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  1. Hi all, so I’m new here and haven’t really been sure where to turn for advice and questions on this topic so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong spot. I work as a mechanic right now and I bought a toolbox and some tools for about 4k through the leasing option that was offered. I didn’t ask much questions since I didn’t know what I know now about credit and lease/loan options, and the seller didn’t explain them to me just told me to sign. But I’m stuck paying 230$ a month for another 3 years (been paying for about a year before I started getting info on the lease) the early buyout amount is the same as if I kept paying monthly (about 9k). There is no interest according the the company but they have a fixed price and term length. Basically what I want to know is can I get out of this? If I were to do like a voluntary repossession since it’s an equipment lease that I don’t see on my credit report while the repo hurt my credit? If I do have them repossess it and they sell it to cover the amount I still owe, will it come off the original 4k that I financed or my 9k buyout? Should I get a lawyer to look over the contract and see if there is a way out? Clicklease is an absolute scam of a company. They have refused to cooperate with me. For the first 5 months of my lease (when they offer an early buyout at the purchase cost) they never answered any of my calls or emails. And even as of late they give me no options to help me and minimal information unless I ask for very specific things. Clicklease has already had several lawsuits filed against them and 100s of bad reviews. But they still have a 4/5 rating with the BBB because of 100s of fake reviews.
  2. I posted a thread in the general credit forum but figured this may be more appropriate for the automotive, so I apologize for the cross post: So my question is about this settlement: http://santandermultistateagsettlement.com/Home/portalid/0 I had an SUV repo’d in summer of 2017 (originally purchased in 2012). Since I handed over the keys when they picked it up, I guess they considered it voluntary, so it’s listed as a charge-off. I just wrapped up a divorce at the time and I kept the vehicle as a result but it was still in both me and my ex-spouse’s name at the time it was taken. Fast forward to now and it’s been awhile since they have contacted me. I disputed with all bureaus to try and get it off my reports and it was deleted on EX but it was verified on EQ and TU. Based on the outcome of this settlement, will I be able to get it removed from the other two bureaus? Oh and I’m in TX by the way (not one of the states listed in the lawsuit).
  3. I have a friend who currently still have a vehicle but the debt was charged off and sold? Shes paying some company who claim to be collections but they havent sent any proof of the original loan. Her credit report shows the original loan charged-off.
  4. I was wondering if anybody could help a close friend with this. He unfortunately answered to a buy here pay here place and took his car ($8k value) and traded it in for a car he thought was in pristine condition from a guy who has a foreign name sounds like hes from Nigeria or something. Even though the guy was selling his cars outside of an old office building, my friend gave him the benefit of the doubt because, well entrepreneurship right? The problem is the next day all the check engine lights and a bunch of safety airbag etc. errors came up. He called the guy right away and the guy cussed him out and told him to just make sure to pay his monthly payment. My friend doesn't have a lot of money and the car seems to drive ok so he lets it go. So my friend pays the first payment via credit card. My friend notices its a really amateur credit card processor like square. Anyway,. The check engine oil light comes on and he has a mechanic go to do a oil change and theres only 1 or 2 quarts of oil with metal shavings in the oil. This car obviously hasn't been taken care of at all. My friend calls this dealer and complains about the condition of the car and the dealer again says don't bother me and then won't respond to any emails or texts or pick up the phone when he calls. So when the 2nd payment is due my friend figures this guy will get paid late. So when he goes to pay him, he contacts his company (dealers girlfriend) and theyve added a late fee to which my friend didn't budget for. My friend cites the fact he had to put money into repairs and asks them to waive the late fee and they refuse. When my friend finally has the money to pay the payment AND late fee, they say they will only take certified check now and he has to drive an hour to bring it to them in person. Obviously this causes more time to elapse. At the 30 day late mark, they file with the magistrate court saying that want the car back or the entire balance of the loan all at once. It actually say "foreclosure" on the served paperwork. I was not aware of any such thing as a vehicle foreclosure. This Nigerian guy has obviously done this to multiple people in the past. He never gave my friend a chance to be a good customer. He can't seem to find a lawyer because there's no money in it for the lawyer. Anybody got any advice for this guy? He's a good guy just kinda bad making money decision like who to buy a car from. What exactly is the scam this dealer is running and how do we counter it? TIA
  5. Hello, I was trying to find out some type of understanding on repossessed vehicles in the state of Virginia. I would like to ask is it legal for a loan company to charge interest on a repossessed auto loan that has been written off as uncollectable? I had a bad health situation last year and we lost our main car. I remember receiving one notice stating that I owed like $5000 but now on my credit it is stating that I owe like $22,000. The vehicle was sold last year in November at a repo auction. It was a new model vehicle in excellent condition and the loan balance at the time of repo was $24000. It doesn’t make since for me to owe $22000 on an auto that was sold for around $15000. Can someone please help me understand this? The loan company was Santander. I live in Virginia and I think they keep pumping up the balance to try and hurt me.
