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Found 24 results

  1. I've heard that you can dispute and remove obsoletes from experian within 6 months of the 7 year mark, and was wondering if this was true cause I didn't want to waste my one shot. The only way so far I have been able to dispute obsoletes is over the phone, I did it for the first time a few months back and had everything I disputed removed but were all within 2 months of the 7 year mark, do you think I can do it again and have everything within 6 months removed? I've been having a lot of luck with transunion online seems they delete automatically if you delete it as obsolete within 6 months of being obsolete. Equifax I have not had any luck with having them remove anything as obsolete. I only had two more I need to remove that fall off in 4/15 and they said they won't remove them.
  2. OK, have a late from December 2008 on a car loan. Account was paid in full and closed in February 2009. Was 54 month loan. Late only shows on TU and was only late on account. Have tried numerous goodwill attempts with no success. TU says it will fall off November 2015. When that date comes, will it become a positive account and remain on the report for 3 more years until it hits the 10-year limit, or will the entire trade-line drop off? As the late is 6 years old, my thinking was that trying to get the late removed with a dispute might cost me the trade-line if it just gets deleted instead of updated, which would hurt my AAOA more than a 6 year old late is hurting my score as the account dates back to 2004. Am I correct in that thinking?
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This site is such a fountain of knowledge. So, I had my first victory after creating my "hit list" of items that I wanted to tackle on my CR. The first was an old BofA TL that was charged off ($770) on my credit that was still showing as a bad debt. After reading about people getting TL deleted for being obsolete, I checked and saw that this account was about 6 months from dropping off (March, 2015). I decided to try to get it taken off a little early. I disputed this as obsolete with all 3 CRA's and it worked! I really expected EX to fight about it based on what I've read, but they were the 2nd one to delete it (after TU). EQ was the one who was dragging their feet about doing it, but I finally heard from them today. It's not much, and it probably won't move the needle with regard to my FICO scores, but I'm excited to see that it actually worked and my credit is now just a little bit cleaner. Baby steps. Next up, I'm going after Santander to get their auto repo removed. Wish me luck!
  4. Bori0813

    Oh Oh

    So I sent TU an online request to remove a 38K Amex baddie due to fall off on September 2014 as obsolete. I checked last night and received a message that they need to review manually? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  5. hello everybody, im getting ready to start disputing my obsoletes at 7 years with TU i have heard that you can dispute them 6 months early and TU will remove them, my first obsolete is scheduled to be removed 11/14, so I was thinking I should dispute it next month 06/14 and then dispute my 12/14 in 7/14 and my 01/15 in 08/14, does this sound right? i know you only get one shot with TU because once you check and box and do an online dispute and it gets veified you can no longer dispute using that same option, and im guessing its the -I am no longer liable for this account - box.
  6. HI everyone!!! Sooo I disputed LVNV online with the big three and of course 6 months away on that report, they deleted. Does not drop until Aug with EQ and they updated. On my Experian however, it states that it will be on record until May 2014 but I got my results in the mail today and the "updated" !!!! What should I do just wait? I have read about many ppl calling and having the item deleted so close to fall off date BUT I just disputed it a couple of weeks ago... help
  7. So I called Experian today to find out when my last unpaid baddie would be removed...my report states DEC 2013 and I knew they waited til the following month. Anyways I acted dumb and just asked politely if there was a certain day it would be removed and the rep said "no but I'll go ahead and remove it for you" WHAT!? YAY! I found a thread on another forum that suggested this & wish I had found it earlier! This is my last unpaid baddie stopping us from buying a home. TU & EX now have both removed this specific account. EQ however just keeps verifying it. I did a online dispute, twice, (I know it's not suggested to dispute online) choosing the "other" option and typing in the comment box "exceeds reporting time limits, please remove" or something to that effect. I had luck with another account, with Equifax, this specific method worked...online. But this last account just wont budge. Equifax doesn't list a removal date so I know they base it off of DOFD which is showing April 2007. So it's still a little early but have read some success stories about Equifax removing up to 6 months early. Question is, has anyone had or seen any success getting a rep to remove early by calling them? Like EX did for me today? I was going to try the obsolete dispute again but wanted some input about calling them first. Any help would be appretiated.
  8. Probably a fine time to be asking after I have already submitted the dispute, but for those that were granted obsolete disputes, what selection did you make on the dispute. I have a couple of things where the DOFD was 10/2006 and the first time i disputed as obsolete, I selected "Please Verify DOFD, blah blah blah" option. In the notes part i typed "Please Delete As This Account Is Obsolete" ... it came back verified. I basically just attempted again, this time i selected "I AM NO LONGER LIABLE FOR THIS ACCOUNT" and typed the same thing in the comments section. Your feedback?
