name is wrong, the date filed is wrong, the plaintiff is wrong (it was Capital One Auto Finance, Inc. not Capital One Bank), and the amount is wrong. I often hear that the next line of defense when disputing credit report baddies is to dispute the accuracy of the information. So for this case, and for other cases in which I find information being reported which is inaccurate when compared to my official records and documents, how do I make an attempt to get the information deleted as being inaccurate? Thanks for the explanation and assistance.
  18. There is an OBVIOUS issue with TU and I am seeing several people over in other blogs posting on scores dropping for NO reason. I have been working on rebuilding credit for a year now in anticipation for a mortgage. Last month my scores were this: (All of them below where purchased from myfico.com) EXP - 664 EQ - 585 TU - 680 There are a few accounts with a 30 days but they are from over 1 1/2 years ago. I had the following CC Balances in Dec. NFCU - $5000 limit / $4800 balance CapOne - $750 limit / $780 balance Barclays - $2200 limit / $2000 balance Regions - $1000 LOC showing as revolving / $500 balance So, I applied for a Logix card with a EXP FICO of 664 and based on my income and I guess score, was approved for a $15k platinum. I did a BT at 0%. Pulled my report when these posted: NFCU - $5000 limit / $31 balance CapOne - $750 limit / $0 balance Barclays - $2200 limit / $29 balance Regions - $1000 LOC showing as revolving / $500 Logix Visa - $15k limit / $10k balance (hit all three CB's) My scores went up except for TU. NOTHING ELSE Changed on the reports at all. These are all pulled from MyFico. EXP - 700 / up 36 pts EQ - 635 / up 40pts TU - 665 / down 15 pts My Regions was actually posting a balance from Nov. All of a sudden, it posted a new balance of $1000 for Dec. My TU went down another 5 pts to 660. So...I called and asked Regions yesterday to update my LOC to $0, which is correct. Got a FAKO notification this morning that my EXP score went up 10 pts, EQ went up some and TU went up 20 pts. SO excited...I pulled the 3 reports again...NOTHING Changed except each time, utilizaiton went down: EXP - 729 / up 29 more pts EQ - 635 / stayed the same as Regions does not report to EQ TU - 630 / down 35 pts Again, 100% nothing changed between the 665 TU score and the 630 except a $1000 revolving line went from 1000 balance to 0. Can anyone else ck to see if they are having issues with TU. I have seen several post today of CK and TU FICO tanking. I would have been better off leaving my utilizations high. Sincerely, Very Concerned!
  19. Sending off some Christmas cards today to ex, eq and tu just to say thank you for all of the friendly battles we have fought this year. It's one of those cards with a money slot except my cards have a dispute slot. I would love to read some of the letters they get through there. Ah, maybe I'll make it a nutcase santa letter!!
  20. I have been using Credit Karma for several months, I had a discharged BK in Oct 2012 and since then have been on the road to rebuilding. My CK score has been reflecting 667 for several months now. So tonight I signed up for Transunions free credit score 7 day trial via their site directly and it shows me a score of 708 (vantage) with a grade of C. Was wondering why the diff in the scores since CK uses Transunion as well? And should I purchase a FICO score to get a more accurate representation of my credit score or is the Vantage pretty accurate? I believe the FICO comes from Equifax, correct? *I recently obtained a Sportsmans Guide Visa via the shopping cart trick and soft pull only via Eq so I assume my Eq score is somewhere near the Vantage score I received from Transunion. Just an assumption though.....thanks for any input
  21. So after months of reading through the forums and disputing the accounts on my credit reports I am seeing things fall off and my score rising. Once I break 600 on each on I am thinking about applying for a secured credit card. The only revolving account I currently have is my auto loan which is in good standing. I have managed to stay away from opening an new accounts so that I am not hit with a load of inquires, nor do I have an public records (i.e. bankruptcies, tax liens, and court judgments) on my credit report. I have 3-4 accounts on each that I working to completely pay off so that each is clean and I can start rebuilding a clean line of credit. This forum has been extremely helpful!!!! Scores over the past 6 weeks!!! Equifax 10/1/2013 565 Equifax 11/19/2013 576 Experian 10/1/2013 578 Experian 11/19/2013 597 Transunion 10/1/2013 565 Transunion 11/19/2013 586
  22. Hi members of CB, I'm not really sure what to do next as I think I've exhausted all of my options... Please help me! My credit score is in the upper 600 and low 700s but with one collection account that is not mine on my TransUnion credit report.... Back in March, I pulled my credit report and had noticed a collection of $103 from Credit Vision Inc.,located in Dallas, open in 2008. I've since called them, got the run around saying "let me pull up your file, give me a couple hours" called back in a couple of hours and got "yea, the file room is backed up give me some more time". Basically he cannot provide any proof that this collection belongs to me and has to records to show me... I filed a complaint with TransUnion and got no where. Open an investigation with TransUnion and they came back telling me that the collection was verified that it was mine, even though they cant provide the proof that it's mine. I just filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau... Is there anything else I could do? I hope to buy a home at the end of the year and need to get this removed in-order for my loan to be approve... I could easily pay this $103 to get it in "good standing" status so that I could get my loan approved, but this will seem as if I am admitting to this debt when it's NOT mine.... please help! :/
  23. Just noticed that my Fingerhut account has suddenly stopped reporting on TU. I've had this account since 2005 and this is the 3rd TL for Fingerhut because they've changed BANKS that handle their Credit Cards twice since I've been with them. Thankfully everytime they change it's NOT listed as a "NEW" TL but reports as being open and active since 2005. So for this 1 little Fingerhut account, it's reporting on my CR 3 times with 2 of them marked "transfered" and the 3rd one open. It had been reporting on my EQ and TU since it was transfered. But about 4 days ago it STOPPED reporting on my TU and because of this my score dropped from 789 to 780, a 9 point drop on my TU score. It's an USAA FAKO score. My TU FICO took a 2 point dip to 778 too. I'm sure it's because it had a bad impact on my AAOA, Since all 3 Fingerhut TL's were reporting 3 TL's that were 8 years old. Was wondering if anyone elses Fingerhut account has suddenly stopped reporting to their TU report. I'm hoping this is some kind of a glitch that will sort itself out ASAP.
  24. Hello CB... Just had the weirdest thing happen. I'm a victim of Identity theft and am just about near the finish line of clearing up this big mess made by the thief. I had 5 accounts that were deleted from EQ, then immediately re-inserted on to my TU (where they were never reporting to begin with.) Has anyone experienced this before? What are the next steps to take? I'm starting to think that the CRA's are having a little fun playing ping-pong with my disputed accounts!!
  25. I still can't believe it! Both Transunion and Equifax are sending me updated hard copies of my newly cleaned credit reports!!!! I'm super excited to pull my FICO scores in a few days. I'm waiting until my credit cards update again so it will only show 1% balance for the best possible score. Experian still has a little bit more work to go. No app spree until Experian is scrubbed cleaned. To ensure I never fall back in to old habits again, I'm only going to charge to the newly acquired cards, things I have the cash for, so I can earn points or cashback rewards. PIF every month.
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