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Found 617 results

  1. Hi Guys! I need help with a collection account that recently reported to my Experian report on 2/5/19, “Enhanced Recovery” purchased an old Sprint debt from May 2013. In California our SOL is 4 years. What can I possibly to get this account removed from my report ASAP! Account Name ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L,202752XXX Original Creditor SPRINT Open Date Invalid date Balance $1,302 Debt $1,302 Contact Information 8014 BAYBERRY RD,JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256,(800) 496-8941
  2. Hi all, it's been a while. I'm still rebuilding my credit and it's been over a year. It's going much slower than I'd like. The question here though, is what to do after a legal name change. I have been updating my name with the current creditors. That hasn't shown any results on my credit reports yet. I obviously cannot get any new credit until my name is updated on the credit reports. I have searched and read that you don't really need to request that the CRAs update the name because it will happen when the creditors report. What do you all say about that? If I need to update it with the CRAs, do I just send a letter with a copy of the name change court order, copies of new DL and SS card? On another note, when I was trying to update my name on smartbusinessreports, while trying to verify my identity, their system pulled up a bunch of info totally unrelated to me, presumably related to someone else whose name matches my new legal name. The questions they asked were not related to anything on my Big3 reports. Is it possible my data got merged with someone else's on one of the others like LexisNexus, Innovis, etc??
  3. This is for two family members. They have score's in the 600's but don't have open accounts. Member #1 Scores are 627 on Transunion and 667 on Equifax. No open accounts. Member #2 Scores are N/A on Transunion and 638 on Equifax. No open accounts. This person applied for Costco credit card recently and was denied mostly due to no open accounts I believe. He got a hard inquiry on both bureaus. All of their closed accounts are in good standings but there isn't much history. I, for example, have the Capital One that I got about 7 years ago to build credit. I could maybe add them to my account or try to get them to obtain their own cards. Maybe there are better cards.
  4. Hi, there was a wells fargo account credit card account that was charged off years ago in 2011 but the accounts last payment is showing 2013. here are some more details: Account Status Closed Payment Status Charge-off Status Updated Oct 1, 2013 Usage 125% Balance $1,498 Balance Updated Jan 2, 2019 Last Year I received an IRS letter stating that I didn't report the charged off amount as income for my 2016 taxes. Wells Fargo cancelled the debt and sent it to the IRS on the last day of the year in 2016. As soon as i received the letter i paid the debt in full. Here's where I'm stuck on how to proceed. My credit report still shows the full charged off amount even though I paid it to the IRS when requested and i cant get it removed no matter how many times a dispute it. According to experian the account will be removed from my credit report at the end of this year in 12/2019. I need some more information because I don't want to do anything have the clock be reset on when the account will be removed. ( I'm afraid of a situation where if any new information is inputted resulting to a reset of the 7 year rule) Should I give up and wait for the account to be removed? Or should I press further and keep trying to have it corrected. And if I were to do so, what is the best way of going about it? Thank you so much for the help.
  5. I'm in the market to finance a new car and have had a car loan before which I started in 2008 for 12k + interest from Carmax and I finished paying it completely a few years later but it's been deleted from all of the credit bureaus. I think it was deleted after disputing an error. I wanted it corrected but instead, they deleted it and now my credit shows no history of a car loan which could benefit me in getting the new car finance. Is there any way to get this loan to show back on my credit?
  6. Hello! The day after Christmas, I checked my EQ report and found that a particularly scummy CA that's known for this practice dropped a collection on my previously clean report. It's an alleged payday loan from 7/2012. The CA has never contacted me in any way. I see from my research that reporting a collection on a report is considered to be first contact. Since then, it's been added to TU too. As I craft my dispute, I wanted to confirm a few things and how to word and prioritize the items on my dispute letter. 1. The date it was assigned was 12/19/18. 2. The date it was reported was 12/24/18 (obviously, this doesn't allow for the 30-day dispute process, but if reporting on a report is first contact, that may be moot...?) 3. Since that first contact, including allowances for the holidays, I have not received the required dunning letter within 5 days of first contact. 4. In reading the April 22, 2017, post from ICanHasMuny? on this thread (link at the end of the post), this type of account shouldn't even be reported: "EX TU an EQ won't accept the following information from furnishers effective june 2016 - so if you have this type of information still on your reports, DISPUTE IT OFF ... check cashing companies payday loan companies" I'm pretty hacked off about this... the DOFD is 7/2012. I don't have an exact date yet. I appreciate any guidance on disputing this, especially regarding the wording and citations. I haven't had to deal with any negatives in a few years, and this was a shock. Thanks very much!
