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Found 603 results

  1. So I think I messed up. I moved into a new apartment about 6 months ago and called Charter to get internet service. While my girlfriend and I were living together, she was paying for internet under her name, and I hadn't had it under my name for a few years. Anyways, as I was setting up internet service, Charter informed me that I owed a past due amount of around $175 from previous service (which was legit, as I remember the last time I had service with them, I lost some equipment during the move). So I paid it. Fast forward 6 months, and I check my credit report. Sure enough, there is a PAID collection from Enhanced Recovery Company, which looks like it was collecting on behalf of Charter. It was added to my report the month that I started service (December of 2017). Not before, not after, but literally the month I started service. Presumably the same day I started service. They didn't tell me it was at a collection company. I don't think the debt was sold to ERC, but I dunno. Both Charter and ERC are pretty scummy, from everything i've read. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this collection removed?
  2. I did the Capital One pre qualify online app and it says Congrats and listed a APPROVED amount. It says no documents is requested at this time. I call the 800 number and she confirmed I only need to go to a participant dealer and bring proof of insurance and my drivers license. She did say the dealer will run a hard inquiry, but the terms and everything is already set. So when I go to the dealer I won't have to show check studs correct? And I'll be doing a trade in, how if any will this affect the loan? The car I'm looking at is more then the loan but I have the equality in my trade in. Any info I may need to know before I head there please give me the heads up. I nervous. Don't want a lot of inquiries.
  3. Welp, sorry that I am back here in need of help again. I posted here a number of years back when I was in a rut credit wise. I thought that I fixed things and updated as such on this site, but I screwed myself big time since then. I am trying to settle every account so either have them deleted (through dispute or PFD) or shown as paid or settled. I'm going to try to be as succinct as possible with my dual summary. Summary of my problems: 1. I have 6 negative open balance accounts out of 8. I have a 7th negative account not mentioned anywhere on the report. 2. 5 out of the 6 negative accounts are with CA. The 6th one shows as in collections, but it is a law firm that I believe was representing the OC. 3. Total owed from open balances (there are 2 closed, CO as well) is approximately $15,000. It's been 2 years since any payment on these accounts. 4. About $2000 is from Federal student loans, $7000 is from an eviction (I don't know if this is with the OC or the law offices that represented the OC), $6,000 from credit card, and a few miscellaneous about $100 each. 5. In addition, there are 2 closed, charged off accounts. One for $15,000, and the other for $5000. It has been approximately 2 years since these accounts have been closed and CO by the OC. Plan of Action Step 1: Purchase credit reports from the 3 bureaus Step 2: Dispute each negative account and hope that the negative accounts don't respond properly so that the account is removed from the credit reports? I didn't do this last time, so I'm guessing this is the reason for this step? Please inform me. Step 3: I want to settle every account preferably through dispute and then delete, or through PFD. Questions 1. Is 1-2 Punch still an effective strategy? Because I believe this is what I'm doing in my plan of action. 2. If an item is removed or deleted that is being reported by a CA, what happens to the previous monthly reports by the OC? 3. If an item is removed or deleted because of a dispute, is that account cleared from my CR going forward or can it pop up again? 4. Which accounts should I start paying first? Do PFD letters work when I can't pay the balance or agreed upon settlement in a lump sum? I'll need to be on a monthly plan for some of the larger debts. I'll be checking the forums and reading up. Thanks for reading.
  4. It's only in the last couple of years that I've been working on my credit score. Recently, I was able to delete a medical collection using whychat, which helped my score. I'm currently at 694, according to Experian. I have one credit card which I got in Feb 2017, which is a secured CapitalOne card with a limit of $650, it was increased by $300 around November 2017. So as you can see my limit is really low, which means I can't do much with utilization and furthermore boost my score. I've made on-time payments in full every single month, and have always paid down my balances. In December I applied for a Chase Freedom card but was denied, granted, this was before I deleted the medical collections. According to Experian I have 6 inquiries showing up on my report, including, auto from two years ago, the CapitalOne, and the Chase application. The auto inquiries are expected to fall off in Oct. I'm kind of stagnant in credit growth right now, and it would be nice to either a: open another really good credit account. b: graduate from CapitalOne's secured to unsecured, or c: increase the CapOne credit limit-- I don't know how likely b, and c are apt to happen, trust me, I call them so frequently and all they can tell me is that i'm obviously a good customer, but they can't give me a definite timeframe to when I can be graduated, they claim they just review randomly, then, decide randomly when to do that, same thing stands for credit line increases. So at this point it seems like my best option would be to get a new card. So my question for all you wonderful people is, what are your favorite cards for someone who is in a position like myself--average credit score, average 6 years of credit history, paid off 2 cars, in good standing with school loans, yearly income of about $27,000, revolving utilization at 6%, etc. What has worked really well for others who were new to credit cards? I want a credit card I have a good chance of actually being approved for, and I'd also like a card that could give me nice rewards. I just don't want to be sitting around and not having improvements in my credit because CapOne sort of has me locked. Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.
