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  1. Hello, I am new to Credit Boards. I had a student loan that I exhausted the deferment period. I had 3-4 consecutive months where I defaulted because funds were scarce. I then enrolled in school (online) to buy myself time to begin repaying the loans. My mom decided to give me the money to pay off the loans in full. I did just that and guess what happened? Yep! My score dropped about 30-something points. Now that you have the history, here are my questions: 1. I would like to know if I should reach out to the lender if it is possible to remove the months where I didn't make paymen
  2. Basically, below are the baddies on my reports. I know I can't do much for the lates, but I'm hoping I can work on the other ones. I’ve been lurking and researching, but not sure what to start with. Any help is appreciated. Equifax Lates: Auto loan – 10x in past 2 yrs. 8 Navient Accounts – 7x in past 2yrs. (although was in forbearance) 2 Utah Higher Edu Accounts – 6x in past 2 yrs. (must verify if was in forbearance or deferment) 1 ACS Group Account – Sold in 2016, shows as closed and current status of 120 days past d
  3. Lovely Navient is posting 4, yes 4 charge-offs on my credit report. I'm starting with Equifax. Round 1: Disputed because there was still a past due balance showing on the charged off accounts (all of them). One Navient Account deleted, the rest were "verified." Equifax "updated" the "date of last payment" to literally June 2020 ... on charged off accounts. They still show a past due balance, even though the debts were sold to a collection agency. Round 2: Sent a method of verification letter to Equifax. Equifax responded with a "We don't have a credit file for you" le
  4. Hello Credit Board I am newbie to this forum, but have been lurking for a while. I had recently pulled my credit report and I am having major issues with my student loans. Apparently I have loans that have been transferred \ sold and now are with a new company. The original loan was open back in the 2000's but they are still showing on my credit report. I am not sure how I can have these removed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi, I'm new here and got a notice from a credit agency on my private student loan. It's been 3 years since I last paid as I was contesting the amount and got sick. I signed for the loan in D.C. and the loan originated in OH. I now live in OH. I also stopped paying while I lived in NY (before I moved to OH). I just got a letter from a CA based in NY state (don't know if the CA state location makes any difference). My question is which SOL will apply? OH, NY or the shorter DC SOL of 3 years? OH has a number of SOLs, 6 years, 8 years so I'm not sure which SOL would even apply to the promi
  6. Hi everyone! Just joined the community after hearing great things on an number of personal finance forums. I'm trying to rebuild my credit so that I can get a good mortgage hopefully by the end of 2020. Specifically, I'd like to increase my score from 568 to above 700 -- I know that's ambitious. Some positives. Several weeks ago, I paid off the remaining balance on my CC debt. I'm now in the middle of consolidating my student loan debt, which racks up to about $42K. I'll begin making monthly payments as soon as that process is complete. The not so good. The student loa
  7. I’ve been receiving emails from a school I attended 10+ years ago. They are a large state public university and have recently started sending me emails and letters stating that I owe them for small loans given by the university themself. Of course these small loans (maybe two $500?) have now suddenly become thousands. I have no recollection of these (although they may be correct). I have consolidated Federal loans that I’ve been paying for years and am current on. Are these loans considered private loans? If so the SOL has long since run out. I haven’t re
  8. Hi, In 2010, while unemployed I decided to go back to school to get an MBA in Project Management at Jones International University. I was already working in the field so I thought that the MBA was going to give my career a boost. While in school I didn't feel I was learning much and I stopped studying for a while because I got a new job and had no time to commit to classes. While this was happening my loan was in forbearance. At some point I decided to go back to school and I learned that he school was closing. I requested my credits/transcripts to see if
  9. Hello all, I filed bankruptcy last year and was discharged 7/20/17. Good news I guess - but my scores still suck, currently my TU and EQ scores are in the low 500s. My EX score was at 600 last time I checked. I have floated in and out of this forum and other websites looking on how to start the rebuilding process and just end up feeling overwhelmed. I aspire to have better credit, just don’t know where to start and feel kind of hopeless. I thought perhaps I should start a thread for advice and to even maybe motivate me. I have done some online disputes here
  10. Hi, everyone! I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've been a member since 2004. Back then, I utilized every relevant forum post to scrub my personal credit and then build business credit. Since that time, I've referred a lot of people here in an effort to share the knowledge. Today, I have a new problem. I went back to school 3 years ago to work on a new Bachelors and Masters degree. My class terms are in 8-week increments and the student loans that I have used to fund my education appear on my credit report. The problem is that those loans are depressing my credit scor
  11. [Offered With limited Commentary] Education Secretary Loses Lawsuit on Student Loan Forgiveness https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2018/09/17/student-loans-lawsuit-devos/#705b3a463230 Loan Forgiveness is a Poor Use of Taxpayer Money https://www.forbes.com/sites/prestoncooper2/2018/09/07/loan-forgiveness-is-a-poor-use-of-taxpayer-money/#159b390f7b89 Despite Powerful Allies, Problems Persist in For-Profit Education https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshmoody/2018/09/17/despite-powerful-allies-problems-persist-in-for-profit-education/#4fce87b36
  12. I recently paid of a student loan. For some reason it is showing as closed. Is there different status it should have? It wasn't late and was paid off early.