  7. I'll keep this brief and to the point, but PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask for more details! I just purchased a home at the end of October, so I'd been holding off on any unnecessary activity until that was done. I currently have no credit cards, store or otherwise. What are some good card options with good approval odds? Currently sitting at 617 (TU) and 623(EQ). These are CK numbers. Thanks!!
  8. I wanted to provide an update as it’s been quite some time. Let’s just say that Creditboard changed my life. You can look at my profile to see were I was when I started. I was looking at mid 500 scores. I pulled up my credit report today and let’s just say that I’ve been able to successfully remove EVERY negative thing on my credit. As I write this, I have a 710 FICO score, no negative trade lines and 2 credit cards. 1 with First progress for $300 that I’ve kept because it’s my longest one (4 years) and a CHASE card with $20,000 limit that I don’t think I’ve used more than $1000 at a time. Let’s just say that when I started this journey, things were not looking good and next week my wife and I are about to close on a house! For those on this path, stay the course and keep your head up, the advice on here works
  9. Hello I wanted some clarification on when NFCU does their Annual Reviews? Also I wanted to verify if you applied for a CLI after they pulled your report they wouldn't pull again? I have added some quality cards and refinances and the inquiries are moving higher than I would like. Thanks
  10. Hello I have a Collection Account on Transunion from Plaza Services and apparently they only report to TU. I have never recieved a dunning letter from them or any letters. I have lived in the same address 15 years. I sent Plaza Services a letter for proof etc with no word back and disputed with TU. TU came back as verified today with no other explanation etc. I could use help from here as I haven't had this happen before with a dispute. Thanks
  11. Hello all, I filed bankruptcy last year and was discharged 7/20/17. Good news I guess - but my scores still suck, currently my TU and EQ scores are in the low 500s. My EX score was at 600 last time I checked. I have floated in and out of this forum and other websites looking on how to start the rebuilding process and just end up feeling overwhelmed. I aspire to have better credit, just don’t know where to start and feel kind of hopeless. I thought perhaps I should start a thread for advice and to even maybe motivate me. I have done some online disputes here and there but, haven’t been very diligent about the whole process. Also, online disputes seem to be a miss for me unless I am having addresses removed (EX excluded). Since the discharge, I have been approved for a few store cards which I don’t use...but that doesn’t help my score at all. So here is an overview of what’s left on my credit files: 1st off - I have two bk reporting on my reports. One was dismissed, which is from last year because my attorney had an issue getting the fee in on time (negligence on her end). The court had to open another case, which is the case that is discharged. 2nd - All of the accounts included in bk are reporting correctly except for DCU and a CapOne acct - I disputed and the CRAs said these accounts are valid! I should add that I did it online, which was probably a big no no. Can I redispute by mail along with my discharge papers? I should add that I burned CapOne, NFCU, Credit One, Chase, Penfed, and DCU. Not sure what options that leaves me with for the secured/bk friendly card route. Discover did approve me shortly after the discharge for a secured card but, I never gave the security deposit. I think I wasn’t really ready and didn’t want to get the card without knowing how to use it to benefit my scores. 3rd - I have some accounts that were not included in the bk that have lates, along with a student loan (Perkins loan being handled by ESCI )that has lates. These lates are a drag and I am trying to figure out how I can have them removed. I also have a paid charge off on my account. I tried consolidating the Perkins loan which is defaulted, the consolidation fell through. What else can I do? 4th - I have tons of inquiries on my reports, because I go on random app sprees hoping for a break that will never happen. Should I bother to have these removed? I am starting from scratch now and have ordered my TU and EQ report by mail today. Trying to also order EX, they said I need to mail information to them when I called the auto system. I suppose my overall issue and question is - How can I increase my scores when I have two bankruptcies reporting and a bunch of lates, plus one paid charge off? Do I need to wait until these things fall off before even working on my reports? My credit files suck and I am stuck, any help is appreciated. I wasn’t sure if I should put more detailed info on my accounts but, if I need to - I can (minus my personal info of course)
  12. Experian has a specialist on my account and will not remove old addresses. I just disputed some items to try to remove the attachments to one of the old address as a test. EX said online when I just checked: This Address was reported to Experian by XXXXxxx and 15 other companies (you can click on the link and get the names). Please contact the company to verify that they have your correct address. Once the new information is reported to Experian, you will be able to submit your dispute online. For further questions, you may contact us at 1-855-414-6048. I informed them that I am now going to also look at the record @LexisNexis.com to see if I could scare them (DID NOT WORK) and also said how can you verify a record that is not complete as per the Bankruptcy Courts and LexisNexis. I will keep writing letters and never give up of course but we will see. I was thinking that holidays time would be best for reps in the USA (mine at Experian would be in the mood to play nice or on holiday so I could find someone new.) I did get TU and EQ to remove all the address attached to bad credit after calling over the last 5 workdays with TU and EQ was Immediate (THIS was DONE BY PHONE). I am now sending the remove letters to TU and EQ that no longer have address attachments. HOW to get the Free credit reports for TU and EQ I get from my CreditKarma.com and pulling up credit report under the bar graph and clicking on the 2 different companies and again clicking on the credit report tab. This is a great tool for verifications of removes once you understand the format (this updates every 4 or 5 days so you have to wait for that). How to get a Free Credit report for Experian is by getting the free account and if you navigate around long enough you can find all of your credit report for verifications as needed. ( this updates quickly most of the time ) 855-414-6048 to dispute on the phone with Experian. Anyone want to call Sam directly at Experian and give him a busy day 469-675-5039 maybe he will quit!