  5. Recently I've had a large positive impact on my credit score with it going up 24 points, making my score now between 660-670 according to CK. I attribute these improvements to two things, finally getting a medical collection removed, and lowering my credit utilization from 30% to 6%. My question is, I don't want to hit a plateau with not seeing an improvent on a monthly basis. My goal is to be in the 700's in the next couple of months. How can I achieve that? I don't have any other collections, or other deragatory marks, some inquiries are set to be taken off by October, but I don't want to wait that long. I'm concerned that since I don't have anything major that can give me a big bump, I'll be stuck in this range for a while. I plan on keeping my utilization between 6-12%. I can't go any lower than 6 I don't think--and I don't think it would even improved my score to go below that. Any tips or advice would be helpful! Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone--I'm back with another collection account I had surgery on 11/9 and was kind of disoriented when I answered the phone on 11/10. The caller stated they were from Midwest recovery collecting on an installment loan from 2013 from check n go. I did have a couple of payday loans but there was also fraud on my checking account during that time so my bank closed that account, refunded the money and deposited it into a new account. I haven't heard anything from these people until now and I don't remember doing an installment loan at all. I requested information from them in writing and she kept mentioning an IP address. Since they contacted me and entered a collection on my CR on 11/3, shouldn't I have received something in writing from them? Should I send a DV to the address on my CR (it's only on Equifax)? As always--thanks everyone fro your help! Rhonda
  7. I have been working on repairing my credit and am currently trying to deal with an entry from Amsher Collection Services. This entry is from a local bank from around 4 years ago. I remember the last balance owed to them for an overdraft was around $500, but the Amsher entry on my credit report is showing I owe them $1,000. My credit score is around 600 and I am needing to resolve this issue as soon as possible, as I am needing to buy a home in the next year. I would love to negotiate a PFD, but I am not sure which step to take next and I cannot let this debt sit any longer. Would sending a DV letter be of any use given its age? Any advice on how to tackle this is greatly appreciated!
  8. I am wondering if there are any premium credit cards we can get approved for with Authorized User only. Needing something with a higher limit. Credit score is a 735 with 1 hard inquiry, no bad accounts, 10% utilization, 3 years AAOA.
  9. My dad just finished his Chapter 13 on April 30th of this year. He has two perfect payment history mortgages, 10+ years on both of them showing on his credit, Equifax score is a 670 and the only thing hes applied for was a Capital One Card and they gave him a $3,000 limit, no annual fee card. He wants a $7,000 vehicle from a private party and its a 2007. Any ideas who he could finance this through? Navy Federal would be a no go. Thanks
  10. I didn't believe him but he showed me the score after he did the app online, gives you an option to see your score. He had to do another credit app at dealership but was approved for $31,000 and got a 8% rate. How is this possible. His DTI is very good but still.
  11. I need some advice on how to tackle this situation I'm in a position to be able to pay off all my old debt this month and I'm closing on a investment property before the end of the month and I want to pull some some money out as I am paying cash. I have 5 negative accounts that needs attention 2 are reporting monthly I have settlement agreements on 2 accounts one of which is the two that are reporting monthly 2 accounts are student loans that are going to fall off in 7 months here are the accounts 1 is a old bank overdraft that has accepted a payment of 1250 for settlement of a 4293 current balance need to pay this off as they have me on chex they are reporting monthly 1 is an old chase account for 1350 and they are NOT reporting monthly and they have offered to settle for 650 which I am going to accept 2 student loans described above 1 is an old motorcycle loan and the bank reports monthly falling off January of 2020 My question is I'm going to pay off all current CC debt and for the sure the bank overdraft loan how will this affect my current score? (I have Bk's on my report due to my spouse getting fired and recently settled a lawsuit against the former employer so I'm going to try and get the BK's removed by going back in front of the judge with the settlement agreement and see what he says. Probably get denied but at least I'm going to give it a shot.) From what I read my score will take a minor hit from the accounts that are reporting monthly but will take a big hit on the accounts that are not reporting monthly. I'm trying to make sure I have the highest possible score possible for me to get a lender to give me some cash for this house with all cc's paid off my score will be around 660 or so. Any helpful advice other than you f'ed yourself
  12. Hello, I need help consolidating student loan I co-signed for my daughter. Any suggestions?
  13. Though I have to wait until one derog falls off my EX, I would like to know what you think about the Amex Everyday Card? Do you like Amex? Is this a credit card or charge card? How is customer service? Thanks in advance.
