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Found 594 results

  1. Been with the CreditBoards for about a year. I learned a few things and now I'm on my to building a nice beginning credit history. Utilizing some of the tools I picked up from here. I must say though paid off 5 this month (baddies). And best of all 5 removed. Yeah! Looking forward to working a few more issues and fine tuning and then letting cruise control take me in.
  2. I didn't do this correctly. Found this forum too late. PIF Collection. Using what I've found here, got that dispute going. Errors found! No words or actions yet. Even if I fail, should I begin my endevors on the Charge Off? Placed 1 yr ago. Found 1 discrepancy on 1 bureau so far. Chicken or the egg scenario. Collection first, wait for 2 years to pass for charge off or begin my tackle on it now? Positives really: PIF, no SoL. No banking relationship nor future want of relationship with bank. GW to EO have failed. Might have screwed the pooch on this for some tactics.

  3. Hi all. Been cleaning up my credit over the past 6 months, and my scores have risen greatly from 550-580s to: EXP 644 TU 640 EQ 639. Currently my EQ is forzen due to fraud apps I noticed. My AAofA is 6.7 years, oldest is 13 years. Here is snapshot of my credit report from EXP: Score (FICO 8): 644 Score (FICO 04): 653 INQs (alot): 7 past 6 months, 13 past year -- many are AUTO Lenders!! (ugh) Collections: 0 (Last one removed earlier this month!) Derogs/Baddies: 1 Charge Off from First Premier Bank $420, from 2009 - Aging off in 5 months as Early Exclusion !! 1 Charge Off from Cap one $250, from 2012. 2 - 30 day lates on student loans, now 1 year old Current credit lineup: Barclay Rewards: $3,000 CL / $2,499 balance (0% APR for MAC) Capital One QS1: $1500 CL / $230 balance CareCredit: $3,000 CL / $1290 balance (0% APR) Credit One: $600 CL / $0 balance Capital One QS1: $600 CL / $0 balance Western FCU: $3,000 CL / $0 balance FingerHut: $250 CL / $0 balance OVERALL UTIL: 33% INCOME: 102,000 So what cards can I get with these stats? I am interested in DISCOVER majorly, AMEX, PayPal MC, NFCU, and any other lenders who support my scores that may offer rewards cards. Especially TRAVEL CARDS. Travleing a LOT beginning in December for family events and work, 3x monthly at least between DEC-AUGUST 2016.. What is a realsitic approach here? Any lenders I may be missing who are less INQ sensitive and weigh on side of approvals ? My INQs are high, and I am worried about the old CO's, even though all COLLECTIONS are gone! Let me know what you think given my profile to expect with apps. I know many will say WAIT, which I very well may -- but this thread is not about that -- IF I were to apply now, where should I try and what are estimated odds? Thank you all!!
  4. I need some advise, I have been cleaning up my credit for the last 9 months or so mostly old debt with the economy fell apart. My scores have slow but steadily going up from the infernal regions. EXP 578, TU 614 and EQ 600. I have had a secured mastercard for the last 7 months and after doing an installment account with fingerhut was rewarded with a 250 dollar unsecured revolving account. I do have a charged off Kohls that is 5 yrs old which now is a Kohls/ Capital one account. I did try to settle with them after sending a letter and got a form letter back that had barely any relation to my request. I have acouple other old collection accounts one with 0 debt and is paid and the other an old medical bill that is past the SOL but another 10 months will come off. I did receive a preapproved Capital one offer 6 months ago that I jumped on for quick silver. I jumped on it and then they asked for my info and then I was rejected. I was told I had too many inquires TU 9 Exp 5 and EQ 2 and also referenced my other negative account history listed above. I do not know because now that Kohls is part of Capital one that I am screwed for all Cap one cards right now I believe so what are the cards I should be trying to go for. I even tried for a Credit one card after they sent me a preapproval also and then they rejected me saying they couldn't verify my identity because they couldn't reach me via phone and there was some sort of credit lock on my credit account on Experian. I contacted Experian and that was not true. Are my score just too low? is there something else that is messing me up. Any suggestions are appreciated and cards that may be a good start to rebuild my credit on a non secured visa/mastercard/AmerExpress/Discover.
