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Found 19 results

  1. Just called the Chase recon line regarding my Sapphire Preferred application. Called up and spoke to a really nice gentleman for about 15 minutes. I had a security freeze on Experian and I gave him the pin to lift that. He asked me a few questions about my BK in 2010. He asked about my mortgage and income. Then put me on hold for about five minutes and came back saying that he had to send it up the ladder for further review because of the BK. He said in 7-10 business days I would either get my card in the mail or an explanation for the decline. I asked him what his thoughts were and he said he was satisfied and he had been doing it for a long time and he had was good at reading credit... but yet it was forwarded for further review. Anybody get this message before? I really need to stop applying for cards!
  2. I'm very new to posting to this forum but have been using it for reference over the last month and wanted to share my recon story. I already had a Barclay's Reward Mastercard that I've had for over 7 months now and recently hit the CLI button. When asked how much I wanted, I was rather conservative and only asked for $250 which was granted after about an hour. So then I thought, perhaps I could have asked for more? So after reading on here about people calling the recon line to ask for more, I took a chance. After going over my account and answering a few questions, they granted me another $250! So I decided to apply for the Barclays Apple Visa card. After submitting I got the denial message and told me that I would get a letter within 7-10 days stating why. I submitted that application on Friday right before 5pm. I decided to call the recon line to see if I could get it overturned but by then it was already after 5 and they were closed. So I gave them a call today and talked to a very nice lady about reconsidering the application. She looked at my history with them and asked about my recent new inquiries which are all because I'm still rebuilding my credit history after completing BK13 a few years back. She also asked about my limited credit history gap which was because of the BK. I answered all her questions and she said since I have a good history with them and have been managing all my accounts well, that she would approve my application. I was stoked! This couldn't have been possible without the help and information that y'all provide on this forum. I can't thank y'all enough!
  3. Hi CBers, I have a question for you. DW app'd for the SYNC Home Design CC w/ EX frozen, after numerous calls to finally get to the correct UW department, and getting the right UW, we had them pull TU and she was approved (and on the 2nd call got a CLI, gotta luv SYNC!!! ). So we wanted to each get the Barclay's US Airways CC, she app'd and was Declined. NOW NORMALLY, I'd have her recon. BUT, as she has many new accts in the last 90 days, I am weary of having her call and have an UW look at her file as I have read that Barclay's is very new acct "sensitive". I remember a comment left for me once by someone on here, something about a farm animal getting slaughtered, lol. So I am thinking of letting this one go as to not bring any unwanted attention to her that might result in AA or a CLD. Am I thinking logically? Thanks again for your input! Have a great rest of your week!!!
  4. I received my Bank of America travel rewards card on Monday, called Tuesday for a CLI from 2500 to 5000, approved. Called today and asked to get bumped to 7500, put on hold for a few minutes, asked some income and employment info, approved. Bank OF America is awesome seems they are very generous with CLI's 2 in 2 days and just got the card Monday.
  5. Hi, wondering if anyone has a Current B of A Recon phone #. I have tried the ones here and have had NO LUCK! DW just got denied for a Better Balance Rewards Card after a $9k CLI on Plat Plus. Hoping to take advantage of the this, since it was a Pre Qual Offer. Thanks
  6. My last CLI spree around September 22-24 resulted in CLI's on 4 or 5 cards but got the 7-10 day notice from CHASE. After I got the letter I recon'ed it. They totally screwed me up by doing this. Got a secure message from them early today saying "Per your request" we have decreased your Credit Limit Got on the phone with them and had to tell my story to 3 different CSR's and literally waited on the phone with them for over 45 minutes just to get my Credit Limit back to what it WAS because they screwed up. Telling them I NEVER requested a CLD and that THEY made the mistake on their end. But what really angers me is that they pulled another Hard Inq just to get my CL back to the original limit. Totally unprofessional. Only good thing is that I had EX frozen so they couldn't screw me with an EX pull. I won't be asking for a CLI from these guys for a LONG time. FUNNY Thing is that I just got 2 pre-approvals for a Slate and a Sapphire card from them in the mail yesterday. WTH Should have just applied and then moved the limits around.
