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Found 11 results

  1. Okay, I admit it, I was trolling in a bad credit advice neighborhood, but when I looked at this signature line, I felt nauseous. And all she/he received in feedback was line after line of "congrats" on the new CLI's. I just wish this person would pay me one-half of what they are shelling out to FP, CreditOne, way overpriced goods on Fingerhut and overpriced/unnecessary stuff from the other retailers and I would gladly steer them here. I know it sounds snobbish, and you can certainly fix your FICO with this mix of junk, but really it's just .... so ..... wrong. It's like discovering your kid is using drugs. All roads may lead to Rome, but some just aren't very pretty. "FingerHut: 1000 Loft: 500 VS: 350 J.Crew: 350 First Premier: 300 First Progress: 300 Credit One 300 Brylane Home: 300 Buckle: 250 Avenue: 250"
  2. I paid for My Fico and got TU @ 650,which seems really low and then I get the FREE CK which gives me 731. Is my fico that far off
  3. FICO® Score 3-Report View View your 3 FICO® Scores and credit reports side-by-side to compare for differences that may impact 1 or more of your FICO Scores. Learn more Get it now $59.85 $41.89Save 30%
  4. Sept23-10InquiryTransUnion A new inquiry was added to your credit reportBased on TransUnion data FICO® SCORE CHANGE -10 points 687 677 View score history INQUIRY DETAILS 687 to 677 BARCLAYS BANK DELAWARE Although I am glad that they B* pretty easily, I am a bit aghast to see the above notice from MyFico This is the only inquiry (hard) that I have on TU...Wow, that stinks
  5. Could anybody advise on best credit monitoring services? Which one would you recommend from your experience? I see that Identity Guard, LifeLock and Identity Force are rated as the most comprehensive ones. myFico has decent ratings as well. Which one would you go with? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Checked my EQ score at MyFico last Thursday and it was a 682. Joined DCU the next day since I may be in the market for a new vehicle in the coming months. Checked my messages online at DCU yesterday and my EQ score was 657. Nothing has changed on my reports except a $500+ payment to my Amex Gold, which reported yesterday. The DCU score comes directly from EQ, right? Are they using different scoring models?
  7. So I got an alert just now stating that my Fico score dropped from 555 to 537. It was 545 on Monday then bumped up to 555 before dropping. I am checking my updated report and have an alert for every possible scenario including new inquiry and changes to accounts, however nothing visible has changed since Monday… I'm just wondering what could possibly cause daily fluctuations like this? Do the FICO computers work like slot machines churning out new 3 digit numbers when they feel like? I find it bizarre...
  8. Ok, I was soo happy yesterday when I saw my Fico score went up 14 points yesterday to 690. I was giving myself back pats all around and looking at cc's - when today I got a nice fat score alert that my score went down 30 points to a low of 630. Did this happen to anyone else today? or recently? Here's what my Score Alert said: myFICO is pleased to provide you with a complimentary Equifax credit report and upgraded version of your FICO® Score. All of your future score-related alerts and score tracking will be based on this upgraded FICO Score version. Rest assured, all of the FICO® Score Watch features you rely upon will remain intact. Upgraded FICO Score FAQs Why is myFICO upgrading the FICO® Score?FICO Scores have been used by lenders since 1989. FICO periodically re-develops and update the scoring model to make sure it remains an innovative and accurate risk predictor. We also make sure the model keeps pace with changing consumer behaviors and incorporates our newest analytic technology. The majority of FICO Scores being pulled by lenders are generated based on this upgraded version so we have moved to the upgraded version so that you can have access to the same version. Will my upgraded FICO® Score be different?Likely, yes. It’s natural for scores to shift whenever a scoring system is updated. How much it shifts and in what direction will be unique to each consumer. Our research shows that nearly half of U.S. consumers have "updated FICO Scores that are relatively close to their scores from the previous version of the formula. It is possible for a greater score change to occur, but this type of movement simply means the updated model is doing a "better job of identifying those people who are lower credit risks from those who are higher credit risks.
  9. I am trying to buy a house. I have spent the last year working on my credit getting it up to this point to where I can buy a house. all I had left to do was get a few dispute verbiage off I have since completed that. now I all of a sudden have an old tmobile account from 2007-2008 that just went and posted a collections on my credit report, with on knowledge to me it may be my debt but I don't remember this what should I do I am just about to start my house hunt will this affect me. should I pay it please someone help
  10. myFICO report lists a collection as follows: The collection agency "496YC05020" was hired to collect a debt of $147 originally owed to "The York Water" on account number "XXXXXX". How do I know who to contact to validate debt if the agency listed are a bunch of letters and numbers?
  11. Which one is more accurate or useful? I got both last year TU was 43 points less than EQ.
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