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Found 11 results

  1. I'm trying to clean up my CR and I see the a duplicate paid collection. Can you PLEASE advise on me on what I should do??? 1. Does that affect my score 2x? 2. How do I get these removed? I paid a credit repair company to get them removed but they only successfully removed the TL from Equifax. EX and TU both show duplicate TL
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/04/your-money/credit-scores/vantagescore-ignores-paid-collections-in-setting-a-credit-score.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1& I hardly believe it - but then, it's a FAKO score think FICO will take this up?
  3. Hello, new here. Like many others I am realizing I should have come here a long time ago. Anyway, I have few questions/concerns. Current score: 633 I've read a lot about removing items from your credit report on this site. I have also read about the possibility of sending a letter of goodwill to have certain items removed. In my case, it involves an auto loan with Capitol One. I was 30/60/90 on the very last payment of the loan back in 2010. I talked to a rep there who gave me the fax number of the CBR and gave me a few pointers on what to write (It has a great impact on my credit, I was trying to make arrangements at the time, it was my last payment etc.). I am a little conflicted over what I have read. It looks like some have had luck doing this with Capitol One. However, if I send this letter and it does not work, can they use it against me if I try to dispute the lates? I also paid off loan with Santander that had a 30/30/30/60 at one point about 4 years ago in the middle of the loan. However, I have not heard many success stories regarding sending them goodwill letters. Not sure what I should do here. Another question relates to the 6 CCs I have under a payment plan with a CCCS. I have about $6500 left and none of them were ever late.. even before the payment program. I now have the money to go ahead and just pay these off. I want the balances updated on my reports asap. Would it be a bad idea to immediately dispute them in a way to get the records updated or would this look bad? Maybe there is a better way to go about this. Also, do you think paying these off will have a major impact on my score? Anyone willing to guestimate? In addition to the above I also have a paid collection with Brighthouse a couple years ago. I made the mistake of paying $25 to the debt collector and then paying the rest of the balance to Brighthouse directly. I really wish I would have not done that and would have researched what to do first. The good news is I do not have any late payments in the last few years on any of my CCs and have never been late on my current car and motorcycle loans. Thanks for reading and any help.
  4. I received an alert that a new collection had appeared on my credit report on the 10/16. It was for a moving violation I received in 9/2011. I set up payments through the court, but somehow I missed the last payment. They tacked on a $300 service charge and said my license was not suspended, but they could not reissue a duplicate until the fines were paid and I had until 1/2015. Then in 9/2013 I received a notice from the CA Franchise Tax Board that my wages would be attached if it was not paid by the 9/17/2013. So I paid the courts directly (in full) and received a receipt. Then on 10/16/13, the collection appeared. It is listed with Alliance One being the CA with a status of paid. I never received any kind of dunning letter, phone call or any other type of communication from Alliance One since I set up the payments in 2011. In fact, when I received the notice from the FTB, I called Alliance One to pay it and they said they couldn't accept it, that I had to pay the court directly. My question is, would the best route be to 1-2 punch Alliance One, or dispute with the CRA first and then send a letter to Alliance if it's verified. I have done both and it seems to me that the 1-2 punch had faster results with less steps, but I'm not entirely sure that's the correct procedure in this instance. Can anyone weigh in on the situation? Thanks!
  5. I have a paid collection on my credit report showing "Failure to Pay" (FP) for January and February of 2013. The original account is from a Continental Finance credit card that I have no knowledge of nor is it showing on my credit report. After I was alerted by Experian, I immediately contacted CKS Financial, the collection agency, argued for hours and got nowhere, and ended up paying the account off which was a couple hundred dollars. It was just In exchange, they sent me a paid off letter which is below. They would not remove the account from the . How can I get this removed from my credit report? My score dropped 94 points because of this... Its only showing on Experian. Below is the letter that I have, signed and on CKS Financial's letterhead. Thanks! Original Creditor: CONTINENTAL FINANCE Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX Original Balance: 354.12 Reference Number: XXXXXX Dear Sean XXXXXX, Thank you for your final payment which we received in our office on 1/3/2012. This letter is to confirm that your account is now considered to be paid in full and reflects a $0.00 balance. You should keep a copy of this letter for your records. If applicable, we will update our tradeline on your credit report to reflect your account's paid in full status. This letter may be helpful should you wish to address any entries on your credit report regarding this debt you have paid. If you have any questions, please call CKS Financial toll-free at (800) 984-3711. Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Eastern Standard Time. Sincerely, John Sanders Executive Vice President
  6. Why Chat, When going through the HIPAA process and looking at credit reports, I remember where I had paid a collection directly to the OC and they accepted the payment. I have since changed accounts (and possibly even banks) and I'm pretty sure I didn't keep a record of paying it off. How would I go about the paid collection dispute with no records to provide as proof? Thanks!