  9. I currently have open disputes with EQ & TU for incorrect reporting on some TL's (not as obsolete). I haven't disputed them yet with EX because I was trying to get old addresses removed. They won't delete the old addresses, so I sent them another request to delete them. I doubt EX will delete the old addresses.. although the 2nd request hasn't been processed yet (that I know of). EX is the only CRA with earlier 7 year dates on the same accounts disputed for inaccuracies with EQ & TU. My question is, since I have a lot of different things going on with the CRA's, should I wait until I hear back from all of them to do an obsolete with EX in hopes they remove (3 - 4 months early)? Or, should I go ahead and dispute the same way I did with the EX & TU for the inaccuracies and then save the obsoletes for later? Thanks!
  10. Okay so I'm having an issue with TD Auto Finance/Chrsyler with a Tradeline that should be obsolete but is still reporting on all 3. Experian (Report Status Details) : This account is scheduled to continue on record until Nov 2013. DOFD - 11/2006 . Reporting as TD auto finance/Chrysler This account is still reporting and I'm in the process of disputing. Equifax (a totally different story ) : DOFD - 08/2007. Scheduled to continue on record until 08/2014. Reporting as TD auto finance I don't understand why the date of first delinquency is almost 2 years off. The 81 month payment history has changed since October. My October credit report payment history showed a 60 Day late in December , no other payments made until Repossion, so I assumed that would make my DOFD 12/2006 but not according to Equifax. Experian (almost the same as Equifax) DOFD 7/2007 - Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2014. Reporting as Chrysler. No other information provided . My question to you guys is how can all 3 reporting agency be reporting different information? Each CRA is also reporting a different address and phone number for the Debitor.....It doesn't make sense to me. I'm in the process of disputing Experian, their report clearly states the tradeline should have been removed in Novemeber, could TD/Chrysler change this on me and extend the reporting period? if this drops off do you guys think the rest will follow suit or will I have to battle the other two guys as well ? Ahhhh I'm ready to move on, this is frusterating, I've done my time now let me walk! I want to buy a house next spring and this is the last piece of the puzzle! Any insight you guys provide is of course appreciated!!!
  11. I have a CO from HSBC (formerly an Orchard card) reporting as follows: Date Opened: TU: 5/2006 EX: 5/2006 Status Date: TU 10/2008 EX: 10/2008 Last Activity: TU 12/2007 EX: Unavailable Condition: TU & EX: Closed Status: TU: Payment after CO/Collection EX: Credit Line Closed/Unknown I believe this account had a missed payment in 8/2006. I've disputed it obsolete with CRAs and it was 'verified' and Capital One sent me a letter saying "this account was charged off in 2008 and sold to PRA -please contact them". After two emails to Cap One went without response, I sent them a CMRR which was received on 10/21/2013. I've still had no response to my request that they delete this as too old to report. Assuming that I receive no response (which I don't expect to) and the CO remains on my reports, what should my next steps be? I've heard others have had issues with HSBC accounts that have gone to Cap One. Frustrating since I have several accounts with them and I've had great luck with them so far.
  12. Last month I disputed 4 old student loans that were sold in rehabilitation several years ago. The date of last payment is 10/2006 and DOLA is 12/2006, so I disputed them as obsolete and asked that they be removed. Experian didn't remove the loans but all late payment notations disappeared and the loan now shows as "Paid, closed, never late" and that it will stay there until 12/2017, so I'm very happy with that result. Still waiting on TU, but I got the EQ result today and they seem to have verified the wrong thing. Their response is "This creditor/agency has verified to OUR company that the date of last activity is being reported correctly. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: [creditor's address]." I didn't dispute the DOLA, which is what they verified. My dispute said that because the DOLA was 7 years ago, they should remove the listing as obsolete. Should I re-dispute? Suggestions on how to word it? Thanks in advance.
