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Found 6 results

  1. May 13, 2008 was Date of Last Activity June 6, 2008 was Date of First/Original Delinquency on 1 account held with a certain bank May 13, 2008 was Date of Last Activity June 12, 2008 was Date of First/Original Delinquency on 2nd account held with that bank Merchant is reporting to Experian as such that is causing the date the derogatory accounts will be removed are: August 2015 for the 1st one and November 2015 for the 2nd one. I've sent in a written dispute to Experian for each and Experian just sent copy of credit report showing merchant verified the incorrect information. They are not disclosing to Experian the DLA....they are claiming Aug 08 and Nov 08 which is totally untrue. I have documents from the merchant from 2008 showing Date of Last Activity and printouts from 2008 showing 'late' in June as I knew I would have to suffer 7 years of ruined credit when I stopped paying these. (there is never a good excuse but my mother was placed on hospice- I was her caregiver so she wouldn't have to go to a nursing home, I couldn't take care of her and my family so I just threw my hands up and decided to take the ruined credit so I could take care of my momma) How do you get the bank to accurately report? They are refusing. But first, isn't it 7 years of bad credit? Or can they report longer? Experian claims it's 7 years from when the merchant first reports a derogatory account- meaning the merchant can NOT report it for a while and wait a year or two THEN report it.... making it stay on your credit file 7 years from the date they finally reported the account....never mind date of last activity or date of original delinquency. What would you do?
  2. Hello, nice to meet you...long story/rant/advice, please! I just pulled all three of my credit reports, starting with Experian last weekend and the other two today. I found a negative Capital One allegedly opened in 2008 (that I did not open), showing payments that I did not make. TransUnion and Equifax shows the last payment in November 2012; Experian shows the last payment in June 2012. I did, however, default on a Capital One account in the early 2000s -- that (surprise, surprise) I'm estimating should've fallen off my credit report in 2012. I had already disputed this 2008 account once a few years back and thought the things were corrected. This time around, I started by (stupidly, I'm guessing) disputing the Experian one online, with just enough room to type "I did not open a Capital One account in 2008." I did this over the Fourth of July Weekend. I magically got my results by 7AM Monday. Experian works holidays and weekends! Who knew?! They found the item to be in compliance with FCRA, the debt to be mine but noted that it was "transferred to another lender." I can't find hide nor hair of who that lender might be. I went digging through all my records. Thanks to the passage of time, a move and water damage, I no longer have anything pertaining to the original Capital One account. I switched banks in 2012 and found statements up to April 2012 from the old one and then nothing 'til I opened the new account in October 2012. TransUnion was showing payments to Capital One between January and November 2012 and, on the few statements I did have, nothing matched. No payments to anyone I didn't recognize. Nothing in those odd amounts ($19, $17, $39, $20). I'm so perpetually poor, I would remember making a deal or those payments!!! I look at the process for disputing this and just get exhausted and wonder, since I lack documentation, if it's even worth pursuing. Besides, couldn't they claim they got a money order or something? The only other accounts I've had (since the early 2000s Capital One) were an HSBC/Household Bank and a Credit One Bank and I don't think either of those two were tied into the reaging thing that Cap One did get into trouble for. (Speaking of, I also have a more pressing matter in the Credit One Bank account that's been sold to MSW Capital/"Whipple Law" PA -- so I will be scouring your DV letter resources for that). Anyway, sorry if that's too much to weed though. I look forward to hearing input from the folks here. Thanks!