  5. I'm just interested in everyone's plan for 2015. Are you rebuilding, just beginning, in a holding pattern, or are you ready to be a credit repair pro and help others? Did you meet your goals for 2014? If you want, provide your plan so you can come back at the end of 2015 and see if you met your goals.
  6. Hi Guys, I've been a lurker here on and off, most recently the last few months. I started in August with all scores 580-90's, 2 secured cards with small CLs $400, 5 collections, 2 CO's. I have successfully gotten about 4 collections off my reports. I have a few baddies hanging on though. Im trying to boost my score just in case I need a private loan next winter Jan 2016 for grad school. (A few veneers will be nice too ) The first one- Federal Tax Lien- 7/2010, I've been paying on it for like 2 years consistently, filed form 12277 for withdrawal but denied due to not having a direct debit installment. I filed for one via Fax on November 19th. I subsequently mailed the form as well (to be thorough) on last week... haven't heard anything back yet. How long does it take to set a direct debit installment with the IRS agreement up? I know that one is supposed to make 3 payments via direct debit before applying for withdrawal but ive seen elsewhere that folks make one direct debit payment then apply for withdrawal... Any Thoughts or experience on successfully applying for a lien withdrawal? P1nn@cle (Verizon)Status- In collection - no date of 1st delinquency reporting just "placed for collection as of 12/2013" OC not reporting a tradeline... Anywhoo its Out of SOL. Sent TX Finance code styled DV regarding the alleged them on which they rec'vd on 11/18 they verified with CRA on 11/25 (without sending me DV). stilI have yet to receive a word from them, so I attacked with CFPB complaint. I had a member suggest sending the DV sent them, to their bonding company as well. Suggestions, is this considered continued collection activity without validation? Synchb/Dillards- DOFD 07/08-10/08 Depending on which credit report i'm looking at. I sent a Texas DV (yes the OC has to validate in Texas from what I understand) They have called me twice last week. I haven't called back. No DV in the mail though. I don't think they are gonna bulge, any suggestions? WF auto recovery- Car loan CO for $4000, out of SOL DOFD 07/2009. disputed and verified, sent DV, They validated with complete payment history. Should I just hang up trying to get this off? My Positive open accounts are 3 Installment accounts for furniture opened 07/2014,11/2014 Car Loan Honda finance 08/2014 6/2014 WF secured card 400 7/2014 Cap1 secured 200 8/2014 Cap1 Silver 300 9/2014 Vicky's Comenity 350 9/2014 Comenity Express 250 Positive Closed 3 paid and closed never late car loans 2006, 2009,2012 Closed Barclay 2006 Closed Cap1 2005 Dillard paid closed opened 1998 card was stolen Utilization 28% Im working full-time, income 90's/yr How can I get higher lines? Tried Cap 1 CLI wont increase because my card is still new, Comenity 7-10 day message Current Scores in siggie
  7. My finances took a nose dive during my divorce back in 2008, and for a long time, I was happy to have my head in the sand. But then reality set in. I wanted to be able to buy a new car, own a home, and gain access to credit. So over the last 2 years, I've made sporadic attempts at rebuilding my credit. In that time, I've managed to achieve 7 deletions, have seen a 50-80 point increase in my scores, have refinanced my car at 12% (down from 17.5%), and have obtained 1 AU credit card account, 1 secured credit card account, 3 department store cards, and 1 unsecured Visa. Now that I've regained my footing, I'm ready to dive in to serious repair and restoration mode. I've stashed $3000 away for emergency savings, and I'm in a position to earn an additional $3000/mo in freelance income to supplement my regular salary. This is just my little personal credit restoration journal. Major Goals to Achieve by Dec. 31, 2015: 700+ credit score across all 3 bureaus Credit reports free of collection accounts No late payments within last 18 months Auto loan paid off Qualify for home purchase Stepping Stone Goals to Achieve by Oct. 31, 2014: Pay all existing credit cards down to <50% of credit line Dispute 3 charge-offs (2 First Premier cards and 1 HSBC card) as obsolete Pay off 1 medical collection and initiate HIPAA dispute Follow up on prior dispute of 2 student loan lates from March/April 2014 (loans were in deferment prior to lates being reported). Send Texas DV letters on 4 collection accounts (Sentry Credit, NCO Financial, Enhanced Acquisition & General Revenue Corp) Pull EQ Complete every day to check progress
  8. Hello, Just wanted to share my approval. So excited. I was discharged November 2013. I have received a few decent cards since then, Quicksilver with a 2.5k limit, and some other fee-free cards. Really surprised to get approved, and for 10k!!! Maybe it's because I charge everything on my Quicksilver. Anyways very happy. My Equifax FICO is 682, Experian 656.