  6. Hello, Ok...ok don't laugh at me too hard. I know it sounds crazy but IF....I could pull this off and of course potential ramifications come into play; so let me have it to keep me focused. Scenario--- I have a Santander account at $1800 that was written off and sold to NCB. Both are not scheduled to fall off my credit reports until mid year 2020. The car, well for all argument sake, will run and has a great deal of sentimental value to me (and my daughter). Yes, I know it is a piece of metal that can be replaced. MarvBear has been helping me over in the Automotive section regarding some of the things I was working on getting beater etc. This is my oldest account (over 12 years), so helping my AAOA(correct???), as all my positive tradelines have been created just this year. So, here is where all the IF's come into play (insert some of the Keven Hart's Ok...OKKKKKay....Okkayyyy's in here now lmao). If, the Florida motor vehicle information confirming the title lien is still in Santanders name(again from other post in Automotive); and I want to get the title thus going through Santander ultimately at some point. If I wait till both Santander and NCB fall off my report, I will still want the title and will have to go through this with Santander at some point, correct to get a title? So, I am thinking "IF" I contact Santander and work this deal out---(yes I know good luck) -We agree to a dollar amount of $900.00 (total amount) -This will get NCB removed (part of the agreement-after my first payment is received) -The even bigger IF...request they re-age it and remove all the negative payments (stop laughing now) -even if they don't remove the negative payments, I will end up paying $900.00 and get the title -understanding if they make this as X-amount of payments that I agree to(thus the re-aging) help to get this as paid in full as I do want to purchase a home in the near future--next 1-2 years. -definitely getting this in writing from them I understand this re-aging will put me on the hook for up to another long 7 years of restarting the clock if I sign an agreement with them. I remember some of the situation, where I thought I owed 1 last payment and then all this interest from "no where" came out along with my decline in body/mind unable to work scenario back then...it was a hot mess. At the end of the day, if they said max amount you owe us is $1800(no further interest will accrue--flat out $1800), we will accept payments on this and update it on your credit report (I would have to have the removal of the baddies), with the REMOVAL OF NCB (after first payment or something) and then I get the title; I would do it. I am looking at, I did owe them something and I want the title. Ultimately trying to turn a re-aging into something positive on my oldest AAOA and get the NCB tradeline removed off my credit report to boot. Trying to turn the lemon to lemonade. Ok....smack me around and keep me focused please.