  14. There are a few posts on this forum which report that Equifax is no longer allowing "Authorized User Accounts" to post on their credit reports and this has just occurred on my credit report. I've known about the way to use this method to help get better scores and decided to try this by having my wife, friends who had credit cards they were not using, and family members help me understand from real world application if this method of building a diverse profile is of any benefit. I had my wife add a few of hers cards just as a "teaser test" to learn from so on one Citi Bank Diamond Visa which she also decided to add our boys and daughter on aside from myself before we ran into the trouble I'm sharing herein since we were all doing this for the first time ever. The results we experienced were not as has been historically reported and you'll see what I mean. She did the same steps for a Comenity Bank Victoria Secrets charge card she has, and a Target RedCard and the results of the efforts; were that these accounts reported as expected on all three bureaus. Equifax, TransUnion and Experian for myself and the others for three months and she has changed nothing to this day as it was from the day we started this experiment. The impact these additions had on my scores were negative verse the positive we had expected as I had cards of my own already reporting which were published as "Type: Individual" and figured the limits she added shadowed from her cards were not enough to make a positive difference in my score as the FICO legend suggests and this was tested and measured using the Myfico and direct scores from all three bureaus with the exception of TransUnion that uses Vantage Score where as MyFICO provides a FICO score over the TransUnion dataset. The cards which my wife added to my report were CitiBank Diamond $200.00 CL, Comenity Victoria Secrets $300.00 CL, Target RedCard $300.00 CL and this added a total of $800.00 in credit to my report and should have had a positive impact on my score to some degree but did instead cause my score to drop. The cards my wife added had zero balances and this experiment did appear to impact my average age of accounts in a very negative but not decrease my credit utilization ratio on any of the FICO models MyFICO's 28 scores revealed. Now what do I have on all my reports besides her additions? Zero late pays 14 major credit cards with 48% average utilization 7 department store charge cards with 11% average utilization 3 personal loans with average debt to limit ratios of 78% 2 auto loans with average debt to limit ratios of 69% 12 hard inquires 0 public records 0 collections 0 mortgages So I took this experiment to the next level and recruited my friends and family members to help me see what this might to do help my credit scores and all of them agreed under the condition which my wife suggested I agree to before helping me do this; and that was that I make the payments on whatever I charge after getting the cards which of course is only right and I had no problem with. So now I reveal the first family member who adds me to his Chase Visa had a $30,000 limit and zero balance with 8 months history in "pays as agreed". I thought for sure this might do a little something, but the results were exactly the same as my wife’s results. The utilization ratio was not affected at all, but the average age of accounts was impacted in a negative way which resulted in a decrease in credit score rather than an increase since my oldest account was 10.9 years and prior to adding "Authorized User Accounts" had an average age of 3.9 years and FICO 8 scores of 589 Equifax, 602 Experian, 571 Trans Union. Scores after adding my wife’s cards were FICO 8 scores of 580 Equifax, 591 Experian, 562 Trans Union. Scores after adding my family members Chase card were FICO 8 scores of 569 Equifax, 554 Experian, 568 Trans Union with a change in average age of 3.7 years when it was all done. I didn't stop there and next I went on to add another family members American Express Card that had a $30,000 limit and zero balance with 2.8 years in history which had the following effects on my scores FICO 8 scores of 587 Equifax, 600 Experian, 570 Trans Union with a change in the average age of 4.1 years when it was all done. Next up was my friends Capital One Card with $30,000 limit and zero balance with 4.6 years of history which had the following effects on my scores, FICO 8 scores of 585 Equifax, 620 Experian, 621 Trans Union with a change in the average age of 4.9 years when it was all done.. Next up was another friends Barclays Card with $7,000 limit and 8.6 years of history which had the following effects on my scores, FICO 8 scores of 581 Equifax, 612 Experian, 626 Trans Union with a change in the average age of 5.7 years when it was all done.. So next I paid the balances on my own credit cards down to 30% the level everyone says is (good enough) and had the following effects on my scores, FICO 8 scores of 592 Equifax, 624 Experian, 631 Trans Union. At that point I ran the FICO analyzer tool to see what it suggests I do in order to improve my score it said to pay my revolving debt down over the next 24 months at $123.00 a month to achieve FICO 8 scores of 702 Equifax, 728 Experian, 724 Trans Union. Now here comes the illegal part of my threads title, the Authorized User Accounts started disappearing from my credit report on only Equifax without a proper legal notice being sent to me as would be required by FCRA section 605 and is required regardless of whether its a change made as the request of the furnisher or a change by Equifax directly. When I call Equifax to inquire on why this has happened they stated it would be something I need to ask the furnisher of the records about since Equifax only publishes what the furnisher provides for them to publish and under no circumstances would do anything otherwise against their own policy. So, I said fine I will call the creditor and find out why this has happened and once I got through all of the phone options as was speaking to the appropriate people am told by the furnisher that they have been reporting it each and every month to all of the people listed on my wife’s AU list without fail and that there was no trouble they were aware of