  9. Little backstory. Had a BK in 2010 and have since then been working to crawl out of it. Scores hovering in low 720's across the board. Have two BOFA chargeoffs from '09 (accounts opened in 2002) and the BK. Report is otherwise clean. Also have a Crap 1 card that I got after the BK in 2010 that is showing open for 5 months with a 1k limit that I closed. Have a good job now that pays $160k a year and have made some inroads on building up some credit lines. I'm just not sure what to do now. Cards: Navy Federal Flagship / $55k limit / Opened 9/11 Navy Federal LOC / $10k limit / Opened 12/11 Penfed Visa Platinum Rewards / $50k limit / Opened 10/14 Cap 1 Venture Card Travel / $30k limit / Opened 10/14 Nasa Cashback / $30k limit / Opened 10/14 Randolph Brooks Low Interest Card / $20k limit / Opened 11/11 University Federal / $20k limit / Opened 12/11 Security Services Travel Rewards / $20k limit / Opened 5/14 Authorized user on Amex / $30k limit / Opened 6/2000 (keeping for AAOA) Discover IT / ??? / Apped 10/14 still pending Auto loan for my car that is showing 25k balance from 33k borrowed. Four or five inquiries per bureau. My question is... what do I do now? Do I leave the chargeoffs be? Do I leave that low limit Cap 1 card that I only had open for five months be or should I try to remove it? Besides B* what is my next plan of attack? I want to get into the high 700's. Is this possible with the BK on there? I've done hundreds of hours of reading on here but would appreciate some custom tailored advice based on my situation. Thanks!
  10. Quick Backstory: I went through some financial difficulty in 2008-2009 (defaulted on some things) and in 2010 ended up filing for BK13. I was in it for about 13 months and had to get out because my payment was just too high (I had it dismissed). After I got out from under the BK13, I realized I was about 1 year away from the SOL running out on a lot of my debt, and it seemed to take my creditors a minute to realize I was no longer under the BK13. By the time they did I was pretty close to the SOL so I only received a few letters from them. Only one creditor tried to pursue me legally but I got an attorney and fought them off. Compared to what I would potentially have to pay them ($22K) it was worth getting an attorney to fight it. So after that (around the end of 2011) I got a secured card through my job's credit union as a way of re-establishing my credit. My scores were in the low to mid 500 range by this time. To my dismay, I found out that they only reported to EQ and EX. I asked them why they didn't report to TU and they told me because not many creditors use them, which I realized was total BS, but I was happy to get the rebuilding started. By the end of 2012, I had disputed some things with the CRA's and corrected some erroneous information as well, and I felt bold enough to try and get a new car. By this time my scores were in the low 600 range. I actually got approved by Hyundai to get a car on my own, but ended up using a co-signor because my interest and payment would be a good bit lower. After that, I let things rest for most of 2013 and made sure that I continued to pay my secured card, car note and mortgage on time. That seemed to help keep my scores on a slow, but steady, increase. Everything was going good until about July of this year. My scores had all increased to the mid-600 range then suddenly dropped, but I couldn't figure out what had happened since there were no new entries on my credit report and I hadn't applied for anything since February, when I tried to get my credit union to give me an unsecured card and they did a hard pull. I was just about to try for an unsecured card in July but realized my scores had dropped to 630(EX), 608(EQ), 581(TU). I decided to wait just a little longer to see if I could bring them up a little more. By September I had gotten them up to 627(EQ), 598(TU), 655(EX). I struck while the iron was hot (or lukewarm, as the case may be). After finding out about the credit card preselector sites here on Creditboards, I decided to try my luck with Discover and Capital One. To my surprise, Capital One approved me for a Quicksilver One card with a limit of $1,000 and Discover approved me for a Discover It card with a limit of $1,600. Needless to say I was excited. As of this post, I am waiting on both cards to arrive in the mail. I was really hesitant about applying for Capital One because they were one of the creditors I defaulted on, although they had dropped off my report by the time I applied. Hopefully now that I have a couple of unsecured cards that report to all 3 bureaus, my TU score will stop lagging behind the other two and all of my scores will start to improve a little faster. Overall I just feel like I'm finally clawing my way back out of the credit desert I've been in for several years. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully this can help inspire someone else in the same way other people's stories on this site inspired me. There is a wealth of information here if you're willing to take a little time and search. I've learned really good strategies for how to deal with specific collection agencies, how to handle debt verification, etc. The answers are definitely here.