  7. Hello Everyone, I used information I learned in here about 6-7 years ago to help rebuild/repair my credit. Not too long after, I loss my job/unable to work due to my disabilities. This caused extreme hardships to living in my vehicle. The VA has helped me and now I am in a position to repair/fix my credit again. During this process my over 721 credit score went down to 535 according to myfico TU. I have 4 credit cards and 1 vehicle(gonna call these the "5"), all which have been charged off. 2 of these (1 credit card and Santander) have been sent to other collection agencies on my credit report too. Of the "5" negatives above, three of the credit cards are due to fall off my credit reports by Sep/2018. This will leave me with vehicle/Santander ($1,800)and 1 credit card Credit One Bank($800). Santander was actually good to me years ago when I wrote them a letter to remove some late payments. Of course my old car has died on me(tranny), thus I am in need of a vehicle. From what I have learned in here I should get a beater to get through these times, work on the Santander and Credit One Bank items. Santander also shows a really good history of payments (3 years of good payments---then the loss of job baddies that followed). So with my situation with Santander and the collection agency, I am trying to get advice on best plan of action moving forward. While I would like to get a new vehicle since I am now stable in life and can now afford to make the payments and reestablish myself; I know this may take some time. Should I contact Santander and see if they will work out something on the balance of $1800 even though it is at a collection agency as I would like to get the title of the vehicle and use it as a junker to trade (you know how some places say drag the vehicle in...know it is a numbers game with the money offered on the used vehicle or junk it all together)? If I pay off the vehicle through Santander that leaves me with $1,000 to put down on a new vehicle. My thought process is if I contact Santander and reach a pay-off agreement with them (hopefully less than the balance) that they can remove the collection agency off and I can get the title with it then being paid in full. I tried about a year ago to get a auto loan through my credit union and a few other places but was understandably denied. I put the money into my car at the time to repair it. Do you think Santander will take the money to give me the title and update it showing paid in full AND remove the collection agency??? I welcome any suggestions!!!! Thank you!!!
  8. I received a "NOTICE OF DISPOSITION AND OUR PLAN TO SELL PROPERTY" dated 4/16/2018 sent via certified mail. I responded via certified mail within the 10 day timeline stated in the letter requesting a public sale of the property. I did not receive a reply back either via telephone or in writing stating the date the sale was to take place. I received a letter stating that the property was sold on 5/8/2018 via certified mail for $18,000. I received a letter dated 5/15/2018 sent via certified mail stating that the property would be sold on 5/28/2018. This letter was sent AFTER I received the previous letter stating the car was already sold. This final letter received contains several errors: 1. The date of the public auction is wrong. The auction house (Manheim) confirmed they are closed on the day listed ( 5/28/2018) as that is a holiday. 2. The amount listed under (Total Amount required to redeem) is $12,071.54 is wrong. Upon calling attempting to pay the stated amount I was told that the correct amount is approximately $30,000. I have recorded this phone call. Upon calling several times and asking for the correct auction date, the responses have been "I do not know". I asked if I would receive a letter stating the correct date and the answer was "probably not"
  9. I am hoping to find some good help In Nevada, I had my car repo’d from coming out of divorce, nothing I could do… it seemed like the best move. anyway to make a long story short. After the Repo about 3 months later I received a letter for the bank notice to pay in full and they will be selling the car, then nothing for 9 months. I get a letter from a collection company wanting $13,600 I respond with this > Dear Mr. Recoveries Thanks for your letter I just received it. Sorry for the delay in returning correspondence I am currently struggling with unemployment and homelessness and on the good graces of friends and family. I am looking at all legal means to resolve this. First I need to start by getting the assignment of this debt or it’s probably safe to say the debt is not valid. As referenced in the top of the letter, I am financially bankrupt and only have the support of friends and family. Because this is a legal matter any future communication will be in writing. *no response from the letter. like the letter say’s, I have been getting my flowers kicked, so flash forward here present day it is now 13 months, like the letter has said I have been sleeping at my moms saving money, im a little better off. I would like to get this fixed before it gets out of control. I have called some attorneys, not real promising. looks like with such a low amount of debt, I’m prolly on my own with this and im not going to turn my money over to these debt settlement scam agencies. my questions are this - what should I try to settle this for? what is my next step? and advice going forward? what are the chances of getting sued? and do I have this correct that in Nevada they have 3 years SOL on this?
