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Found 595 results

  1. How to increase my credit limits, get cards, etc? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, my wife and I live fairly conservatively, save about 60 percent of salary monthly and enjoy our traveling, but in about 5 years we are planning to move back to the states. How do I improve my credit while I'm overseas? I currently have 3 low limit credit cards, with nothing else really aside from some debt paid off 10 years ago. Everything is paid off monthly or bimonthly, to carry a balance occasionally.
  2. How many inquiries is too many?? How do I find out which cards are a soft pull and which are hard pulls? Seems like i am doing more harm than good in applying for credit and getting denied! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have a few more items to address from my reports I had an Alliant CU account years ago. It shows negative on my credit report as: Owner INDIVIDUAL Account Type OTHER Balance $599 Date Opened Dec 28, 2009 Date Reported Dec 31, 2017 Months Reviewed 43 Delinquency First Reported May 01, 2014 Creditor Classification UNKNOWN Charge Off Amount $599 Loan Type Date Closed Date of First Delinquency Apr 01, 2014 However, I have a letter dated 01/14/2014 that says... "In response to your/credit/debit check card transaction claim: Your account has been adjusted in the amount of $463.43 and your claim is now considered closed." I have only ever had one Alliant account. What do you think is my best coarse of action in this situation? The second item. I have a charged off Discover account in the amount of $5,582. Date of First Delinquency is Sep 01, 2015. I know how Discover is. Should I poke the bear yet? Here is the info from my credit report. Balance $5,582 Date Opened Nov 13, 2009 Amount Past Due $5,582 Date Reported Jan 15, 2018 Date of Last Payment Feb 01, 2016 Months Reviewed 96 Delinquency First Reported May 01, 2016 Creditor Classification UNKNOWN Charge Off Amount $5,582 Loan Type Credit Card Date of First Delinquency Sep 01, 2015 Third.. I have Jefferson Capital showing this account on Experian as "Account Type Factoring Company" Its listed on Equifax as Type of Account Open. I have to check TransUnion at another time. DOFD for this account is 03/2013. Can I do anything about it being listed a Factoring Company? Account Name JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYST Account # 331069XXXX Original Creditor VERIZON WIRELESS Company Sold - Account Type Factoring Company Date Opened Jun 1, 2016 Account Status Closed Payment Status Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department Status Updated Sep 1, 2016 Balance $412 Balance Updated Mar 2, 2018 Original Balance $412 Monthly Payment - Past Due Amount $412 Highest Balance - Terms 1 Month Equifax Account Number: 331069XXXX Current Status: Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $412 Type of Account Open Credit Limit: N/A Terms Duration: Terms Frequency: Date Opened: 06/01/2016 Balance: $412 Date Reported: 03/05/2018 Amount Past Due: $412 Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: $0 Scheduled Payment Amount: $0 Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 08/2016 Months Reviewed: 18 Creditor Classification: Financial Activity Description: N/A Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: $0 Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: yes Date of First Delinquency: 03/2013
  4. https://youtu.be/t3jKtjgRZQY <- EXPLICIT LYRICS - FOR SOME.. Just dont have the kids around, please. If you even click it... (from a parent..) ^^^ That was me, I guess I never really cared, figured I would die by 30. Never thought Id see 31, of course I did annnnd of course I did not want to die... Started out with the standard Cap1 $300 jobber fresh out of high school.. had no advice from the ol' bonafied, 850 FICO, 3 Bureau, Legit, Daddy. Maxxed out, cut, paid, Maxxed out, cut, paid, Maxxed out, cut, paid... then Maxxed out, not paid. F it. OOOPSY Saw no need for credit after that, (still no talk from daddy at 20) I never thought it was a thing... I got a good job making $78,000 a year traveling, (back in 2002 when that was cool) doing AutoCAD-surveying properties, mega hours... swiped the