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Found 23 results

  1. Good read for those with medical collections. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-spotlights-concerns-with-medical-debt-collection-and-reporting/ http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/heres-how-medical-debt-hurts-your-credit-report/ http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/consumer-advisory-7-ways-to-keep-medical-debt-in-check/ Whychat's HIPAA program: http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html
  2. A while back, I waged quite a battle with US Bank over how my account history was being reported. This progressed all the way to the executive office. In the end, they basically told me NO. Despite my providing documentation to prove they were reporting incorrectly. By then, I had been approved for a mortgage on the new house I was purchasing, and I was weary from the fight. I should not have let it go, but I moved on. Fast forward 16 months, and I am again relocating and shopping for mortgages. One of the things the loan office had questions about, of course, was the US Bank mortgage. Annoyed that I would even still have to answer for these late payments, I disputed with credit bureaus. I thought maybe since more time had passed, and the mortgage was paid off, the results might be different. Boy, were they. The disputed late payments from 2011 were changed from being between 30-60-90 days late to 120-150-180 days late. After battling them for over a year the first time, I am through playing nice with them. So where do I turn? Do I contact CFPB? Do I notify them of FCRA violations and demand correction AND compensation? Do I get an attorney? Thanks!
  3. Hello: Bad times lead to Mortgage problems. Our Mortgage fell into arrears, and we requested a modification. Instead my Mortgage co. Assigned the Note to one of the 'distressed loan' type of lenders, but we were modified and have recovered. Almost 2 years have elapsed since I landed the decent job and we're still working diligently to recover. On my credit report, my old Mortgage co. (Saxon) shows $0.00 balance; last reported 12/10 as "120+ Days past due." But when they assigned, they were paid (something) by the new lender, and they closed my account... right? My NEW Mortgage company (RCS) is showing active, paid as agreed, and all is well there. My question is this: Can I-- or HOW can I-- get this old mortgage entry to show the real status, which is "assigned" or at least "paid off"? Can I get this removed based on the fact that it's no longer active? Finally, if this is a "Closed" account, then will it read like this forever (I think closed accounts don't leave your report) or will it instead fall off in the 7 year time frame?) Thank you for all your help. -- I know that's a lot of questions, and I know that any or all of my assumptions may be wrong or misspoken.
  4. So I disputed a private student loan last month because it showed a 90+ late when in fact it was deferred during this time. The balance was wrong and it was never late so I sent Experian a mailed dispute based on these two issues. I simply wanted them to knock off the lates and update the true balance and of course they did what they love to do and aggrevate the hell out of me- they just deleted the entire trade line. Such due diligence on their part This account would have been positive- it was a $1500 loan, with a true balance of only $200 and no lates. Do I have any recourse against them as far as putting back my account? Or is it gone for good?
  5. On following this board's advice, I pay my CC down to a small amount right before I know (thought) it gets reported to the bureaus. This past month I had an $8 balance that EX and EQ showed (reporting date is the last biz day of the month), however my TU is showing $400 since I used my card on the 3rd of May… so what gives? why wouldn't they all show the same $8 balance? I thought the OC furnishes the data to all 3 at the same time btw this is for a secured US bank card
  6. I got approved for 5 lines today for sprint do the report? if so to which bureau?
  7. I have had this card since 2008. It was one of my first major bank cards (thanks to CB!). It was originally managed by Citi, I think, then BofA and now Barclays. It dropped off of my reports after the transition to Barclays. I sent them a letter in January requesting they report the account history to all three CRAs. (Rejoined CB in December to prep for a mortgage app.) They responded on 04 Feb 2014 and agreed to report it. They said to allow at least 30 days for it to appear. Well it's been over 30 days, last payment has been logged and new statement has posted. Before I spend the money on another letter via CM wanted to know if anyone else has this card and if so, has the activity for February been posted yet? I've checked Experian and Equifax and it isn't reporting. I can't get into TU until my current investigation is completed. Any help or info would be GREATLY appreciated. TIA! FYI - Credit Repair To Do List IRS Tax Lien - Received withdrawal approval and 10916 from IRS. Waiting for City Register to update records then will obtain a certified copy to send to each CRA (Everything I read here, indicates this is the surest way, as the CRAs may ignore the 10916) Citibank Lates - 1-60 day (Nov 13), 1 - 30 day (Oct 13) - Sending my third round of letters this week. This is a closed account with a balance. (Hoping to improve my utility when I can get the Barclay's card to report). Target Lates - 1 - 30 day (Sep 13) - CSR said this would be removed as a courtesy, waiting to see update on CSR Inquiries - 7 on Equifax, 1 on Transunion, 7 on Experian.