on their end. I then asked for a letter from them saying as much of which they cheerfully agreed to do and faxed it even instead of mailing at my request while on the phone with them. I then thought to have my wife check the status of the kid’s credit reports because she and I subscribe to Equifax family plan which allows for us all to have access to the monitoring services. We check their reports and all the accounts she added off her cards still show up on the kids Equifax report no problem at all. So now armed with this information I call Equifax back again and request to speak with the fraud department this time instead of customer service and was told by the Equifax agent that what was reported to me by the furnisher had to be an error on the furnisher end because Equifax could not see the accounts in question even showing up on my report and I said of course you don't that is why I'm calling you now, the very heart of this matter. She said I'm sorry there is nothing we can do to help you with something like this because what you are alleging we're doing is not possible. So I gave her the report confirmation numbers from my archive logs of all past reports right straight from their own direct Equifax website and she says that her system does not show those accounts as even present in the reports I shared with her based on the confirmation number provided at the top which I gave her yet while I was looking right at them at the same time we spoke over the phone and just for extra good measure downloaded a fresh copy live on the call while speaking to her to double check if something maybe was changed and sure enough the reports matched exactly what I said they had before I called yet the agent consistently said it did not show up on her end. So I say that it's very strange you don't see any record what so ever; these accounts ever reported to my file with you and yet I hold evidence of the contrary and you don't think that I deserve to know the reason these accounts once existed and were removed without the required administrative legal notice the furnisher or the reporting agency must send before removing something positive from a consumers credit report? She said no, and said I mean it has never been reported as far as I can see from all of the systems on my end. Deny, Delay and Defend. A Wonderful tactic She said again, sir we don't do anything to remove any accounts provided to us by the furnisher of credit data and that she assures me the problem is still on the furnisher end and that I need to have them investigate the matter with them again and not Equifax. I said there is just one problem with that thinking. I told her that it appears your trained to tell people things in this fashion because it appears you really don't want to do any work on investigating something I've just requested you to and mentioned to her is actually something Equifax's policy clearly allows for if a consumer wishes to direct the credit reporting agent to start an investigation over the phone verse being led to start one in writing and that taking advantage of that well known policy and I'm asking for information in discovery having no firsthand knowledge why this has happened, so that I can do whatever would be required to remedy this bad situation. She said I told you so many times now sir I don't have any information to give you as there is no evidence these accounts ever existed on our systems as you continue to allege and therefore cannot help you in this matter anymore and unless there is something else you need my help with will have to end the call. I rebutted that response by saying just wait a second and calm down and listen to the common sense I'm about to convey regarding that response. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and accept this problem is on the furnisher end you should at least be able to allow me the opportunity to use your document upload option or fax the archive file I claim to have while still on the line with you to prove to you I possess credit reports that reveal something else is in fact true and therefore once you are able to see with your own eyes must at least be able to explain why the accounts no longer exist on my file and if you don't feel that is reasonable I would be left with feeling you really don't want me to prove the allegation. I went on to say this because anyone who removes records must follow an administrative process that the law requires both furnisher and reporting agent do according to satisfaction of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Opportunity Credit Act by way of sending proper notice before any removal can occur. I go on to say that under no circumstances can Equifax say they don't have control over their own systems or governance of its own policies and furthermore the way the laws are upheld and enforced for the protection of the consumer is legally impossible. She says that she does not understand why this is relevant since there is nothing negative at all in my file but will non the less have to investigate why this has happened and still suggested that I contact the furnisher for the most authoritative information as it appears to be a problem they are causing. She effectively was ignoring all I just revealed to her over the phone regarding the way things must be handled and had no desire to investigate the matter like professional data managers at Equifax should. She then said she had to end the call as we were on the phone for over two hours and that she had other calls with real issues to deal with. I said you've provided no information on what might be the cause even after seeing with your own eyes a document which I just got from her companies own website live while we were on the phone shows something different than what she claims was unable to see on her end with all of her systems. I said if something is removed from a consumers file at the agency regardless of who removed it or why it is not possible for this to happen without Equifax having a note on who, what, when, where and why it happened as such would be required by law to be part of the record and she said if something is deleted there would be no record of it, and I remained persistent that was not true. The problem with any consumer