ol company card all over the country, probably $10k a month (they gave me the option to swipe my own card and pay me weekly for it).. didnt give a rats... "Living the dream"... lost job after 6 years of course in 2008... had a sub prime Sierra truck of course... lost lost lost it to repo driver.. was a sad salamander.. Told myself I didnt care.... OF COURSE. Lost all faith in credit, screw it. Got more high paying, mega hour jobs with company swipe cards - swipe swipe swipe, who needs credit.. BIGGEST salamander ON CB. Medical came up, 1000 here 1000 there.. its easy to do when you dont have healthcare.. all charged off of course... no solutions... hating life... .......HAD THE MONEY SHOULD HAVE PAID THOSE PEOPLE! ------------------------------------------------------- Well 7 years passed.. had already settled down.. found a "girl" 3 years earlier and she was just as messed up as me... Maybe more. Wacky as it gets really, the Medusa type. (Married to her now) -------------------------------------------------------- 03/16.... All of our blemishes had long fell off... figured Id try to make a move since we had a baby finally... better do something for him, right?.. better at least get him a house some day... Bought the lil guy 80 oz pure silver that day... worst part, he does not even care yet... 05/16 - TU FICO 515 - Appd Cap1.. Secured 49 for a 200, standard Cap1 CLI in 5 months to 500.. dead card. BUT FICO CAME UP! 08/16 - TU FICO 585ish - Waited 3 months, appd Wells Fargo Cash Wise, seeing as how they solicited me. 4500 instant approval! Had $13000+ sitting in checking... maybe helped. I dont know. Never questioned it, never CLI, left it the heck alone. Still to this day havent messed with them about it. That is my PRY BAR! (till I get a new one) 11/16 - CHRISTMAS! - FICO 603 - Walmart Store Card, cold appd got it.. 200. Was PO'd. How dare they when I have a 4500 pry bar, whaat tha... WHAT IN THE.. CLI button, CLI button, CLI button,Called CLI, nope,Called CLI, nope. They have no control they say in indian.. of course. CLI- nope to INFINITY....... Stuck. Maxxed that card then paid, 3 times a month, repeat... (we shop there), (and gas there). Screw em I said, wife said "omg leave it alone!!!!" - 4 months passed, CLI for 10k, came back with 6k.. ok fine whatever. Utilize 200 a month now..DONT NEED IT. WHO CARES?! I do not need any of this, I need a mortgage! The wife is all over this one like a spider.... I like Wells Fargo.. They need me lol THEY ARE MESSED UP. I am, we, are holding at least 30K in my checking at wells... still havent CLI.. they are sooooooooooo messed up dont wanna try it. 05/17 - TU FICO 675ish - Citi Bank started sending me CRAZY snail mail about their double cash.. twice a week.. it was crazy.. they hooked me.. so I applied.. jerks gave me 600 instantly. I was PO'd again and called them. After a few questions about income they said 6000... 06/17 - TU FICO 719 - Now waiting, or gardening as some forums say. No installment loan, no mortgage... waiting.. waiting... Going to mortgage in 2019. Going to CLI SP ALL before then hopefully. I would like to think it doesnt matter...not that it matters... it matters. I, we, have weak cards with loser limits. I want some of that 20K, 50K action... gonna have to wait 10 years.... The wife still needs some cards.. she is authorized on mine... I dont know.. need a house for the baby, renting is... yea.. USDA, HUD, FHA... YAWWWWWWWWWWWN. I am still an salamander, I am just doing the motions for the man.. if anyone has any input please feel free... I have elephant skin I promise.
  5. Hello, What are the Best Reloadable Prepaid Cards ? A card that looks and feels like a credit card. Does NOT have Debit on it. American Express Serve reloadable prepaid card looks pretty good. Anyone have experience with it. Can the American Express Serve reloadable prepaid card or another card with the MasterCard or Visa Logo on it be used for car rental ? ( like Alamo Car Rental ? ) Appreciate your knowledge and experience
  6. ​Has anyone had any luck getting a charge off account removed with synchrony bank/Walmart credit card? The account has been paid in full and closed.. What would be the best way to go about trying to have this negative removed from my report?