  13. So I received a Myfico alert of a balance decrease change on EX. It was a Barclaycard change from $1.00 to zero and my fico score increased from 694 to 844. No other changes and the fico info indicates I still have a paid charge off. I find this unbelievable. I cancelled my account with Myfico and can view it up until 11/11. What could this increase be attributed to? Rebucketing or just a mistake? Or, could this be a teaser to continue paying for Myfico?
  14. Hello, So, I have two 30-day late payments on my Capital One Credit Cards (one on each card) from Nov 2017. Before I left on military orders on September of 2017 for training, I called them and told them I was being deployed and wanted to try and pay the annual fee a few months in advance, so I wouldn’t have any late payments since I wouldn’t have any contact with the outside world for literally 9 whole months. They said they don’t charge military members the annual fee, and they would waive it for me. After getting back on May of 2018, I pulled my credit report and saw I had 1 missed payment reported on each card. And I’m still confused to this day why. I thought it was probably just a mistake, and I was accidentally charged the annual fees. So I called them, and they said it was from some pending charges as well. I remember leaving with no balance though, and some of the charges don’t seem too familiar to me. Especially one place that I don’t think I’ve ever even been too. My memory is a little foggy though, since it was last year. Even to this day, and being with Capital One for years, I’ve never missed a payment. That is the only time to this day that’s happened. After calling several times, they said I could mail in a credit dispute with the description of the situation and how I’d like it resolved. I was going to mail in this letter (down below) along with my military orders, and the credit reports of the dates the late payments were reported. I’m hoping to be able to get this removed, as it’s affecting me of getting a better interest rate on a loan I’ve been shopping for. Any thoughts or suggestions? https://imgur.com/a/KemMr0r
  15. Hi, Just signed up recently after finding the boards through good ol' Google. I'll go find the introduction areas and do my profile style setup in a bit, but my original purpose for coming here is helping my roommate with some credit issues in her rebuilding process. The information I've read here has been immensely enlightening thus far, and I hope to continue to learn and help people with the knowledge. It inspires me to look into seeing about getting perhaps some CLIs for myself also. But I'll make a new topic when I go about that and read up on recommended ways. So for brief starters, her credit scores are (Per Credit Karma) a 427 on TU, and 454 on EQ. Main derogs are Dept of Ed/Navient with student loans, which she said at one point were reporting deferrals, but somewhere, only the last semester was deferring, the rest started reporting independently. I haven't found anything about those here or how they should be dealt with if there's a way at all? There are several medical issues on her reports as well, which I'm working with her currently to triage. Filed her opt-outs online on June 27th, 2017, so giving that a couple weeks to take before trying to get a lot of wrong and old addresses removed from the CRAs also. One of her reports (EXP) we had to mail off to receive as they couldn't identify her online. As said, we're at the point of waiting the couple weeks for the "Opt-Out" to take. I've bookmarked WhyChat's HIPPA section in case we have to resolve those that way. Some of the medical bills she thinks are legitimate and some she doesn't recognize at all. So any advice on paths to proceed after the unrecognized and illegitimate address removed, or in general is welcomed. Thank you all for such a wonderful forum, and in advance for any aid! Regards, Zan
  16. First, I want to apologize if this is not the correct location for this question. Mods please move this to the relevant location if posted in the wrong place. I believe it was Wednesday or Thursday that my girlfriend got a letter from United Finance stating that they are garnishing her wages. On Thursday or Friday, her HR lady told her that she had received the garnishment papers. My girlfriend went down to the court house on Friday, and was informed that she was served back in August. To both our knowledge, she was never served with anything. The money that they are after is a nine year old loan that does not appear on her online credit reports. She checks CK which it does not appear on, and she has checked her digital CR direct from one of the major CBs. I think it was TU, but it wasnt on there. About a month ago she app'ed for a car loan, and the report they pulled didn't have it. But the sales guy called United Finance to see if they would approve her, they declined and said "bad loan history". That was the first time