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Found 3 results

  1. I had a checking account with Chase that charged off in 2009, and it was due to a bank error. The Chase ATM malfunctioned and never credited my deposit, yet the check I deposited cleared the account it was drawn on (at BOA) in a timely manner. Long story short, I had to fight with Chase for months, and eventually the CO amount was dropped from roughly $217 to $73. It was NOT a settlement – it was the amount they came up with, after they adjusted for THEIR error. I paid the $73 in March 2013, and it was reported as paid to Chex. (I really don’t think I actually owed anything, but I stopped fighting and paid the lower amount.) Fast forward to January 2014 – I requested a copy of my Chex report, since I’d never reviewed it for errors. The Chase item is still listed with the original WRONG amount of $217, and is classified as “paid in full.” I disputed this, since it’s wrong – the CO amount was NOT $217, it was $73. Chase verified and updated nothing. So I sent a 623 investigation to the Chase address listed on my Chex report. It is the exact same address on both my original report (FACTA disclosure in January) and the “updated copy” I received from my Chex dispute in March – nothing changed. My 623 investigation request to the listed Chase address was returned as “undeliverable as addressed” – it was sent CMRR. Since I’ve disputed the info w/Chex, and I followed-up with a 623 request to Chase – mail returned as undeliverable – should I dispute AGAIN with Chex, or should I go to the CFPB or some other regulatory board…?
  2. Guess I’ll break that last one down into smaller bites: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=526986 So if I’ve disputed this paid CO for TXU Energy every which way to Sunday, and the OC has always verified but never noted it as “consumer disputes this information” – to whom should I complain (other than you guys)…? The AG…? I don’t see anything in the CFPB Complaints Database to suggest they field complaints regarding a utility company. And BBB complaints for these guys don't seem to be effective, although I need to read through a few more to see if ANY were resolved in the customer's favor. I already filed a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission in March, but I didn’t mention this FCRA violation in my complaint, which focused on the accounting info I received from TXU after my 623 investigation, as it differed from the CO amount they charged me. And based on all my experience with these peeps, if I complain about the violation to the PUC, TXU will simply add the notation to the TL. Whatever you guys suggest, I will do it after TXU responds to my latest maneuver. Yesterday, I realized they should have applied the low-income discount and waived all late fees on service for all months the account was open in 2007, because I was receiving SNAP benefits that summer (times were tough!) I fired off a friendly request to their head PR person, asking her how I can get that remedied, and I got a voicemail from her within the hour. Then a guy from the EO left a message a couple of hours later. They’re “looking into it”…lol. They’re always quick to “respond” – and just as quick to come back and tell me why they’re right and I’m screwed. We’ll see how this one plays out. Like I said in my other thread, it’s become a game now. It’ll be obsolete in a few months, and I am working the "early obsolete" angle with each CRA as the months tick by. I’m just experimenting on these jokers to entertain myself while I wait.
  3. I have a CO from HSBC (formerly an Orchard card) reporting as follows: Date Opened: TU: 5/2006 EX: 5/2006 Status Date: TU 10/2008 EX: 10/2008 Last Activity: TU 12/2007 EX: Unavailable Condition: TU & EX: Closed Status: TU: Payment after CO/Collection EX: Credit Line Closed/Unknown I believe this account had a missed payment in 8/2006. I've disputed it obsolete with CRAs and it was 'verified' and Capital One sent me a letter saying "this account was charged off in 2008 and sold to PRA -please contact them". After two emails to Cap One went without response, I sent them a CMRR which was received on 10/21/2013. I've still had no response to my request that they delete this as too old to report. Assuming that I receive no response (which I don't expect to) and the CO remains on my reports, what should my next steps be? I've heard others have had issues with HSBC accounts that have gone to Cap One. Frustrating since I have several accounts with them and I've had great luck with them so far.
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