  7. 2 years ago I had no open accounts of any kind, 2 charged-off CCs, an auto-loan paid off showing numerous lates and medical & cellular collections abounded. FICO averaged from 550-580. As a dedicated lurker and following advice here, 2 years later here is my scene: Cap1 secured - $200 (my first 'rebuilder') Credit one - $1400 (1 year 7 months old) Cap1 QS One - $4100 (started at $300) Cap1 Sony - $1400 LAFCU - $1200 BOA - $2200 Penfed - $5000 NFCU - $16k Chase Ritz - $10k (disapproval overturned) Barclay - $15k (disapproval overturned to $5k increased to $15k) NFCU #2 - $8k NFCU CLOC - $15k First Tech FCU - $25k (just today) Which as of the last $25k approval today puts me just over $100k total lines available. From Penfed downward has all been approved since October 17, so I'll be easing off for a bit. CB showed me the light.
  8. I am a new member. I have read through a few of the "new member" threads and I began following the advice for the first steps for credit repair. 1- "Opt out"-- I did this, and then on a previous thread was told that it was outdated information. Is there an updated thread or forum for new members? I just don't know where to begin now. I thought I was following all of the correct channels. Thank you in advance.
  9. I'm sharing my story because I think it can be particularly challenging to make progress rebuilding with low/fixed income, but it can be done. So to make a long story long... I became disabled in 2009 and filed ch7 bk in 2012 (discharged 1/2013) and didn't start repairing until 2014 when I was able to get my student loans out of default with a consolidation loan. I could have applied to have them discharged due to disability, but the paperwork was onerous and I had them paid down to $1,000 or so. I figured I'd have at least one positive TL to rebuild with and I did, but the loans had been resold in default so I still had four delinquent TLs with 26 120+ lates. I don't know if discharge would have taken away the negative TLs from the loan being in default, but if I were to do it all again I would find out before deciding. The lates associated with those accounts have been more damaging than my BK IMHO.Although I learned here to always do things in writing/create a paper trail, that proved to be a mistake in approaching my lender about my defaulted student loans. ECMC ignored the content of my letter requesting a more affordable monthly payment and immediately used my updated address to garnish my disability benefits by 15% (about 5 times the amount of the payment I couldn't afford). I eventually got the money returned, but it was a nightmare couple of months that haunts me to this day. I recommend calling and giving as little personal information as possible until you get a repayment agreement that works for you.In 2014 my reports showed my BK7, a civil judgement that was discharged in BK, at least 5 IIB cc accounts, 2 delinquent utilities from my previous address, and a medical collection. I rushed in a bit and disputed like crazy, which got rid of 4 of the IIB cc accounts, the delinquent utilities, and the medical collection. I wasn't looking at my scores at the time (too afraid) but I have since learned that I probably should have left the IIB accounts alone as they were helping my AAOA.After that, summer 2015, my FAKOs were in the low 600s. I wanted to start rebuilding, but I took the wrong approach and applied for cards I wanted instead of researching what cards I might be able to get. I was declined for Target and Amazon store cards. I made a little extra cash babysitting, but there was never enough extra to save up for a secured card, which was definitely a goal at the time. I was very pessimistic and didn't feel like I had options. In Feb 2016 my BK7 was 3 years post discharge and I got a pre-approved offer for a CapOne Platinum card. I was so nervous that there was going to be a catch, but in March I got my first cc in 4 years with a $300 CL! I read up on CB, used the card for everything and PIF a couple of times a month and got a CLI to $800 after my 3rd statement, $1300 at the end of steps, and $3300 six months later. Just getting the card gave me the confidence to hatch a financial plan for the future and reading up on CB helped me do just that, so thank you everybody. The top item on my list was to buy a more reliable car. I had a regular part-time babysitting job by now and saved up for a downpayment, but it was still a big challenge. I had paid cash for my clunker, so I had no auto credit history. My scores were on the rise (EQ 677, EX 627, TU 648), but my extra income was not considered because it was cash. My local CU wouldn't give me a loan without a cosigner and that wasn't an option for me. CapOne again came to my rescue! In May 2016 I was able to prequalify with CapOne Auto Finance and found a 2 year old CPO car still under warranty through their Auto Navigator website with a 