  7. So I'm in a dilemma. Here are the facts: 1. The CA is ACS Education Services 2. The company is not bonded in TX according to the debt collector search site - I tried all variations and other names the company goes by 3. After I disputed the account with Experian (after calling ACS directly, they said they no longer handle the debt. They gave me no further info) a few months ago, the status was changed from collection to "paid, was in collection ..." 4. However, I never paid anything on this account 5. I wanted the account removed completely from my credit report and so I sent a letter to Experian requesting that it be removed because the company was in violation of the TX Fin. Code. 6. The investigation was completed by Experian and they told me that the creditor verified the account - thus it is still being reported as "paid collection." When I asked Experian whether the CA even verified that it was bonded, they said that they report what the CA tells them to, and that the specific question regarding TX law should be directed to the CA directly. Needless to say, I was frustrated b/c the CRA did nothing verify the veracity of what the CA reported. My question is, what should I do if I want this account completely removed? On one hand, an account which I didn't pay anything on is now being reported as "paid collection." On the other hand, if I move forward with an ITS to the CA and invoke the TX Fin. Code, I'm afraid they may retract the "paid collection" and then come after me for the debt. Should I go forward with the ITS anyway? Has anyone had experience in dealing with ACS? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hello, I am new to these boards and i'm trying to learn as much as possible by reading topics and using the search function. Here is where I stand: -I have been searching these boards and reading information such as PsychDoc's seminars. However, I am having trouble relating this information to my own problems as the information seems to be fairly overwhelming. I paid off all my debt in February of this year, and I have a credit score of 589 according to experian and 616 shown on myfico.com. I made a post earlier today ( http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=516682 ). According to the information from road2freedom I should dispute my paid collection entries, as well as student loans. Should I contact the OC or the CA to work towards getting these removed? Also, I seem to see references to sample letters to use for disputes, but i'm having trouble finding links pertaining to my situation. Using the search function, I have read some threads that Sallie Mae will not budge on trade lines in credit reports; thus i'm stuck with a student loan reporting as 120+ days late and $0 balance for at least 7 years. Here is my credit report: 3 Collections $389, paid $157, paid $253, paid 1 secured loan. I put 14k in cash in a CD at 8% interest to pay off my debt and i currently pay $596 per month at 3.5% interest for 2 years from February, all payments on time. Balance is around $10,800 currently. (I was told by my bank that this would help rebuild my credit). 4 student loans: USA Funds -$472 - Shows paid collection Sallie Mae - $2625 - Shows 120+ days late with a balance of $0 and [Claim filed with Government, Balance paid by Insurance] - I paid this off through a collection agency in February Natl Coleg - $2032 - Shows 120+ days late with a balance of $0 and [Transfered to Recovery/Claim filed with Government] - I paid this off through a collection agency in February Natl Coleg - $2673 - Shows 120+ days late with a balance of $0 and [Transfered to Recovery/Claim filed with Government] - I paid this off through a collection agency in February Other accounts $6000 - Balance of $0 - Pays acct as agreed [Account closed at consumers request] - I don't remember what kind of account this was $4300 - Balance of $0 - Pays acct as agreed [Account paid] - lists as credit card $20561 - Balance of $0 - Pays acct as agreed [Account paid] - This was an auto loan $2570 - Balance of $0 - Shows [Charged off account] This account isn't mine and was opened in 1996, which would have made me 11 at the time. It was charged off in $2007 I believe. What i'm in search of.... 1.) Information pertaining to removing paid collection, student loans and charge-off 2.) Should I remove the charge off? According to myfico.com the only benefit I have on my credit report is the length of time my accounts have been open...most student loans are from 2003-2005. 3.) I current make 60k per year and have 0 debt other than my secured loan (Balance of $10,275). Would it be beneficial to pay this off in full now. 4.) Which secured cards should I apply for (links to information appreciated, as well as suggestions) and what should i apply for collateral on my credit line. I may spend up to $500 per month on necessary items such as gas, groceries, bills, etc. 5.) Roadmap to improving my credit score to reach my eventual goal of getting approved for building a house in the very near future. *Mods please remove this post if this is considered spam due to my previous post*
