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Found 131 results

  1. My son's credit score is healthy (mid 700's) but his file is thin. We were able to come up with two tradelines, his bank credit card and the transfer record where he has been paying rent directly from his checking to mine. We hadn't put his name on any of the bills, he has no re-occurring billing (not even a subscription to WoW. ) The only other bill we could think of was the *insert disparaging word* "grow-up insurance" my mom had taken out on him. He has taken it over, but it is such a small amount (in more ways that one) that he pays it annually rather than monthly or quarterly. The broker we were going through was working with Chase only. They were unable to underwrite my son's portion of a mortgage loan with only 2 tradelines. Is this pretty much industry standard or is there a lender to consider who would take my thick file (and low 700's credit) with his thin one?
  2. How long after Chapter 13 is approved can you start refinancing? Chase wants me to do a loan modification but I don't want to mess up my wife's credit. She and I only have the house as common debt.
  3. I'm currently serving active duty and deployed to Afghanistan. Have been working with my wife(she's on the west coast,12.5hr diff.) in repairing my credit for the last 3 months. Have made some progress, and the outlook is very promising. I have $10K of defaulted SL that I'm currently rehabing, 1 collection that I'm disputing(LVNV), and auto loan(paid off, '09, 4x 30 day lates), no current auto loan, 3 CC w/ $1400 total limit, $300 balance, w/ perfect payment history for the last 3 years. Scores are FICO TU-552(jan), FICO EQ-643, and FAKO EX-567. I know once my SL's are picked up and reporting favorably, that will help my score. My current est. DTI is at or about 33%. We want to start the process July 2014(I get out early 2015). I would be ok if preapproved for 200K, but would feel most comfortable around $160K. Looking at southwest FL. Seeking and suggestions/advice as how to proceed forward. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I haven't posted here before but have spent countless hours reading away. Here is my situation and maybe you guys can shed a little light for me. I'm single, have been at my job for 6 1/2 years and 17 years with the same family of companies and same capacity. My income varies from $230K to $275K (commissioned sales). My debt is as follows (2) leased vehicles with a payment of $900 for both, 4 revolving lines (3 are 8+ yrs old) with no slows and about 20% utilization on 1. I also have 3 ATV loans totaling about $550 a month and $3,100 a month in child support. I divorced last year, moved out in October 2011 and the ex stayed in the house until it sold in October of 2012. During that time she made (2) payments 30 days late with the most recent being in July of last year. The other negative items are as follows (3) small medical collections from the 08'-09' area and an LVNV Funding acct. for a $7500 charge off from 06' that is due to fall of in September of this year. My scores still seem very low at 573, 608 and 632. Any input is appreciated.
  5. We put in an offer on a home two weeks ago and it had an contingency that we got our pre approval. The home is a short sale with a medical lien we have to pay at closing. We were working with a mortgage lender and decided to change before we ever put the offer in just because we didn't know them and got a personal reference for another one. After about three weeks and 70+ hours of giving all of my personal information/life history we were told that they would not give us a loan because we had paid rent late one month In the past 12 months. We have done everything from written exclamation for bankruptcy that was over two years ago and have no credit other than my student loans. We paid off the one credit card that we had And then one day before we were supposed to have our preapproval to the sellers bank they said no. So after cooling down from the situation I contacted our original mortgage lender to ask if this Really is a dealbreaker for getting a mortgage or if it was just their company. He said no that if we paid as agreed meaning we had contacted our landlord and it mutually agreed to pay at a different date it was still paid as agreed and they would accept a letter stating this. This is not a problem to do our landlord is happy to help. Now they're requesting a credit supplement of two of our recent utility bills wanting something that has been paid every single month for two years straight on time. This seems like a crazy request to me not that we are bad with our finances but there have been times when we are a day or two late just because we forget or it's a weekend or something. We've never had a utility turned off and never been more than a few days to maybe a week late at top and even that is on rare occasions. I advised them of this and gave him the two recent bills they are now doing this credit supplement and said they would let us know in a few days I am really worried do you guys think this will be a dealbreaker for us?? Could anyone explain to me what they do for a credit supplement of utility bills??
  6. I sold my home as a short sale in October 2010 and the mortgage was originally with Wilmington Trust/Dovenmuehle. I walked away from settlement owing nothing (so I thought) and when I checked my credit report in January 2011 it was reported as "Settlement Accepted;Paid in Full/less than full balance" Balance Due=0, Account Status= Paid In 2011 M&T Bank purchased Wilmington Trust. I didn't have any accounts with them so I received no notification other than what I heard or saw on the news. So imagine my surprise when I checked my report yesterday to discover that M&T reopened the account March 2011, showing a past due amount of $10,311 and that account had been placed in collections and closed in December 2011. It's still showing an amount due of $10,311 despite the account being closed. My questions are: a) how can they do this without contacting me via phone, mail, etc? are they not required to let me know that I have a $10k account in collections? c) is there any way to fix it/get it off my CR?

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