6.5% APR. After I bought the car an old disputed utility came back under a new CA. I see a lot of people ask DV or dispute and I was wondering if DV might be more effective, so I tried it. All the CA did was add a remark saying I disputed but they had done all FCRA required. They never responded to me directly. Once I saw the remark I disputed on EQ only and quickly the collection disappeared from all 3 reports. In the last year it has not come back again. My next goal was to improve my credit enough to refinance my car at a lower rate within a year. From what I read here that meant I needed 2 more CCs. My dad put me on his Citi card as an AU in September. Then I read about Navy Federal eligibility and I joined in November. I was approved for the cash rewards Visa for $1200 and got a CLI to $7500 after the third statement. So one year after my $300 CL start I had $12K in available credit! My utilization was around 2% and my scores were up to EQ 689 EX 690 TU 686. I have since learned that the AU cc doesn't count toward the 3 revolvers I need, but I was gun shy about applying for anything before the refi so I'm not sure I would've done things differently had I known that.Another thing I did after buying the car was to find a different part-time job (on the books) so that all my income could be considered in my refi application. And I got MyFICO monitoring in the month before I applied to refinance just to make sure my scores were at their best. FWIW, the $2 reporting trick boosted me 20 points with EX and 10 points with EQ/TU. I applied for the refi with NFCU and PenFed and I asked to apply for more than one product for each credit pull. NFCU approved the loan at 5.74% and a CLOC for $1500. PenFed approved the loan at 2.99% and a Power Cash Rewards Visa with a $4500 CL. I went with PenFed and opened a checking account there and got a CLOC for $500 the next day. I joined PenFed when I was looking for my first car loan, but they didn't approve me because I couldn't prove my income. A lot of people here say not to join with a dirty EQ report, but I'm glad I did because they are really helping with my rebuilding. I may have to do without auto CLIs in the future, but I need the help now more.My next financial step was to buy a new laptop with the Barclay Apple Rewards Visa 0% financing offer. I'm over 12 months aging on my oldest cc so I felt like I had a good chance of being approved. But I had a couple of instances of attempted ID theft over the last year and had frozen my reports for that reason. Even though I unfroze TU to app Barclay, they routed my app through their security department for ID verification. In theory this is great and I sent off copies of the requested documents right away, but it can take them weeks to verify documents. I did some research across other sites and it turns out this is business as usual for them if you are not approved instantly. I kept calling in, was told my docs were illegible, got a supervisor, was able to fax in scans, and was finally approved for $3,000. Since Barclay pulls TU, I apped Target and Amazon store cards on the same day and was approved for both! I don't plan on trying for anything else until 2/2018 when I will be 5 years post BK. My ultimate long-term financial goal is to buy a house, a very modest house. After my disability I moved to a much more affordable city, so I feel like this is possible. I don't want to even apply until all those old student loan lates fall off my reports in June 2018, which is fine because I have a lot of saving to do. I've found some downpayment assistance plans and pre-purchase educational workshops in my area, but a year ago this would have seemed utterly impossible. When you lose everything, financial stability seems at the same time more important and harder to reach. With my part-time job and disability benefits my income is less than $30K per year, but I have been able to make progress. I have lessened my anxiety considerably by making myself tend to these matters, but I remember how hard it was for me to order that first report, make that first dispute, call for that first recon. I just wanted to show things can work out for those of us with limited resources too.
  10. Two weeks after my 7th statement discover showed me some love. $500 secured to $1250 unsecured. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi all, So I applied for Marvel card and they denied me, I got the letter in the mail with reasons why and my credit score. They pulled TU and it was a score from a year ago but it was a fresh pull on my TU report. it stated my score was 576 with delinquencies that have been completely removed for a year now. my score now is 686 TU , 690 EQ and 670 EX. I have chase saphire 7,800 limit and cap1 with $8700 limit with 0 late payments and 2% utilization. Is it possible they used old report even though It was a fresh Inquiry? Any advice would be awesome!
