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Found 6 results

  1. Hello out there! I have been reading this forum and I started to finally take the plunge in repairing my credit. I have some general question for you guys out there... I have a 90-60-30 day late from JUN-MAY-APR OF 2008 and a 150-120-90-60-30 from NOV-OCT-SEP-AUG-JUL of 2007. I understand that they will soon come off my credit report but I would like to get rid of them sooner than later as I am looking to get the best rates for a mortgage. 1. Should I attempt to remove the 150/120/90 day late first? And how will removing that impact my credit score since it happened so long ago? 2. When I dispute this with the CA, should I dispute one at a time? For instance, should I dispute the 150 day late first or would you recommend grouping the lates together? And if so, do one set of lates then dispute the other set? 3. Since this is my longest TL... I do not want the entire TL to do deleted. If I dispute these lates, will the CA (bank of america) delete this TL? Or if they cannot verify the information in 30 days, will the lates turn into 'OK'? 4. Would you attempt to dispute the 90-60-30 set to expire in 2015 or the 150-120-90-60-30 set to expire later this year? This entire process seems intimidating but I have read so many success stories and I am determined to raise my credit score! I was young and stupid when I applied for this credit card when I was in school. I did not realize the impact of those mistakes I made back in the day. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!!!
  2. Hello everyone...I am new to the board but have a rather "small" situation for which I am trying to gather my thoughts! Story: I Helped my mother obtain electric for her house since she was not able to put it in her own name without a deposit. Therefore, the bill was placed in my name and they were sent to her address where service was listed for. Recently, she moved to a new residence and was able to obtain electric in her own name. When I called to have the service disconnected I provided them with an address to have the final bill sent. Apparently, the final, bill indicating it was being sent to collections, the letter(s) from the collection agency were never received at the new address. I found out about the collections because I have fredit monitoring on my credit report. I noticed it today and immedieatly called the collections agency and paid the past due amount. My problem is they are not willing to delete the debt from my credit report. I did some research and tried to work with them and they claim that legally they are not able to remove this debt from my report. However, I have spoke to a few Credit Repair agencies and they feel different. I am skeptical if they can get it removed but I have submitted a dispute with the credit agency for which they reported it to. I am not confident that Equifax will get it removed but I figured I would try. Can any of you all offer some stories, suggestions or anything of that nature that I can try to do to get this done. My credit score went from a 722 to a 643 because of this $128 collections bill! I am hoping that I can get it deleted so my score will return to normal... Thanks Kyle
  3. I have two different first premier accounts, which I did have 2 different credit cards with first premier. My question is the OC is still reporting negatively on my credit report even though one was transferred to a collection agency. One of the accounts shows charged off and the other account shows closed. What steps should I take to have these items removed?
  4. Sooo, I started my credit repair journey about a month ago and have gotten a few collections removed. I have 2 medical collections by ucb. I sent ucb collections a dv letter using whychat's process for medical collections. They sent me a letter about 2 weeks ago saying they will no longer pursue me for payment and have ordered the all 3 cra's to remove the collections. HOWEVER, its been 2 weeks since and the collections are still reporting. I should also mention that these accounts are also in dispute with the cra's and the investigation isn't finished yet. I don't know what to do. How long should it take for it to be deleted? Any advice would be great!! :-)
  5. This is one of my last, remaining baddies. This is NOT a Citi revolving line of credit, but rather a personal loan at one of their local walk-in branches I obtained back in the day for downpayment on a new car. Disputes with CRA's have come back verified, and a GW sent to the branch was apparently forwarded to corporate, where I got the standard, "It's accurate, so this is why we are reporting it this way" response. Anybody have any luck getting one of these removed? I actually have several of these tradelines.. that are showing refinanced/closed/paid as agreed. But this last one is a paid chargeoff. Thanks.
  6. Hello - in 2008 I started filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but never went through with it because I found a job (was unemployed due to economny downturn for a year). it now shows up on my credit report, not really with any information but still under public record. And it shows up as 2010. How do I get this removed from my credit report earlier than the 7-10 years that a normal bankruptcy would take? I read articles saying write letters to the credit agencies, also write letters to the bankruptcy court for information sent to the credit agencies, but wasn't sure if if this was true, or what specifics to include? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. I am trying to buy a house and clean up my credit. KD
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