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Found 757 results

  1. I have an Amex with multiple lates (30,60 July, Aug 2014, 30,60,30 Feb/March/July 2015) with a relatively low credit line. I was wondering, is it better to pay it off and close it, or pay it off or to 29% and leave it open. Which would improve my credit the most fast? Its been opened since March of 2008, at 60% utilization currently.
  2. I found another website that is a good compliment to the Credit Pulls page here. Its not as extensive but does give information on average approval scores, credit line and approvals and rejections. Especially if you are rebuilding your credit and very sensitive to what cards you are applying for its very helpful. https://www.financeglobe.com/
  3. Been with the CreditBoards for about a year. I learned a few things and now I'm on my to building a nice beginning credit history. Utilizing some of the tools I picked up from here. I must say though paid off 5 this month (baddies). And best of all 5 removed. Yeah! Looking forward to working a few more issues and fine tuning and then letting cruise control take me in.
  4. I didn't do this correctly. Found this forum too late. PIF Collection. Using what I've found here, got that dispute going. Errors found! No words or actions yet. Even if I fail, should I begin my endevors on the Charge Off? Placed 1 yr ago. Found 1 discrepancy on 1 bureau so far. Chicken or the egg scenario. Collection first, wait for 2 years to pass for charge off or begin my tackle on it now? Positives really: PIF, no SoL. No banking relationship nor future want of relationship with bank. GW to EO have failed. Might have screwed the pooch on this for some tactics.
  5. 1. Chase and BOA issued 1099-C's (Code G) for cancellation of debt, in 2014, on accounts which were mine. 2. I included those in my 2014 taxable income and eliminated the tax on that income by showing, via Form 982, that I was insolvent on the day before the 1099-C's were issued. 3. After issuing the 1099-C's, Chase and BOA still reported the accounts as delinquent with the original balances still owed. 4. The accounts were disputed. Nothing changed. 5. Section 623 letters were mailed CMRRR. Not only did nothing change, both Chase and BOA did NOT answer any of the questions asked in the Section 623 letters. 6. IMHO, Chase and BOA have no right to continue collection action on debts they have cancelled. I should hire an attorney and sue. Your thoughts?
  6. I need some advise, I have been cleaning up my credit for the last 9 months or so mostly old debt with the economy fell apart. My scores have slow but steadily going up from the infernal regions. EXP 578, TU 614 and EQ 600. I have had a secured mastercard for the last 7 months and after doing an installment account with fingerhut was rewarded with a 250 dollar unsecured revolving account. I do have a charged off Kohls that is 5 yrs old which now is a Kohls/ Capital one account. I did try to settle with them after sending a letter and got a form letter back that had barely any relation to my request. I have acouple other old collection accounts one with 0 debt and is paid and the other an old medical bill that is past the SOL but another 10 months will come off. I did receive a preapproved Capital one offer 6 months ago that I jumped on for quick silver. I jumped on it and then they asked for my info and then I was rejected. I was told I had too many inquires TU 9 Exp 5 and EQ 2 and also referenced my other negative account history listed above. I do not know because now that Kohls is part of Capital one that I am screwed for all Cap one cards right now I believe so what are the cards I should be trying to go for. I even tried for a Credit one card after they sent me a preapproval also and then they rejected me saying they couldn't verify my identity because they couldn't reach me via phone and there was some sort of credit lock on my credit account on Experian. I contacted Experian and that was not true. Are my score just too low? is there something else that is messing me up. Any suggestions are appreciated and cards that may be a good start to rebuild my credit on a non secured visa/mastercard/AmerExpress/Discover.

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