  7. I got my denial letters in the mail today, had applied for Barclay Rewards card and US AIr (didn't have any belief my scores supported this, but they have been pushing it, so I figured why not) First off, I thought these were going to pull TU, but they pulled Experian. I should have had Experian frozen, but a few months ago when I went to freeze it, it wouldnt let me online, said I had to mail it in. Never got around to it. My fault on that. EX score from the denial letter- 640 Their denial reasons for US Air: High number of recent credit inquiries Insufficient number of accounts High number of credit cards recently opened Their denial reasons for Rewards: Sufficient open lines of credit On the back they also listed the key factors that affected my credit score which is the usual time since delinquency too short, collection on file, etc Are the denial reasons they listed recon worthy? Have not done a recon yet, and while not scared to pick up the phone, a little apprehensive about how the call might go. Any insight for my first time?
  8. If at first you don’t succeed, you have nothing to lose by trying again…and aiming higher. (Caveat: some have incurred additional HPs in recon attempts. YMMV.) Two weeks ago I went into my local branch of a large regional bank (operating in 16 states) to close a checking account I was seldom using. The Team Leader who always helps me told me he could run a pre-qualifying credit card app, and while I was reasonably certain it wouldn’t work (I’m opted out), I also know they are primarily a TU puller – odds were in my favor that there wasn’t much to lose. I rightly guessed that my “soft, pre-qual app” turned into a HP, but it was on TU, and those have a bizarre habit of getting lost. Here today; gone in 56 tomorrows. My banker told me it would take 1-2 business days for an answer, and he checked on it the next business day. I was initially approved for $5K in the automated phase of the process, but an underwriter vetoed the software’s decision and denied me, based on the 2 remaining medical collections that are currently in Why Chat Mode. I searched high and low for a backdoor number or email – their “insider info” is guarded like a State Secret. But I’m a pretty savvy sleuth – which has annoyed more than one boyfriend along the way – and I felt reasonably certain I’d figured out the proper email formatting for employees. Yesterday, I hurled what turned out to be a rightly aimed dart at the Chief Credit Officer listed under Executive Leadership on their website. Thursday: 5:10pm – I sent email 6:09pm – I received brief but very personal reply AFTER "bankers' hours"; thanked me & congratulated me for aspiring to join the FICO 800 Club; someone will review it and get back to me within a few days 8:30pm – I replied with my sincere thanks Friday: 3:41pm – I received a generously personal response from a different person: EVP, Consumer Credit Executive – approved for $5K; original contact was copied on email 4:05pm – I was overwhelmed by their level of personal service and replied to both, letting them know they’d earned a customer for life In summary, you’ll win some…and you’ll lose some. But always remember the immortal words of Wayne Gretzky: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.
  9. I applied for a Discover card in February 2014. I was declined due to a lien (Federal Tax) from 2009. I was offered a card with a co-signer. The IRS agreed to a Withdrawal of my lien days later. I'm sending a recon letter, with the following information: Attn: New Accounts Discover PO Box 15410 Wilmington, DE 19850-5410 I'm including a letter noting that I would like a new card to do a BT at a lower interest rate for my Barclaycard. I'm including the following information as part of the request for reconsideration: 1) Discover denial letter (copy) dated 19 February 2014, citing Lien as reason for denial 2) IRS Cover Letter (copy) dated 26 February 2014, noting withdrawal of lien 3) IRS Form 10916 – Withdrawal of Filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien (copy) 4) Upromise World Mastercard Statement, PE 08 Feb 2014 (5 pages) (printout) 5) Copy of Barclaycard letter agreeing to report account information 6) 2013 W-2 7) 2014 – Annual Notice of Pay Rate and Payday 8) IRS Form 1040 and supporting documentation – 2013 tax return 9) AFCU – Bank Statement PE 31 January 2014 10) Fidelity Retirement-Investment Statement, PE 31 January 14 I'm hoping this is enough for them to reconsider and approve with a balance high enough for a BT. Last time they pulled EQ. My EQ FAKOs are: 727 on 2/20/14 on CCT and 624 on Scoresense as of 3/23/14. Baddies are the Lien (which is withdrawn and being process), 1-30 day late from Target, 6 months ago, 1-30 and 1-60 day late on Citi (closed account) 3 and 4 months ago. Also high utilization on the Barclaycard of 95%. Not sure if they will pull a new report or use the previous (they didn't provide a score). I have four more inquiries since then and one new account Roaman's. Overall utilization is at 41%. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Especially anyone with a withdrawal of tax lien approved, but not updated on reports. (Sent letter to CRA's including the withdrawal notice. NYC doesn't provide certified copies of the withdrawal. They also haven't filed it yet, but since it has been more than 30 day, I hoping things will cross in the mail and I'll have some luck getting it deleted. Overall goal is to obtain one more major credit card with a limit near or in excess of Barclays, reduce utilization and pay down student loans outstanding balance. Looking to be more financially fit with then next 6 -12 months for a mortgage. TIA for your input and assistance! Thanks, Tanika