  11. I've had a terrible time managing credit ever since I received my very first credit card back in 1989 as a student. Nobody ever taught me how to manage credit and frankly, it scared the heck out of me. I was a student, working my way through school at Michigan State and the pre-approved credit card offers seemed like free money to me. Of course we know that is not how this works. So I got in over my head and felt pretty powerless in dealing with credit card companies, banks and CRAs. Over the years I made a few uninformed attempts to clean up negatives (before the days of the internet) but it didn't make much difference. I decided to live on a cash only basis for over 15 years. NOT, I discovered, the solution. In 2011 I decided I wasn't going to sabotage myself any longer and discovered CB. What a godsend. I realized I had some power as a consumer and was very focused for some time - obtaining my credit reports, sending disputes, monitoring, opening a couple of secured CCs - and then sometime in 2012 life distracted me for a while with a move to NYC and my credit repair work fell by the wayside. A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from a CA representing my former landlord who wants to collect $4K in bogus and illegal late fees (I know, right? Greedy B***ards). After consulting with a lawyer, who confirmed that late fees on rent are illegal in California, I've sent a cease and desist dunning letter to the CA, letting them know that if they report this bogus debt to the CRAs I'll be naming them in the lawsuit I'm filing against my former landlord. I had ordered my reports and the collection was not reported. Everything else looked pretty good - in the two years since I last disputed, time has worked to my advantage and the majority of my negatives have fallen off. There are a couple left, though. So now the really fun part of my journey begins - Rebuilding! This is my plan: First Premier $456 CA EQ Due to fall off 10/14 - will dispute as obsolete July 1 TU Due to fall off 09/14 - disputed as obsolete via TU online dispute form 04/20/14 EX Due to fall off 07/14 - disputed as obsolete in jack attack CMRR 04/21/14 Wells Fargo Installment Loan (Settlement, not full amount due) EQ Shown as Charge off to fall off 11/16 TU Shown as Paid in Full and Charge Off EX Shown as Paid in Settlement - note also stating it's scheduled to continue o nrecord until 08/16 Called Wells Fargo and they were unable to verify this account because they couldn't access their digital archive. This has been the case for a couple of weeks the rep told me. So basically, they can't verify anything if the system is down. I will continue to call back and make a note every day of this technical problem. Sent jack attack to all 3 CRAs letting them know Wells Fargo has no record of this account. I'll use my daily phone confirmation that their system is down to nail them if it comes back validated. Capital Bank EQ Marked the account as negative with a code 1 (due to a 30 day late on 07/11). Account only goes back to 5/12 on report. TU Shows 30 day late 06/11 EX Shows 30 day late 06/11 Spoke to rep at Capital Bank and their records only go back to 2012 so they have no record of this. Included in jack attack for all 3 CRAs. If this comes back as validated, I'll have a letter from Capital Bank to force them to remove this and show the account in good standing. Enhanced Recovery Comcast $150 TU CA reports as $150 first reported 02/11 EX CA reports as $150 first reported 02/11 04/21/14 Sending a request for validation to Enhanced Recovery disputing this as mine. Am hoping they fold easily as I've read on CB they do. If they don't delete it will dispute with CRAs. Public Savings Bank (Became Capital Bank so this is just the first several months of my Cap Bank