  9. I have recently begun once again trying to fix some things on my credit report so that I can buy a house within the next 6 months. Unfortunately, last year when I began disputing things, I wasn't wise enough to the processes not to pay some things. So, I now have three paid medical collections all reporting that are my only negative items on my CR. Since they are paid, will the HIPAA process still work? Also, it is not the OC that is reporting, it's a CA. One CA (Professional Credit Management) had two accounts, both which I paid in full. The other (Syndicated Office Systems) had an account which I settled, much to my disapproval considering it was for a doctor who was assigned to me while I was unconscious and wasn't covered by my insurance at the time. Here is how they are showing on my EQ report pulled last week: SYNDICATED OFFICE SYSTEMS Agency Address: XXXXXXXXXXXX (800) 345-4261 Date Reported: 10/2012 Date Assigned: 10/2009 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: ST FRANCIS HOSPITAL Accounts Number: 95494XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $280 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 04/2009 Balance Date: 10/2012 Balance Owned: $0 Last Payment Date : 27/04/2012 Status Date: 10/2012 Status: P - Paid Comments: Collection account, Account paid for less than full balance PROFESSIONAL CREDIT MANAGE Agency Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (870) 932-7030 Date Reported: 06/2012 Date Assigned: 02/2012 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MID SOUTH IMAGING THERAPEUTI Accounts Number: 329XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $265 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 11/2010 Balance Date: 06/2012 Balance Owned: $0 Last Payment Date : 30/04/2012 Status Date: 06/2012 Status: P - Paid Comments: Medical PROFESSIONAL CREDIT MANAGE Agency Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Date Reported: 06/2012 Date Assigned: 06/2011 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MID SOUTH IMAGING THERAPEUTI Accounts Number: 303XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $194 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 12/2010 Balance Date: 06/2012 Balance Owned: $0 Last Payment Date : 23/08/2011 Status Date: 06/2012 Status: P - Paid Comments: Medical If HIPAA will work to remove these, would I start with the OC or the CA's? They are all showing the Medical Classification, which makes me think that I SHOULD be able to use HIPAA on them. Just not sure how to go about it.
  10. I guess the letter did not work b/c it was PD after it went to collections. Although, I thought it would b/c everything else ICAN has recommended worked SOOOO *sighs *… Collection popped up on credit reports in 12/2012, I immediately DV’d. And disputed with ALL 3 CRA’s. EQ verified then deleted (not sure why, and it hasn’t popped back up…I’m fine with that lol). TU& EX stayed. The CA did not respond in 30 days, so I sent a notice that they did not validate and told them they need to delete. THEN they responded with a bill statement from the OC. Offered CA a PFD, they declined. Filed BBB complaint b/c I never rec’d dunning notice nor have I EVER talked to them over the phone. They were ALL OVER THE PLACE in their response, and said they sent out dunning letter “in or around” November 2011 (so they really don’t know and PROBABLY didn’t and even if they did, they had an old address), I said I was not satisfied with response and they never responded back and the BBB just closed the complaint (smh). So, I tried to get OC (AT&T) to pull collection back they refused. So, I decided to pay OC and try ICAN’s PD to Original Creditor letter. So, I paid AT&T ($57) thru cashier’s check and I have a copy of the returned check. So, I disputed with TU AND EX. TU deleted the very next day. EX took 6 days and they came back with updated. So, I sent ICAN’s paid to OC letter (MODIFIED A LITTLE BIT), and they responded back with Don’t see a point in calling and I put “Deposit Only to AT&T” on the back of the ck but I guess that doesn’t matter. This is really starting to irk me b/c this was my smallest collection and also the one I’m having the most problems with. I don’t understand why they are putting so much effort in a $57 PAID collection. And they have the amount wrong in several different places. They said I paid $55.13 to AT&T which I DID NOT, it was $57 AND they are reporting a $67 balance on Experian! I keep reading all of these stories about how “easy” AFNI is…but in my case IT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. I know EX is infamous for not wanting to “re-investigate” after something has been “verified.” Any advice on what I should do next to get rid of these people? I know some might say GW (smh). I was thinking about doing another dispute w/ EX especially since they have the amount wrong, in their letter they said $55.13 but they are reporting $67, when in all actually it was $57; and I would send copy of cancelled check that AT&T cashed in the amount of $57 and not $67 or $55.13. Thoughts, comments, advice?
  11. I have a medical collection that was paid to the original creditor. I have been using Lexington law to remove paid collection they have been unable to do so. Previous to Lexington law, I hired an attorney to remove this collection and another medical collection. The attorney removed the other collection and removed the current collection from one of the three bureaus. One bureau never reported the collection so the paid collection is only being reported by Experian showing a zero balance. I have a paid receipt with a zero balance from the OC original creditor. How do I remove the collection with the HIPAA rules? I have been looking at the letters on why chat and I am confused on what to do. Do I send a letter to the collection agency using the validation/ dispute letter? Do I send the HIPAA letter to the original health care provider? Could some please help and tell me what to do? once that is done do I then send a letter the credit? What Letter? Thanks
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