  13. Greeting Everyone, I am a new member. I want to thank all of you for your sincere efforts and guidance. Devoting time to help others is actually a best good some could offer. Thank you all. Now about me. I am working to clean up my credit. I have a student loan that is currently under deferment until 02/2016. Back in 2014, When it went to repayment phase, I was overseas. By the time I cam back in Aug 2014, the loan was already 180 Days late. I applied for Econ Harship that was granted and back dated to Feb 2014(The original date when the repayment was due). I have recently noticed
  14. Just a reminder that if you have federally guaranteed student loans, your loans are now being serviced by Navient https://www.navient.com/ If you have privately held or (commercially backed) student loans, your loans are with Sallie Mae https://www.salliemae.com/ For more information, please visit: https://studentaid.ed.gov/about/announcements/sallie-mae Hodap2001
  15. Good evening and happy holidays to all - My federal student loan went into default and I started getting garnished in Feb. 2014. The loans report as 4-6 separate line items on my credit that are bad debts. Since I am essentially paying the loan monthly, shouldn't the collector (DOF sold the account) be reporting the payments to the collection agency? Right now, it's still listed as simply bad debt. Thanks for any help or guidance you can provide.
  16. My wife is a college student. She recently changed schools. Durring the switch, her defered loans went active. She has called and verified that the loans are still defered and will update as defered once attendance is reported. The problem is, when the loans went active, the intrest was updated. Now the loans are reporting over 100% utilization. This has impacted her score. Any advice on what we can do, is appreciated. Thanks
  17. I am so happy I found this board. Background - I am 27 years old, I live in the USA (midwest), and I have suffered from severe depression for most of my life which hit particularly hard in my early 20s. During my 20s I screwed my credit up royally. Suffering from depression and anxiety, I just never paid bills (credit cards, loans, etc) and have let my debt rack up to the point where I have creditors calling my cell phone and my parent's house daily and I receive mail that I just throw away because I already know it's a debt collection letter. I have about $40K in student loans and I never g
  18. In 9/2009, I took out two student loans for school. In 6/2010, I took out one more as well. Both of these loans were issued by EdFinancial/Ed America. In 3/2010, the first two TL were closed because they transferred the loans to Federal Loan Servicing. The 6/2010 loan was closed and transferred 7/2010. All 3 of the TLs were transferred in deferred status since I was still a full-time student. I was thinking about disputing these for deletions because I feel they aren't doing anything good for my credit score. Any experts can explain if this is affecting my score in a good or bad way
  19. Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on SoFi.com I recently refinanced through them which helped drop the interest rate on my federal student loans from 6.9% down to 5.4%. I was wondering if anyone else has used the service and what success they have had. I also have a question, I would like to work with my mother in law on refinancing the student loans in my wife’s name. They currently have a 8.1% interest rate which seems high to me. I tried having her go though SoFi as well but it is currently not available in Vermont. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a
  20. So, I was just recently browsing my credit report. And I see I have a student loan from 2011(private) which I have payed off in full. originally I went about 120 days without paying it so that is still on my credit report. Is there anything that I can do to have it taken off? It shows the account as closed on my report. I have read about challenging student loans as "obsolete" but I'm not sure how. Any Advice?
  21. Hi all, After I graduated college I began consolidating all of my student loans. However, I somehow missed a loan from the university totaling around $8,0000, and received no notice about payments until the loan went into collections. I have sent a debt validation to the collection agency, and they responded with a copy of the signed promisory note and balance. Can I try to negotiate a pay for delete even though the debt is a student loan? Or do I have to try to set up a payment plan with the collection agency? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, TJ
  22. Well, I'm on my journey to try and buy a house. My scores are currently EQ 635, EXP 585, TU 601. One of the major things hurting me are my student loans. 15 months ago I allowed them to go 90 days delinquent before I got smart and decided to fix my credit. I paid one monthly payment to Nelnet, but at the time there were 9 different accounts, but only 1 bill. So, the dilemma is, I paid one payment, received one bill, but the delinquencies show as 9 separate delinquencies. I am hoping that in November I may see a bump in the credit, as the delinquencies will all be over 12 months old. But,
  23. Hello CB Members, Newbie here, and I read all the intro stuff so I hope I'm in the right area. I am trying to repair my credit while in college. Long story short, I had some medical issues around 2 years ago, which forced me to cut back from school. As a result, my student loans came out of deferment for a short time (cause I was not in school full-time.) Because I was so sick, and my parent busy caring for me, these payments were never made. Also, a couple of medical appt bills were missed, which were sent to CAs. I am back in school full-time (I should mention, I got a scholarship fo
  24. Just trying to confirm if this information is accurate (I found it in this forum). As I have read here, under the Higher Education Act and FTC 623, any Lates being reported that took place in a time frame covered by a retroactive forbearance should be corrected by the lender who reported that information? Also, is it better to do an online dispute or fax dispute with the CRA's for this? Or should I contact the office of the Ombudsman? Thanks!
  25. Hey Gents & Ladies, sorry to be posting this here, but after over 24 hrs, 30+ views, and no responses I was hoping someone may be able to help me. I have read contradicting information on CB and other forums regarding the Higher Education Act and FTC 623 when it comes to removing Student Loan lates. Even after the successful App Spree for DW, I know if I can get these removed from her credit, she should be in mid 700s after, and we are trying to get her there for Refinance in Spring 2015 and new car. So anyone who can chime in and help clarify this topic, as always it is greatly appreciat
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