acct) EX Shows as negative, 30 day late on 06/11 disputed in jack attack, to be deleted as duplicate, also Capital Bank no longer has any record of this. Rebuilding: My credit is pretty thin Wells Fargo Installement Loan paid on time since 1999 (never late) Capital Bank - first secured card $1850 CL, opened 2010 Capital One - second secured card for $300, auto CLI to $500, opened 2011 (never late) AND today received approval for Capital One Classic Platinum $1,000. My first unsecured card (does have an annual fee but this will be my last with an AF) since this all began and my highest initial limit! For some of you this might sound like small potatoes but for me it's a huge win!! Also just approved for membership in Quorum CU - would you guys say this was worthwile? Would I do better with just MSU CU? Any feedback on this one? Next Steps: I'll continue to pay down my balances and keep my utilization low, working toward 1-5% WalMart - what do you think? Should I apply right away for this considering I was just approved for the Cap1 Classic Platinum at $1K? July 2014 Apply for Quorum CC Joining MSU credit union (go Spartans!) November 2014 - CLI Capital One, apply for MSU Visa Would love any feedback or advice at this stage. I know that I need to keep my utilization down and continue to increase my open credit. Any info on best practice for which to do this would be greatly appreciated! This has been really fun to share! My goal is a perfectly clean report in 6 months and 2 additional CCs by 2015. Oh, and here's a copy of my dunning letter to the landlord's CA Greedy B***ard Collection Agency, INC 666 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxxx Mr, xxxx, This letter is in response to a collection letter you sent me dated March 24, 2014 to collect $4,438.11 on behalf of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx customer # xxxxxx. This is a disputed claim and you will cease and desist in taking any action on this account. I want written confirmation from you Greedy B***ards that you will not/have not reported this illegal and fraudulent “debt “ to any of the three credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. If you do report or have reported this false information to the credit reporting agencies, you will be named as a party in the law suit I am filing against Greedy B***ard Landlord for breach of contract and unfair business practices. You may send the written confirmation to me at the address above. Please send via fed ex or certified mail with signature confirmation to be certain I receive it. This will protect your interests and show the court that you acted in good faith. Sincerely, One Empowered Lady
  12. Hi guys, l've been rebuilding since November, when I got a Capital One secured card. In February, I got a Chase Freedom and DCU Visa. That makes three CCs. I thought I should wait until at least the six-month mark on the newest cards to app for a few more but wonder if that's the right thing to do? I've been using and paying them off in full -- although I just ran up the Freedom to 40 percent of the 7K to buy a bed and mattress that I'll pay off within the next two months. Since this will probably affect my util, should I try to add another card now to offset that? Or is my credit too new to be successful? I was thinking maybe Discover it or City Thank You but I worry they may be too strict for my newly growing thin file. My EX and TU are in the 730s/740s range (FAKOs, although the last time I checked my FICO in February they were similar.) My EQ is my lowest score with around 680/690 (there were multiple DCU pulls for membership, car loan, Visa via EQ). I have no derogs/negatives on any report. Any thoughts/recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot for all your great advice so far.