  10. So, I'm planning to refi my mortgage in about June. I've been bringing my utilization down over the last few months since that and new accounts is what is hurting the most right now (I did an app spree at the end of May last year that this card was part of). I've been pulling FAKO scores in the mid 600's for TU and low 600's for EQ (I haven't bothered checking EX in a few months). Today I decided to ask Cap One for an increase and got a 33% on one of my cards with them putting it up to 2k. Then I searched around for Discover to see if they do a hard or soft pull. I found that they do a soft and tried that. No love. I called back for a recon and talked to a wonderful lady in their SLC office, which on a side note is not far from where I live. We talked for a few minutes and she said that they would have to do a hard pull and for a CLI she said they must pull TU. Since TU is usually my highest I was silently jumping for joy while I pretended to be deep in thought about having another hard pull. I let her pull my credit and we talked about the old bad item showing (TU shows an old judgement that is paid and I have been too lazy to dispute properly b/c I've only disputed it online). So, I asked for an increase to 5k, the account started with 3 and I have over a 90% util on that card. She asked why I wanted the CLI and what I would use it for. I told her I didn't plan to use it as I just want to lower my utilization so I can have an easier time with a refi. She ran the numbers and didn't even ask about income directly, which when you take just my income instead of mine combined with my GF my debt looks higher than it is. She instead wanted to know that my employment was stable, asked about layoffs, my company is a software company and they do really well so that isn't an issue here. After placing me on hold a few times she came back and said they approved me for 10K. I've never had anyone give me more than I asked for until today. So, when I got the card it had the highest limit (although only for a few days when I got one from Matress Firm but I'm not really counting store cards). And now there is no question since it is so much higher than my other cards.
  11. Hi, guys, So my CRs are all newly clean, and I decided to pull the trigger and apply for Chase Freedom today. My file is thin – one Cap1 secured w/$351 limit reporting since November; 1 DCU Visa with $7500 limit reporting since last month; one DCU car loan, also new; and my Chase auto loan that was just paid off. One inquiry on my EX in the last year. That’s it. No negatives on my file. I just had two awful public records removed and I'm happy about that. I checked my FICO EX before the app and it was 738 so I felt good about my chances. I app and get the dreaded 10-day wait message. Is that a likely denial? Should I wait until I hear from them to try reconning? I called their application status number right after and the woman I talked with told me they had up to 30 days to respond to me so I decided not to push. I’m a little disappointed ‘cause I thought this would be a great card to help me rebuild and relatively easy to get, but I guess that’s not the case. Any advice? Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone! Many thanks to this board. I have a few of the comenity store cards and recently got the Sportsman Guide Visa (all through soft pulls). I decided to apply for the Ann Taylor Mastercard and got the dreaded 7 to 10 day message. I waited and finally got the letter and it was a denial and I was kind of confused as it said I had a fraud risk score of 796 out of 999. (I don't know what this scoring model means) The reasons listed were just as confusing. Low level of verification (inconsistency of info provided from consumer as to what is found by credit bureau Too many recent credit checks (3) Presence of medium low fraud risk fcra verification indicators Lack of open revolving trades or lack of constant activity on revolving trades I tossed the letter to the side for about a week. There was no phone number to contact them of course. Today I called Experian and could not get anyone on the phone. I have access to my report and knew there was no fraud report and such on there. I did a little research and found a main number for comenity bank and was very lucky to get a really nice customer service rep on the phone. I explained to her the situation and she took my app number and pulled it up and compared. Basically I was turned down because the CRA did not have something as simple as ln ( as in lane) in my street address. So she processed it and approved it for $1000. Not as high as my SG Visa but I was happy it wasn't a wasted HP. And I am so happy I called. I couldn't believe how nice the rep was. It just seems crazy to me that they wouldn't just call me and verify the info before declining. So if anyone else gets denied with any of the Comenity cards - don't give up immediately. Oh and on a side note, they listed Experian in the letter as the CRA but there was absolutely no hard pull on Experian - only a soft. The hard pull was on Equifax. And, for all the cards I've done through the softs, they have all been on Equifax. So if anyone is having trouble with the cart trick, you should definitely check your addresses on EQ and make sure you are entering them exactly as they appear.
