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Found 11 results

  1. We paid a tax lien in 2008 and it was released that same year. I thought that tax liens aren't supposed to remain on the credit report after they are released? What do I need to do to get that off my husband's credit report? Thank you!
  2. I signed up for USAA credit monitoring so I could closely monitor my account balances updating after making huge paydowns. I've been impatiently waiting to see my scores go up when all of a sudden I see a public record pop up for a New York State vs me judgment. The only thing I could think of was a New York State tax issue and sure enough I called them up and was told that even though I made a payment months ago it was held and never applied to the balance. They updated my record and now I have to wait until my account balances are updated to zero. The rep told me to keep checking the account everyday and once it updates to request a vacate. She also said that the process would take a few months because it had to go through several people, a notice will be sent to bronx civil court, then finally I will be sent a letter that needs to be sent to each credit bureau individually. Has anyone gone through this process? It's so discouraging to go from seeing my scores finally, finally go over 700 after two years of work only to be hit with a mistaken tax lien.
  3. I have a paper copy of my credit report from transunion. It shows two paid public records from a California County Court. I compared the credit report listing to the lien release document recognizing payment had been made from the court. The liens were paid in the spring of 2012. The credit report list the case serial number erroniously as the docket number. the docket number is different than the serial number on the release document. Is this a sufficient discrepency to remove these items from my report? (in all other respects, the document is correct). - Thanks for any and all help!
  4. Several years ago DH and his partner's business, which was an LLC, was audited by the State of Illinois for unpaid sales taxes. Despite the best efforts of their attorney, the auditor determined the business owed the taxes. Payments were being made when the business went belly up in 2010. With no revenue to make the payments, they fell behind and a lien was filed against DH and the partner personally. The lien was paid off and released in May 2013. This lien is being reported on DH's reports. Illinois doesn't have a Fresh Start like the IRS program to have liens withdrawn. Trying to find ways to challenge this with the CRAs - has anyone challenged a business tax lien as being improperly reported in the individual's name? Any other ideas on how to challenge this? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. I have a lot of baddies (25 with 17 being collections) I need to work on including a unexpected Tax Lien from 2009. Yesterday, when I got off work and got the mail, there was a letter from irs. I thought it was my monthly tax bill statement but the letter said Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien. It says to keep the letter in a safe place and it has already been mailed to the place of filing. Do I need to do anything? How soon will this be off my credit report or will it just say the lien is satisfied and keep reporting? I would love for this to finally be off my report. Thx
  6. Hi, guys, So I got some wonderful news yesterday. I happened to call Experian to cancel their free trial credit monitoring and they talked me into another free month. I said okay, and just out of curiosity checked my report again. It was about five weeks since the last time I checked it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was free of baddies. I’d had been working hard since November on five medical collections (same CA), one paid tax lien and one paid civil judgment. I tried to GW the OC on the judgment but after trying to reach out to them twice with no reply, I decided to take a break and figure out what my next step would be. I’d also asked the IRS to remove the paid lien from my report – they do that now, but it’s apparently not guaranteed for everyone who applies. I knew that was going to be a longer process, so I decided to settle in and wait. So when I checked my credit report yesterday the lien was gone and the judgment was gone. Whaaat? I called the IRS to inquire about the status of my request and the woman I talked to said the removal had been approved but they were still working on it. The way it was explained to me, I'd have to take documents they would send me to my county court/clerk and ask to have the lien removed, but it seems they're ahead of me somehow. Also, I had disputed the five medical collections and four were deleted rather quickly but the one for the largest amount ($1600) came back verified. So I was preparing WhyChat’s HIPAA letter as my next step, but when I checked my credit report yesterday that one was gone too! I mean, it had been due to age off the report next year so maybe they’re early? I’m not complaining. Is all of this too good to be true? I am planning to purchase my three reports in about a month to double-check this fantasy. If it is indeed true and they're all gone for good, I think I would be able to begin to rebuild. I have one Cap 1 Secured CC (just over a month old). I’ll use that for a three months or so and then beg them for a CLI (limit is now $400). After that, any advice? I’m not sure what the ideal number of cards is to have (I don't want a lot) or which banks would be best to try for. Can you guys suggest which cards I should try for and how long I should wait before applying? Right now I'm thinking to wait for about 6 months so my secured CC can some good reporting. Is that a good plan? Thanks in advance for any advice, and thanks for all the invaluable advice you’ve provided to me over these two months of my lurking and posting. I know I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without the fantastic support from CBers and I can’t thank you all enough.
