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Found 18 results

  1. I'm a newbie who seems to have slipped through the cracks. I had 2 credit cards with HSBC Nevada that were closed a number of years ago and reported accurately. I recently checked my credit reports (1st time in years) to find charge offs on two from HSBC and and additional 2 collection companies on all three reports. On the report that didn't have OC as HSBC, showed Cap 1. I disputed all online before reading the boards to find out it was not the best decision. Also called Cap 1 because I have a CC with them and was confused. Cap 1 informed me that they now hold the other company's cards and could only find my current card. They told me to dispute. I then received a letter from them for each card stating: "We have received your CB dispute regarding card services account. We have completed our investigation and the above-referenced account has been purged from our system. In addition, we have instructed all relevant major consumer reporting agencies to delete ANY reference of this account from your credit reports. Please allow up to 60 days for the info to be reflected on your reports. We apologize for any inconvenience." My problem is that before I called them, 2 CRA's completed the investigation in 3 days and verified the collection accounts (Midland and Calvary). EXP noted the dispute as meeting requirements but never even acknowledged Calvary either way. I think they forgot to investigate it. Also, one CA lists HSBC as the OC and the other doesn't list an OC at all. I don't know what I should do next. Any answers?
  2. If an OC can't find your account but it is still showing on your report as CO, must they delete it?
  3. Even though an OC has a debt being collected on by a CA, if I send a DV letter to the OC to find information on the account doesn't the OC have to respond to my request per TFC law?
  4. Help with a Capital One charge off and United Recovery Systems My wife has a charge off with Capital one for the amount of 414.55 on a CL of 300. This is killing her utilization! We have tried to pay Capital One directly but they refuse and said that we had to pay United Recovery Systems. URS is not reporting on her reports and I do not want them to report. I want to pay this thing but I don’t want it to show up on her reports. They have been calling lately on our landline but we never use the landline or even answer the damn thing. I know that you should always DV a CA and I understand that, but I know for a fact that she owes the crap and I am not trying to skip paying it. I just don’t want the CA to show up on her reports. What are you guys opinion on the best course of action? DV or just call them up and pay the thing for a letter in writing that they will not report to the bureaus? Do you think there is any chance of getting the CA to get the OC to delete the tradeline? This is a pipedream that I would jump for joy if it happened. Any and all advice welcomed!
  5. I am not talking about OC's that have lawyers or inhouse collectors, perhaps working on a percentage... I am talking about a charged off OC balance with -0- due and owing that has totally sold their position in the outstanding amount... Anybody know about this?Thanks if so...
  6. Ok, I am getting down to the brass knuckles.. Have three stubborn OC chargeoffs from 2008/9, one paid in settlement to a CA, the other 2 no DoV from Collector/JDB... I believe that prior validation to the CRA Experian was cursory, at best. I know that one account originated from an early 2000's purchase of Wells Fargo credit card that I would doubt that they have a copy of ten years after the bulk purchase. My question is, what are the total lines of information in an experian CRA TL and which lines are they required to fill out- ALL??? for example, it does not list a line for date of first delinquency, does not list dates of chargeoffs, last activity, amount of last payment, etc. Is there an open field of lines where I can request that that be filled in, hoping of course that they won't be able to , and if they cannot do it, can I request removal? What is the remedy to a 623 that they cannot answer in full... are they obliged to have a copy of the credit agreement if they write in when the account was opened? should recent balance reflect the charge off date and balance? so many fields say not reported or they are missing entirely (such as to who the account was sold, etc)... can I send them a laundry list of information that I have since I am a compulsive saver of paper that they might not have( date of last payment and amount, for example)
  7. On following this board's advice, I pay my CC down to a small amount right before I know (thought) it gets reported to the bureaus. This past month I had an $8 balance that EX and EQ showed (reporting date is the last biz day of the month), however my TU is showing $400 since I used my card on the 3rd of May… so what gives? why wouldn't they all show the same $8 balance? I thought the OC furnishes the data to all 3 at the same time btw this is for a secured US bank card
  8. Please Help! I have a GE Capital Brooks Card which was recently closed - can anyone provide advice on how to best negotiate and minimize the impact this will do to my bureaus? Last Payment was made November 2013, with the next payment due Dec 2014 I received a letter with GE Capital Retail Bank letter head today offering to settle for 50% of the original balance of $1800, in three installments - and the account would be marked 'Account Paid in full than less than the full balance' (which is worth little) Is there a way to negotiate that I pay the FULL Original amount, in exchange for either deleting it, or marking it 'Paid as Agreed' 'Account closed by grantor' Help anyone please.