  8. I found that my auto loan trade lines for me and my DW were showing a high balance below the current balance and I believe this was negatively impacting our FICO scores due to high utilization on an installment loan. As a rule of thumb, you want your installment loans to be below 90% utilization for better FICO scores where utilization is the current balance divided by the original loan amount. With PenFed, we added on extended warrantee protection and the loans were reporting a high balance of the original car's principal balance, but the current balance was higher than this due to the addition to the loan principal of the cost of the extended warrantee. This was giving us a term loan utilization higher than 100% which is detrimental to your FICO score. Therefore, I contacted PenFed by phone to correct the issue by phone and got no where, so I sent a dispute in writing documenting that the loan document I signed showed an amount borrowed that did not match what they were reporting as the high balance. They responded in writing that they were reporting correctly. I called up and said I wanted to escalate and was told they would have to refer the matter to their legal department for further review. Now a few months later they have changed their position and agreed there is an error writing to me: I also spoke with them by phone and they indicated that the issue affect all auto loans at PenFed, so I'm writing here to alert every one in case they added any products like GAP protection or extended warrantee that increased their loan amount beyond the car purchase price so that they can make sure the correction applies to them as well.
  9. I was nosing through my reports and taking a look at my repo. The high balance on one reports the original amount of the car loan. I was thinking since the original contract was voided by the repo the high balance should be no more than the CO amount? I'm just looking for crap to dispute since I have nothing going on now. Thoughts?
  10. Back in 2006, I had excellent credit, and a $9500 USAA credit card. I added my SO to the card as an authorized user. Then 2009 hit and I found myself in financial ruin. I had let my payments slip, as I had no income for 4 months. I got everything settled and was making payments to USAA on a closed account. I was completely paying on a $0 credit line. Anways, come 2012. My tenants quit paying, live a long distance away, and I was underwater on my house by quite a bit. I could not get there to go to court, and had no options (that I knew of). Wasnt worth evicting them. I filed for Chap 7 in Aug 2012 and it was CO in Nov 2012. The negative account is still being reported on an AUs credit report. Is this legal? I would place this in the BK thread, but it seems like the BK really has nothing to do with this. The account was owned by me, and an AU should not have a negative line.... I know USAA really likes to get revenge when they are snubbed, but isnt that going a little far? Any ideas on how to take care of this? My AU has alled them, and was told the accounts are closed and she cannot be removed... she would have to call the COLLECTIONS department. Like that is going to happen. Any ideas?
  11. Been through this before (unfortunately), so I know the dril and have been paying off cards to lower my overall use and was down to the last one. It was a biggie, so paying it down should raise my score a good 20-30 points minimum (it will take my usage below 15%). This card has reported to credit bureau on the 22nd of every month for at least the last year. Of course, this month, to my surprise, when I really need it to, it has not reported (today is the 25th). Im trying to get report in order for a HELOC and have an appointment with loan officer tomorrow. Any ideas why this is happening?
  12. augie


    Help! I just took a 40 point hit! OUCH! EQ just updated today and my old mortgage changed status from PAYS AS AGREED to 120+DAYS PAST DUE. Anybody have any suggestions? It was fine yesterday. GRRRRRRRR. HOME LOANS SERVICES Hide Details 759104488XXXX 05/06/2007 $0 08/06/2013 120+ DAYS PAST DUE
  13. Can Anyone Confirm that being an AU on a Zales card reports for them.. or not. I was added to one today and they did not ask her for my social nor address an we are in seperate residences... not sure if they have some other random means of getting this done though as I have seen others confirm Zales reporting for them. Please advise.
  14. Ok so I paid for the yearly monitoring after taking a look to see which bureaus are most beneficial to have regular monitoring here on the boards. Nonetheless, now that I've given them my $130 I am very confused about something that hopefully you guys can assist me with.... I am seeing two different score when I log into the report and need to know which one is relevant. When i first pull a new report, on a page sharing only my business name and a notification that says if I am on a Downward trend or upward trend, there is a score that says.. SCORE .. of which mine is a 17 (it does note the date next to this of 6/4/13 thought my report is dated today) And then when you pull up the actual report and see all of the detailed information, there is a part that shows.. CREDIT RANKING SCORE ... mine is a 54 Which score am i paying attention to.. which is most relevant if not both.. and how do you have a 17 and a 54.. please do clarify whoever may be more seasoned in Experian and their scoring. Thanks in advance.
  15. So i received my EQUIFAX report finally for the first time and after taking some time to go through i am able to confirm a couple that report to EQUIFAX or sure... AT&T landline services SPRINT Wireless services.. Sprint is kinda iffy however seeing as I have had them since December 2011 and they only reported up through February 2012.. i still have their service and i confirmed by account number it was them, however.. dont know what is up with that.. dont want to dispute it and mess around and lose the whole trade therefore.. ill just let it be... we switched to AT&T Wireless couple days ago so here is to hoping they report to EQ.. ill add a trade with that.. AT&T (landline) FAITHFULLY reports on the 27th of the month EVERY MONTH for me on Equifax.. and on D&B.. just have to get my first copy of Experian file and i will attempt to conclude who is reporting there..
  16. Sitting here looking at Reliable INVOICE dated and Invoice Date states 6/4 ... i havent done this Net 30 thing in so long so just wondering.. has anything come into the picture making it negative to pay trades too soon. Thinking about sending off the cash for Reliable on tomorrow but recall reading some articles where some were stating instances of not believing it makes it look realistic for business to make payments "too on time" ... nonetheless.... any opinions and feedback appreciated..