  12. Sergio SPL


    Hi, does anyone know if I can add a AU to my credit card with Nfcu, that previously had a credit card with them that was charged off? Thank in advance
  13. So i have been on this site for a little bit. I have read alot but i still am trying to get everything down pat. When I first joined i was going thought Chapter 7 BK was Discharged on 05/12/2014. So with that we got a Cap On secured card with a limit of 300. Also we got a really bad deal on a car though first investors but at the time we needed a car. I lost my job being in the oil field of last year so that got sent back. But now i am trying really hard to get my credit up becuse we want to buy a house sometime. As of right now i have a loan though my credit union on a truck the payment is 230 but we have been paying more then that to get this paid off sooner. Also i have been working on my report have been in contact with the CRA been getting my old addresses off my report. Step 1. Remove old addresses off report- Done Step 2. Opt out - Link https://www.optoutprescreen.com/?rf=t Step 3. Dispute negative info - Little bit done here. Just got a couple of these deleted. Still need to come up with another progress to get the rest of these removed. Also here is a look at my credit usage and score of today. How can i get this Usage down becuse i know thats not good for being that high. And here is a look at my scores thought Credit tracker.com Any help would be great guys/gals dont really know what else i need to do to get that usage down.
  14. I've got a good problem with equifax they have either split, chopped or merged my file with someone else or hell Identity fraud but I doubt that one. (one day all my positive accounts were gone and 2 closed accounts were updated )AN old Mortgage was sold back in 2014 and it hasn't updated in years someone how one day in January Equifax updated that mortgage to show a past due balance and so many days late but it does show closed. Nationstar/Mr Cooper held the note and when I inquired about with them they sent me a letter stating that they no longer are reporting and had not been reporting this account. So before i write them back I wanted to check with CB to see if they can do this years after it has been reported closed with no balance update.
  15. American Express is requesting a transcript of my 2016 tax return. I never heard of such. I have 2 Amex cards, and never been late. I'm told if I don't fax the form by a particular date the cards will be canceled. Has anyone experienced this before?
  16. I sent TU a dispute letter (via mail) in reference to false inquires and incorrect names on my credit report. I received a disclosure request form due to my current mailing address I provided is not listed on their records. I found very odd because I have owned my home for 18 years. TU is asking me to send in a current address verification, SS verification, and DOB verification before dispute information is released. I'm not comfortable with that. Is there a way around this process? Please advise
  17. Hello all. I've been reading your forums for a couple of years now, and have become somewhat educated on how credit reporting and the like works. I want to thank all of you for sharing your advice and experiences. I have a nice little group of collections/charge offs that I've been counting on falling off my credit report after 7 years. I have an Experian credit report where I've highlighted all of the dates I can expect these things to be removed. The last one should come off by October of this year. I've decided to begin looking for a mortgage now because I'd like to be ready to go once these things are gone. In the past years I've gotten my credit scores up to (according to the lender's credit pull yesterday) 632 Eq. 684 Exp. 708 TU. I've had two mortgage brokers in my town tell me that since my collection/charge offs were purchased by other lenders, they won't come off after 7 years. I told them I've continuously read that the Reporting Bureaus must remove information after 7 years from the date of the first delinquency--not from the date the debt was sold. They said that's what should happen, but not what DOES happen. The lender is telling me that I will have to pay these collections in order to get a loan. She says she knows what underwriters are going to say, and they'll make me pay the collections off. On top of that, a mortgage lender has pulled my credit, so when I go to try and negotiate with these JDB agencies, they're going to really stick it to me when I try to settle the debt because they'll know I'm trying to get a mortgage. I'm wondering what I should do in this case. I'm thinking that I might want to put off pursuing the mortgage right now until after these collections fall off--and if they don't come off after the 7 years, then I can do some credit repair stuff myself, like asking for the JDBs to provide documentation, etc. All of the old accounts have been sold several times, and I'm sure by now the debt is an entry on a spreadsheet. For those of you who've pursued mortgages with charge offs and collections, what have your experiences been? What do you think I should do in this case?