  10. Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me, Im in desperate need. I have a collection/charge off on my credit report that I have disputed a few times over the years but it seems to always update with the incorrect information. I brought a car with Drive Financial in January of 2005, I guess it transfered over to Santander. The car was reposessed in 2007 (not sure of the month) and charged off in March of 2008. This is a lender credit report so maybe the dates will actually show correct on a standard credit report. The Reported date is incorrect and has been incorrect for many years. Are they in violation? Should I DV Santander?? Also, ACCL FIN SOL brought the Santander account (Im assuming) and those dates are also incorrect. Should I DV ACCL FIN SOL?? This is the 2nd collection agency that brought this account, the other agency is no longer showing on my report. What is my best plan of action? I am trying to buy a house, but with this on my credit my FICO is not high enough. I hope someone can chime in on my situation. THANKS!! Creditor RPTD Last Acct Opnd Limit Balance Owning Amount Past Due ACCL FIN SOL 14-May 10/13 9384 9384 9384 Collection 12 Santander Auto Loan Santander Consumer 09/12 09/12 01/05 16225 0 0
  11. Hi All, I have Wells Fargo auto loan reporting repo but recovered on my credit file. I did recover my truck which is now paid off now. Paid off July 2013. Question is if there any way i can repo from my file. Perhaps a GW letter suggestions.
  12. I am almost 2 payments behind on my car loan (2 months behind as of next week) due to a cut back in hours at my job. I've been juggling things as best I can over the last 4 months, but I have just been notified that my position is not going to be budgeted for summer (June through August) and I am not sure what my hours will be afterwards beginning in Sept. I am seeking other employment, but no prospects as yet. Further, I have a ton of medical bills due to a surgery my son had to have about 9 months ago. I am strongly considering voluntary repo on the car, as I'm pretty sure that's where it's going; I cannot foresee making the payments in the next few months at least and I have to put rent, food, etc. first. I do have a car that is paid off that I will be able to use if the car is repo'd. How bad of a problem for the future am I looking at if it comes to this? Any advice?
  13. I followed whychats program. oped out, deleted addresses. Sent first letter to OC. Waited. Sent letters to CRAs. CRA just informed me that the debt is valid. Now I have a voice mail from OC (auto loan company) for them to call back. I called and the service states it's OC's recovery department. I'm in Illinois, the debt is still with OC and the loan is about 5 years old.
  14. I was nosing through my reports and taking a look at my repo. The high balance on one reports the original amount of the car loan. I was thinking since the original contract was voided by the repo the high balance should be no more than the CO amount? I'm just looking for crap to dispute since I have nothing going on now. Thoughts?
  15. I'm starting to research they Whychat method of repo deletion. I've opted out. I've disputed addresses (not much luck) and now researching state laws etc. Purchased my Carfax report today and I do not see an auction for my car. Background: Car was repo'd 4 years ago in Illinois in Febuary or March of 2010. My credit reports show CO in April. I am 99.9% confident I did not recieve any notices of auction. I did not know where they took it. I did not have the ability to get my articles out of the car. I was so upset/embarrased that I ignored it (SMH) and just figured I had no chance of getting the car back. I was not given an auction date etc. OC (Chase) is the only one reporting this on my CRs. Shows my high credit was $11,124 and actual payment amount $10,033. Comments is "charged off account, fixed rate". Chase has also never contacted me about the balance due. Now: On my carfax report it says this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I purchased -03/19/2008 9 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Chicago Heights, IL Title #X8079691495 Title issued or updated First owner reported Titled or registered as personal vehicle I moved- Loan or lien reported 02/17/2009 Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dept. Tinley Park, IL Registration updated when owner moved the vehicle to a new location 05/06/2009 Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dept. Rockwood, TN Title #85818017 I moved again- Title or registration issued Loan or lien reported 05/06/2009 Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dept. Tinley Park, IL Title #85818017 Registration issued or renewed Loan or lien reported 03/30/2010 46,373 Center Garage Cedar Lake, IN 219-374-7171 centercars.com Vehicle offered for sale 04/14/2010 46,412 Center Garage Cedar Lake, IN 219-374-7171 Electrical system checked 04/27/2010 46,432 Center Garage Cedar Lake, IN 219-374-7171 centercars.com Vehicle sold ------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, from what I see- there was no auction. The car was repo'd sometime in late feb or early march '10. It appears that the car was SOLD to a dealer on 3/30/10 then sold again to a private party on 4/27/10. Is this what you guys see? So....what now?!
