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Found 6 results

  1. My mission to repair my credit! I made poor choices with my credit because I was too young to understand the importance of it. Any valuable information garner will be greatly appreciated! How can I go about having this negative TL deleted. there seem to be so many erroneous information about this debt on my CR. I have yet to be contacted by a CA or JDB over this debt. I have reached out to Bloomingdales and they say they don't have any record on file for me... Which throw me into a loop, because they are reporting negative TL on all three CRA.... HELP! Visa/Dept Stores National Bank (Bloomingdales visa I think) Status: Account charged off. $4,143 written off. $4,143 past due as of Mar 2012. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2016. Date Opened: 05/2003 Reported since: 03/2010 Last reported: 3/2012 DOFD: 3/2010 I noticed there is two CO dates, 9/2010 and 3/2012 (I wonder if I can dispute that for erroneous CO date?) Credit Limit/ Original Amount: $4,600 Recent Balance: $4,143 as of 03/2012 Comment: Account closed at credit grantor's request. -RealMkoy
  2. I paid this debt off in settlement before I knew about the wonderful creditboards. I was bullied by Rubin & Rothman LLC associate that they will sue blah bah blah, that kept calling my phone, and eventually I agreed to pay $10,000 on $20.000/50% debt over a 6 months term. I paid the debt off as agreed. but Citi Card still reporting negative on CRA account... To add insult to injury I was hit with a Forgive Fed. Debt by the IRS ($7,600) for both NYC Federal ($1,212.58 paid) & NYC State ($1,000.3 still pending just received it last week). Collectively I paid more than half. If I knew what I knew now I would have just negotiated a deal with Citi Bank and paid for deletion... Any input will be greatly appreciated.... DOFD: 2008 SEP 80 Citi Card/CitiBank Address Identification number: Blank Status: Piad in Settlement. $20,339 written off. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until June 2015. Date Opened: 06/2004 Reported Since 06/204 Last Reported: 03/2010 Credit Limit/Original Amount: $18,210 High Balance: $20,339 Status Details: This account to continue or record until June 2015 Comment: Account paid in full or less than full balance -RealMcKoy
  3. Hello everyone...I am new to the board but have a rather "small" situation for which I am trying to gather my thoughts! Story: I Helped my mother obtain electric for her house since she was not able to put it in her own name without a deposit. Therefore, the bill was placed in my name and they were sent to her address where service was listed for. Recently, she moved to a new residence and was able to obtain electric in her own name. When I called to have the service disconnected I provided them with an address to have the final bill sent. Apparently, the final, bill indicating it was being sent to collections, the letter(s) from the collection agency were never received at the new address. I found out about the collections because I have fredit monitoring on my credit report. I noticed it today and immedieatly called the collections agency and paid the past due amount. My problem is they are not willing to delete the debt from my credit report. I did some research and tried to work with them and they claim that legally they are not able to remove this debt from my report. However, I have spoke to a few Credit Repair agencies and they feel different. I am skeptical if they can get it removed but I have submitted a dispute with the credit agency for which they reported it to. I am not confident that Equifax will get it removed but I figured I would try. Can any of you all offer some stories, suggestions or anything of that nature that I can try to do to get this done. My credit score went from a 722 to a 643 because of this $128 collections bill! I am hoping that I can get it deleted so my score will return to normal... Thanks Kyle
  4. Hi members of CB, I'm not really sure what to do next as I think I've exhausted all of my options... Please help me! My credit score is in the upper 600 and low 700s but with one collection account that is not mine on my TransUnion credit report.... Back in March, I pulled my credit report and had noticed a collection of $103 from Credit Vision Inc.,located in Dallas, open in 2008. I've since called them, got the run around saying "let me pull up your file, give me a couple hours" called back in a couple of hours and got "yea, the file room is backed up give me some more time". Basically he cannot provide any proof that this collection belongs to me and has to records to show me... I filed a complaint with TransUnion and got no where. Open an investigation with TransUnion and they came back telling me that the collection was verified that it was mine, even though they cant provide the proof that it's mine. I just filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau... Is there anything else I could do? I hope to buy a home at the end of the year and need to get this removed in-order for my loan to be approve... I could easily pay this $103 to get it in "good standing" status so that I could get my loan approved, but this will seem as if I am admitting to this debt when it's NOT mine.... please help! :/
  5. Five years ago, I fell into some credit trouble, but came out of it. I got 60 days late on several credit cards. All were paid off in full, then closed. Two of the credit bureaus show these accounts as having hit 90 days, while the other correctly shows 60. My question is, after nearly 5 years, I am sure I could dispute based on the accounts never having been 90 days late, and they would likely be removed altogether. As they are closed accounts, are they helping me at all just by being there? Is the status (90 days late) even hurting my score anymore as it was 5 years ago and the accounts are closed? In other words, is it better to leave them alone, to try to have them removed, or does it make no difference at all given how much time has passed? Dave
  6. No negative tradelines OK but lets check out wonderful Sallie Mae: See under "Creditor's Statement"? It says "Debt being paid through insurance." I have TWO accounts form Sallie Mae that turned positive this month. One did automatically but the other I ended up having to dispute the Payment Status because it said "Claim filed with governement". Well the disputes came back on it and they did in fact update the payment status to "Transferred/Never Late" BUT under creditor's statemnt it clearly still says that I defaulted and the government paid. So even though it may be a "Positive" tradeline, a smart person who has seen a lot of credit reports would instantly know that I defaulted and that the accounts just aged into good tradelines. These two are from 2003 so if I disputed them and lost them completely, that would be a major bummer. I have fought so much and so hard with Sallie Mae though I find it hard to just leave it be LOL. I want if completely spotless! I guess I'll hav to phone in another round of disputes :/ Anyways, just wanted to give yall a heads up..check those reports closely because they are finding new ways to keep this crap bothering you!
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