  13. Recently, I disputed a few accounts as obsolete with Equifax. For some reason they don’t want to let go of these. Barclays-paid charge-off DOFD 11/2006 Chase-paid charge-off DOFD 12/2006 1St Premier-paid charge-off DOFD 11/2006 Cap One (HSBC) -paid charge-off DOFD 01/2007 Portfolio Recovery (Linked to the Chase account above)-paid charge-off states the same DOFD as the chase account it is linked to 12/2006 Here’s their (Equifax’s) slap in the face: We have reviewed your concerns and our conclusions are: Adverse accounts listed as transferred or sold will remain on file for seven years from the date of last activity. Adverse accounts that have been paid in full will automatically be deleted seven years from the date of last activity. Now, this was on a second investigation (reinvestigation). What are my options? I thought everything would remain on account 7 years from the DOFD. Am I wrong? If so, what is the date of last activity? Is that my activity (i.e. payment) or theirs (i.e. - charge off)? I swear, the further I get into my credit repair…the more confused I get. Help me! Thanks.
  14. I have several different accounts, including a foreclosed mortgage loan and couple charge-offs set to fall off in December of this year. I am anxious to dispute them now as they are having a tremendous weight on the score. I have deleted all addresses off EQ and Trans and of couse not Experian for OBVIOUS reasons. Nonetheless, would it be better for me to dispute saying NOT FAMILIAR WITH THESE ACCOUNTS or should i dispute as obsolete since many say they get much luck in the months (sometimes year) leading up to date of deletion. ps... SOme of these accounts have a notation that they were dismissed in a Chapter 13 plan that i never completed. Does this offer any leverage especially on the one report where i got the bankruptcy notation deleted?
  15. Looking for input on this account. HSBC Bank account (formerly an old Orchard card) is reporting on EX & TU as closed/charge off. Account opening date on EX & TU is May 2006. I disputed the HSBC entry as obsolete (my records indicate DOFD was September 2006, so should drop off September 2013). I disputed both EX & TU as obsolete in hopes this would fall off early. Transunion dispute results are back and they updated as follows: Account Sale Info: ACCOUNT SOLD TO PORTFOLIO RECOVRY Remarks: ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMR; PURCHASED BY ANOTHER LENDER; TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER OFFICE Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2014 I'm still awaiting EX's response to my dispute as obsolete. My question is, assuming EX responds in the same way, what should my next step be? Thanks in advance for suggestions.H Side note: Portfolio Recovery was reporting on all 3 for this account, but after dispute (they were reporting payments) it is off EX & TU and I expect it off of EQ any day now per their response.
  16. Hey everyone, I am down to just one baddie on EX and two on EQ, and both are set to fall off later this year. I want to write an obsolete dispute (I've tried it once already-- didn't work with EX and EQ although TU had it off within 24 hours--gotta love them!) but I'd like to quote the section of the FCRA (I think it's the FCRA, anyway?) that delineates the reporting period. I've scanned through but there is so much and I must keep missing it. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  17. I finally got my one and only major baddie removed. A mortgage account that has been plaguing me for 6 1/2 years was finally deleted after I disputed as "too old to be on file". It was scheduled to drop off in December of this year, but I couldn't wait for it to go. This is the second or third obsolete dispute I tried, so I just wanted to le people know that it does work eventually. I can't wait to see how it affects FICO.
  18. I recently disputed with all 3 CRAs a TL for Midland Funding on an old HSBC charge off. The DOFD was 9/06. The drop off date varied by report from June, 2013 (EX) to July, 2013 (TU) to September, 2013 (EQ). The account has already been removed from Experian from where I disputed it online. Yesterday I received a letter from MCM that I copied below. My initial thought is to just ignore it being that it is well past SC SOL of 3 years and almost to the 7 year mark as well. Is there something else I need to do, or should do, to protect myself, like sending something similar to WhyChat's SOL letter and include a C&D? Dear FRUSTRATED13, The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance so that we may reach a quick resolution to your dispute. As part of our investigation of your dispute, it would be helpful to have a copy of any documentation you may have that supports your dispute. In the interim, we have requested that the three major consumer credit reporting agencies change the status of this accout to "Disputed."* Examples of such documentation include the following: 1. Paid in Full or Account Settled: Proof of payment, for example: a) copy of front and back of payment instrument with copy of settlement offer or statement showing balance, copy of paid in full or settled in full letter, or c) other document showing balance has been fully satisfied. 2. Fraud: a) copy of police report, Federal Trade Commission fraud affidavit (which can be obtained at www.ftc.gov/idtheft), or c) notarized fraud affidavit. 