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Found 9 results

  1. I'm going to make this a short and sweet summary found the forums in 1/11 1st card since '08 in 2/11 ($400 MC by HSBC) 1st discover card in 11/11 ($1k) then had 3 fights: cap one (charge off): failed Public Storage (public collection?): tie [they will fall off next year so meh] LVNV/Resurgent (CA for cap one): WON! in 3/12 MC $400 -> $520 in 5/12 Discover $1k -> $1350 in the last year i have gained a minimum of 50 pts on all 3 8 days ago i was approved for a $900 amazon.com store card 3 days ago i got my very first car! a 2008 Prius touring package #6 it's been a long road & i thank everyone for the advice & encouragement.
  2. I'm very new to posting to this forum but have been using it for reference over the last month and wanted to share my recon story. I already had a Barclay's Reward Mastercard that I've had for over 7 months now and recently hit the CLI button. When asked how much I wanted, I was rather conservative and only asked for $250 which was granted after about an hour. So then I thought, perhaps I could have asked for more? So after reading on here about people calling the recon line to ask for more, I took a chance. After going over my account and answering a few questions, they granted me another $250! So I decided to apply for the Barclays Apple Visa card. After submitting I got the denial message and told me that I would get a letter within 7-10 days stating why. I submitted that application on Friday right before 5pm. I decided to call the recon line to see if I could get it overturned but by then it was already after 5 and they were closed. So I gave them a call today and talked to a very nice lady about reconsidering the application. She looked at my history with them and asked about my recent new inquiries which are all because I'm still rebuilding my credit history after completing BK13 a few years back. She also asked about my limited credit history gap which was because of the BK. I answered all her questions and she said since I have a good history with them and have been managing all my accounts well, that she would approve my application. I was stoked! This couldn't have been possible without the help and information that y'all provide on this forum. I can't thank y'all enough!
  3. I received my Bank of America travel rewards card on Monday, called Tuesday for a CLI from 2500 to 5000, approved. Called today and asked to get bumped to 7500, put on hold for a few minutes, asked some income and employment info, approved. Bank OF America is awesome seems they are very generous with CLI's 2 in 2 days and just got the card Monday.
  4. In my late teens I was out on my own and very troubled. I used to need weekly therapy visits and other various medical services, and though I had insurance through the community college I was going to, I often couldn't pay the copayments. I let the bills stack in a high pile in my living room, and going near them put me into a panic attack. Around 7 years ago I decided enough was enough. I checked my credit reports and found that my scores were in the low 500's, and I had 5-7 collections on each report. I also had a credit card with a $2k limit, which I had maxed out for car repairs years prior and was only able to make minimum payments on. In addition, I had some delinquencies for a Sallie Mae student loan, who offer zero forbearance options. And then I found creditboards and decided to do something about all of this. Updated all personal info, removed old info Opted out of marketing and pre-screening WhyChat's HIPAA process for removing the medical collections Waited 2+ years and disputed Sallie Mae lates Paid off Auto loan with no late payments Disputed other small non-medical collections like one from Verizon (they barely gave me time to pay an overdue bill one time and went straight to the CA's) And finally, used my tax return refunds and job raises to pay down the credit card 7 years later, all collections from my reports are gone. All delinquiencies are gone. My credit card debt is zero. Unfortunately, I have a huge amount of installment history due to my student loans (around $70k total) but they are all in good status. I recently checked my FAKO and FICO scores just to get a general idea. 7 years ago: All scores in low 500's After years of certified mailings, phone calls, and research... Jan. 2014, before SallieMae lates removed and CC not paid off EX: 691, EQ: 730, TU: 673 July 2014, all collections and lates removed and CC paid off EX: 780, EQ: 779, TU: 782 My medical debt was the biggest and worst part, I had over a dozen collections. WhyChat's process helped me. Thank you, WhyChat and creditboards!