  13. Hello All, Noob here, Thanks to all the contributors here. Stroked89, BDK, Bob Wang et al, Great advice, helping me on my credit journey. I appreciate it. Cheers! I have friend who owns a business that is failing. He still has great personal credit (800+), but not for long. The situation - Business failing - 10+ PG'd Biz accounts, 300k+ total.. He wanted to max his personal credit to help save the biz, but I convinced him not to do that. The amounts he needs to save the biz are greater than his personal CLs anyway. +Just because your CL says 25k that doesn't mean they will let you max it. Perfect situation that validates Stroked89's valuable advice not to PG Biz accounts. So the situation is that he has great personal credit now, but there are a string of Bads coming due to the PGs. My advice so far : - Keep up to date on all personal accounts - Expect CLDs & Acct Closures once the bads show - Set up share/checking at some of the better CUs now to build relationships (Navy, Penn, State, Logix) - Get an Attorney who will sue on violations of FDCPA FCRA Document everything Because the biggest threat is lawsuits over the PGs from OCs and JDBs - It's not the end of the world, bads can be deleted. Some things I can do to help later. - Make him an AU on a 87 dated Amex - Make him and AU on a 25k limit Chase 05 dated acct. Any advice would be great appreciated. Thanks all, great resource.
  14. For those of you who were under the impression that CapOne doesn't offer a CLI on secured cards, I just spoke with Bobby at the Exec. Office and they honored my request for a CLI of $1,000. Super happy! The card was originally secured for $300. Then I got the auto CLI to $500. Two year perfect payment history on this card. A couple of weeks ago I hit the love button but received the response that I had a recent neg on my CR. This wasn't the case so I called the EO and we've been going back and forth a bit. Today I spoke to Bobby and he told me they were honoring my request. I'm so happy that in the last week I've increased my overall available credit by $2,600 (This includes new CapOne Classic Platinum for $1k and new Walmart for $600). Yiiiiip! Finally, the cleanup is done and the rebuilding begins!
  15. Hi, I just got an auto loan and CC with DCU. The auto loan rate is 2.99 percent, but DCU says the rate could be 1.99 percent if I direct deposit my entire paycheck with them. I initially said no but am now reconsidering, since the lower rate would represent a savings of about $700 over the life of the loan (although I hope to pay it off early). So I wanted to know if anyone uses DCU as primary bank and if so, how are they? How reliable is their bill pay? Auto pay? App? Website? Customer service? I'm a little leery because they were very disorganized when I was getting the loan closed -- documents disappeared; multiple requests for docs I'd already sent resulting in a need to reapp for membership, causing me a third HP with them. It didn't really inspired confidence. Anybody have any feedback about them? I currently bank with Chase (there are branches all over my neighborhood, which is great) and my work CU (although they denied me an auto loan refi a year ago so I don't have any loyalty to them anymore.) I'm okay closing my work CU account and giving that to DCU, but the main account? Not sure sure. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Looking for some opinions on where to go next in my credit repair journey. Currently have the following credit: Abri Credit Union CC $250 (opened 8/2013) Open Sky Secured CC $200 (opened 6/2013) GM Financial Auto Loan $21,000 (opened 8/2013) HSBC CO DOFD 4/2010 (opened 4/2009) 3 inquiries in last year; most recent on 9/5/2013 AAOA 18 mos Current EQ FICO is 624 with 78% utli; will be down to 1-2% by 2/1/2014 and should put me back to 635 - 645ish. Long term goal of a mortgage, but putting it off until 2017 after the CO falls off and have more history. I will have $1500 or so cash in the next month that I can add to the OpenSky card CL, or to open a new secured card with someone like SDFCU. Abri will then match my highest limit with a HP. I was thinking of apping for Walmart, Amazon, and Kohls as I shop at all three and for the wally fico, and probably all at the same time to let accounts age together. Any of the bigger boys are still leery of the CO, thin file, and AAOA (last inquiry was for Discover IT, wanted to see why they'd turn me down for). My thinking is they're all going to want at least 1 account with a year of history, so I would do an app spree sometime after 9/2014 to see where I stand on those (Amex charge, IT, poss. Barclays). So ... what would you do if you were in my shoes?