  3. I pulled a 3-in-1 credit report provided by Experian. I can't believe it! Citi Auto keeps moving back the dates on my loan so it will never fall off my credit! The truck I bought was charged off and repossessed. My best guess is that I stopped paying around 2005, it was charged off in 2006, and was repossessed in 2009. I *think* that the history is based on the last payment I made in 2005 or the charge-off in 2006. I don't have any of the paperwork on the truck or a payment register. As far as I can tell, Citi Auto and CitiFinancial Auto are the same company. Whatever the name, they went out of business in 2010. The phone number and address on my credit report are no longer valid/working. Is the date I should be concerned with the last payment, the charge-off, or the repossession? Is there a legal record or something else I can pull to dispute the dates that the creditor is providing to Experian/Equifax/TransUnion? Any advice you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have a big problem I hope someone can help me with. When I was in college I took out 2 private institutional loans through my university, one in 1997 for $1000 and one in 2000 for $7000. I graduated in 2002, and immediately consolidated all my federally-subsidized loans. I have been paying on them ever since, and have never missed a payment. However, I moved around a lot after graduation, and didn't learn until a year later that the two private student loans were not included in the consolidation ( I've since looked at my promisory notes, and there is no federal guarantee on these loans. I also checked with the National Student Loan Database, and they are not listed in my file of federal student loans). By the time I found out, the university had turned them over to a collection agency, which doubled the balance owed and would not make payment arrangements. I was stuck. The negative reporting sat on my credit report from 5/2003-5/2010, at which point it fell off all my credit reports. I have three old hardcopies of my credit report. In the old reports, the loans are reported as follows: XXXX University Acct # XXXXXX Date Opened: 5/2000 Date of Status: 12/2004 Date Reported: 12/2004 Last Reported: 12/2008 Type: Installment Terms: 120 months Monthly Payment: N/A Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $2165 Recent Balance: $4499 as of 12/08 Status: Collection Account, $4499 past due as of Dec 2008 Collection Account as of 5/2005 This account is scheduled to continue on record until May, 2010 Fast forward several yeats. In April, 2013, the student loans appeared on my credit report as a "charge-off, 0 balance, date of charge-off 3/12/12". This just dropped my fico score from 720 to 612 overnight! The new reporting is as follows: xxxx University Acct #xxxxxxx Date Opened: 5/2000 Type: Installment Terms: 120 months Monthly Payment: N/A Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $2165 Date of 1st Delinquency: 7/2003 Date Maj. Deficiency Reported: 4/2013 Items as of Date Reported: 1/28/2014 Status: Charge-off This account is scheduled to continue on record until 4/2020 Clearly the date of major deficiency was changed by the creditor so they could re-age the accounts and report them to the credit bureaus. I disputed the accounts with the credit bureaus, indicating that these loans were beyond the 7.5 year reporting limit. I included current copies of my credit report, as well as old copies of reports which verified true date of first delinquency. Transunion and Experian deleted them from my file. However Equifax refused to delete. Equifax's response to my dispute was, "There is no historical account information currently on this account. The date of last activity has been updated. The last payment date and date closed are reporting correctly. The prior payment history and status are reporting correctly. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item." My questions, then, are the following: 1. Is the creditor allowed to change the date of major deficiency at their own will, with no action taken on my part (I would assume no)? 2. Does a charge-off date of 10 years after the first deficiency constitute a new date of deficiency, and therefore restart the reporting period (as the University is trying to claim)? 2. How do I convince Equifax that the accounts were re-aged and must be deleted, when I've already disputed this fact with them, and they refused to delete? Thanks everyone. I look forward to all your replies. :-)
  5. I am confused on what is going on with my student loan with the US Department of Education. This is a federal student loan I took out in 2007 for a university for $4500. They state the loan was with Direct Loan Services to begin with. I noticed on my reports pulled in May I have two tradelines in the "satisfactory accounts" that are from US Dept where the loans were 'transferred/sold' and now have balances as $0. That loan was then held by EdFinancial and I had a tradeline with them in the negative accounts section. I checked the status of the loan early June from the FAFSA website it has stated the loan was in default. I thought I was still in deferment at the time. I proceeded by calling EdFinancial and asking them what I could do to bring this loan back to a positive status because I had no knowledge it was in repayment and could not make the alleged $750 past due payment amount. They told me all I could do was just wait for it to be transferred to a CA and then talk to them about my options. The rep stated it was close to being transferred over. They gave me the number to the CA. I did not bother to call because they did not have my account yet so I did not feel it necessary to call them. This call took place in early August. I received a letter in the mail today (8/20) from US Dept of Ed stating that the total loan balance ($5500) was now due in full or I had the option to make payments and try to rehab the loan. If I failed to do anything they could garnish wages, or send to CA. So, I called them in attempt to settle a payment plan and get this loan back to a positive status. The representative explained to me that the loan went into default last week which is when they got the account. The account I believe they started off with!?! How is it that they are allowed to continuously transfer this account around? SO WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? Did this loan go from Direct Loan Services to US Dept of Ed to EdFinancial back to US Dept of Ed? Any answers or insight would be greatly appreciated. I am just confused as to what they are doing considering this will now be 3 or more different tradelines for this one account.
  6. Hi, I pulled from the EXP site and found this: LVNV FUNDING LLC Account # XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Account Type Debt Purchase Balance $1,533.00 Date Opened 6/1/2012 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment Close Account Details Past Due $1,533.00 Payment Status Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department High Balance Limit Terms 1 Month I think this account refers to an old debt with Cap One for $600 with FDOD of July, 2007. I live in Texas and the SOL is 4 years. I have been living in my residence for about a year now and never got a notification from LVNV. What do you suggest for me to do? I am reading horror stories about LVNV and I am wondering if this is an attempt to reage the account and how difficult it will be to take them off the CR even after 7 years of the original debt. Should I dispute with the CRA and send a DV to LVNV? Are they allowed to hurt my credit without OC information or is it an FDCPA Violation? Thank you for helping this newbie.
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