in 9 years she had since heard of the loan. Right after she took the personal loan out, her roommate had stolen the money along with a US Bank credit card and spent it all. My girlfriend filed a police report and the roommate was arrested. She informed the police that she would like to press charges and was informed that everything would be handled by them. My girlfriend was never advised of nor informed of any further action since. Or at least what I am told. I told her she needs to speak to an attorney and request a copy of the signature from when she was supposedly served. They supposedly sent garnishment or judgment papers to her "previous employer in August, yet my girlfriend has been with the same employer for the past 20 months. She can borrow the money to pay it off and then deal with getting the money back. But I'm not sure if that's a good idea at this point? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  17. Been spooked by PRA's permissable purpose to view my CR lately. Though the collection aged off my cr in 2017, I was worried they may re-age and reinsert it back on my CR. However, yesterday PRA sent me a letter and this is important what they said: "The law limits how long you can be sued for a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it, and we will not report it to any credit reporting agency. Depending on the laws of your state, certain actions, such as making a payment or promising to pay the debt, may restart the time period for the filing of a lawsuit against you; but even if that were the case, we still will not sue you on this debt."
  18. Hello, I have 8 credit cards right now. total avail credit line is $6650. Looking to grow Came from high 500s to just a tad over 700 in a little over two years. Kindly read on , please read on, if interested!!!! (This stuff gets me jazzed up, lol and feels good!) Id like to increase the number of cards/lower credit utilization and get some sign on bonuses, by adding some top shelf credit cards and CLIs Below are my scores, after BK7 was discharged on 3/2016 CREDIT KARMA 8.4.2018. Shows 714 from Trans Union. Experian National Equivalency Score or vantage score 3.0.... Experian on CREDIT KARMA shows 696 CREDIT SESAME shows 719 on 8.1.2018 CAPITAL ONE shows ..VANTAGE SCORE 3.0 710 on 8.01.2018 on Trans Union Info DISCOVER shows 665. 7-21-2018 fico score 8 from trans union (I do need to figure out difference between FAKO, vantage score 3.0, credit karma and credit sesame, and FICO score 8 which I am figuring is the one lenders trust most...still learning and reading) I have 2 car loans with NFCU at 6.69 percent at 60 months... 8500 used car and 23000 on a refinance of Capital One auto loan that was 10.9 percent! Yay! Lower rate and monthly payment. 🙂 Also I have a secured personal loan with NFCU balance at 2700 HERE ARE MY REVOLVIN CREDIT CARDS Capital one. 500. Balance zero secured TD bank 900. Balance zero secured The following are unsecured Capital one QS. 500. Balance zero Credit 1. 900. Balance zero Target. 200. Balance zero NFCU 2000. Balance zero Open Sky 200. Balance zero Discover 1450 balance 1430 My plan is to cancel the Credit One and the Open Sky , as they are low level cards. Then, ask for CLIs on the Capital One cards and the NFCU master card Open new NFCU visa Premier Open Walmart Card Open Amazon Card Open Amex Card Open new Capital 1 QS and Platinum Cards Considering BOA and Wells Fargo cards as well Would like to get a Marriot Rewards or SPG card before they combine in late August. I hesistate with these due to involvment with Chase. I did have Chase after me from a card not paid long ago....put it was finally paid to a CA (i know bad move.... I didnt know how to contact Chase via mail, every time I called they transfered me to CA. I should get docs of PIF from CA, they owe me that) So, before I go on an APP SPREE, wanted to ask here if I should go for A) App everything above, or just little by little. (NFCU and Cap 1 CLIs, and Walmart Card hopefully getting high limit) Thoughts? Thank you, and yes the plans and path I have been following so far, although not perfect, was thanks to you folks. A year ago I was at 625 and below, and could not get NFCU car loans. Now, credit life is much better! Looking forward to continued growth! Thanks! credit-credit
  19. Hello, I had a Sears/Citibank account deleted from all 3 credit bureaus. Eventually, it reappeared under a Collectors called Midland Funding yet it's the exact account that the bureaus deleted. I tried sending them a copy of the deletion telling them it's the same account but they didn't remove it. I was wondering if you can guide me on how to solve this... I sent a letter to the collector too but you know how they are. I just don't want to be wasting my money on certified mail and notarizing for nothing. How to make sure that a deleted account doesn't reappear again once it was successfully disputed and removed from all credit reports.