  16. Happy New Year Everyone! Down to the last three stubborn baddies! I followed the Whychat method for a 2009 repo. I sent the 1st letter to the OC, since they were the only ones reporting and when they didn't respond, I sent the 2nd letter to all 3 CRA's. Last week, I get an alert back from EQ saying they verified it and also put the old address back attached to the tradeline. Still haven't heard anything from TU and EX. I'm in Californa so it's out of SOL. Where should I turn next? All advice is much appreciated!
  17. Quick question. Can a charged off repo remain in open status if the OC has not sold it and the CO was over 4 years ago? It had previously been reported closed on at least 1 of 3 reports in Oct 2009. Thanks
  18. I have a six year old repo stating my date of last payment was 11/2007 by the original dealer who is still in business. I believe it was six months prior. Anyway it states date reported 08/01/2009 on Eqifax. Anybody know of a good strategy here? I have another year remaining but would like this off! Thank you and Happy Thnaksgiving!
  19. So I've been working the whychat repo process and here's whats happening so far. I opted out and deleted old addresses. I sent the initial CRA dispute which came back verified. I sent the whychat repo letter. Santander did not respond at all. After 14 days plus a couple to take into account mail speed I fired off whychat's followup dispute to all 3 CRA's. Eq and TU are investigating. Experian sent me the following letter. "If you question the results of our dispute process, then you may want to contact the furnisher of information directly or review the original information in the public record." Now about a week before I sent the whychat followup dispute letter I had sent out a CRA dispute(Jack attack method) as part of a 1-2 punch on a CA I need off my reports. Maybe thats their response to the CA dispute however I'm operating under the assumption that they're responding to both. What should I do from here?
  20. Hi All. This forum has been extremely helpful over the last six months and has helped me clean up my credit. I do need some advice on handling my Wells repo.. I have read Why Chat's repo program and I want to make sure that's the route I should take in my situation. I'll try to keep it short. Bought and Repo in Washington State, now live in Illinois Deficiency bal reported on reports: 6700 Original loan around 10500 before junk fees and ext warranty Had it for 16 months before repo, $279 mo/payments Still reporting CO monthly on all 3 reports by Wells Never reported on my report by a CA I have no public records and can't find any judgements in court records Repo Oct 2009 (Carfax states lien placed 10/13/09) It was sold at auction 4 years ago yesterday 11/2/09 per Carfax Don't recall ever getting any paperwork after repo I have opted out about a week ago and have removed all addresses except for Exp of course (but still trying) I have never contacted Wells and never disputed it with them or CRA The car was a total lemon when I bought it, but it's too late now. Took $7k in work to get it running (new engine and tranny). Learned the hard way why they wouldn't let me buy it without the ext. dealer warranty. Should I follow Why Chat's method in my case? If not, or if I do and it doesn't work, should I offer a PFD? Maybe starting at $1000? I'll be in college for another 3 years so maybe playing that angle will help get a PFD playing the poor college student... June '13 fako score 530's - Now 654 for all 3. I imagine this repo is keeping me in this range. No longer have any collections. Did have 7. I have about 4 zero balance CO that are about 4 years old but I'll work on those after the repo. Thanks for the help and I will gladly post updates!!
  21. I used the Whychat letter on my vol repo. I received a canned reply from the OC, which basically said, "If you have a dispute, contact the CRA's directly." So I sent the follow up letter to TU, almost a month ago, which was ignored. I never received a response from TU from the follow up letter. Yesterday when pulling my reports I noticed my TU tanked 30 points. I knew immediately why, and of course, the OC has now updated my reports as current, with a few hundred dollars added to the outstanding balance (prior to the letters they hadn't updated the TL since 2010). Basic info: repo 2009, sold in first month of 2010. No contract or TL updating by the OC until yesterday. What should I do now?
