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Found 6 results

  1. Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Pinnacle Payment Services, LLC, Velocity Payment Solutions, LLC, Heritage Capital Services, LLC, Performance Payment Processing, LLC, Credit Source Plus, LLC (Georgia), Credit Source Plus, LLC (Ohio), Reliable Resolution, LLC, Premium Express Processing, LLC (Ohio), Premium Express Processing, LLC (Georgia), Lisa J. Jeter, Nichole C. Anderson, Hope V. Wilson, Angela J. Triplett, and DeMarra J. Massey, Defendants (United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia) FTC File No. 1323043 Case No. 1:13-CV-3455 At the
  2. My tale is a common one these days. If you’re a newbie and freaking out because you are in a similar position – you are not alone. I've had at least 4 of these bottom-feeding fake payday loan scammers try making a run at me over the past 2 years, and it all started with an inquiry I made through a website that acts as a payday loan "broker" -- they farm out your personal information to dozens (hundreds?) of potential "lenders" to fish for the best rates. (Lesson learned...ugh.) (By the way, I accepted ONE offer that was legit -- complete with online contract – and I paid it back within th
  3. So today I got a letter from DRS dated April 1. It informed me that I owed AT&T $250 and offered to work with me on payment. How generous of them. Well I’ve been an AT&T customer for a year and never been in arrears. The account number cited by DRS doesn’t have the faintest relationship to my actual account number. It's obviously a scam. Does it require a regular DV letter or something else? I’ve never written a DV before -- but I’ve read a lot here so know how to do it – but just want to make sure I proceed correctly. How has this company not lost its license to collect in my state (N
  4. Recently, I had turned a friend/co-worker of mine onto this board as I've been part and parcle to my own success story here (see link below). He asked for advise and where to start the journey so many of us here have already made. Once deep into the conversation I mentioned the one two punch AND an the official "Validation Letter". The day ended, he had signed up to creditboards!! All was well right, he had the info he needed to get going yes?? Not so fast, this link is what I had in my mail box from him this morning. http://www.avoidbk.com/debt-validation-letter/ This guy is not only o
  5. I just received a call from Financial Asset Management systems saying that I was involved in a hit and run a year and a half ago and I now owe State Farm $2,600. I need help in figuring out if this is a scam or not. Here are some facts: *According to them, I opened my door and dinged an emergency vehicle, then drove away. I have no recollection of this incident whatsoever, and unless someone in my family took my car without my knowledge, I'm 99.99% sure this did not happen. *The vehicle owner filed a claim with their insurance (State Farm) and State Farm took care of the damages. Again, I
  6. Good day! My son attended the Art Institute in Philadelphia which he took out a loan for with the help of my mother; she cosigned for him. During his time in school (which he took longer to graduate than anticipated) we never received any notices regarding repayment and interest; not sure why, but because I am a student with loans and don't receive notices it didn't seem odd. Right before it was time for him to complete his internship we began to get notices that he was going into default for nonpayment. Again, I am a student and have been for the past 10 years (working on my PhD) and have
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