  7. I had applied to the IRS to withdraw a federal tax lien that was paid (settled for less than the full amount) in 2012. All indications were that they likely would not do the removal because of the settlement but today I got two letters from them: One was the notice informing me that they were indeed withdrawing the lien, and the second was the lien withdrawal certificate itself. I could not be more happy!! Has anyone ever done a lien withdrawal before? What’s the best way to get this lien off my CRs? Should I just dispute it as incorrect with the CRAs online, or mail a copy of the letter to each CRA and write asking them to withdraw? Thanks so much for all your advice, guys. My CRs are (will be) totally clean for the first time in ... I can't remember. Now I can rebuild. Yay!
  8. Okay guys. I’m a bit dejected right now. I have a thin credit file – one 2.5-year-old auto loan, paid on time, and a two-month old Cap 1 secured card with a limit of $350. My negatives are a paid IRS tax lien that was satisfied in 2012 ($21K) and a civil judgment that was satisfied in 2010. I applied to have the tax lien withdrawn under the Fresh Start program, and the IRS initially said yes, and now they’re saying no because they accepted a settlement and so don't qualify for the withdrawal. I’m so frustrated. EQ is my cleanest report, showing the positive TLs but also the lien. EX and TU show both the lien and the judgment. My EQ Fico score is 679. I make $57K a year. Do you think DCU, which I understand pulls EQ, would approve me for a credit card? Not sure if Logix would approve me, and I doubt Discover would either. I need to add another positive TL to raise my score but I don’t want to waste and inquiry and ding my score if it’s not likely to be a favorable result. I appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  9. Hi. I had a tax lien recorded against me. And I paid it off the same day I was notified of the lien. My question, how long until this hits my credit report? The bigger question us, is it possible that I could get the right IRS forms in (that remove paid liens from public record) before the credit bureaus even pick it up? I believe I have a handle on how to do this. Fairly simple, actually. Just wondering if I can do it so swiftly that it never pops up on my reports. Do tax liens show up immediately? Within 30 days? Months? Weeks? Days? Anyone have personal experience with the reporting timeline? Please, help. This was simply an error I made. And the ramifications are huge for me, personally. So I'm stressing out pretty good. Thank you.
  10. I am in need of advise regarding a tax lien being placed on my property on three different occasions. My property is a single plot but the county line runs through a small section of it. I have an escrow account that covers taxes and insurance with my lender. My lender at the time of the first occurrence was GMAC who did not pay both tax bills. After many phone call to them they finally understood the two county property tax bill. GMAC sold mortgage loans to ALLY bank a few years later and the issue once again appeared. Ally bank did not pay the same property tax as GMAC but this time it took much longer to resolve. The tax was paid the day before my property was to be sold on the court house steps. The very next year the same thing happened. Long story short, this is showing on my credit report making it very hard to get credit. I have disputed this information with Trans Union but its too early for a response from them. I also filed a complaint with the BBB regarding this matter. Still, too early for a response. I have not checked the other agencies as of yet but feel confident they too are showing the same. The easiest way this could have been avoided was for me to pay the taxes myself when I was notified, but to put it bluntly I did not have that amount of money at the time. Times were very lean then. I am looking for some guidance and experience in this matter as I have none and can't afford an attorney. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much in advance...
  11. I have sort of a unique situation with 2 state tax liens that I have not been able to find a solution for anywhere on the boards. I am a newbie and would very much like some help with a plan of action for getting these off of my credit reports. Here is the briefest possible explanation of my situation: Tax Lien #1: Was filed in July of 2007, paid immediately, and released in 2007. Problem: This was re aged and now the date released says 2010. Unfortunately, I have nothing to support that it was paid in 2007. It is reporting on EX and EQ only Also, each CRA shows a different court case# for the same tax lien. This seems weird to me. Tax Lien #2: Was filed in July 2008, paid immediately, and released in 2008. Problem: same as tax lien #1- This was re aged and now release date says 2010. Again, nothing to support. It is reporting on all 3 CRAs with all showing different case #s. When I searched public records on the state database and PACER neither one showed up. Even though they are released, because they have been re aged they are hurting my score. If not for the re aging they would be due to fall off in the next couple of years. Does anyone have any helpful advice as to how I should go about getting these removed from mine and my husband's CRs? By the way, what did they put the lien on? We didn't own any property at that time. Thanks so much for your help! LOVE the credit boards community.
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