  13. I was approved for a Chase Freedom last week. The card came Saturday and I waited until this morning to call to recon the credit limit because I figured I'd have more success reaching someone who could actually help me on a weekday. So I looked up the recon number this morning (888-245-0625) and reached a very pleasant rep, clearly stateside. However, when I told her I was calling because I'd just received my new card in the mail and wanted to see about increasing the credit limit (as I was going to make it my daily card and didn't want to risk high utilization), she asked why I had called her and not Customer Service. I told her I thought it was the number I was supposed to call and she said, "No, you should have called the number on the back of your card." She then transferred me to "Alicia" (heavily accented and clearly Indian) who could only plug my numbers into her computer and give me a canned "we cannot process a credit limit at this time" response. (Just to clarify, I have no problem with Indian/oversees reps per se, simply that in my experience they're used for first-contact calls only and usually don't have the authority to override the computer). Any advice on how to proceed? Did I just get a bad recon rep? Is there a different number I should have called? Should I try again?
  14. I got my first Chase card 4 months ago. Slate with 2000 limit. Have used it heavily and paid in full every month. Just applied for and was approved instantly for 7000 CL. Called next day for CL recon... increased to 10K, since it was that easy I asked for more... denied. Initially i thought "10K is nice since I only got my first cc 9 months ago (cap1 with 300 limit) then thought about it some more and called back. Felt I should have received a higher limit with my income, payment history on other cards, and 3 loans paid flawlessly for high end cars. Talked to a very nice lady in the lending dprt... instantly approved for 20K. My advice.... pay your cards in full every month or carry a very minimal balance, and take advantage of recon numbers. Talking to a person really helps.
  15. Some of you might know the issues I already had with American Express, well in the past few days it only got worse. I'll start from the beginning. Warning! LONG READ! 7/24 - I app for the Amex Detla Gold, they triple pull me and nothing happens for a while. I call in to check the status every few days but no progress 8/7 - A second pull on TU, this makes a total of 4 8/8 - Get an email that I was approved, 2k limit - Also today after reading it was good to get multiple amex cards at the same time I app for a BCE. 8/13 - I get my Delta gold in the mail AND a denial letter dated 8/10 for the BCE. I was going to dismiss it as the only reason listed was low Fico score from TU until I looked closer. The letter for the Delta gold states on 8/7 my TU Fico was 697, the BCE (ran on 8/8) used the report from 7/24 and listed my TU Fico at 647, 50 point swing! I Called the recon line and asked about it, the supervisor told me they would look into it and to not worry about another hard pull. 8/20 - After checking my EX i notice something strange and I freeze it. 8/21 Morning - I call to AMEX again and ask about the BCE status, still listed as pending, supervisor says no reports for my on file at all. After telling him I had 4 hard pulls within 30 days, he asked me to fax in a copy of my report with the inquires, he would look into it for me. (90 Minute call) Afternoon - I call in to see if they received my FAX, a different supervisor tells me they did but is confused why I faxed that information in. I explained the situation but they claimed since the supervisor wouldn't give me their name there was nothing they could do with it. I was asked to unfreeze EX so they can look at it to recon my 8/8 application. After trying to see if they can pull a different CRA or any other solution I generate a pin online and give it to them. After a long hold, the pin they claimed wouldn't work. I kept verifying the correct numbers and they still couldn't pull it. I was asked to hang up, call EX and get another code. (60 Minute call) Experian - Luckily for me this call went smooth after a long hold. They had me make another pin since the online system wouldn't generate one for me anymore. (15 minute call) Third Call Afternoon - Provide new Pin to another specialist, she was nice but kept coming back after 10-15 minute hold times to verify the Pin. I knew we had another problem, she attempted to get a manager/ supervisor on the line but came back saying they were all in a meeting and they would call me back. (60 minute call) Fourth Call 3 hours later - Starting to get late into the day so I call back, while the specialist was looking for a manager, I get a call from another manager at AMEX. He says "we have had