  20. Link: https://www.petalcard.com/ It's been popping up in my Facebook feed. It has no annual fee and isn't a secured card but looks to be open for individuals with lower credit scores since you give them login information to your bank account. They can then keep tabs over there in approving and maintaining your account. Of course if you open a credit card, let's say with Bank of America, and you already have your primary checking account with them, they already know what's going on over there. I have no plans on applying but it could be an option for others.
  21. Folks, you have 2 choices: You can either sit there wondering why other people have what they have and can do what they can do, while you don't and can't, OR you can learn how to get what they have. I chose the latter. Here's my testimony: 10 months ago, my credit was so bad and scores were so low, I couldn't even borrow from myself (joke). I watched my brother fix up his and his wife's credit 15 years ago. Since then, they bought 2 homes, 1 in Baltimore and 1 in Pittsburgh. He was telling me that he was at the point where he could walk into any dealership and walk out with a new car, just like that, with no money down. I admit, I was kinda jealous of that. ME ON THE OTHER HAND, I remember one time coming home from driving over the road and trying to rent a car (with cash) for the weekend, and I couldn't because they required a credit card, which nobody in their right mind would ever give me. I was actually delusional enough to apply for a credit card. I'm surprised they didn't call the cops on me! 😂 I remember having to pay a huge deposit just to get a cell phone. 4 months after making a decision to fix my broken credit report, starting a credit repair program, learning the laws that govern debt collection practices, actually doing the work myself, as oppose to hiring some lame credit repair company (*caugh* Lexington Law) who just wants to make money off my misery, and learning how credit works, my credit scores went up nearly 200 points. My credit never looked this good in my life! Now, I'm getting approved for everything I couldn't before. All because I made a decision. Stop making excuses and start making that decision. Go get that house, car, loan, vacation, whatever it is you want or need that you think you can't.
  22. I used to lurk this forum for advice. I had my scores hovering around 700 when I lost my job and had two hospital stays. I kept my head in the sand for a few years until I got brave and ordered my paper reports. After triaging them, I realized that things were not as hopeless as I'd feared. This time I am being sensible. I'm not apping for crap cards or just any store card that will approve me, and I am certainly not carrying a balance on any of my cards. If I hadn't had high balances on so many cards before, I would have been fine. This time I'm focusing on cards that will actually benefit me, and getting fewer of them. I currently have five cards and a car loan. I'm wondering: would it serve any purpose to take out a rebuilder loan at my credit union, or just let these cards age? Also, would it be wise to wait one more year before disputing my three remaining medical accounts? They are currently three years old and my state's SOL is four years. I don't want to invite a lawsuit. Thank you for any advice.
  23. So I was approved and opened a CapOne Secured back in Feb, $849 deposit for 1k limit (max allowed). The first statement cut 3/15. I have two questions: I would like to get the QS1 card and I've been waiting the 6 months to apply as people have mentioned. Do we know if its 6 months from the date opened, or is it after the 6th statement has been cut? Next question: Does anyone have an idea of which FICO scoring model they use when applying? Reason being is my FICO scores vary a lot between the different FICO models (as we all are aware) For example here are a few of mine: FICO 08's: EQ 623; TU 602; EX 586 FICO 5/4/2: EQ 575; TU 514; EX 546 FICO Bankcard 8 : EQ 620, EQ 580; EX 567 FICO Bankcard 5/4/2: EQ 574, TU 488; EX 489 My derogs are a few old CO, all past SOL except one (Discover) making my UTI looking crazy high; and 1 PRA collection (past SOL). The good is I have 3 secured cards all showing zero bal and perfect history (opensky open 1.5yrs; CapOne 6mo, Citi 6mo); Auto Loan open 1 yr; PenFed secured loan hack open 1.5 yrs. As always I'm super appreciative of any input. Grateful for everyone's contributions to CB. Thanks.
