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  1. Here's the goal: a 2-week (or more) Around-the-World trip. Read the article this morning about this s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ deal allowing you up to 22,000 miles of actual flight distance,12 flight segments with potential for 8 stopover and has to be one direction (East to West or West to East). The deal depends on you trading 125,000 American Express points. I've currently got ~70k. Managed to catch a targeted offer, applied and was approved for an AmEx Biz Gold card awarding 75k after $5k/3mos. minimum spend. I *likely* already have enough free hotel nights. The preliminary itinerary: - Seattl
  2. I haven't seen any 18 month, 0% apr with a 2% BT fee offers from Cap One lately. All I have currently on my account are 12 months, 0% apr with a 3% BT fee. Do they still exist?
  3. I've been checking for a few months now, but the best I can find is 84.9% efficiency for a VISA prepaid card (58,900 points for $500) or 89.3% for a Bed Bath & Beyond card (2,800 points for $25). I'd like to use this thread to track the current specials and have folks post what gems them find here to help each other out. This way we can use our points most efficiently and don't have to all be monitoring their redemption site as carefully. Please only post deals in this thread that are better than 85% efficiency offered by the Visa prepaid card. Once again, to get us going, here
  4. Simple question. When do they release the Cash Back Calendar for next year?
  5. Sorry if this is a repost... Interesting read I found today. http://milecards.com/11569/best-credit-cards-for-flights-in-2014/?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium={site}&utm_term={title}&utm_campaign=Outbrain%20-%201
  6. In the past, I was able to get some gift cards redeemed at Amex for more than $1 per 100 points spent, such as for Old Navy or Banana Republic. I don't see any of these today and called up to inquire. The CSR said these are generally only available during the Christmas season. Can anyone confirm this from their own experience? Has anyone seen these special offers other than at Christmas time?
  7. There are 2 GROCERY STORE, SUPERMARKETS have shopped at with Sallie that get coded differently, so 5% cashback isn't applied to purchases...any recourse or are rewards inextricably linked to quirky merchant categories? e.g. 1.MISC FOOD STORES-SPECIALITY, CONVENIENCE, MARKETS, VENDING MACHINES 2. DRUG STORES, PHARMACIES The one coded as a drug store has a small drugstore dept in the back of the large supermarket http://elmhealth.net/ Vending machines?
  8. Hello I was recently approved for a Barclaycard rewards Mastercard through the pre-screen link last Wednesday. Over this weekend though, I got an even better pre-approved offer in the mail for their Travelocity AMEX...$0 annual fee, 5K bonus points after first use, 0% APR for 12 months, etc. Was wondering if I could pull the trigger and get a second account now with them...or if I should wait until 6 months are up and my new credit probation with them is over...lol. The offer is good until the middle of April so I was thinking of maybe trying then after having the new account open
  9. Instant approval online for $1500.00. This is the last card I wanted to round out my rebuilding efforts since Ch 7 Bk discharged back in Oct 2012. Off to the garden officially until 2015 since I know barclays is known to be inquiry sensitive.
  10. "American Airlines and US Airways began Tuesday to let passengers earn and redeem frequent-flier miles on either airline." http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2014/01/07/us/ap-us-travel-brief-american-airlines-changes.html?hp If you don't have the Barclay's US Airways Dividend Miles MC (or maybe if you do ) better get one fast.
  11. Just got a letter in the mail. Changing their rewards structure. Used to be only redeemable for a Travelocity purchase, at the time of purchase. Changing redemptions to statement credits, gift cards, etc.
  12. Anyone else get this? Looks I might use this for more than just Gas now.. Earn bonus points for department store purchases, movie theater purchases and restaurant purchases (including fast food). Just use your Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard. Dear Newb, What a rewarding way to start off the year! From January 1 through March 31, 2014, you'll earn 2 bonus points for every $1 you spend—up to 2,500 bonus points—just by using your Barclayca
  13. I received a pre-approved offer for a rewards credit card from a bank I use for personal checking and savings, Wells Fargo. I've had a relationship with them for years, get my pay direct deposited, and typically maintain an average monthly combined balance of a couple thousand dollars. Is this a good card/bank for building credit and CLIs? As I've previously posted, I'm rebuilding credit after bankruptcy (Chapter 7, discharged a year and a half ago). I've got two credit cards, accounts opened through mailed offers: credit lines below $1000, have been using them, keeping utilization ratio arou
  14. I am a Marriott Rewards member, closing in on Gold status. I would LOVE to have the Chase Marriott Premier Rewards Card. The issue, it looks like they typically pull Equifax or Experian, which for me would be an immediate denial. Is anyone aware of any special considerations given when applying for the card if you are a Silver or Gold Rewards member? Clearly, this is a Chase card, so they are the ones assuming the risk. Does my good standing with Marriott count when I apply or not? Dave
  15. I use the site basically as a bookmark for all my common websites I visit daily. I usually earn $5-10 a month that I use on Amazon; sometimes more if I use their grocery coupons or shop through their website. The card is offered through First Bankcard. Has anyone applied, if so what scores? http://www.swagbucks.com/p/swagbucks-credit-card?subID=022 Here's how we'll maximize your rewards: Earn 1.25 Swag Bucks points per Dollar on every purchase.† First Usage Bonus: Get 1,000 Swag Bucks points after using your card or transferring a balance within the first 3 billing cycles after yo
  16. New York Community Bank (under a variety of brands) offers a Discover Card with up to 5% cash back. That's awesome, right? "Up to" are the operative words. When you read the fine print (and then get out Excel and some ibuprofen), here's what you really get: It's not a bad 2% card if you only spend a little over a thousand a month, which is where the benefit is maximized. But it is NO 5% back card, nor anywhere close. Card offer: https://www.firstbankcard.com/nycb/site/personal/products/discover/discover_card.fhtml Fine print (rebate structure is in the second half, of
  17. I'm in the process of buying a new house that it's going to require some work: New roof, new HVAC, new floors, new kitchen, re-do bathroom, etc... I figured, this is perfect time (after closing), to get a credit card and start ranking some points. (I hope it comes without saying, that I'm planning to pay it off every month and keep it with a balance of not more than $5.00). (1) My first thought was to get a credit card that would give me the best cash rewards, but then I started thinking... maybe my accumulated points get me more if it's a Airfare Creditcards? If that's the case, I'll
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