3. Balance Discrepancy: a) copy of contract that states rates for timeframe of disputed service, ( copy of bill that shows amount owed or rates, or © more detailed explanation of charges. 4. Death of Consumer Owing the Debt: copy of the certified Deah Certificate. Please mail any doucmentation you may have to support your claim to: Attention: Consumer Support Services P.O. Box 939069 San Diego, CA 92193 We can be reached at (800) 825-831 ext. 32980 should you have any further questions. Sincerely, Consumer Support Services *Your credit report will not be updated if the federal reporting period has expired. Please understand this communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information will be used for that purpose. Calls to and/or from this company may be monitored or recorded. MAIL CORRESPONDENCE BUT NO PAYMENTS TO: MCM's business address at 8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123
  19. I've read the conventional wisdom of: TU: 6 months to 1 year EQ: 6 months EX: 3 months 1) Does this apply if the CA updates every month? Is the CRA more apt to remove if the tradeline hasn't been updated in a while? (My tradelines update every month. I have a bunch of LVLN and a smattering of Midland and Pinnacle JDBs) 2) Do you only get one shot? From what I've read, once you dispute with the CRAs, you can get hit with "previously investigated" for any subsequent disputes. Does this generally only happen with EX? Or with all 3? I almost feel like I've read too much over the last few months and I'm terrified about making the first move. All my baddies should fall away in the next 4 -12 months so I'm thinking of scheduling on my 'to do' list a few obsolete disputes every month but I'd hate to mess anything up. Plus, I've read that it might be better to have items removed for reasons other than obsolete so they don't show up in the full factual. I guess I feeling a bit paralyzed right now because I don't want to make a mistake that will hurt me in the end and I keep second guessing myself. I will put the time and effort in to write and send full disputes for everything and see what happens. And then switch off to a different tack for whatever doesn't go away. From what I've read on the board, the chances with my particular CAs aren't great. I'd hate to take a weak opening volley and then be barred from the obsolete option. Make sense?
  20. I looked through the Resources "Sample Letter" forum and didn't see an example of an Obsolete Letter. When using the search functions, I find plenty of people reference Obsolete Letters, but I was unable to locate any actual letters to review. Is one available to look over that I am missing? Kat
  21. I'm beginning my journey to clean up my credit and after extensive research here I have a couple of options on how to remove 3 unpaid medical collections. I can DV the CA, go the HIPPA route through the CRA, or send the obsolete letter. They will fall off May 2014. I realize it may be a little too far out so maybe go the other route? Any suggestions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi, I am helping my boyfriend clean up his credit while I do the same to mine. We are in Mass and the SOL is 6 years. I have been doing a lot of research and understand that the FCRA states that there is a 7 year reporting period that begins on the "date of the commencement of the delinquency which immediately preceded the collection activity." After taking all the prelim. action like disputing addresses, opting out, etc. I am ready to start attacking his TL, it seems I should do the obsolete ones first. I want to make sure that I do not accidently dispute something that is within the SOL. These are the TL that are supposedly going to drop off soon... DSNB/Macys: Status: Charge off Balance: $252 Date Closed: 7/22/07 Beginning of delinquency b4 CO: 2/2007 Estimated month and year to drop off: 11/2013 Capital One: Status: Charged Off Balance: 1,682 Date Closed: 11/04/07 Beginning of delinquency b4 CO: 5/2007 Est. month and year to drop off: 3/2014 (says Feb 2014 on TU) HSBC: Status: Charged off Balance: $0 (purchased by LVNV) Date Closed: 4/11/2007 Beginning of delinquency b4 CO: 2/2007 Est. month and year: 12/2013 LVNV Funding: Status: In collection Balance: $656 OC: HSBC Date Opened: 1/30/2009 Est. month and year: 12/2013 After doing some research I have seen that EQ and TU will remove early and EX wont....What should I dispute as obsolete or otherwise and with which CRA? Thanks!
  23. I have one dirty mark left on EFX and EXP, where it is scheduled to drop in June 2013 and May 2013, respectively. I just successfully disputed the same stain as obsolete on TUC and it dropped (originally scheduled to drop May 2013). When are my best chances for success with the other two? Also in February with EXP, and then March with EFX? Three months early seems to be safe, according to the conventional wisdom I have been able to dig up. I probably only have one chance on each, so I don't want to try this too early. Your experience with EXP and/or EFX?
  24. I have 2 charge offs previous repos that are due to fall off in June 2013 and November 2013. My question to you all ...is should I dispute as obsolete early and should I dispute by mail or online. Are there any sample letters out there that I can use as a base? I've read a couple post about tradelines being deleted early just not sure which direction to take. These have been hanging over my head for the past few years and I'm ready to start fresh.
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