  5. 06/17/13 I had a 482 FAKO & 32 negative accounts. Tomorrow morning (06/09/14) I am closing on our first (forever) home with 100% clear reports & 750-760's across the board. I never thought I'd see the day. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about the app spree tomorrow evening as well THANK YOU, CB!!
  6. As a 26 year old married mom of 3, I was scared to death of the damage my 18 year old self had done. It was appalling & I could not bring myself to face it for many, many years. I started this journey on June 17th, 2013. At the time, I had 32 negative accounts (collections and charge offs), and a FAKO of 482. Because of all of you wonderful contributors to this site, I saw my first 700+ FICO score today. As the title says, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Totally shocked! My Merrick Bank FICO is 773 & Discover is 743. Granted, both of these are TU and TU is my only completely clean report, but EQ should have my collection that I paid to the OC removed by the end of the week which would make it completely clean as well. That leaves EX with 2 small medical collections ($355 & $248) which I am leaving alone for now & will follow whatever instructions our LO gives us when we apply for our mortgage. Since we need the middle score for the mortgage, I plan on putting EX on ice after the mortgage clears while I handle the collections if they were not addressed during the loan process. I began work on DH's credit the same day as mine. He started with a 520 FAKO and 17 negative accounts. His Barclays FICO on 3/18 was 698. Our utilization has dropped since then, so he should clear 700 at his next FICO update. He has 1 remaining collection set to fall off soon (disputing as obsolete ASAP) & student loans that were in default but we paid off a few years ago. He'll be left with those until 2016, I believe, but I am so happy he's around 700 now. To all of you just beginning, know that it is possible. I have obsessed over this for the last 9 months, but the proof is in black and white. 482 FAKO to 773/743 FICO in 9.5 months. IT CAN BE DONE! Dedicate yourself & you will get there! Again, I cannot begin to thank you all enough. Words are simply not enough. I owe it all to you.
  7. I started our credit repair journey on July 17th. Last week, I decided to open a new checking/savings at Suncoast Schools Credit Union. I noticed over this weekend, through MPM, that they pulled Experian for the checking account. DH and I went to a branch this morning. I figured, if they pulled our credit for a checking account, might as well see what they can do for a CC or our upcoming auto loan. Sat down, was told my Experian FICO is 659 (I started with FAKOs in the 480 range!) and DH's is 619 (started with FAKOs around 520!) I was on Cloud 9! Waiting to hear results of our application later today or tomorrow, but if approved, we are looking at around a 4% rate for the auto loan! My head is still spinning. Six weeks really can change your life. Thanks, CB!! Hopefully we can keep building towards our goal of a USDA mortgage loan next summer
  8. Had some negative accounts that were not mine showing up on transunion report. Disputed them online and had success with 2 of them. The other 2 I was able to have removed instantly by calling transunion directly. Spoke with an awesome rep. He actually deleted the accounts while I was on the phone with him. I suggest speaking with and addressing disputes with this person. I do not know if I allowed to post his name in the forum????
  9. After about 18 months of coming to CB and reading, reading, reading (and some posting, posting, posting) my Trans Union report is now 100% clean of everything. No derogs, no inquiries, NOTHING! Thanks to the advice on this board I've used a variety of methods to get everything cleaned up and accelerate the pace of progress (I knew nothing about B*, obsolete disputes, etc., before coming here). I also established new, positive tradelines (first a secured card; then a secured LOC; then joint card ownership thanks to a SO with impossibly clean credit, a decade-old account and a penchant to help; then baby steps with unsecured cards and CLIs). My scores were in the low 6s when I started here, and as of a few minutes ago my last derogatory item (a CO) was confirmed to have died an early death at Trans Union. That bureau's score is now in the high 7s (I don't want to start the FAKO/FICO debate here, so just let me go with it). I have 10 positive tradelines reporting, the oldest of which is that jointly-owned account that's now almost 11 years old. The last steaming pile that just dropped from TUC is still on EFX and EXP, so I still have some work to do, but having a pristine TUC report is a major milestone and I wanted to say THANKS! This wouldn't have been possible without all of your input. Group hug?
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