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Found 7 results

  1. I just got scammed by Equifax! I had done some shopping at Target on Black Friday and used my credit card so I wanted to make sure everything was ok with my accounts. I went to www.annualcreditreport.com to get my free reports but when I tried to access my Equifax report it asked me four questions theat did not apply to me at all and when I chose none of the above to all four questions it said my identity could not be verified and I would need to send more information by mail. Well I freaked out thinking I was a victim of identity theft and went to an Experian owned site and bought the three report and score package. It gave me my Equifax credit report and none of the loans it asked me about were on there. I realized that I just got scammed. They scared me into buying my credit report. They knew most people would not wait long enough to send their information in by mail. It does not matter who you buy the report from they will make money because the third party has to pay Equifax to get a copy of the report. Questions Asked: Equifax asked if I had a loan from company A, B, or C . I answered “none of the above.” That was the correct answer. It then asked me the payment of the above imaginary loan and again I answered "none of the above." Equifax then asked if I had a car loan for a car and listed three cars that I have never owned. I answered “none of the above.” That was the correct answer. It then asked me the payment of the above imaginary car loan I again answered "none of the above." I don't have a car loan and have not had one in seven years and then it was not any of the vesicles listed. The good news out of all this is my scores were Execlent from all three and al lthe accounts listed were mine.
  2. I have read all the threads for TU B* and I think I completely understand the use of all the programs... but everything I have read says that you can't use Trans Union Credit Monitoring for B*... is this the consensus of everyone on this board? The reason I ask this is that I am seeing B* after pulling Trans Union CM.. which is a cheaper option then TUP. I just pulled MPM and went from 5 inquires before I pulled down to 4.... then I logged into TU/CM and went from 4 inquires down to 3... any thoughts or am I just seeing things or am I completely lost on how B* works???
  3. Has anyone used the TAKE ACTION button on Smart Credit? Is it any better than doing an online dispute on the TU website, which is WAY below the effectiveness of a written letter? Thanks!
  4. I have an odd (although I am sure not uncommon) issue. I have had much better success getting negative items removed from Trans Union than Equifax or Experian. Making it worse, some zombie debt collectors keep putting an old account that was not mine in collections. It is like a weed. As soon as I think I killed it, it comes back with a different agency. But it only ever hits Equifax and Experian. That said, my FICO from Trans Union is 765. The other two are in the 640's. I have looked in the 'pulls database' seeking good card opportunities that pull Trans Union, but there seem to be some that often pull others instead, or in addition. If they pull Trans Union, I am golden. Either of the other, and it will be an immediate denial, especially with active collections listed. So two questions: Does anyone know of a credit card which will absolutely ONLY pull Trans Union? And is there any way to block pulls from the other bureaus? I would rather be declined because they could not do a pull than add an inquiry when I know I will be declined? Dave
  5. Hello, I'm in the process of closing on a house (closing date is april 29th). Genworth recently ran my credit (due to adding some reno costs to the mortgage amount) and noticed that my trans union report had a mortgage and line of credit on it (mortgage for 200,000 and line of credit 35,000). Neither of these are mine - i've never owned a home before, nor did I have a line of credit. Both products are from a major bank. The line of credit started report last month, and therefore, this is the reason why it didn't show up on prior credit checks. So far, it appears as if it is only showing on trans union and not the other credit reports. I've called trans union and began the process of disputing it. They said they would rush it as my current mortgage application is dependent upon clearing up this information. However, I was never told a date as to how long it may take. Also, I've found their representatives to be difficult. I went to the bank that owns the mortgage and line of credit. They confirmed that there was a mix up and that someone with my same name, owns this mortgage and line of credit and it somehow got associated with my name. I asked them for a letter stating that I have no accounts with their institution, they gave me the run around and said that their headquaters would have to deal with this situation. They will not provide any info about the property - so a title search is out of the question. My lender is questioning me regarding this other mortgage that isn't mine. I want to show them that it's not, however, i'm fearful that the process to correct this mistake will take far too long for my April 29th closing. Any suggestions or advice as to my rights/what I can do to expedite this process.
  6. TUC is currently pristine, and EFX will be in a matter of weeks. That includes ZERO inquiries on both. I'll pull the trigger when the last derog on EFX drops. I already have a stable of four or five "decent" V/MC/AE cards, so my goal is to maximize my ongoing rewards/cash back, round out my credit profile and get back in Citi's good graces. I am NOT focused on maximizing sign-up bonuses this time around... that will be for next time. The signup bonuses are mentioned here only as a point of interest. The numbers before the card name indicate relative priority and sequence for applying. I will stop at five approvals and garden for at least six months. Note that I do not want to apply for anything the hits EXP at this point... that'll be the last one to be free of crap. 1) Pen Fed Premium Travel Rewards American Express [EFX] - 5x on airfare (I spend ~$7,000/year on airfare for work) - First in app spree due to inquiry sensitivity 2) Nordstrom Store or Visa [EFX] - Upscale retail tradeline for future benefit - Also inquiry sensitive, which is why it's #2, but I’d rather have the Pen Fed card if I had to choose between the two 3) JCB Murakai Premium [unknown bureau] - ~3% cash back on everything - I live in CA, so the card is definitely available to me - Not enough data to know which bureau they’ll pull. This will be my daily card, and I’ll use it for everything except airfare. 4) Barclays Priceline Rewards Visa (conditional) [TUC] - 2% cash back on everything - 5,000 bonus points upon signup - Will apply for this card if I get declined for the JCB. - This will be my daily card for everything except airfare. 5) Barclays US Air Dividend Miles MasterCard [TUC] - 40,000 US Air miles after spend - Will merge programs with AA post-merger (bulk of my existing miles are AA) - > 7 months since my last Barclays. If I get declined I can try to recon and split the limit on my existing Barclays card 6) Best Buy Store Card [EFX] - Need an “in” with Citi after letting a card CO 7.5 years ago - Will transfer ownership to Citi 7) Neiman Marcus or Tiffany (conditional) [EFX] - Backup plan for upscale retail tradeline - Will only apply if I get declined for Nordstrom - More likely to use Neiman Marcus. I shop there occasionally.
  7. After about 18 months of coming to CB and reading, reading, reading (and some posting, posting, posting) my Trans Union report is now 100% clean of everything. No derogs, no inquiries, NOTHING! Thanks to the advice on this board I've used a variety of methods to get everything cleaned up and accelerate the pace of progress (I knew nothing about B*, obsolete disputes, etc., before coming here). I also established new, positive tradelines (first a secured card; then a secured LOC; then joint card ownership thanks to a SO with impossibly clean credit, a decade-old account and a penchant to help; then baby steps with unsecured cards and CLIs). My scores were in the low 6s when I started here, and as of a few minutes ago my last derogatory item (a CO) was confirmed to have died an early death at Trans Union. That bureau's score is now in the high 7s (I don't want to start the FAKO/FICO debate here, so just let me go with it). I have 10 positive tradelines reporting, the oldest of which is that jointly-owned account that's now almost 11 years old. The last steaming pile that just dropped from TUC is still on EFX and EXP, so I still have some work to do, but having a pristine TUC report is a major milestone and I wanted to say THANKS! This wouldn't have been possible without all of your input. Group hug?
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