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  1. In addition to Ohio and Nevada, states included in the settlement are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin. The multi-state settlement comes nearly three months after New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a similar agreement with the same CRAs. http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Media/News-Releases/May-2015/Attorne
  2. Ok, so after getting some great advice from the experts here, I am back to ask for a little more. I'm looking for some general advice as to what you think I should work on next. Sorry in advance for the long post but I want to lay everything out in one place. My Current Situation: Starting in 2006, my FICO scores were about 550 and I had plenty of bad things going on with my reports. Since then I have been lurking on credit boards, and I have been taking a long term approach and rebuilding. With the help of Credit boards 6 or so years later I have no baddies whatsoever on any of my rep
  3. Hey Creditboards, I recently sent IC systems a dv letter in regards to an old utility account they were collecting. They responded with a letter that says "accept this letter as confirmation IC will no longer pursue collection of this account and will return it to OC". What should my next steps with this be? Am I safe doing nothing? I am assuming OC will just send it to another collection agency. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Since the Canadian Forum is looking like a ghost town, I thought I could start a thread that people could update. I'm a credit rebuilder after a horrible 2010. I've finally paid everything off and have one secured card. I want to know what credit cards you've been approved for and what your credit score(s) (TU or E) were. I know a 700 score on either should get me an unsecured card, but how about 680? What I have learned so far: Capital One Secured MC - will only give you a card if you've paid off outstanding recent debts. Home Trust Secured Visa - will accept you with unpaid derogat
  5. I had a small $56 baddie from an electric utility that went to Online Collections. I'd left it sitting around because it was < $100 any my only baddie. Now it has disappeared. Nice to have a clean report. Should I pay the OC, my local electric utility the $56 to make sure it doesn't come back? DFD is 6/2011 this has three more years to bite me. (I'm not in New York.) I have three debts like this; small missed final payments from a move. Wondering if it's better to pay them or to leave them be.
  6. Hey CBers, So I'm a seasoned newbie on the board, and have been perusing the board in my credit repair journey. I have had some hiccups along the way, but I have had some progress. Now I'm stuck, and a tad bit confused. So I will be restarting my journey to continue and get the baddies off my report. So for more of an accountability factor, I will be posting my journey and also will be updating as I make progress. I would love advice, and feedback on making better choices as well. So lets get it started. GOOD TLs Honda Auto Loan - Opened May 2013 and got approved. Full on time
  7. Hello everyone, I had a joint-lease that was broken only a few months after we had opened it. Three years later it showed up on my CR... Since 01/2011, when it first became delinquent, I had not received any correspondence from the CCA regarding the debt. I hired Lexington Law, they disputed it many times, I fired Lex Law, and today I finally received a letter in the mail from NCC Businesss CCA with details about my debt. There were a total of 3 roommates including me but I lost all contact with them since 12/2010. WE owe around $3,800 total... I dont want to be the person payin
  8. Hello everyone. I'm an anxious newbie. My equfiax official Fico is 535 and I have one medical collection that I need to take care of before I tackle the other negative items(there are so many) on my reports. So I mailed the pre hippa cra letter to equfiax and Experian via certified mail. The medical collection does not appear on my TU report. Mind you I did not put my email on the letter, but I received an email from Appladm. This is an equifax email address. This is what it says: Your most recent Equifax reinvestigation has been started. This process can take up to 30 days to comp
  9. Hello CB , newbie here. After reading, researching, and information overload — I have decided it would be in my best interest to document my journey in one place. This is the best place since I spend most of my free time scouring these threads. For referencing purposes, I’ll be posting everything I’ve learned and including links to them here. This is mainly for me to keep record, but you all are more than welcomed to give advice. Or, correct any outdated or incorrect info, although I hope not to come across any. Current FICO scores (as of 08/15): EQ: 530 TU: 579 EX: 525 Current CO
  10. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/10/business/big-credit-reporting-agencies-to-overhaul-error-fixing-process.html?_r=0 The nation’s giant credit reporting agencies — which keep records on more than 200 million individuals and influence their ability to obtain credit — have agreed to overhaul their approach to fixing errors and their treatment of medical debts on consumers’ reports. Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general, announced Monday that his office had reached a sweeping settlement with the agencies, affecting consumers nationwide, which was prompted by an
  11. Good Morning all. I have been researching on the internet on how to repair my credit along with my husbands. Our goal is to be able to buy a house and get some better interest rates. We used Lexington Law awhile ago with little to no results. Decided to "fire" them. Went to see if we qualified for a home loan and was referred to another local credit specialist. 500 for both to start and 160 a month thereafter. Anyways, long story short, my bank manager told me I could do this all on my own for far less money and in the same amount of time as she could. So, here I am. We have a BK on our report
  12. Well, this is it. After long enough time sitting on the pot, I finally decided to s**t. I subscribed to my fico last month and have my online reports and scores. Fortunately, after reading this forum I learned to be skeptical of online credit reports and called each bureau to request that reports get mailed out. I hate having to wait, but I know it will be worth it. I currently have two new revolving accounts. I know that many members will frown upon my decision to open accounts with both Credit One Bank and Fingerhut, but my scores have all gone up from acquiring them and that is what I care