  24. Ficos between 640-660. 7 years post bk. Never had BofA card before and heard they’re good to get in with. Did the prequal and it said to apply for cash rewards card. Did so, declined, and it suggested the 99$ deposit 500$ secured card.I have the following right now:Amex delta 1k (new)Discover IT 1.6k (new)Cap 1 1250Cap 1 750Nfcu 500 (new)HSBC 1500Usbank 2500 (secured)Fingerhut 2500UT is like 2%.Lots of paid baddies im working on getting off.Should I bother adding the 99/500 bofa secured? Only reason to would be to get in with BofA and I already took the hard pull from em.Thoughts?
  25. I’m a 40-year old salamander who spent the last ten years screwing up his finances and credit. No excuses. I did this. I started writing this by giving a ton of details and background, but its way to long. I’m summarizing, but if anyone is wondering how someone got themselves into this mess, let me know and I’ll be happy to share. Let’s start with this year. Jan 2018: Open the year rocking impressive low 500 FAKOs, but I had a plan, and I had executed it for six months. 1) Pay stuff on time to stop more derogs from hitting my reports 2) cut back on my spending 3) stop being an salamander. I bring home about $70K annually yet constantly wonder why I'm in the predicament I'm in. I slashed my budget to the bone and faced all of my delinquent accounts. I was able to make arrangements (some better than others) with open accounts and threw as much money at them as possible. Apr 2018: Delinquent Fed and State taxes paid in full, my car note was caught up and showed current for the first time in over a year. I started using various free services to track FAKOs, and monitor my reports. I successfully DV’ed and booted a couple CA/JDB accounts that had been “erroneously” re-aged and popped up. FAKOs were moving in the right direction, but wanted more. May 2018: I pulled my official annual reports. All my remaining charge-offs had stayed with the OC’s and were within SoL. JDB’s and CA’s removed. Public records and tax liens were gone also! Only 2 hard pulls in the past two years. Ugh, but the lates!! So MANY lates!! In seven years, I had managed to rack up 118 late payments! Is that a record? I think it might be! 43 of them are 4+ years old 73 between 2016 and 2017 2 were from the beginning of this year while I was in the “catch-up” program on my car. So yeah, 35% to 50% on time payment depending on which report you look at. Absolutely mortifying. Jun 2018: I decided to budget in three or four months for a myFICO subscription while I actively addressed my reports. I had made some progress from the beginning of the year: EQ 587 up from 490 EX 604 up from 550 TU 604 up from 590 Utilization oddly showed it was 160% over available credit. How’s that? A little research revealed the current balance and credit limit of the charge-off accounts were contributing to my utilization. That’s 30% of my score. I can do something about that! 1) Pay the OC’s in exchange for at least a “Paid In Full” status 2) Continue paying all accounts on time 3) Continue the never ending quest to stop being an salamander. July 2018: … and here’s how things stand now: FICOs the same except for TU, which jumped from 604 to 613 apparently due to balance decreases and account improvements. Mortgage (Modified) - $120K – 12 months on-time payments / Pays account as agreed / Loan modified non-gov’t in comments / 10 lates within 2 years Car Note - $11K – 6 months on-time payments / Pays account as agreed / 20 lates within 2 years Student Loans (Consolidated) - $84K – 1 on-time payment/ Pays account as agreed / 0 lates AMEX - $1000 Charged Off / $500 limit – PAID IN FULL Capital One - $1500 Charged Off / $1000 limit – PAID IN FULL / Pulled back from CA Capital One - $1000 Charged Off / $750 limit – PAID IN FULL / Pulled back from CA Kohls/Capital One - $500 Charged Off / $350 limit: Will be paying it off today or tomorrow. AT&T - $500 Charged Off / not reporting: Will be paying it off today or tomorrow. Divorce Settlement - $10K / not reporting: Lump sum payment this week. Est Remaining Debt Starting Aug 2018 - $215K Once the dust settles, I’ll see what the scores and reports look like in a couple months. My plan is to go for two secured cards (probably Discover IT and Bank of America) and I was invited to enter the AMEX Optima program. I’ve lived on a cash basis for the past two years and I’m not changing that mindset. The only difference is I’ll be using the cards and paying everything off mid cycle prior to the corresponding bureau reporting dates and statement closing dates. I don’t expect everything to smell like roses tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. It took about ten years to dig this hole. Why should I expect a 30 day fix? What I am grateful for is finding the discipline and motivation to climb out. I owe much of that to you folks. Thank you for sharing your stories, tears, frustrations, and joys. Your experiences have given me a framework to build my own plan. I hope to pay that back to this community with my ongoing story already in progress. - round2forme

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