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Found 23 results

  1. For our members in Florida, I will make a recommendation that you do not source your next vehicle via Carvana. They may get their license pulled to operate dealerships in Florida. They are having significant title problems. Beware.
  2. Hey Everyone! Looking at buying a car in the next 30 days. The world is pretty much back open. Well...it never closed here in Atlanta, GA where I'm at but still lol. With things opening back up I am back in the office working and need to get a vehicle. I was able to hold off with working from home when my last clunker gave out on me. I got a pre-approval from Capital One. They verified my info via pay stubs and pre-approved me for a car up to $55k. Of course, I don't need anything that expensive. I have a charge-off/repo from over 24 months ago now. No late pays or other derogs since then. Cap1 has a variable interest rate for me depending on the car price and age. Ranging from as low as 10.75% for a new car or 15% for older cars...For some, I know this is super high but my FICO 8 is barely 600 right now last I saw. Is there any other good placed to get a prequalification to try and find a better rate via a soft pull? Also, does anyone know the typical FICO to qualify with NFCU for an auto loan? I have them for checking, savings, and a credit card right now. More details on my credit profile can be found here... My Credit Profile & Updates
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/used-cars-make-their-biggest-price-jump-in-a-half-century/ar-BB18WLrw?ocid=msedgdhp
  4. https://nonprimetimes.com/cecl-where-are-we/ There is no paywall.
  5. https://www.autodealertodaymagazine.com/358021/mazda-turns-to-toyota-for-captive-financing?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20190902-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD190827012&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576 No Paywall. WASHINGTON — Toyota Motor Credit Corp. will replace Mazda Capital Services as the captive consumer loan and lease financing company for U.S. Mazda dealers, according to a report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday.
  6. Anyone ever deal with these 2? Have a pending deal and saw dealer sent out to these two? Obviously sub prime but how bad. Dealer also sent out to Ally but not GM Financial which surprised me.
  7. Good afternoon all, I was hoping for some advice in regards to the most beneficial way to go about this. I am offered a personal loan by AMEX with a 8% APR interest rate. I currently have two other personal loans with a much higher interest rates which would be paid off by October of this year if I leave it as it is, or pay them off early through my tax refund. I am looking at purchasing a new vehicle in May of this year and my utilization on my CC is right around 35%, if I take the AMEX loan, or my tax refund it would bump my UTI. to around 22% and would also actually help my DTI which is at 28% right now. I know that Amex wont HP for the loan, so I would not add a Inquiry to my report ( I have 3 in the last 24 months across all three CRs). I am just wondering, curious how much it would negatively affect me with adding a new account/ lover my average age account that sits at 6yrs and 5months right now? I would think paying off two loans, bringing down my CC debt will give me a boost of my FICO score, right now around 710-720 across all three CRs auto enhanced. Really just worried that seeking new credit four months before applying for a auto loan is a bad thing to do ? Really would appreciate all input
  8. I have a friend willing to co-sign a loan for me. I am looking at the $12-$15k range for the loan. I don't want to do too many hard pulls, so I am going to try to get pre-approved. So, my question is should I try to get pre-approved from my personal bank (Wells Fargo) or go with one of the specialty lenders like CarFinance.com or Auto Credit Express?
  9. your Age? 43 Your Equifax Credit Score? FICO 8...718 Your Experian Credit Score? FICO 8....713 Your TransUnion Credit Score? FICO 8....715 How many years have you been on file with Equifax? 18 How many years have you been on file with Experian? 18 How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? 18 YOUR PREVIOUS AUTOMOTIVE CREDIT HISTORY Do you have an open auto loan? NO Will this open auto loan be a trade-in? Yes ( Car is paid off, Blue Book is between 9k to 11k, hope to get maybe 4k???) How many late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? ZERO How many late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? zero Your current open auto loan is financed with? Your current open auto loan payment is? Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? N/A Rate your payment history on this open auto loan from 1-10 (1=poor:10=Best) 10 YOUR REVOLVING CREDIT HISTORY Total number of revolving account(s) you have? 9 Total percentage utilized overall? 38% How many of your revolving accounts are store cards? 1 How many of your revolving accounts are major credit cards? (i.e. Amex, MC, Visa) 8 How many of your revolving accounts are known subprime credit cards 0 YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION How long at your current residence? 3 years Do you Rent or have a Mortgage, or Live w/Relative or Other? RENT Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage payment? $950 How long have you held your current job? 20 YEARS Your total provable monthly gross income is? 7270 Your provable monthly gross income is provable via what method? (i.e. computerized paycheck stub, or tax return) Paystub Is there additional monthly income? What amount monthly? No Describe the source. Is the additional monthly income provable? Spousal income is not applicable. YOUR DOWNPAYMENT Please tell me your exact down payment in cash? (rebates and trade equity are not considered, please input a dollar value only.) 8000 Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? NO If yes, please very briefly describe. Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s)? NO If yes, please very briefly describe. Please rate your overall creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10= best) 10 Please rate your Installment credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best) 10 Please rate your Revolving credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best) 9 ONE 30 DAY LATE ON CC, ABOUT 3 YRS AGO. Looking to purchase 2019 Audi Q7, between 63k to 67K....never purchased this kind of expensive verihcle, previous loan financed was 28K..will that be an issue? I have two paid off Auto Loans on my CC report for 28k and for 22k. thanks MARV Looking to purchase
  10. https://www.dealerelite.net/video/is-that-your-best-price No paywall. For your information
  11. https://www.fi-magazine.com/353919/kbb-lists-2019-best-buy-award-winners No paywall.