  22. I have a question... I am trying to help a friend clear a repo on her credit. It is from 2.5 years ago. The $26k (crazy, I know) note was carried by the lot and they were given a company car so no longer needed the vehicle. They contacted the car lot who told them it was no problem to bring it back and nothing derogatory would be placed on their credit. Now, years down the road, they find a $20,000 collection on their credit reports. I was reading up in Whychat's repo letter to suggest to them, but my questions are this... They spoke with the lot and took the vehicle back with the understanding there would be nothing held against them. The vehicle was just put back in the pool of available vehicles and was not auctioned. It's my understanding that they can only be liable for the difference in what was owed and what the vehicle sold for at auction. Where did $20k come from?!? And, they received NO notifications of any sort regarding the vehicle being labeled as a "reposession". None. And, and... they STILL do business with this company and have current car notes with them! Would Whychat's letter still be appropriate? What would you all suggest? Thanks!
  23. I'm not really sure what I should be looking for on this account, so I'm hoping for some input. Cliff Notes Version: My old vehicle was financed with Citi and I ran into trouble making payments while I was out of work so I took some deferments, partial payment offers, etc. to prevent lates on the account. Citi did not record the arrangements and the loan was sold to Santander and by the time I found out what was going on it was in repo status. I paid it off and prevented the repo but now I'm thinking of looking for another car, I'm thinking the status on this will make it more difficult (and expensive) to get financed. Not to mention it's probably hurting me when seeking other credit as well since the account is in the negative category. What, if anything, should I address on the payment status as reporting to the CRAs below? Is there a preferable payment status I should try for (since all 3 are different)? Should I try for a deletion altogether? Or just leave it alone? Santander Consumer USA Date opened: EX: 6/1/2006 EQ: 6/1/2006 TU: 6/20/2006 Account type: EX: Auto Loan EQ: Installment TU: Installment Account status: EX: closed EQ: closed TU: closed Payment status: EX: Legally paid in full for less than the full balance EQ: Bad debt & placed for collection & skip TU: Payment after charge-off/collection Comments: EX: Election of remedy – reported by subscriber EQ: Settlement accepted on this account – paid charge off TU: Settled: less than full balance
  24. So I have done a lot of reading, to include state statutes, and can't seem to find an answer to my question. for Arizona regarding repossession, Administrative code 17, chapter 5 section 407, it states "A lienholder may sell a repossessed vehicle" but nowhere states that it must be resold. DriveTime repossessed my vehicle through a voluntary repossession but I never received a notice of sale and according to the law since I payed over $500 there would have to be a public notice of resale right? The amount reported on my cr's are identical to the amount owed at the time of repossession, not a dime more or less. This happened back in 2010 and I don't know how to see if they resold it. Any and all info/feedback is appreciated as always
  25. I posted a few weeks ago about our house buying dilemma... the main issue is, my husband has an old charge off from a car he co-signed on with his ex that was repo'd in 2008, for about $6000. I was asking if anyone thought we could qualify with that charge off and got several responses that we may be able to get through underwriting without paying the balance, as it's past SOL and cannot affect the title. So, we have our pre-qualification and are now looking at houses. There are several we are interested in, and are hoping we will be making an offer within a week or so.... but. I'm SO worried that this issue is going to come up and the underwriters are going to require that we pay the balance in full, in order to close. We have the money to pay it, but I would obviously much rather that go towards our down-payment. I'm wondering if maybe we should try offering a PFD now, for like 30%-50% and see if we can just get rid of it that way. I'm just worried that when if it comes down to having to pay it to close, that we won't have time to offer the pay for delete and will get stuck paying the FULL balance AND not getting it removed from his credit. Does anyone have any advice, or can anyone give me some peace of mind about the underwriting/closing process? If we don't do anything and wait, and the underwriters want the balance paid, would we still have a chance to write the OC and offer a settlement for PFD???
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