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Found 6 results

  1. Most of the ad language reads about the same across the nation, but can't find these answers. Have the prices of the cars been raised to accommodate that deal? Do you know if they include early pay off penalties? Thanks
  2. Hello my name is David Malan i need quick cash car title loan can anyone please suggest me the lender name and number so can i get the loan. Thanks David
  3. Hi all, I moved migrated to US in June 2014. Never lived/worked here before. I applied for secured credit cards with Capital one and Bank of America in July 2014. Both got rejected. They gave me reason round the lines of “profile or file does not exist” (Can’t remember the exact wordings though). Anyhow, I wanted to buy a car, so went into this dealer ship back in August 2014(they claim to be the largest in NYC). Told them I am looking to buy something round $20K in cash. They asked me if I was interested in financing the car. I told them that I don’t have any credit profile, for which they said they ll get the approval. This was my first experience to actually buy a car from dealer ship, and have never financed before. Without asking me they (the dealership) actually applied to all the finance companies they could find under the sun. Then came back with approval, which was $11500 down payment, round 15%Apr for 72 months. The car was (new kia sorento) round $30K+ some nyc tax 0.9% + services. Total was round $34K. The installment was 474$/month. For next month or so, I got bombarded with all those rejected credit applications. I think they sent my application to 14 companies in total. All had same reason i-e credit profile does not exists. With this background information, I got following questions Q1: Currently I owe round $21K. Now the question is, if I payoff half of debt, (round $10K), will that actually lower my payments to 474/2 = 237$ /month? I don’t want to pay off the entire loan as its being useful for my credit buildup (as I understand). I read somewhere on this forum that even if you pay off most of loan, it will go to interest rather than capital payment. If that is the case, I’d rather keep it as is than paying off in full or half. Q2: I was checking free credit reporting sites, and suddenly they have my profile with TransUnion score 655, and another site reporting 690(not sure which bureau they are reporting from). Can I go for refinancing based on this scoring, provided my profile is less than a year old, and already has 14 credit pulls? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,Kj.
  4. My Chase Marriott statement cuts on the 26th. For September, that statement showed a horrific balance of $7900, on an $8,000 limit. I was awaiting a large reimbursement which arrived a week later than I expected. On October 1st, I paid that balance off in full, along with smaller balances on my two other Chase cards (they have statement closing dates of the 15th & 17th). When I updated my reports today, all three Chase cards show with a zero balance, updated October 1. I have never had a credit card update mid-month like that, but and I am thrilled I will not be showing that killer utilization all month. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this from Chase, but they already had my banking business and were my two most used cards (Marriott and Amazon), but they just keep finding ways to earn my business. When I look at how bad Lowe's sucks, as does Capital One, it is nice to have at least one credit partner you can count on.
  5. I traded in my Mazda 3 with a remaining balance of $1850.00 to go towards the down payment on a 13' Chevy Cruze. Dealer took the trade and gave me an additional $1k in incentive cash to go towards the down and "help with financing". A week ago, I logged onto the Mazda's auto loan account with Chase and it still showed a balance due, as well as an increase in the amount of interest due as I traded the car on 2/24 and the last payment was made on 2/13 by me. So I contacted the sales manager (who seemed very concerned after we completed the sale about a survey we would get from GM) and let him know that Chase had not gotten the payoff. He said he'd check on it, and later told me it was taken care of. Today I get a call from Chase demanding payment of course, as I am 26 days past due. I call the dealership again, and he says the check was sent out Friday and I should give it a few days. So my concern is that the late pay may hit my credit if Chase doesn't process the check in time, even though I've notified them of the situation. If so, what is the best way to get the late scrubbed?
  6. Just looking for some input. I understand the debt snowball methods of paying down debt (by lowest balance first, highest interest rate first, highest utilization first, etc.) I have cards with balances below. I plan to pay off Best Buy / Citi first. Aside from that, I plan to pay everything off to around 1-10% util over the next 4-6 months. From a score perspective, and the perspective of how the account looks to the lender, am I better splitting $1200-$1500 per month evenly across tradelines, or using a snowball approach to pay some off immediately, and pay down others over time? Does it look better to the lender to pay a $600 balance over 3 months of $200 per payment or all at once? TL Balance Utilization Best Buy (Citi) $ 385.00 96% BOA $ 360.00 72% Loft $ 100.00 40% Target $ 385.00 77% Walmart $ 80.00 27% CapOne $ 745.00 99% Amazon $ 600.00 75% CapOne $ 2,000.00 86% Macys $ 125.00 38% CapOne (HH) $ 200.00 50% Capital Bank $ 100.00 50% Paypal $ 200.00 67%
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