  17. Was approved for a new credit card yesterday, $2000 limit. I signed up for Credit.com today, as it is free, but they only provide vague information. They do not provide specific account information, only overviews such as number of account, total balances, total available credit, etc. They are showing one more open account, and $2000 more available credit, than the last time I had checked Experian on another site, and I have not opened or even applied for any other credit. I pulled. Did my SmartCredit and TrueCredit after seeing that, and there are no changes other than the inquiry yesterday? Would it be possible that this new account reported to Experian THAT FAST? Dave
  18. Here is one perhaps someone can offer advice on? A friend has a mortgage with US Bank. In September 2010, fell 30 days late. Sent payment for September and October in late October, just before 60 days late. Payment was returned by US Bank (apparently at that level of lateness, must be certified funds) and US Bank immediately sent notice of foreclosure. A Forbearance Agreement was entered into December 2010. Basically, US Bank leveled nearly $5K in legal fees and demanded payment in full of all delinquent months. So the delinquency (which by now was nearly 90 days) was paid in full immediately and the $5K in legal fees were paid by adding an additional $400+ to each mortgage payment for the next year. Sounds like rape to me, but better than losing the home. All payments were made in certified funds by the first of each month during 2011. Fast forward to March 2013. Friend applies for a mortgage, and is OK for FHA, but turned down for conventional because US Bank reports the most recent episode of being 90 days late as January 2012. Friend disputes this with CRAs, and it comes back verified. Letters written to US Bank at address provided by CRAs, and is informed reporting is accurate. Friend starts calling US Bank, talking to anyone and everyone, trying to get an answer. And finally hits gold. Apparently, when an account goes into a Forbearance Agreement, all payments are deposited in a 'suspense' account. This account only gets 'swept' by US Bank every 90 days. So this follows what the credit reports show. Paid up as of 12/2010. Then 30 and 60 behind before next sweep brings it current, then pattern repeats. Apparently, it took longer at the end of the 12-month agreement, as that hit 90-late in January 2012 before returning to current. The issue is, there is nothing in the original loan paperwork, nor in the Forbearance Agreement, which states payments will be applied and reported this way. Basically, the last late payment was 12/2010. With that nearly 30 months old, friend would have qualified conventional. As reported by US Bank, last 90-day was only 16 months ago, so it is FHA or nothing. Can US Bank continue to report it this way? If payments are made in certified funds by the first of each month, does the borrower need to suffer such credit damage due to the lender's accounting practices? If not, any advice on how to get this resolved?
  19. When a CA is reporting an account, their information should reflect the OC's correct? So if something can only report from the DOFD (OC) shouldn't the reporting period (by CA) be limited to that? For example: Collection Agency Date opened: Jan 2012 First Reported: Mar 2013 Date of status: Mar 2013 Status: Collection account. This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2018. If the DOFD from the OC is in Dec 2009, shouldn't the reporting be until 2016(or 2017)?
  20. My DW just got a pre-approval credit card at PenFed that was applied for on 4/1/13 is now processed and showing up on her online account at PenFed as of 4/3/13. How quickly will this appear on her credit report? Does PenFed report all accounts on the same day or do they report on your statement closing date? If based on your statement close, when would the close be for an account just opened?
  21. I have a Barclays Priceline Rewards card and want to know if I add my DW as an authorized user, will the card show up on her credit report? I don't want it to show up since it is a new account and would hurt her AAOA and be another account less than one year old.
  22. I have been discharged from my Ch.7 BK for 7 months now. I have been back and forth with FedLoan Servicing since July. I have sent letter after letter, call after call, dispute after dispute about my 12 FLS lines being reported as included in bankruptcy. I have filed complaints with the ombudsman (which still has not been answered). I had the same problem with AES/Pheaa which it shares the same building and corporate staff as FLS. I BBB'd AES, and the same problem with them got fixed. No such luck with FLS. I have sent packets of CRA entries even by CMRR to their in-house counsel. The VP of Counsel himself even called me personally and said it would be taken care of. I have gotten several letters showing all my loans are in deferment and sent them to each CRA - still no change. I have letters from FLS saying the dates they have reported the changes (I have four of these type letters with different dates) still no updates, the first being in September of 2012 - so I have given them their 60 days that they request for the changes to reflect. As of today, my accounts with FLS still say Included in Bankruptcy with the last updates to the accounts being 8/31/2012. My question is, who is lying here? If they are sending updates to EQ, TU and EX - why are they not processing them? I have even CMRR'd the letters to all three - no changes. What do I have to do to have this changed? No response from the ombudsman - well over 90 days ago, should I just file with the CFPB? I am so tired of dealing with this issue.
  23. I just looked at my credit reports in detail. They report my former and current addresses, all phone numbers ever used, jobs, etc. Where do they get this information from? Especially my job. I have judgements from collectors who bought a disputed debt from another collector who bought it from a credit card company. These bloodsuckers ran my credit and tried to garnish wages from an old employer. Luckily, my credit report does not list my current employer, even though I have been there for 2 1/2 years. I have not applied for any credit in the last 5 years. Is this why my current employer isn't listed?
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