  17. Hello, CB. First off, I'd like to thank you all for your help rebuilding my credit. I certainly didn't break any speed records, but now I'm happy to say that I have a clean and positive report. At this point, I feel that I'm ready to take another step towards optimizing my credit. I have a feeling it's going to involve working my CC's for higher limits and also applying for new credit to get my APRs down. I'm sure that there are a million ways to do this, so I'd like some feedback to help ensure my approach is optimized. Here's my current situation... Open Accounts: Cap 1 Platinum: Limit $750. Balance $0 (just paid it off and waiting for it to report!). 2 years old, w. APR of 22%. Discover: Limit $1000. Balance $550. APR ~22% (it's not a huge balance, but I hate losing money to interest and I have to carry this for 3 months or so. At least it's a small balance in the scheme of things). Age: 8 mos. Wal-Mart Store Card: Limit $400. Balance $0. No idea what the APR is and would probably puke if I did. But I just buy little things and PIF when the statement cuts. Age: 8mos Student Loan: ~8 years old. Inquiries: 3 total, w. 1 ~6 mo's old at EX and EQ. 4 at TU w. 2 <1 year old. DW and I were considering a house, but decided against it. I'm happy to report that it only triggered 1 piece of zombie debt which was squashed quickly. Age of Accounts: Oldest: 207 mos. Youngest: 8 mos. Average: 74 (all per Credit.com). CK shows me at 28mos. Late Payments: 1 (paid off car loan, ~4 years ago) Collections: 0 (last removed from all 3 reports in October, giving me a nice bump in CS) WM Fico: 710 My goals: Improve overall APRs. Increase credit limit. Perhaps go for a prime card? Here's what I was thinking for my plan.... It seems that my first order of business is to hit GEMB up for a credit increase on the WM card, since I could have done that already. This should lower my utilization to something that looks better. What are my chances of getting that limit to around $4000? That would get me reporting about 10% which seems more reasonable. The bump from lower utilization would give me more leverage all around. What are my options with Capital One? It's their Platinum product. Can I PC into something better with improved terms that can grow with me? I'd ideally like to do something with Cap1 that keeps me from taking on 3 inquiries. New Card - My Credit Union has a card with an APR of 10.49%. There no BT fee so I could easily cut my interest payment in half but if I could get an interest free loan and a prime card with decent rates I'd just as soon go that route. But if it make sense to grab the CU offer and then garden again before going for a prime, I'd be fine with that approach. I'm in no hurry and it seems like once your account is open, it's more difficult to negotiate the APR down. My only real hesitation on going this route is that they aren't very inquiry sensitive. If I pick up an inquiry or two on TU I should still be able to get this card without a problem. I'm shooting for a new (to me) car in the 2nd half of 2014, and a house about 1 year later. I'll probably go with my CU for the auto loan, and they require 680 for their best rate which are very competitive with anything I've seen on used cars. So whatever I do should give me a good shot at that kind of score in the next 4-6 months. Thanks for any advice that you can offer!
  18. I currently have a credit score ~575 which is significant leap from the mere 300s it was last year. I'm 27, single, no kids, college educated, work full time. Here's how I ruined my credit: College/Student Loans - Like many others I had to pay for my education with student loans, unfortunately I was young and stupid and took out substantial private loans through Sallie Mae totaling $52,000 for 5 years of school (before interest). I had no idea what I was getting myself into - I didn't even have a credit card at the time! I just knew I needed money and they were giving it out, no questions, no cosigner, no credit history. I also have some Federal loans totaling $17,000 (before interest). My parents had no idea what I was doing, how much money I was getting and at what interest rate - we never talked details. So I graduated with $69,000 in student loan debt that had been accruing interest at variable rates for 5 years - no big deal, I'll find a job and be making lots of money - WRONG! I was offered a full time position at the retail job I had worked during college, it paid $10 an hour, I had no other prospects. I was able to defer my Federal loans once the 6 month grace period after graduation was up, the private loans were another story. I received a bill for $846 from Sallie Mae, I was making $850 per month, no way could I pay that. They didn't care, they would not help. I paid what I could but the account became delinquent and the non-stop phone calls started so I stopped paying altogether. My account was delinquent for 7 months, on the verge of default before they finally offered me a "payment plan". I have made all payments on time for that account for the past 14 months. I have never been late on my Federal loans. Unpaid Medical Bills (now in collections) - A kidney stone attack landed me in the ER, the stones had to be surgically removed. I was still working my $10 an hour job and had health insurance but my insurance didn't cover all of the treatment. I owed $3,200 between 10 different bills, I paid the smaller ones I could afford and ignored the larger ones which are now in collections. Credit Cards - I currently have (