  9. Ok so I've researched this board constantly and began my latest repair journey about 5 months ago... I fell into a deep hole back when the recession hit and am trying to make amends. Heres what I'm working with: I have 8 cards reporting, 1 from BofA ($8,500 CO as of 11/10), 1 from Target ($500 CO as of 8/10), Care credit (no balance reported, transferred '10), PayPal (no bal reported, transferred '10), HSBC ($1,000 CO 12/10) HSBC ($400 CO 12/10), Macys ($2,500 CO 12/10), Discover ($3,400 CO 11/10). These all had collection agencies attached to them. Thanks to this board, I managed to get everyone of them (about 12) deleted and my score popped from avg 491 to about 560 today. While the CAs deleted easily, these Original creditors aren't moving... The 2 HSBCs I first disputed via certified mail 3 years ago. Came back as verified. Did another round last year and no budge. Wrote directly to HSBC, no response. Filed CFPB complaint. Been 40 days, no response as of yet. BofA, sent both CRAs and BofA letters, and BofA sent back my purchase history and all of that. Discover and Macys did the same. CareCredit and PayPal (both GE accounts) have not responded to my letters sent to them. Filed CFPB, 40 days and no response. Im just trying to figure out which direction to now take. The CFPB has helped especially with the Collection Agencies (Midland was the worst, owning 5 of my accounts alone) and all were deleted but like I said, I cannot get these Originals off. I have sent them nice letters asking for forgiveness and all of that. I even offered to pay Discover in full and they said too late. If I keep disputing to the CRAs, it will just be tossed as frivolous so I must change up my strategy or just wait until 2016-17 for them to drop and I'd much rather take the former. Any sound advice? Grazie!
  10. Help credit board members! I am trying to get approved for a mortgage and I have one baddie that my lender says I need to resolve. It’s for a deficiency balance on a second mortgage HELOC loan with Bank of America for the amount of $92,000. The short sale took place in February 2010 and I thought that this account was settled after the purchaser of my home paid Bank of America $23,000 to release title. BTW, Bank of America changed the amount and terms on the eve of the short sale. Originally Bank of America only wanted $3000 to settle the account. I signed the agreement to allow the short sale to continue, but the language of the agreement stated that liability of the deficiency was to be determined. Bank of America states that they have assigned the loan to Sunrise Credit Services, and that they cannot receive payment and that I must contact them. I looked up Sunrise Credit services and they collect on behalf of other clients and purchase debts. Sunrise Credit Services is not currently reporting on my credit report. Bank of America shows a charge off with a past due balance of $92,000 in Nov 2009 on all the CRA’s. I have disputed with the CRA's and the account has come back being verified. I thought that Bank of America should show transferred with a zero balance, if they assigned the debt to Sunrise Credit Services, but this isn’t the case. Sunrise Credit Services has attempted to call me a few times but I don’t give them any information and I ask them to send me something in writing but I have not received anything as of yet. The SOL in my state is 4 years. Nov 2013 was the due date for the SOL, unless they want to say that the payment of the short sale from the buyer reset the SOL to February 2014. How should I proceed to resolve this? I probably have approximately 35 days to try to close escrow before this deal falls through.
  11. I have recently Dv'ed 2 CAs reporting on my CRAs and waiting to hear anything back from them. I have 3 other accounts reporting, all OCs, that need tending to. Chase - Charged-off - Still showing the balance. Captial One - Charged-off - Still showing the balance. Macys - Charged-Off - Still showing the balance. I want to take care of these prior to them selling the debt, which I am surprised they haven't yet. DOFD on all 3 are around Feb/March 2012. I've been reading that OCs hardly ever delete. What should I be asking for if they tell me they won't delete? I can pay them, just want to pay them and get the best action done to help my CR. I'm going to call them up in about 2 weeks to try to clear up the debt so I don't have to worry about CAs.
