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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I have attached my current credit situation. Where should I start? All suggestions are greatly appreciated. 5/3 mortgage Citi Fin CCU Car AMEX Portfolio dell 5/3 cc hsbc Macys store hh gregg /Mike hh gregg lowes payapl macys visa bull city senex judgement sams disc chase 1st south BOA CC x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 4/1/2016 7/1/2017 1/1/2016 7/1/2019 7/1/2016 8/1/2017 10/1/2016 6/1/2016 11/1/2019 8/1/2016 1/1/2019 10/1/2016 7/1/2016 5/1/2016 10/1/2017 7/1/2018 10/1/2016 11/1/2016 8/1/2016 wrong balance & amount past due& no credit limit no credit limit no credit limit no credit limit or date of last payment dofd wrond should be 8-2010 no credit limit, dolp & dofd wrong no credit limit dolp &dofd wrong dolp & dofd wrong not my account no credit limit Bal should be $0 no credit limit no credit limit high balance wrong no recent bal
  2. I need some advice from the Synchrony Bank CB mafia (you know who you are on here). I've been to use the correct credit terminology (gardening) come October 1st, 2015 39 months since I last did a credit application (I know I know don't have a panic attack on me credit app junkies...take a deep breath and blow into a paper bag). Those two apps were Wal-Mart and Amazon store card. In this entire time period, I have never (slaps himself in the face back and forth) asked for a CLI from either of these Synchrony backed cards (credit ignorance before I found CB and Myfico is expensive I tell you) and I was approved for the Wal-Mart MasterCard in late August. Before my Wal-Mart Cinderella slipper falls off on October 9th, which is my deadline to say no to the upgrade. I want to ask for $25K from Wal-Mart and hope they counter to at least $4K-$5K and so I will have an MC at that credit limit when it converts over. Same for Amazon ask for $25K and hope for a decent counter. But I think I might've messed up from all the reading I've done on here. I usually use both cards at least once a month for the most part and my last statements just cut (Amazon is tomorrow) and both are at zero balances. I had purchases showing on both cards from my last statements (August). My question is should I buy something on (9/19 day after the Amazon statement cuts) on both cards and then pay them both off once both items post online in three or four days. Still knowing that my due date 10/7 and statement date 10/14 for Wal-Mart is going to be past when I ask for the CLI on October 5th. For Amazon my next due date is 10/10 and statement date is 10/18. I don't want my current zero balances to not be zero the day I ask for the CLI, but I've read to make sure you use the cards every month and PIF at least 2-4 statements for maximum CLI juice before you ask for the CLI. I'm also going to use the ultra-aggressive "Mendy Method" and every 61 days (should I wait 61 days from the day I get the CLI or is it 61 days from the statement date of that month I got the CLI?) I will ask for a CLI on Amazon, Wal-Mart and Lowe's. My credit every month from now until next summer will see dramatic score increases every month from my remaining few baddies following off and I will be 100% baddie free by no later than August-2016. Thanks for any help in advance and may the credit Gods bless you with massive BobWang credit lines. Sincerely, Mr. CreditLuv
  3. I am floored ... I had a COL from Mercantile Adjustment on my EXPERIAN for 3 years now, for an old hospital bill. $1200. I called them today, of course they were rude and demanded payment, so I called the OC (hospital) and was informed that they FORGAVE this debt in 2012!!! It should have never been reported at all!! So, the rep called MERCANTILE and they immediately agreed to delete and sent the electronic request to delete from all three bureau today!!! I am told this will only take 24-48 hours to remove by Experian (Ive had collections removed before and it is correct -- super fast!). Now, this collection was added in 2011, and is reporting as unpaid since 2011. Will this deletion likely see a score bump?? My AAofA is 7 years, oldest 13 years, score FICO 8 is 631 .. this is my last major baddie except for 3 30-day late from 11 months ago on student loans. All else 100% current, 6 open credit cards all perfect and UTIL lowering by the day. Im told the only way collections give a score bump is by their deletion, so here's hoping!!!! Weigh in please credit experts :-)
  4. Greetings All, I have a Line of credit on my house ($30,000) as a second mortgage @ 2.5% I currently have a Mortgage (ARM) at 2.5% of $115,000 with increase of 1% due next Oct. $660 monthly I have the opportunity to consolidate the mortgage up to $147,000 @ 3.6% for 30 year fixed. $675 monthly (unknown if taxes and insurance was included) First, Should I do this, or leave along? Secondly, if I consolidate, would the bank let me continue to keep the second mortgage (Line of credit)? Lastly, would it be considered Mortgage debt or an Installment Loan (Line of credit that is) What would you all do?