  19. Hello! I know this is A LOT of info but I really really appreciate those that take the time to read it I am in Texas and trying desperately to rebuild my credit. I wish I had found this site sooner but oh well...hopefully with the help of the knowledge base here I can make up for some of the mistakes I made so far! I starting trying to repair my crdie on my own after talking to credit repair companies that seemed like scam artists. I have made a alot of progress so far and I am hoping to leap over the last few hurdles and be on my way to home ownership in about a year (fingers crossed) Where I started... 22 CA, 1 PR, i Repo, 1 Auto loan in good standing for 12 months, 2 Student Loans in good standing for 3 months TU 487 EQ 503 EX 485 I know, I know that is sooooo sad. I never really paid attention to my credit. I had family members that used my name for utility bills, bills that I let fall through the crack and didn't tend to and never opened a credit card in my life. Then one day I woke up and decided it is time to take control. My verifiable gross income is about 90k annually and I can't even get a decent car loan....smh! So irresponsible. Where I am... 5 Unpaid medical collections past SOL total $3800, 2 Utility bills one with CA $230 and one with OC $975 (CA is past SOL), University of Phoenix $655 past SOL,1 PR $4300 due to fall off 11/2013 Cap1 secured $300 10% util, Car Loan $18,700 54% util (reported by two different companies so it looks like I have two loans???), WalMart Card $600 just approved, Credit One (application in process for over three weeks!), Victoria's Secret (got 7-10 day response), Student Loans totalling $2900 payments start 07/13 Barclay denied (tried recin and they said try in 6 mo after building up payment history with new lines of credit CAP1 starting reporting in May) TU FICO 637 EQ FICO 587 EX FICO 580 My ROADBLOCKS I have 5 unpaid medical collections with Central Financial Control (OC is the same hospital for all). I wish I had seen the HIPPA dispute info before contacting them but I have already disputed with CRA's as not my account came back verified. Wrote a letter to CFC for DV and explained that they are reporting incorrectly and to verify the debt they would have to access my personal information. Requested that they have the original creditor contact me to resolve the matter and stop reporting to CRA immediately. Referenced HIPPA and Texas Medical Privacy Act in the letter. They responded that the debt is valid and I had to send a copy of my DL and SS card to them before they would release DV details to me. What should I do? The debt is past SOL and comes off reports in 12 - 18 months. Utility billl from ACCI (CA) for $230. Debt verified to CRA's and they respoded to DV with a copy of the bill from the original creditor. Past SOL should I offer a PFD? Utility bill from TXU (OC) for $975. Debt verified to CRA's and they responded to DV with a usage summary and description of charges. Part of the balance I recognize as mine but there is a charge for $730 that says "Migrated Balance previously written off profit/loss". It looks to me like they added an old balance to a new debt? Should the DOFD be the date the "migrated debt" became due? There is no detail for this balance...is the DV request valid without this info? I will pay the balance due less the "migrated debt" but the debt is from 2010 according to the credit report so still inside SOL. Next step? University of Phoenix claims that I owe $655 for a dropped class. I disagree. They will not go for PFD...tried to very nice letters and nope. They respond pay what you owe and we will update as paid off collection. Past SOL but will be on reports for the next three years. Any advice here? I have a HORRIBLE AAOA! I do not know anyone that I can ask to add me as an AU so there is not much I can do about that. Could I still get a decent interest rate on a mortgage if I garden for about a year? Should I add anything to my positive TL or just let things mature? My GOALS! Refinance this dang car and stop paying 18.99%! I would like to do this ASAP but the current car loan is my oldest positive at about 18 months old. Increase my current limits...I hear this is impossible for Cap1 secured unless I want to give them more $$ as a deposit Get a Care Credit approval for $5,000. Two kids in need of braces Buy a house next summer....everything else can be put aside to meet this goal. Any advice that the creditboards memebers can give me is much appreciated! I want to try the Whychat HIPPA process but I might be too late!

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