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Found 4 results

  1. Trying to help somebody who just got their greencard and SSN a month ago. Absolutely no credit history right now obviously. Goal is to get a mortgage hopefully in a year's time. How to proceed? Which TLs/CCs would he be able to get with a 0 history. I know about secured CCs but have heard about rejections on those as well from some ppl with very brief credit history.
  2. Two years ago, I lost my wallet. Someone tried to open a wireless phone account in my name. Since then (and also because I've been working on building my credit, I've had credit monitoring. Everything has been fine until this and last month when I've gotten alerted to two unauthorized inquiries on my credit. Two for auto loans and one for resident screening. I've initiated a fraud alert on my credit and sent letters to the companies making the inquires via certified mail. At this point, would it be best/beneficial to just have my social changed? I am worried that this will cause issues with taxes, updating the # (with my apt complex, banks, auto loan, jobs, etc...), and may affect the progress I've made building my credit. Any advice?
  3. I disputed a collection agency tradeline with Experian. I included the last four of my SSN, a copy of the credit report, my driver's license and a utility bill. Experian responds: "We were unable to process one of more of your requests to dispute information on your personal credit report because you did not provide your Social Security number. Please write to us and provide: a) full name previous addresses for past two years c) Social Security number d) date of birth e) one copy of a govt issued id card f) one copy of a utility bill..." I called Lexington Law to ask about their services. They told me they *do not* need a copy of my SSN card, Driver's License or utility bill. How can they repair my credit without that info? Wouldn't Experian ask Lexington Law for the same info?
  4. I called my bank to ask about foreign rates. I wanted to know how I can withdraw cash for free in another country. She offered to check and told me that I needed a high yield bank account. She needed my bank account number which I did not know. I told her that I have my debit card number. She said she can't use that to check what account I have so she asked for my SSN. I was dumb enough to give it to her and right after knowing my SSN, she asked for my Debit card number. I thought it was weird why she asked for my debit card number when she didn't want it before and that she couldn't check up my account with that? Have I been scammed? I want to put fraud alerts on my credit. How can I do this? I am not exactly sure what fraud alerts are, can someone clarify? Also should I sign up for all three credit bureaus? Equifax, transunion, and experian? Which is better. When I call will I be speaking to a robot or human to put fraud alerts in my credit? Should I give them my SSN? Should I check for virus before entering my private information? Any other advice? I was thinking of doing the lifelock stuff and the kroll service which is now changed to prepaidlegal. Any advice guys? I am new and it is my first year in college. I should not have any credit history.l never even worked before.
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