  5. Around October 2nd, 2015 I'm going to call Synchrony's back door phone number and ask for my FIRST credit line increase in 39 months of having both the Wal-Mart and Amazon store cards. But I want to apply for a much needed Lowe's store card which is also backed as most of us know by Synchrony Bank. I will use it a ton next year and every year on building my mini-dream home (end of 2016) and a flipping business. Not to mention their huge credit limits that I need to help with my credit utilization rates. My question is should I apply online or call for the Lowe's card then immediately call the UW after getting approved first, then hang up and call Amazon and Wal-Mart second to ask for CLI's? Or do I ask for the two CLI's first and then apply for the Lowe's card second? On one hand let's say I get a CLI on my Amazon and Lowe's to $5,000 each, wouldn't that look better to Lowe's and lean them into matching my existing limits over the small pathetic lines I got right now with Wal-Mart/Amazon? Or do the two soft pulls before the hard pull of a new Lowe's card hurt me or vice versa if a hard pull is on my TU before the two soft pulls happen? Is it best to call all three on the same day within an hour or to spread it out so I don't look desperate? I'm going to ask for $25,000 limit on Wal-Mart, Amazon and Lowe's after I apply. Both my Amazon and Wal-Mart get used on average 1-4x per month on average, both are completely paid off, I have a 6-figure stated income and my real FICO 08 TU score when I apply will be around 680. Thanks for any and all input. CL
  6. I got in the mail today after 37 months of having a sad $400 CL (don't judge) with a Wal-Mart store card a letter saying in 65 days (unless I say no) I will be converted to a Wal-Mart MasterCard. My question is should I convert or not based on my current situation outlined below? My credit profile is as thin as a crack whore and I've been gardening for almost 7 years. I get out of credit jail next year when I will be 100% baddy free. As of 9/1/15... My Oldest Account: 11 Years, 8 Months My Average Age of Accounts (AAOA): 7 Years, 7 Months Transunion score around 700 and no bankos, foreclosures, evictions, tax liens, judgments, etc. Only 5 collections/charge-offs that all fall off in 2016 or later this year with credit repair I'm in. My current open accounts.... 2-Cap1 cards $3,400 and $1,750 CLI (8 months since I got an auto and manual CLI from both Cap1 cards) 1-Walmart store card $400 CL 1-Amazon store card $1,000 CL 1-luxury SUV loan (almost paid off) ============================ I only have 5 open accounts and this screenshot below shows my current old accounts breakdown ==> http://s27.postimg.org/a1g7wt07n/screen_2015_08_28_16_25_06.jpg My feeling is I should convert to a MasterCard because they'll close my existing Wal-Mart store card with 37 months of perfect payment history and give me a second CC line to show on my reports instead of just one line reporting. Plus, I would highly prefer a real CC over a Wally World one. But I'm a little worried about my AAOA taking a hit. Also before my deadline of Oct 9th when I would need call to cancel the conversion I'm going to call the UW for Wal-Mart and Amazon and ask for huge CLI's. My second question is should I call the UW back to back (Like call for Amazon finish and then call back for Wal-Mart) or wait a few hours or days between asking for a CLI and should I call to get an Amazon CLI with the higher limit first or Wal-Mart first? Amazon store card I've had for 37 months as well and with both I've NEVER asked for a CLI before because my credit scores sucked. Thanks for any and all help.
  7. Earlier this year, Amex reportedly RJ (an average of about 3%) a segment of cardholders (around 1m). Amex Clear card increase was 10.24>12.99. PIF all Amices but prefer the lowest rate available across products nonetheless, with what have steadily been near-nosebleed scores + thick file often do qualify across issuers. As others do from time to time, I manicure rates down if applicable, had read about recent successes with Amex and then remembered the RJ from earlier this year, at the time my request to restore lower rate was summarily declined but earlier this month 12.99>10.24>8.24 using chat less than 2 weeks apart on both Clear and Blue. Others have reportedly got as low as 6.XX in consecutive requests.