who tries to investigate their own issues regardless of what they are congress has already decided not to allow any changes to FICO 8 scoring when "Authorized User Accounts" are used to help consumers seeking to build or rebuild their credit because doing so would violate the Equal Opportunity Credit Act. The reality is consumers are not trying to build credit they are trying to prove their payment performance as technically credit is not being built by just the mere act of reporting the existence of an account; rather its reputations that are being built and shared to the public and there are not enough ways to report this payment performance on one’s credit report to help consumers overcome the automatic assumptions being waged against them by lending institutions leading all to this kind of wrongful treatment built entirely on assumption and never firsthand substance. I being a person who has zero wrong with his report meaning from a pure derogatory perspective am a normal middle-income man who does not have issues or real needs to use such methods as afforded by using “Authorized User Accounts” to accomplish my life goals as I already secure with the credit I needed from loans, autos and credit cards which I obtained at the best rates possible before my scores dropped as a result of using the credit under the so called new rules and doing exactly as the FICO 8 experts told me to. The lenders are telling us to seek counseling that suggests we as consumers follow the guidance offered by FICO tools to the degree we desire to achieve. This is the first variable to mention because everyone is so different and what they seek to achieve with their credit is leveraged by these companies that build the mouse traps we all get stuck in by using the FICO tools promoted and the problem with this guidance is that if you’re a guy like me who does not want to pay a penny more interest than one should have to for loans and credit cards you’re going to do exactly as it tells you to just as I did; only the results are not going to be as they (SME's) promise. This tool says that high achievers do XYZ where it covers any measured area the FICO algorithm judges our payment performance on for example one of the suggestions I shared with my credit union rep/agent when trying to get these action items suggested to me completed was that FICO tools say I need to open 21 accounts in order to be a high achiever because that is what the average high achiever does and I also wanted to be a high achiever and she said that is crazy and that no one really needs this to get good rates. The credit union rep/agent also said to me that the score is not the rule it's the exception and that the credit union takes into consideration circumstances and does not make it's entire decision based on the score metrics alone and can over ride what the model suggests they follow or adhere to. After this was said I asked her to see if they would consider raising my credit limit on the card on the sole basis I didn't want to hold a credit card with them where I could not use the original limit I requested without being punished by the algorithm and she said I'm sure that won't be a problem so I tried and was told my request for an increase was denied and that I would receive a letter in the mail as to why. I did and it was exactly the opposite of what she said with all that consideration of circumstance business (a lie). I called her back at my credit union after getting the letter and said you told me to seek advice and the advice I should follow was FICO therefore in doing so have now put myself in a position that if I needed a loan for emergency family issues because of factors being calculated in the way my score evolves and is earned by doing as the tools suggests is required to be a high achiever lands one like myself in the position of being unworthy of any kind of credit aside from sub-prime type. Explaining to the credit rep/agent which they have proof of given I hold my banking with them for everything that I owe from credit cards and loans it’s less than 6% of my disposable income after all non-credit debts are paid so after I pay everything every month I have 61 percent of my income left to do as I please with; hardly a bank risk. Yet it seems this FICO score is being used to regulate, suppress and control me based on someone's opinion and assumption that because a computer model says I'm a risk I am one. I said my insurance company has been telling me that if my credit score drops below 620 I am considered a risk yet never filed a claim, never been in an accident and keep paying higher rates and that the computer model that wants to control me and deprive me of what I know I can responsibly manage and have proven as much from reports I've saved and brought in to rep/agents for manual underwriting consideration to treat me as a human with a different outcome than the herd it all matters not. Another thing the lenders say to me is you'll be fine you don't have to watch your credit utilization that much just keep it under 50% and you'll be fine so long as you pay your bills on time as this was said when I asked for large credit limits to help me become a high achiever and that in my 35 years I've had over 25 accounts at one time which I managed perfectly but that the credit reporting agencies deleted this perfection from my files after 10 years causing for me to have to prove my reputation and worthiness all over again making it impossible under most real world circumstances to ever get the number of years needed to earn the 850 mark unless we do as the model suggests. She said looking at me like I'm lying; why would the credit bureaus delete these accounts did you close them? I told her no take a look for yourself I have the old printed reports right here with me; I had all my credit in the form of loans because my real-life experience with old FICO models and suggestions at the time was that if I used more than one credit card beyond 6% one would never be able to get approved for anything until the used limit fell below 6% unless willing to pay sub-prime or just below that in interest and when the loans I took out over the years were paid off after the accounts became10 years old the credit reporting agencies deleted