  12. I had financed a car with navy federal. at a amount of 65k. i was financed at 65k 8% over 5 years. after 2 years of perfect pmnts i was looking to refinance the loan. lower interest. NFCU does not refi there own loans so i started looking at other banks. My father told me to sell him the car (qualify for new rate) (so i did) since the car was new and 2 years later still considered new under NFCU loan guidelines... car was a previous year model under 9k miles would qualify for new car rates. so within the first 6 months my father had passed. car was still titled to me. because going thru the mail i found the title was mailed back by NFCU stated it was filled out incorrectly... and letters beyond it stating that they have converted it to a personal loan. (crazy interest rate of course) now today i arranged a call with the survivors dept. so im writing to see what options i have on my side if any. what i am personally considering is giving the car back since it is upside down now as LTV is ridiculous. but wondering if an option of negotiating the fair value of the car to take back loan would be on the table. or if they can actually not even take the car since title was sent back, and they converted it it a personal loan? rare situation but curious as to options and any advice would be appreciated thanks guys !
  13. Hello Everyone, Can anyone please recommend a lender or lenders that can lend while Ch 13 is in progress in the state of Texas? Ch13 has been approved and payments are being made and will continue for next 2.5 years. Attorney would need to file a motion to have vehicle purchase approved from our trustee but I need to see if I could be approved before I file a motion. Thanks in advance.
  14. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/rules-of-the-road/article/story/2018/05/arbitration-agreements-not-always-good-all-the-time.aspx No Paywall. For your information.
  15. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/special-finance/article/story/2018/10/lessons-without-the-pain.aspx?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20181006-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD180930003&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576&ajs_uid=7122G8705801J8B&oly_enc_id=7122G8705801J8B&ajs_trait_oebid=3671F9146356B0M No Paywall. I notice that in the main credit forum arbitration is a fairly frequent topic. Hope this may help someone.
  16. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/dps-office/news/story/2018/09/cox-september-sales-to-decline-7-2-from-year-ago-levels.aspx?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20181006-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD180930003&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576&ajs_uid=7122G8705801J8B&oly_enc_id=7122G8705801J8B&ajs_trait_oebid=3671F9146356B0M No Paywall. Auto Sales/finance related.
  17. I have all 3 bureaus frozen, will be purchasing a new vehicle and would like to use GM Financial as they do have some great incentives now, does anyone know who they pull and what version? I would like to be somewhat prepared, I’m in Ohio and I miss the old credit pulls database.
  18. Looking to buy an Escalade, and want to know if I should apply for the auto loan before or after my upcoming app spree. TU: 825, EX: 741, EQ 718 FICO 8's
  19. DCU is the place to go for difficult car loans. My car has over 140K on it and was a 2014 and they refied it. I was 4 years into a 530/mo 6% 7 year loan and now have a 5 year 5% loan at 280. Saving almost 50% will be nice. if I pay at the terms, it will cost 316 more in interest than if I had ridden out the current loan. However I intend to make extra payments given the extra money I’m saving so in the end ill be saving more and paying off at the same time, or even earlier than before.
  20. Justed wanted to share an approval. My Credit score was 609 Equifax Autoscored with a dismissed Chapter 13 in April of 2018 ( filed but did not go through with it; however, still shows on credit report). Perfect payment history on current auto loan for two years. Of course, I was being turned down because of Chapter 13 on the report - I was able to speak with the credit analyst at American Honda ( Finance Manager called and I spoke on my behalf) and explained the situation and asked that she look at the car credit ( two paid auto loans in the past). American Honda approved, but at 17.5% - which I will refinance once my credit improves. The car is a 2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0 ( 6-speed) - the loan was done at $29,200.00.
  21. I am self employed. There was a change in how my particular business is done, so the business crashed, and I have been in the process of rebuilding it. That is going ok, it's taking longer than I thought it would. I expect things will be very good in a few months. I have been rebuilding credit for years, and recently have had perfectly clean scores across the board. No doubt there have been some extremely close calls, and this past week, I messed up. I was already late on my cap1 card payment, and expected to get both payments before the 30 day late would hit. I have a bank I have been with for about 6 months that I do business with. So in retrospect, I should have been more on the ball, but this is what happened: I called the bank to ask about a deposit that was coming into my account that day and if it would be credited *that day* to my checking account. They verified this was true, so I made my cap 1 payment. Cap 1 hits the the account the next day and bounces out, because the incoming deposited was not credited the same day it came in. For the first time in doing business at the bank, they did not apply the payment to the account right away. If I had been aware of this possibility, I would have shown up at the bank that day and deposited some funds I had in hand. This all bypassed me until I logged into my online banking and saw the funds had not been applied and the payment had bounced. So now it is the weekend, and I have no idea what status quo is. The cap one payment has disappeared from the online record of my checking account, no peep from Cap 1 as of yet, and I will call them Monday. Sorry for that wall of text, simply, I think I will get a 30 day late, and I was planning on purchasing a better car in about 3 months. Current scores a 780, 740, 755. I am guessing an 80 point drop. With a 30 day late in such recent history, what are my chances of getting a car loan.
  22. There are a couple of threads from several years ago that suggested that one should have an "upscale retail card" in one's portfolio. I haven't seen this discussed in a long time. Is this still advisable, and if so, what are the benefits to one's credit strategy? "It looks good on manual review" seemed to be the thinking at the time, but that's pretty vague. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=434846&&page=2 http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=347063&st=0
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