  8. Ok, so after getting some great advice from the experts here, I am back to ask for a little more. I'm looking for some general advice as to what you think I should work on next. Sorry in advance for the long post but I want to lay everything out in one place. My Current Situation: Starting in 2006, my FICO scores were about 550 and I had plenty of bad things going on with my reports. Since then I have been lurking on credit boards, and I have been taking a long term approach and rebuilding. With the help of Credit boards 6 or so years later I have no baddies whatsoever on any of my reports (Thanks CBers). I still have a fairly large amount of consumer debt that I am comfortably working on paying down but am not yet debt Free & doubt I will be until late 2017 at this rate. My FICO Scores are currently ~750 to 770 or so, My home and car loans are less than one year old, with great interest rates & I am comfortable with those exactly as they are. Now I want to take a more proactive approach on maximizing my credit profile and take advantage of rewards in a systematic way.I just went through an App & CLI spree that will net me some hard inq's & some newer accounts (impacting my AAOA). My Goals: Goal One: Pay off my CC debt ($11k ) on PSECU & get rid of credit card debt and interest for good. I know this is a big number, but it's been going down, and I haven't added anything to it at all. I am comfortably Paying $500 a month (Over double the minimum) & adding any extra cash I get towards this. The interest bugs me and. I am considering opening a card with a BT offer but doubt I will have it paid off before the 1 year intro period. 9.9% is currently my lowest apr. Goal Two, Earn Travel Rewards towards Vacation, Flights & Travel stuff. Take advantage of my work travel situation to get even more points: Opened a Chase Sapphire Preferred. All Travel Related spend will go on here (PIF Each month). Applied for a Chase Freedom, not instant approval. Called recon & got them to approve me by moving CL from an old Slate card & part of my CSP above to the new card (Approved $9,500). All monthly spend that isn't on the CSP will go here. I am now considering co-branded cards based on Konrad's advice in another thread, but our hotel stay & flight situation is fairly all over the board (Different chains & airlines depending on price) and I am also not sure I want a lot more cards to manage points on. I am not interested in M$ or things of that nature (Best of luck to those that are though. it makes for interesting reading, and I might change my mind later if it doesn't get shut down). Goal Three: Continue to improve my FICO Scores In general & get out of paying fees & Interest. I also want to leverage my Higher limit cards into better & better cards & offers with an eventual Goal of 800 just because. I'm in No real hurry & don't mind taking inquiries or New accounts if it gets me to my other goals faster. I waited until my Car & Mortgage settled & reported & am now I'm currently working on the "Leverage" portion, hence the App sprees, CLI requests, etc... Wondering if closing some of the lower limit cards would help? I have cards with AF Just because they are my oldest cards. My current Open accounts: USAA World Mastercard opened 6/1/2011 CL $30,000.00, Just got a CLI from 13,200 to 30,000. My Highest to date. Used Phone App. NFCU Cash Rewards Visa opened 6/1/2011 CL $25,000.00 Just requested a CLI. Pending Decision on CLI Request… PSECU Visa opened 4/1/2011 CL$20,000.00 Balance: $11,500 My only card with a balance. Util is high, I'm working on it. Have not tried CLI here, should I? Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Opened 8/4/2015 CL $16,000.00 Just Opened this for Monthly Travel Spend. Chase Freedom Visa opened 8/7/2015 CL $9,500.00 Opened this for other non travel spend. American Express "Blue" opened 3/1/2008 CL $7,500.00 BofA Signature Visa Opened 3/1/2011 CL $5,000.00 BofA Gold Visa opened 6/1/2006 CL $1,000.00 0 $29 AF. Kind of want to close this, but it's My oldest Active card. Capital one Quicksilver One Mastercard opened 5/1/2009 $1,000.00 0 This was just PC'ed from an older Cap1 Card, Will request a CLI once I get it. Capital one Quicksilver Visa opened 6/1/2006 CL $750.00 This was PC'ed from an older Cap1 Card, Will request a CLI once I get it. American Express Green Card opened 11/1/2008 $0.00 This has an AF, Not sure if I should close this or request a PC to something else, or what. I really don't use it, but it's one of my older cards. Amazon Store Credit Opened 4/1/2010 $5,000.00 Just got a CLI up from $4,400 Paypal Credit opened 2/1/2010 $3,050.00 Dell Account opened 12/1/2006 CL $4,000.00
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