them. So I say the FICO system suggests you must achieve 20 years to get a perfect score but credit reporting agencies delete any evidence of an account that is not revolving and still open. Therefore, in order to never let that happen again learning from my mistakes I need to get credit cards and or revolving lines of credit that are 94% higher than what I really want or need to use so that I can accomplish the same degree of credit worthiness I had before with loans but the credit reporting agencies sent me back to the stone ages forcing me to start all over again once that perfect history was removed. I've mentioned this because when these things happen having the help of a method such as "Authorized User Accounts" would really help a man like me recover and I'm not the only one. But these scoring models are changing all of the time and it appears all insurance, financial and banking organizations are doing everything they can to make it harder to achieve the never disclosed qualifying criteria any consumer would need to know in order to be assured 100% they gain funds (from approvals) for anything in this game of monopoly were all forced to play. I don’t know why it seems no one questions why something so simple can’t be shared before someone pulls a hard inquiry. Banks should be required by law to fully disclose what exactly a consumer must do to assure an approval but instead they do everything they can to make it subjective and clear as mud and then use excuses on why they have to change it (the scoring model) to make it harder when people start getting too good as figuring it all out; which by the way the bankers have always told us they want us to exactly do.?? In execution where is the truth in that? I have a major problem with institutions that manipulate the appearance of things in the name of peace and security for the consumers protection to prop-up their policy and application decisions and make it appear all of these changes made are for innocent reasons and purposes centered around protecting the consumer when operationally it's the exact opposite in the real world. Further it appears that when banks are doing things they should not be doing to us as consumers no one is ever punished when fault is found in their corner and there credit ratings are never harmed and leave every controversy as if they are bullet proof and reputations with the banking peers seem to have no negative opinion of them what so ever and in fact reward them causing them never to suffer regardless of the wrongs they do to us while we are always required to answer to sick-minded executive rulers who are so paranoid of what might happen to them if something happens to us when these changes in scoring models and other policies must happen; yet the reality is over the last 10 years it was the banks doing the most criminal things and the paranoia they exhibit these days is justified as part of the rouse for them is to just continue to pay the fines for doing the crimes as they have enough money to get out of jail free. I call this economic terrorism and the reason is because recently unrelated to FICO issues they now say they won't allow any card holder to purchase bitcoin or guns because of morals and doing what's right when these institutions for the last 500 years have financed both sides of every war, and with it every knife, gun, grenade, missile, bomb, nuke, tank and fighter jet used to murder billions of innocent people who were only trying to defend themselves from bankers trying to steal their land and property but again have manipulated the appearance of things and spread lies and rumors to justify their criminal intentions and got the funds for all of it from us being tricked into the massive theft being allowed by lawmakers each and every day at the direction of bankers. We're talking about people who make everything upside-down appear right-side up and the key word there is appear because what we all really want is truth in lending and banking and a world that actually works right-side up not upside-down as all appears to be done as it is for unjust enrichment for the banks profits at the expense of everyone's else economic injury which appears to be more inflicted than self-inflicted as they'd like the public to believe about all our brothers out there hustling just to get by and take care of their families. As long as bankers control the money supply they will never care who writes the laws cause they will just pay what ever price necessary to get out of the punishment for that crime all together. It's hypocritical of them to do all they can to white wash the reasons were all supposed to be happy economic slaves for sole purpose of us to consent for more of this behavior to continue. We're all good people but the problem in this world is not many use the two most powerful weapons we have to bring about the best change for all, and those are for us to use of our choice and raise our voice when entities of darkness attempt to overcome the people of the light (Us the 99%). When we vote the lessor of two evils we’re not using our choice because not voting is doing the right thing as we all reap what we sow. Voting for any evil will always reap evil and never good. As long as we consent to it the bad things we all complain about bringing economic harm to us and our families will continue to happen. When we make the right choice and raise our voice like so many have done in the #metoo movement great change starts occurring from law makers who will hustle to conceal the exposure raising our voices brings. Beware of the abuse that is being played on all of us who engage in the use of "Authorized User Accounts" The banks and credit agents don't appear to want to play an honest game of monopoly. The experts say there is risk in this and if it's not people you can trust doing this with it's going to cause the ones doing it wrong (strangers) who bear the most risk and none for the bank because everyone knows what happens when you don't pay your bills and what life you won't be living if you don't follow the rules of their game “Monopoly” which none of us know really how to successfully play because the banks don't want to tell anyone what the rules are and how to succeed at it in the first place.