  18. nosup4u


    So Im in Austin visiting my folks and they are members of RBFCU so what the hell I decided to join and I couldn't answer the identity questions correctly as they had to check Equifax for membership cause I have split and or mixed file with someone else cause some of the questions had nothing to do with me. (which I have already disputed with equifax as of Feb 8th) regardless I got the message to call and it specifies new account requirements. I put on the application that I live with my parents so what do you think they will make me do to open the account? Im prepared to go down there Tuesday to see what I need to do after i call if they will let me in does anybody know what the requirements are for new accounts.
  19. Hey Guys, I am new to this great Credit Forum. I would like to thank you all, for the great and effective information for those who are trying to improve their credit and financial knowledge. With that being said, I have rebuild my entire credit profile on all three bureau's. I have a very thin file, with scores in the mid 700, Transunion being my strongest with a 759 score. Can someone please guide me to the approval process and lenders that will extend me a credit card.
  20. I'm just getting started. Read lots of books and this forum. I'm a bit overwhelmed. This is do-able though. I am requesting hard copies via snail mail for the free reports. In the meantime I went to credit karma to see what was there. I have no credit really. I've paid outright for everything except my education which is paid and past 7 years. So nothing history wise on my reports. Everything is paid for outright. I have nothing to help build credit. REPAIR Current Score Credit Karma (while I wait for my reports) 524 Goal increase credit so I can get a fairly modest mortgage. I'd love a good rate to save money long term. Timeline 6-12 months to get a good score. I do have a Verizon issue to settle somehow. It went to collections. I'd like to attack this while I wait for reports. It is the same account, same issue, two CAs. ALDOUS AND ASSOCIATES (says 2 years 3 months) PO BOX 171374 HOLLADAY, UT 84117 (801) 272-5281 $197 JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEM (says 6 months) 16 MCLELAND RD SAINT CLOUD, MN 56303 (888) 718-0048 $271 Both actively reporting. Not sure of the last account activity date to know the SOL. I'm still learning to read Credit Karma and reports. I had attempted to contact Verizon to fix this, but I could never get a human being on the phone. I'll keep trying to reach out to them to make sure everything is taken care of and nothing else is going to be thrown at me. I've read all kinds of advice. It ranges from don't dare to validate it draws attention to you to you must validate. Any one recently validate and have it successful? I have no issues paying these off. I don't want it on my report though. So, I was considering starting with a PFD letter. Either way, I'd like a letter sent off this week to start this process. BUILD Also this week I plan on visiting my bank. I've been with them for decades and have kept a sizable savings account and checking accounts with them. I was thinking they would take a chance on me even if with a secured card with a good credit limit so I can have my first ever credit card Advice? Reassurance? LOL. I'm really not sure if I do validation or PFD letters. Or something else. TIA from someone who has lived on cash almost all her life.
  21. Hi, I wasn't able to find a letter to remove negative remark from my report for the account with a status of " Paid, was a charge-off". Can you please help me to find some samples. Thanks
  22. I owned a home for 16 years. 10 years into it, I took out home equity loan to remodel. Value of home doubled, I sold house for profit and paid off loan in full in 2003. This loan was was flipped / constantly re-sold to 3 different mortgage companies. 8 months after selling the home and moving out of state, and applying for credit, I discovered loan was not reported paid in full by last lender on credit report! I was shocked but thankfully kept all mortgage documents and monthly statements in file cabinet. Took months of phone calls, and showing paperwork to everybody to get it corrected. Here I am 15 years later. The positive mortgage account is not showing on my credit report anymore. After fun years of traveling and being debt free, I am applying for apartment rental now, and need to use loan history as reference. Just found out the last mortgage company Washington Mutual is no longer in business. Its like the history of all my hard financial work has vanished. I was told by a real estate agent thats the way it is, and I have to start all over again. I'm 50 and devastated. I'm too tired to "start over" after a lifetime of establishing myself. What legally can I do? (I still have all mortgage documents in file cabinet in storage...)
