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Found 2 results

  1. Does Opting Out improve your scores? its been so long since someone spontaneously wanted to give me credit that I don't know if I should bother. top score is in mid 600's with TU but they are climbing fast as stuff is taken off of tradelines and resolved... just wondering...
  2. In an effort to ensure that I could take advantage of what HAS to be some mistake (jump from 606 to 757 in 6 days), I decided to go on a credit application spree to see what I could gain from the situation. After consulting CreditPulls, I applied for and received the following approvals: - USAA AMEX, $13K limit - Chase Sapphire Preferred (VISA I think), $9,200 limit, but they said I could ask for an increase once the card arrived when I call in to activate...I'll ask for $10K - Citi Gold / AAdvantage Rewards (MasterCard I think), $16K limit - Refinanced $4600 auto loan at 22% with Wells Fargo to USAA (now includes Extended Vehicle Protection Plan and Payment Insurance Plan also) for an additional $800 at 4.7%...monthly payments are $1 less than I had before with Wells Fargo I am ecstatic! I feel so empowered now; to have so much quality credit AND know how to responsibly use it was an overwhelming feeling. It felt better than any new job notification or pay raise I have ever received. I could not have done it without all of your advice and input here on CreditBoards. Special thanks of course to enduring posts from WhyChat and PsychDoc which were the first to come up in my Google search during my initial foray into credit repair. Below, you'll see my last dispute letter to Equifax, which, despite the investigation results they sent to me, must have resulted in all the deletions. I think their response was based on verification of data, but they actually deleted based on them violating the FCRA...I don't know. Thanks again to all!
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