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Found 3 results

  1. decided to check into LC for a check on my TU score before a considered app... scores on fako have been moving up, only Fico I have is from DCU which went way up LC, without me entering an amount, instantly declined me- they recognized my email They gave an EX score as the basis(it is not yet frozen, had to wait until monday when fraud alert comes off) Didn't know that they EVER pulled EX, always pulled TU to my knowlege (one prior application) Of course the basis of the turndown was my very worst score but I was shocked at the turndown before the application. I am assuming it was not a hard pull as I entered no info. If it is, I will raise holy hell, they also noted too may apps, which is odd because last app was May and I have only that and Verizon phone. Be Aware of this and don't depend on LC using TU. Something is in the wind...
  2. is there anyway you can tell exactly when MPM registers their last soft pull that counts as a pull on the 24 hour rule...? I pulled yesterday at about 9.30 and it did not show on EQ C... so I pulled again in the afternoon, maybe 2.30 and it said that I had already pulled that day within 24 hours and could not give me a new report. I pulled today shortly after 10 and they said that they had a pull within the last 24 hours.. does any look qualify as a pull but not update? Shifter, I believe you are the pro on this? or anyone? thanks
  3. Hello Everyone! This is my first post on creditboards, but I have been using the site for a little while in terms of the credit pulls database, as well as researching threads. I'm having a little issue finding the information I need, and there are few, if any, datapoints in this regard: I received a targeted offer in the mail based off my Transunion report only for the American Express Blue Sky. It's one of the relatively top offers, with 30,000 bonus points ($400 worth of travel), 17.24% APR, and 0% 15 month intro period on purchases. I was not planning on apping for a long time after getting 6 cards, since I wanted my credit score to continue to grow, but I don't have an AMEX in my arsenal, it was one of my future plans anyway, and why not start the goodies of future backdating early, eh? I've checked all my reports, and AMEX seems to like softing TU and TU only...I've also received a few Green card offers based on my TU as well, but there was no sign up bonuses involved and I have no need for a charge card in this particular point in time anyways. So my question is: Even though AMEX is an EX-puller majority of the time, and as long as my app requires only one hard pull, are they more likely to pull TU since they have been softing me there for offers, or will they pull EX anyways? If it helps, I'm from NJ. The database, though helpful, still leaves me up in the air because there are no reports about previous softing on TU before receiving a single pull on TU. This will help me decide when to app...if they will pull TU, I can app earlier and have a better profile (no inquiries) than if they pulled EX. Perfectionist me would like to wait for the balances on my report to be optimized anyways (1 card reporting low utilization while my other 5 cards are PIF to 0), and EX has some inquiries that will drop off completely or age to the 1 year mark the first week of August. Thank you
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