  13. I need some advice from the Synchrony Bank CB mafia (you know who you are on here). I've been to use the correct credit terminology (gardening) come October 1st, 2015 39 months since I last did a credit application (I know I know don't have a panic attack on me credit app junkies...take a deep breath and blow into a paper bag). Those two apps were Wal-Mart and Amazon store card. In this entire time period, I have never (slaps himself in the face back and forth) asked for a CLI from either of these Synchrony backed cards (credit ignorance before I found CB and Myfico is expen
  14. I was recently introduced to a lender " Self Help Credit Union " in San Francisco who lends to Non U.S. CItizens who do not have social security numbers. To my knowledge the credit bureaus do not report ITIN Numbers nor do they recognize them as their system is designed to block 9 digit numbers beginning with a "9". So the credit profile of the non U.S. Citizen is created based only on their Full Name, DOB and past addresses. There are many lenders who lend to different ethnic communities and report to the bureaus in this manner. When ordering a credit report they simply enter 000-00-0000
  15. Hi All! I'm new here - been lurking for a few weeks, trying to soak up all the words of wisdom I can from some seemingly brilliant people! I'll admit I don't fully understand every bit of what I've read as of yet, but I'm light years beyond where I was when I discovered this magnificent place. I have LOTS of questions and I plan on starting my own "Personal Credit Repair Journey" thread eventually (sooner rather than later), but I'm going to try to keep this first one short and sweet (too late, I know). So I, like so many others, messed up when I was younger and am doing my best to
  16. I am a noob and trying to buy a house in 3 weeks.Please help with any and all tips to help me jump 100 points. Just kidding disregard last sentence lol. I am 30 and just got a new permanent position making some good money. Wanted to invest, buy a home, finance a new car in the immediate future. Before i do any of this i am planning to pay off my debt and increase my credit score.I realize i will get raped in interest for buying a home or financing a new car etc. My tools at the moment are credit karma. My friend pays 1-2k to increase his credit buy outsourcing the work to a law firm. I thought
  17. I recently found out that two medical accounts from the same Hospital was sent to collections and now are/will be reporting on my credit report. I was curious to see what they had on file for me as I NEVER received any kind of letter that this was to be sent to collections at all! I called the CA to see what accounts they were from and they were an OC that I am aware of One for $1013.00 And another that will post to my CR on 4 May 2015 of $2626.00 I also stated that I hadn’t received any notice from the CA nor that is was to post to my credit report. The lady read off an old addr
  18. Today began wonderfully - I finally got Experian to EARLY DELETE my last collection (a medical from 2009) -- I was so excited!!! Immediately after deletion, my score DROPPED 10 points!!!! FICO 8 went 642 --> 632 with the deletion. I alkmost cried!!! FICO 04 still shows unchanged at 650 which I guess is good/neutral. This makes zero sense, and I am so very upset. Why would this happen?! NOTHING else has changed .. collection was old, I must say -- 6.4 years. But, Im told any collection regardless of age harms the score and is not part of AAofA! So what gives? I am so over this
  19. Hey all, I've been lurking CB's for a couple weeks now. I've had bad credit for years now, trying to finally get it sorted and I think I'm close to finally making real progress. Here's a breakdown of where I stand today: FICO scores: TU (562), EQ (597), EX (554) Credit cards: 0 Loans: $22,000 Auto Loan (GM Financial) at 17% APR Open Collections: 2 accounts $647 total Credit Inquiries: 23!! (Didn't realize how damaging they were when try to get approved for car loan) Missed Payments: 24 total - 22 of which are from two student loans I defaulted on in 2010. Student loans have since b
  20. Hi... First time poster, thanks for all the great info on this site...hoping you can help. Mid-aged single person, have finally gotten to a financially stable point in my life. Pulled my credit yesterday from Experian's $1 offer, and my scores are good, not great. 701 (Experian & TransUnion, Equifax: 698. I would like to get my credit above 780, but to be able to use my credit cards for as many purchases as possible so I can get points to travel (I do several international trips a year). History Had a terrible history with credit, dating back to college. Used them as free cash
  21. A friend just recently paid off their C/O Amex account and got the Optima Card last month. Ive read that once you pay off Amex in full and get a Optima Card, the negative tradlines "fall off" your reports. Has anyone had recent experience with this?
  22. Hello CB! I have a few questions pertaining to DOFD. I have read some prior threads about DOFD and felt I needed my own conversation as a new guy looking in. Advice is welcomed! First, I have 5 accounts listed on all 3 bureaus that list no date for DOFD. Some even list N/A. All 5 accounts have at lease one month reported of 30 days and 3 accounts have 60 days late. These are not charge off's or bill JDB's, they are credit cards and personal loans that have a $0 balance and closed. Second, once I establish DOFD, how do I determine when the account should be removed from all 3 bur
  23. Folks, I have been reading this site and it has helped me tremendously in my credit repair journey . I have deleted all previous addresses on Equifax and TU . Experian is a work in progress. I also successfully opted out of LN . I have an unpaid Federal and KS state tax lien on my report on all three CRAs. Transunion I disputed both items with TU in July and they came back verified . Now, TU indicated the Federal tax lien was relieved in bankruptcy . Funny thing is I never filed . I redisputed in Sept after successfully opting out of LN . It came back verified . I filled a compl
  24. If a person filed for chapter 7 bk protection and included three judgments as part of the bankruptcy, how should those judgments report to one's credit file? How long should these judgments stay on one's credit file?
  25. This will be a running thread of sorts. I’ve lurked on CB for years. Google guided me here on July 7, 2008 while I was researching BK. I still have the reports I printed that night from annualcreditreports.com. I had been forced out of my job in March 2008 in an effort to avoid paying a bonus and then denied unemployment. Being young, I didn’t realize what was going on or that I had any recourse as it was my first job after the military. Live and learn. I was 4 months into the 6 months of savings that was beaten into my head and didn’t know what to do, so BK seemed like my only option
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