  23. Im trying to help out the old ball and chain roommate who has poor credit, FICOS low-to-mid 500s with 0 active tradelines/credit cards/loans. Theyve got poor scores and nothing open/current/positive. 1 derog. Ball and Chain burned several banks that offered secured credit cards, with those charge-offs a decade or more again. They burned Merrick Bank, Orchard Bank, Citi, Bank of America, and HSBC. Should Ball and Chain even try to get secured credit cards with any of the lenders they burned 10+ years ago? Or should they go with Open Sky Secured Credit Card? What other secured options are there now? Their credit scores are bad, low to mid 500s, with 1 large deratogry within the past 2 years that is accurate. That is not something they can ever repay, med expense. Not eligible for the good secured card options Navy Fed, Pen Fed, DCU, USAA, or the other popular credit unions. Has a lot of inquiries across their reports. Needs an affordable option, not ready to throw down a huge security deposit. Have 0 open trade lines now. They charged off with Bank of America in probably 2003 or 2004, Merrick in 2007 or 2008, and Citi in 2004. Its been many years since they charged off with those big banks. The totals on each card were a few thousand or less it sounds like. With HSBC, the chargeoff was <$500. Fairly small amounts. Will the big banks hold a grudge of a charged off credit card forever? Should they try with a big bank secured (HSBC, Merrick, BOA, Citi), or just try for Open Sky secured? Should Ball and Chain open 1 secured card, or 1 account like Fingerhut/Gettington? They only want 1. What should Ball and Chain, who has bad credit (low-to-mid 500s for FICO scores) choose for a small secured credit card? Open Sky? Or one of the banks they burned 10+ years ago with a charge off, like Merrick Bank, HSBC, Citi, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America? Budget is <$500 and wants to start with just 1 credit card right now, as they have no trade lines/loans at all and no credit cards at all now. Would/should they get 1 secured card at a big bank they burned 10+ years ago? Would that lender (like HSBC, Citi, Bank of America, Merrick) just deny them, or would the burned old lender approve them.... then take their money for 10+ year old collections and not grant them a card? P.S.- Im not able/willing to add them to my credit cards or is anyone else they know, and we dont want authorized user situations or auto loans. Theyre not eligible for DCU, PenFed, USAA, or NavyFed. Theyre preferring a $200-300 secured card, and only want to start with 1 credit card open total while they get back on their feet.
  24. What to do? I kept getting the letters from portfolio offering settlements and things of that nature. Ignored them because I had managed to have the OC Removed from Credit. Well I Fudged the Pooch by taking the settlement. Now its on each credit bureau as a new collection account. Do I have any options? I feel so stupid but this is what happens when you try to be the good consumer. Currently Rebuilding credit and I have this one new collection and one account showing 3 30 day latest back on 2016 but currently in good standing since January 2017. Its my Firestone Card with $1200 limit Ive had since 2014. I also have two Other good accounts with no lates - Victoria Secret (1k limit) Care Credit (12,000)AU I just got my Secured Cap One Card of $200 so thats not reporting yet . Student Loans Im paying monthly Closed Nordstrom Account- $990 owed - no collection shown just account Closed Target Account- $1k owed - no collection shown just account FICO 580(TU) 615(EQ) 567(EXPERIAN)
  25. Hi all. I am looking for some advice on how to address a TL that is negatively reporting on all 3B. The account was with GM Financial for an auto loan. Current Status: Charge-Off Date Opened: 03/2009 Date Reported: 08/2015 Date of Last Payment: 05/2015 Balance: $0 DOFD: 11/2014 DOFMD: 03/2015 Date of Last Activity: N/A Charge off amount: $598 (**paid in 05/2015) Comments: Paid charge off Activity description: Paid Lates: 30d - 9/11, 10/11, 03/12, 06/12, 11/12, 01/13, 02/13, 04/13, 08/13, 10/13, 12/13, 03/14, 05/14, 07/14, 08/14, 11/14, 12/14 60d - 1/14, 06/14, 01/15 90d - 2/15 CO - 3/15, 04/15 We did not get the vehicle repossessed. We paid the charge off amount and got the title in the mail. Now I am wanting to see if I have any options to address this. Goodwill letters have had no result and no reply from GM at this point. This was a joint account so it is on my report and my spouse's report. Is there anything we can do besides wait it out?

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