issues with the system today, it's defiantly something with us and not EX, I will personally get this fixed for you and will call you back tomorrow morning" I clarify tomorrow morning as before noon my time (Pacific) Morning 8/23 - Hard Inquiry shows up on EX. 11am rolling around and nothing, so I call in. This time no notes from the manager from last night, nothing. Current manager says no one was supposed to call me back, if that was the case it'll be put in the notes. I ask for the manager by name and was told there is no one by that name. She can't do anything about my application either, it was moved to the executive office and I would need to contact them. (20 minute call) Executive office - Since I don't know who my case was assigned to, the secretary has to look for it. (20 minute hold time) She comes back and has no name or extension for me. She says the only information she is allowed to give me is "we are aware of the problem, it is an issue with out systems and not Ex, our executive team does have your case and will contact you as soon as we have a resolution. There is no estimated time right now" when pressed she wouldn't tell me anything else or who to follow up with next time. 8/23 - after the EX pull earlier, now comes a TU pull. That makes 2 EX 1 EQ and 3 TU. 8/24 - Call around 12:00pm to same new accounts phone number, the first rep put me on hold to go through the exhaustive notes, came back and said that a supervisor would need to give me the decision. (Spoke about "the decision" like they already had one) She was not allowed to give it to me. Guaranteed I would get a call back within 15 minutes and took down my phone number, she even stressed the importance of me waiting by the phone to ensure I pick up. (20 Minute call) 15 minutes later, nothing. 30 minutes later, nothing. I call myself to make sure my phone works and it does. Afternoon - I call again around 1pm. Rep instantly puts me on hold while she looks for a supervisor. On hold for over 20 minutes and she checks in once. Now supervisor is here, she apologized there is nothing she can do, she says she understands why i am frustrated but since it is saturday and the other department closes early I would have to wait. She tells me a supervisor will call me back monday, I tell her that was unacceptable, I have been promised that many times over the last few days and nothing, I mention I have 6 hard pulls from American Express now within the last 30 days, she asks me to fax in my credit report showing it and they will take care of it ( I already did that 2 days ago and mentioned that to her) she checked and said that they already received it. ( 1 hour 15 minute call) Now I have to wait for monday where i "might" get another call back. I am friend, not rude to anybody on the line except for the last supervisor, I couldn't stand being pushed around anymore, I wanted to just tell them to forget it and cancel my application but then I would of taken all those HPs for nothing. Thanks for taking the time to read the whole thing.
  16. Hello All! Just got approved last night for a Barclay's Apple Visa! TU 670. Sweet, but wanted to recon underwriter to up that more. Anyone have a good backdoor phone number for them? Thanks to all.
  17. I would assume that higher income means greater opportunity for credit, higher limits, etc. Other factors matter too, of course. My reason for asking is my GF has had a pretty meteoric rise in income the last 5 years, going from around $40K to just shy of $100K. My question is, how do creditors KNOW that other than you entering the information on applications? How would current creditors know so they might consider CLIs? Is this sort of like a tree falling in the forest, if no one knows or hears, does it really make a difference? Thanks!
  18. I just applied for a DCU CC...I got the message that someone will get back to me...blah blah blah. I never heard back so I called today and the "credit manager" looked at it...I was denied. 2HP for nothing...does anyone have any success with recon? Does anyone know a phone number I could call. Thanks!!
  19. Hey all, I was recently approved for Navy Federal's Platinum card with a $14K limit. I transferred about $11,600 from my BOA MasterCard. I was concerned about high utilization on the card but I really wanted to take advantage of the 0% . At any rate, on the second call to customer service, I got a nice rep and explained my concern and she submitted a CLI request to the lending department with all the comments I had mentioned. I asked for 20K just to be safe. So, I check my account this AM and my credit line had been increased to 20K!!! This brings my available credit to $90K. And now my utilitization overall is about 11-12% now. Whew! I can stop sweating now lol
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