  12. I had a Capital one charge off in 2010 and it was sold to Portfolio Recovery Services recently (resulted into nearly a 20pt drop in my score since they are reporting, too) The SoL for this account is (I believe) in about 4 months . I am in Florida, and the last payment on the account was 06/2010. If the SoL is actually 5 years instead of 4, then I have another year left ;\ I do want to try PFD with Portfolio, but I don't want to risk getting sued and rocking the boat anymore. They call once every few days and I don't respond. I have received nothing in the mail. The amount owed is $988, and I really can't afford to pay in full. I know I have a better chance of PFD once the SoL has passed. Would you all advise me to ignore them in the mean time? So, I plan on doing a PFD after the SoL has passed. I also want to try sending a goodwill letter to Capital One seeing if they will remove any sort of negative marks on my report. (I have heard most people get denied, but I'd like to try anyway) My main question is, if I write Cap1 a goodwill letter, would they know whether or not I paid off my debts to the credit agency? Would they even care? My letter will state that I paid these debts, which isn't a lie because I *will*, but I'm not sure it'll be paid before or after Cap One reads/sees my letter. Hopefully this made sense, lol. Thanks for any help!
  13. hello, im very confused as i read different things as to "the right way" to go about this process. i have a utility bill in collections. ?#1 - do i pfd the oc or the ca? ?#2 - should i tell them to validate it? ?#3 - if i pay the oc, will the ca have to delete the report entry, or do they just have to reflect a $0 balance? any comments, preferably people with their own sucess stories doing this, are more than welcome.
  14. So I am asking while these accounts have special circumstances here. Most of them are due to fall off at the end of the year. I have a mortgage and a couple of Charge-offs. With these being verified on disputes with CRAs, what would be best route to take at this point. - Goodwill to Creditor (Mortgage was involved in lawsuit for illegal foreclsure proceedings and received settlement for NATIONAL MORTGAGE SETTLEMENT) Was thinking about using this as leverage for a sympathy case goodwill - 623 Dispute (if thats the right number) (Should I go at the creditor producing some docs.. account was included in Bankruptcy (Chapter 13) but i didnt finish the repayment plan either) so it was dismissed.) - 1-2 Punch of disputing directly with the OC and then disputing again with the CRA with some other reason on dispute.. - Dispute as Obsolete not sure how Experian takes to these... Your feedback is appreciated.
  15. Quick Question -- So is the no one way to get an Original Creditor removed if it was first charged off and sent to Midland but then Midland removed it because they could not validate? WIll I have to talk to the OC and discuss a PFD perhaps? Would I have to offer the OC the whole amount of the debt even if Midland brought the debt for something (even if it less than the actual debt)?
  16. HELP!!! I'm in the process of validating A LOT of things in collections. I've been working on this since December and I even signed up for credit monitoring service through Equifax. I'm feeling a little down because my score was at 567 and jumped to 618 (at the highest point) and now recently back down to 557 ... ugh. I also deleted old addresses. I need a mentor but anyways here is my question. I fired off one letter disputing only about 4 items in collections and one with the OC (DNB/Macys's)....I will target more after I work through this first batch of collections. During one of my disputes with the CA the OC responded back with a letter saying that they sold the account to the CA. The CA responded with a letter a few days letter a "summary of information." It included my name, date acct opened, other fees (which was zero), and balance due at the date of letter. I wonder if this is their version of the 1-2 punch...lol. So did they validate? They were able to prove the account was sold to them (them being the CA). Is this good enough? I need a list of validation items that a CA can show/prove. What should my next letter include? I hope it's not a pay for deletion...maybe for this one the fight is over...any suggestions?
  17. I am trying to get rid of an OC charge-off. It is still well within SOL and not in the hands of a CA (I assume since no CA is reporting or calling me about it). I have already tried the following: 1. CRA dispute 2. OC validation 3. PFD offer What should I try now?
  18. When a consumer commences a Paid For Deletion (PFD) action with a CA or JDB, does the original TL get deleted or just the TL reported by the JDB or CA?
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