  15. I bought a new car (YAY) but now I have 12 new inquires in addition to 7 I already had - yes, I now have a whopping 18 inquiries!!! When I applied for a new credit card I was denied because I have too many inquiries. I attempted to dispute them but CRA responded that they're valid because I applied for credit so they won't be removed. In my letter I did not acknowledge that I had bought a car but I suspect that it was obvious since I have a new auto trade line. This was not the first time I had applied for a car loan, 6 months earlier I had talked to my credit union and bank about refinancing the car I had so they ran my credit as well. In addition I had received 3 new credit cards (YAY) but, wowers, 18 is A LOT! I know that they stay on the report for 2 years and I fear this will hinder future credit requests. I had started to build my business credit so that I could expand my business but I know that creditors will look at my personal credit so this looks extra bad. Now what?
  16. Hi there, First time on the forums and was hoping I could get some understanding on a response from a CA. I recently sent a letter to a collection agency that has been reporting medical debt of mine. It is the only derogatory on my account so I was attempting a pay for delete. I used a letter template from another forum regarding the situation and have since received a response. My letter for reference: [Name] [Address] [CA] [CA address] [date] Re: Account Number xxxxxxxxxx Dear Collection Manager: This letter is in response to your credit report entry on date related to the debt referenced above. I wish to save us both some time and effort by settling this debt. Please be aware that this is not an acknowledgment or acceptance of the debt, as I have not received any verification of the debt. Nor is this a promise to pay and is not a payment agreement unless you provide a response as detailed below. I am aware that your company has the ability to report this debt to the credit bureaus as you deem necessary. Furthermore, you have the ability to change the listing since you are the information furnisher. I am willing to pay this debt in full in return for your agreement to remove all information regarding this debt from the credit reporting agencies within ten calendar days of payment. If you agree to the terms, I will send certified payment in the amount of $XXXX payable to CA name in exchange to have all information related to this debt removed from all of my credit files. If you accept this offer, you also agree not to discuss the offer with any third-party, excluding the original creditor. If you accept the offer, please prepare a letter on your company letterhead agreeing to the terms. This letter should be signed by an authorized agent of CA.The letter will be treated as a contract and subject to the laws of my state. As granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I have the right to dispute this alleged debt. If I do not receive your postmarked response within 15 days, I will withdraw the offer and request full verification of this debt. Please forward your agreement to the address listed above. Sincerely, Name This is their response: Dear Name, Please be advised that this office represents CA name concerning the above referenced accounts originate with OC. According to our client's records, there is a total outstanding balance due in the amount of $XXXX. This will confirm that you have agreed to remit the sum of $XXXX to our office in full resolution of these accounts. Upon clearance of said funds, these accounts will be deemed resolved and closed by our office. Please remit these funds by Date. Furthermore, after conducting a reasonable investigation of the special circumstances detailed in your correspondence, we have determined that our trade line pertaining to these accounts should be deleted from your credit profile and we will notify the appropriate credit bureaus to proceed accordingly. If you wish to make your payment via our secure website, please visit website.com Very truly yours, Signature Name Manager Just looking at this response it appears to me that they are accepting the pay for delete within their own words? I do not want to get screwed over by vague wording. The use of "should" be removed kind of bothers me as they don't seem to be guaranteeing anything. Also the last paragraph throws me off as well. Are they saying that once the debt is paid in full the account is closed and then should be removed? Or are they saying it should be removed regardless? Also if i do go ahead and send payment, is using the provided site a bad idea? Or should i mail it certified with return receipt? I'd really appreciate a response from anyone who has had success in this area. I assume they are just wording things to cover themselves as they did sign the response letter. Sorry for long post, but i only have a few days to get the letter to them. Thank you in advance!
