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Found 2 results

  1. I'm helping a friend with getting IRS tax liens withdrawn and removed from their credit report. Thus far, Experian and TransUnion were cleared fairly easily, however, Equifax is proving tricky. There are three records reporting on Equifax, two of them we should eventually prevail on because the IRS has withdrawn them and we have proof of that and these were the two recently removed from Experian and TransUnion, however, Equifax has a third entry that the IRS says they did not report and thus cannot withdraw. It is for an adjacent county and matches the amount of one of the other two valid ones in the correct county of residence. The IRS says they cannot withdraw a lien they did not file. My friend has not moved in over ten years and has never lived in this other county. What should we do about this lien on the report that the IRS says they never placed since it is the wrong county court? Should we go into the court and request some kind of report that there are no liens for that name or amount? I imagine there is some kind of computer glitch here, but not sure how to proceed. Could this lien be on his Lexis-Nexis report and we need to dispute there first so that it does not appear confirmed when Equifax looks into it?
  2. I'm trying to help a friend who is helping their brother buy a home. My friend has excellent credit ~780 FICO, but his brother has some serious issues on his credit report. Because of this, they purchased as non-owner occupied since his brother could not be added to the note. The hope is that in 60 to 90 days we can refinance with an owner-occupied loan at a more reasonable interest rate. The target of 60 to 90 days is due to concerns of possible rising interest rates. Their current loan is ~$500 extra per month due to it not being owner occupied. I see a two pronged approach here. First, find a lender that will allow adding the poor credit brother onto the note at a competitive rate given the excellent credit of the primary borrower, and also try to do some quick improvements to the brother's credit report in the next 60 days before his credit is pulled again. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good lender that might fit the bill? This is a super conforming loan amount with 20% down. Regarding the brother's credit, here are the issues I see thus far from a mortgage tri-merge report of which I have only reviewed two pages. Derogatory Tradelines: Bank of America, Credit Card / Charge Account, Comments: Cancelled by credit grantor account was 90 days. 11/2007 R4, 10/2007 R3. Opened 1/2005, Reviewed 4/2008, Date of Last Activity 4/2008, High Credit $19,000, 40 months reviewed, Balance $0, Past Due $0. Bank of America, Auto Loan, Comments: Current was delinquent 60 days past due, paid, closed. 01/2013 I3, 12/2012 T2, 08/2011 I2. Opened 2/2009, Reviewed 3/2014, Date of Last Activity 3/2014, High Credit $30,562, 62 months reviewed, Balance $0, Past Due $0. Chase NA, Credit Card / Charge Account, Comments: Account Close by Consumer, No lates recorded. Opened 08/1995, Reviewed 12/2004, Date of Last Activity 12/2004, High Credit $15,000, 90 months reviewed, Balance $135, Monthly Payment $135 (This one only appears on Equifax and TransUnion). Public Records: Experian: $4,123 Docket: <blank> Court: XXXX California City Rec, Filed: 2/22/2012, Released: 5/6/2012, Settled: 5/6/2012, Comments: Federal Tax Lien Released. Experian: $4,789 Docket: <blank> Court: XXXX California City Rec, Filed: 12/26/2011, Released: 4/11/2012, Settled: 4/11/2012, Comments: Federal Tax Lien Released. Experian: $4,123 Docket: <blank> Court: California County Rec, Filed: 2/22/2012, Released: <blank>, Settled: <blank>, Comments: Federal Tax Lien. TransUnion $4,789 Docket XXXXXXX Court: <blank>, Filed: 12/26/2011, Released: 4/11/2012, Settled: <blank>, Comments: Paid Federal Tax Lien. TransUnion $4,123 Docket YYYYYY Court: <blank>, Filed: 2/22/2012, Released: 5/6/2012, Settled: <blank>, Comments: Paid Federal Tax Lien. Equifax $4,123 Docket 2012ZZZZZ Court: 161VF00343, Filed: 2/11/2012, Released: <blank>, Settled: <blank>, Comments: <blank> Equifax $4,789 Docket 2012ZZZZZ Court: 171VS00291, Filed: 12/11/2011, Released: 4/12/2012, Settled: <blank>, Comments: <blank> Equifax $4,123 Docket 2012ZZZZZ Court: 171VS00291, Filed: 2/11/2012, Released: 5/12/2012, Settled: <blank>, Comments: <blank> The brother has two stamped recordings with the clerk of California County for the IRS liens "Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien". $4,123.78 for tax year 2006 assessed 10/2/2010 with a serial number that very nearly matches the docket number on the Equifax public record for $4,123 which is not released and is also close to the TransUnion public record docket of $4,123 that is released. $4,789.00 for tax year 2005 assessed 10/16/2010 with a serial number that does NOT match any public record entry on his credit report for Equifax but is close to the TransUnion entry for $4,789. I'm observing the following on the tradelines: The Bank of America Credit Card is almost 7 years old, looks like DOFD is 10/2007, so we should be able to get this off as obsolete on at least some bureaus. The Bank of America Auto Loan delinquency is very bad since it is so recent, occurring about a year and a half ago. The Chase CC is not a derogatory, but has been left hanging with a balance, yet this is a very old account, so I'm afraid of losing it if we dispute the balance, so imagine it should be left alone. For the public records: At the least, all should show as released liens, so with the letters, that should be easy, however, perhaps it is better to go for deletion somehow.I believe nothing has ever been disputed on any of these credit reports. Please offer advice on the best coarse of action here to get the biggest bang for the buck in the short term here. Let me know if more details are required. Thanks!
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