  17. I am new and feeling very overwhelmed with all the info but so grateful at the same time. I wanted to start with a simple question first and then will share my full story and where I am at credit wise right now. I am a victim of severe domestic violence and also the victim of a sexual assault from an employer while on a business trip after I left my abuser and was in a shelter. The owner of the company thought because I was so abused he could guilt me into having sex. We are now in a lawsuit as I was smart enough to voice record the assault on my phone that lasted 3 hours and then he has continues to harassment towards me via text even though I have council. He is representing himself. Now that you have a small back story my attorney advised that I change my name. My entire name. For both reasons. In my state of GA you can legally change your name for free with no having to do public service if you are a victim of domestic violence. Now onto what I do not know. How does a name change effect your credit report??? Do. They notated your old name tied to your new name?? I have Google but haven't been able to find my answers but that is how I found this site. Anyone know or anyone here ever change their full name? Thank you for any advice or help..
  18. https://slickdeals.net/f/11539935-self-lender-build-credit-and-savings-1-sign-up-fee-up-to-14-off
  19. What happens to your score if you get a line of credit and don't use it? Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  20. There are several reports of account closures, and reviews by Chase - credit and bank accounts. Can this be an unintended consequence of quick repair and rebuild? These days all the credit related information is available readily. There are blogs and websites where you can find rewards credit cards, signup bonuses, and ways to quickly earn rewards. Can this spook some issuers/lenders?
  21. DH pulled all 3 annual free cr's and all negatives are gone except 1 shared negative on EX. Aside from 1 negative there is no credit history at all, just personal info. He rarely uses his bank debit card except to pay rent. I handle all the finances. I am still a rebuilder but have a Barclays card so I added him as a authorized user last night. Barclays reports AU's tradelines to cr's. 1. My question is will this help my spouse establish new credit history? 2. Will this help AU build credit history even though the cc acct is only 1 year, 3 months old with a measly $1500 credit limit? Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it very much.
  22. Hello everyone, About 2 years ago I experienced a financial downfall. This lead to me not being able to keep up with my Verizon Wireless account which eventually was disconnected and placed into collections. The account was then sold to Collectco Inc. With my credit coming back around I recently applied for a equity line of credit to do some home improvements and was denied due to this derogatory mark. I had hoped that since my house is paid off with a current estimated value of $150,000-180,000 that a line of credit for $25,000 wouldnt be an issue, but I thought wrong. One CU told me that going into a payment arrangement and bringing the agreement in might be enough for the underwriters, but Im sceptical. Has anyone had good luck with this? If I dispute the legitimacy Im guessing there is a good chance Verizon will respond. Collectco hasnt filed anything against me as of yet. Now I have done a fair amount of reading, but the time has come for me to move on and get this taken care of. Thank you all for your guidance.
  23. Just wondering if anyone who has had success with DV letters to the 3 bureaus getting off old negative accounts, had those accounts re appear back on? Not referring to Re aging. I paid off First premier after I learned about PFDs which they said they wouldnt do anyways, its showing paid off but with the negative history. Thanks everyone!
  24. I have a medical bill on my report that I’ve been trying to remove over the past few years with letters, and even writing to CFPB.gov The debt collector only sends a letter, account summary prepared by the debt collector with my name on it, no address, or SS nothing with total money owed. I have told them that is not me, as the bill is from Milwaukee, WI, and I live in Portland, OR. The debt hasn't been properly validated in my eyes, but they keep reporting it to the credit agencies. CFPB only acted to get a response, but will not do anything to validate the debt.. I am thinking of taking them to sm claims to have it removed. I am asking for advice on having this removed please.... Thank you!
  25. I am getting ready to go on a mini app spree. Given that my Equifax report is finally completely clean (770 or so, depending on the FICO model), in my spree, I would like to prioritize card products that use Equifax in their credit decisions. The idea is to maximize my chances of approval as well as the limits I get approved for (e.g. I may get only $1000 limit if my EX score is used vs $10,000 if my EQ score is used). I have been methodically going through the credit pulls database to identify such cards. I was able to come up with only a very short list so far. What I have are thee following credit cards, which appear to primarily (not always, of course) use Equifax and which are known to give good limits: PenFed DCU USAA NFCU Discover I am not able to join two from the list above, I have also been blacklisted with one other institution from the list above. This does not leave me much. Hence, I am looking for some new suggestions. Are there any other card products I should be looking at? What would be some of the other suggestions for cards which primarily use Equifax and are known to offer good limits? Thanks!

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